See you in 2015


The Red Sox season pretty much ended in May and it ended for me with the last 3 games vs Tampa because there was no way in hell I was sitting through any of the Jeter love fest that has been going on in Boston the last few days (apparently RedSox fans forget how Jeter acted in 2003 when the idiot was seen running and laughing around the dug out declaring the “curse is coming” over and over again ) Maybe “Classy? means different things to different people but the point of this blog is to tell the haters they can suck it. Yep, suck it. Suck that guitar Bernie Williams. Suck those duckboat boots LL Bean and most of all suck on your retirement cheater Jeter because I have a list of un-classy things you have done over the last twenty years and I am not afraid to use them:)

Okay so back to the Red Sox and their sucky season of overrated phenoms that didn’t produce, veterans that didn’
t earn their money and adorable albeit injury prone outfielders pictured above that spent nearly the entire season on the DL I have one message for the haters, WE WILL BE BACK and heck, it can’t get much worse 🙂

P.S. GO SF Giants and my new motto this year is, Anyone but the Orioles 🙂

If anyone cares this is what I want. I DON’T Make predictions but in order prevent a complete melt down from me (even if some of you like my melt downs) this is how the post season must go but in all honesty as long as the Orioles lose in the FIRST round I can handle anything. Even the Dodgers winning though I would prefer Carl Crawford be benched at the time or maybe dead?

Wild Card:

Royals over A’s
Giants over Pirates


Tigers over evil Orioles
Cardinals over Dodgers
A’s/Royals over Angels
Wild card over Nationals


Tigers over whom ever/ everyone over Orioles
SF Giants over Dodgers/Cardinals/Nationals

WINNER- SF GIANTS over whomever
(Just for Case) Tigers over anyone but the Giants


I will be posting something for the podium training for the women in a few days. Discuss anything you want here in the mean time but one word to the advice if you want to post a love fest to Jeter I wouldn’t if I was you 🙂


31 Responses to “See you in 2015”

  1. sainabou nyang Says:

    Fingers crossed no one gets injured in podium training. I saw a pic of Baumann on Instagram with ice wrapped around her leg.

    As per Coach Rick, Russia was looking pretty good in the training hall. He didnt go into specifics but he was definately surprised.

  2. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Aly’s twitter status made more excited than the upcoming worlds lol

    I heard Russian is looking better than expected too.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Doesn’t make any sense to me her going this early but good for her

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Marta is starting the Olympic progression at the next camp. Show up or you do not have a place on the 2016 team. Its very simple

      • exgymgurl Says:

        BTW I called this in the last blog. The preparation starts next month. McKayla Maroney, Gabby Aly and Kyla will all be there. Maybe even some 2016 long shots. MY guess is all the age eligible for Rio with even a prayer will be there. Including Lexie, Rachel, and Maggie. I hope Katelyn too. This is where the serious preparation starts.

    • gymbot Says:

      I hope she crushes camp. She said in one of her comeback articles/press releases that her goals are 2015/2016 – so pushing back to this next season makes sense.

      I hope USAG sends her to some World Cup Events to reboot her competition stress-handling skills. Plus as a pro, she could actually stand to win the prize money. Might make other gymnasts stick around after NCAA/Olympic/Worlds success if they can make a living off of their gymnastics.

  3. Case Says:

    Thanks for taking my Tigers the distance. I hope you are right all the way to the World Series.

    It’s a weird October without the Red Sox or Yankees, that’s for sure.

    • Case Says:

      Note I said “to” the WS, not through the WS. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        lol Hey you can win the whole thing as long as A- David Price doesn’t win and B- You don’t face the Giants. Well you can win the whole thing even if but you know what I mean.

        I will find it funny to see Jabba Chamberlin pitch really well in the post season now that he isn’t playing for the Skankees. Oh the fun I could have with that:)

        WHATEVER you do DON’T let the Orioles win.

      • Case Says:

        I suspect the Tigers will give me plenty of heart attacks in the postseason just based on how our regular season went. I love this time of year though. Something about the clean slate of postseason baseball…I love it!

