Happy New Year Everyone


I hope everyone has a great new Years eve and an even better 2015.

If you have any gymnastics hopes for the year 2015 add them here.


35 Responses to “Happy New Year Everyone”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    ASac and Shannon doing commentating for nbc would be nice lol

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Yes please get rid of Sam and Evan. I can’t take them. Shannon and Amanda would make a good team.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    I hope Kyla wins a gold in something, and it’s not due to everyone else falling.

    I want to see maroney do a TTY but I have a feeling she might be done. 😦

    Also Aly come back and do well 🙂

  3. Case Says:

    I want Simone to continue her dominance and Gabby to fade into oblivion.

    I want Scherzer to sign anywhere but New York.

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    -I hope that Bailey Key is not hyped as the new it girl and ends up like Jordyn come Olympic year with tons of pressure on her. Everytime Al or Tim udder those words its like the kiss of death. I do hope that Bailey puts some heat on Simone and that she can safely land her Amanar.

    – That 2015 be an injury free year if possible.
    – That I dont see Mustafina again until qualifications at Rio. A back injury is nothing to play with. This is coming from someone who sprained her back this year.
    -Whatever the MAG team did at worlds to get a team bronze, keep doing it. There is no reason that they cant make the podium in Rio.
    -NBC keeps the silly drama to a minimum. I am anticipating a Gabby vs Simone or Bailey vs Simone rivalry. I think Kim Z will get more airtime. I have nothing against Kim, but since Bailey is her best athlete next to Reagan, NBC wont be able to resist.

  5. Melanie Says:

    Well, my first resolution is to get over the swine flu that I tested positive for a couple days ago. This H1N1 stuff is awful.

    I want Simone to unveil a TTY, some upgrades on bars, and continue working on flexibility and toepoint.

    I want to see a strong Bailie Key provide competition for Simone.

    I want Mustafina to get into a groove with Starkin and take it easy until worlds.

    I want Gabby to crawl back into the hole from whence she came.

    I want Aly to continue getting stronger and stronger. I’d like to see her in Jesolo at the very least.

    I want Komova to have even a second of good health and make a real comeback or finally call it quits. Girl needs to consider her future.

    I want to see more and more from Rebecca Andrade and Flavia Saraiva. They excite me for Brazil!

    • gymbot Says:

      Melanie, USA gym’s video shows Biles training a mustafina dismount on bars, although Biles speculates she wont upgrade bars by American Cup

  6. H Says:

    Good health Melanie and sainabou nyang.

    I hope Aly challenge Simone, Mustafina become strong and healthy with smart upgraded exercises. And that Maroney and Komova do great comebacks.

    I am probably 7-10 hours before you, so Happy New year everybody!
    Thanks for a great blog GTT and hopefully it will be an exciting year with lots of positive dramas;-)

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Thanks H. : ) I’m better now , but once you hurt your back, its never the same.

      I forgot about Komova. I would love for her to come back and kick ass.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I burst a disc in my lower back 8 years ago and I’ve never been the same since. Always hurting some way or the other. That’s after a year of PT and low impact sports too.

        Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Melissa Says:

    I haven’t commented in probably over a year but am an avid stalker of this blog and I love it haha just wanted to tell all of you happy new year and cant wait to see the drama in gymnastics that 2015 brings!

    • Aerial Says:

      Happy New Year! Get well wishes too!

      My wishes…

      – no Nastia commentary. I can’t stand her insincere, self-possessed-ness. It grates on my life.

      – the chance to see Maroney again. Her 2011 comeback was sensational and her natural ability stupendous. These days may be behind her but I’m still cheering.

      – some actual rivalry for Simone, but girl has earned her dominance. It’s out of this world.

      – upgrades and more power from beauty girls like Flatley. Would love to see some true ballerinas on the world scene who wouldn’t be specialists. I know ballerina doesn’t generally equal durable but one can wish.

      – a Code that isn’t widely loathed by those that care about the survival of the athletes and not focused on ridiculous rules and details stripping routines of their flow and potential artistry.

      – more televised meets a la Jr ITC and team meets of the late 90s and 2000s featuring Jr’s and srs both.

      – NCAA being televised in Santaland. Why not? All other US sport is.

      – no polar vortex v 2.0. Please mother nature.

      – the Bachelor to get here. That man is a true lumbersexual!! I dig it.

      All in all, not all that much to ask. Haha.

  8. Katie Says:

    I am craving some awesome 90s/early2000 fluff pieces.
    I know they are cheesy as hell but who doesn’t secretly love them?
    Dances with wolves soundtrack? And the one with Alexandra Marinescu and the song off the Romeo+Juliet soundtrack? I loved that stuff and I want it back in 2015!

    • TrishaG Says:

      I miss fluff pieces so much! They tug at your emotions and get you all invested in multiple athletes as the competition starts. Plus, there’s been so little international focus on the non-US teams and athletes since NBC stopped doing fluff pieces. It brings more to the competition for viewers when you know more about the other teams too.

      In addition to fluff pieces, I want more gymnastics during televised gymnastic meets. No watching gymnast A wait for her score for 5 minutes or gymnast B chalk her hands for ages while she waits for the go ahead …show me other gymnasts actually competing in the interim. Crazy as it sounds, broadcasts of meets were better back when they were time delayed than now when they’re lkive. The delay gave them time to splice the film and get in much more gymnastics.

  9. Exgymgurl Says:

    they could hold people for camera also. I know they do that for the olympics.

  10. H Says:

    Does someone know why Wieber did not compete in American cup 2010? First I thought it was because she turned senior in 2011, but then I realised she competed in 2009(?)
    I like her and I have had a feeling she have been around for so long in wag, but did she really only do 2011 and 2012 season?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I seem to recall she had an injury like a minor ankle one and Geddert pulled her out because he wanted her to completely heal. At least I think that was the case.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Wieber was able to compete in 2009 because at that point American Cup was not an FIG event so U.S (Marta) bend the rules as she saw fit. Wieber competed at that as a junior. Then starting in 2010, it become a part of World Cup events so everyone competing had to be a senior. Wieber didn’t turn senior till 2011. She did have an injury in 2010, I think but later in the year, she maybe missed junior nationals that year but I don’t think it had anything to do with missing American Cup 2010.

      Someone correct me if I am wrong lol

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Marta still bend the rules by letting Wieber compete in 2011, when the attendees go to top 8 from previous Worlds which should have been Bross and Raisman. Wieber competed instead of Bross in 2011 which Alexandrov was so pissed about but thats a whole diff story lol

      • H Says:

        Thank you for the info. Most appreciated.
        And it makes me realise that Wieber had a short but intense and successful career as a senior. Or how do you see it?
        Did Bross, Bridget and Shawn had the same length – meaning only two seasons?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Well Shawn only had two years. She was able to compete as a senior in 2007 because at the time they had a rule that you can compete as a senior the year before Olympics if you’d be a senior during Olympics. She got the benefit of that rule or her career would have been even shorter. That rule no longer exists which is why Kyla, and now Norah, Reagan, etc. won’t get to compete as seniors until the Olympics year. Shawn was amazing as a junior but Chow basically had to promote her and sent a DVD with her routines to Marta or else she might have been even less unknown.

        Wieber, I think peaked too early. She had a few injuries as a junior too but she was def touted as the next it girl although I don’t think Marta ever liked her (like with Shawn). Wieber made all the teams simply because she was that good like Shawn so Marta had no choice. She had a pretty short senior career but she won a bunch. I’m really hoping Bailey is not headed that direction.

        Sloan who was one of my fav had a longer career. She was eligible compete as a senior in 2007. She was the alternate on the 2007 team and made the Olympics team. She was never a standout as a junior but so consistent until all the injuries but she technically was elite in two squads and now an NCAA star so def a longer career . I’m so glad she won 2009 AA worlds.

        And well Bross, peaked say too early, too stubborn and she should have changed coaches but instead Valeri ruined her. She still got 6 world medals I think but I feel she could have done so much more! She was a senior for 4 years so that’s kind of long lol

        You didn’t mention Aly but she was a senior for 3 years which is pretty good. She kind of just got better overtime, an underdog for sure which is why I loved her.

        But if I think of longer careers, I usually think of Nastia, ASac and Chellsie. ASac is my fav so I’m glad she ended on a good note.

        Okay, sorry for taking over your post but I’m clearly bored lol

      • H Says:

        Great post:-) Ilanchik20

        I did not know about the previous senior rule leading up to Olympics. I did not mentioned Aly because I hope she is not done (and as we now know it seems she is having a good shoot making the 2016 Rio team:) I like her as well and It would be amazing if she was able to do the AA, but maybe a specialist role is more realistics, but who knows.

        I am board as well, so again thank you for your reply:-) And hopefully updated gymnastics etc are soon to be seen:-)

        Have a great day!

  11. gymnerd Says:

    I liked Shawn so much when she was competing, but I’m just kind of embarrassed for her watching “Celebrity Apprentice” (which I HATE and am ONLY watching because she’s on it!) She gave Trump the same non-answers she gave as an elite. Girl seems like she’ll do anything to stay in the spotlight. 😦

    • GymMom Says:

      I watched Iowa’s Chris Soules, the new Bachelor do interviews since the summer as if he had been in front of the camera his whole life. Shawn looked and sounded so bad last night in the boardroom!!! Even Kate Gosselin sounded more intelligent(and bitchy) than Shawn. And Shawn just announced she’s “exhausted” again??? Please Kate bitch-slap Shawn!! Shawn looks like she’s wearing maternity clothes. She is so annoying I have to go back to watching The Bachelor!! I am amused by the other women on Celebrity Apprentice not bowing to “Queen Shawn.” Ha ha

    • Short1 Says:

      I wonder if part of the reason Shawn has done these types of shows is partially because she doesn’t know what else to do? It kind of seems like she’s had a harder time finding her way/figuring out her next step than the other members of the ’08 team.

  12. GymMom Says:

    Shawn is horrendous on Celebrity Apprentice!!! Whining about her back pain due to her period and saying “I normally don’t get out of bed this early” didn’t garner any sympathy from the ladies(fellow contestants) in the van. And she looks so awful!!!

  13. GymMom Says:

    WHOO HOO Vivica Fox smacked down Shawn on Celebrity Apprentice!!!!

  14. Melanie Says:


    New video of Simone and Amy looking to 2015. Including the interview done with Aly, I’m loving these new videos.

  15. gymbot Says:

    Boston won the US bid for the 2024 Olympics – which I honestly think would be a nightmare. Boston is not impressively large and probably doesn’t have the infrastructure to build for the Olympics and then host it – I think LA which could redevelop the old sites would have been a smarter choice. On the bright side, perhaps the Filene’s basement pit will be filled in, finally. And gymnastics would be pretty close.


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Whatever Gorden Edes. They don’t need to build much which is why they were chosen. LA had their Olympics and it gave us MLR. I WIN:)

      • gymbot Says:

        I had to google Gorden Edes to understand if this was a diss or not. Still unsure since I don’t follow baseball, so let me know. Does he complain about the same things? Not to sound even more grumpy about this decision (since LA is obviously the better choice), I think they gave it to Boston specifically so the USA wouldn’t win the bid against the other host cities.

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