        And I hope we smack the Orioles around too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        One of my friends is an angels fan. She promised me I she had to play them she would kill them dead. Baltimore must lose. N. O. W

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There is no such thing as hope here. IT’S A MUST. They need to go down

      • Case Says:

        We’ll do our best to take care of them for you. In the meantime, I’m pulling for KC tonight. They put up a hell of a fight and after a 29 year playoff drought they deserve at least a wildcard win. Plus I cannot stand the A’s.

        PS. Thoughts on the Patriots? Is Tom Brady losing the race against Father Time? He just doesn’t seem himself at all this year. Gotta be honest, he didn’t have much business yelling at his teammates the way he played last night.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Brady always yells. Sorry cannot root for kc. James shields is my third least fave devil ray ever behind price and Ben zobrist. Lester must shatter shields heart in two.

  4. gymbot Says:

    This is an amazing bar routine. I would replace Locklear for this routine and it should happen right now. Assuming she hit 27/29 as Al Fong said on his blog… it’s not a terrible terrible decision.

    But I understand not taking her when 2/3 times in front of cameras and an arena of people she F’d up majorly. Maybe 2/4 times if you count American Cup – that routine could be considered a hit was 15+ (keeping in mind Kocian and Locklear are hanging out at 15 anyway from Pan Ams, this could be higher scoring)

    He also mentions she had a strong 2.5 yurchenko but also mentions she needs 3 more days for her ankle? I’m not sure if that means she was ready to vault or not? But either way, another strong vault would have been beneficial against China. I wish I knew more about what happened at the camp to know for certain that Dowell should have been left off this team. But why is Desch going? Is it because she’s the only gymnast not injured currently?

    • gymbot Says:

      PS. This routine is different from her routine this summer. It’s out of 6.6 – in case you’re like me and didn’t catch it the first time. I still like it more than Locklear’s.

    • G Says:

      That was great for Brenna (and in general). I prefer watching her to Locklear as well.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Its simple really. Marta hates her. Had she performed well at nationals, Marta would not have had a choice. Brenna is her own worst enemy. Like atler shes done and her heart is not in it. She doesnt want to compete for team USA at worlds and is there because shes on the national team and she had to go.

    • biyatch Says:

      Not to be the bitch and I feel horribly that Brenna was screwed so badly last year in Steve Penny’s efforts to try to make McKayla an all around star but I don’t really blame Marta for Brenna being left home. When she had to be ready, she wasn’t. Al Fong is an ass who needs to stop throwing shade (especially because its most likely at the expense of his other athlete who is only anywhere near a worlds team because everyone else is broken).

      USAG has always been about hitting when you have to. Consistency over potential brilliance has proven to win. You’ll recall last time they took that gamble Mattie Larson essentially lost Team USA a gold medal. You can not be peaked and still be hitting routines. Al says Brenna has been hitting but to what extent? There are so many different versions of that bar routine you never knew which one you were going to get. And when its counted Brenna has for the most part, blown it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Then explain desch? Desch is always injured and always falling yet her being on this team makes a mockery of the way things are supposed to be done. Point of camps is to pick team ready at the right time yet marta breaks the rules when she feels like it. I guess my point is why have camp if she doesn’t take who hits? I kind of hope they implied and that marta’s pets from woman are the reason they lose. It looks like marta needs to be taught another lesson.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Brenna and Maggie were both screwed. This team is on the back of Kyla and Simone. I said what I did about Brenna and yes if Brenna was hitting and had hit at PG she’d be on this team. Marta does not want her there. She has been hollie Vised for some reason if not to justify what happened last year and say hey she cant even function this year. Baumann is injured, Kocian is injured but they are the WOGA offset. Brenna is a much better gymnast then kocian, baumann and desch and locklear.

        This sounds like a pissing contest between Al Fong and USA gymnastics. it really makes me wonder what Terin Humphrey has against her former coaches to allow this to happen to Brenna. How is Al Fong supposed to advocate for his athletes? Rumors from last year about how they tried to screw Kyla over in favor of making McKayla the star when Kyla had more than earned her opportunity to compete AA, if true support much of the politics Al Fong is trying to fight. Kyla has been on the border of almost getting screwed by USAG so many times. Im so over the politics. Why dont we just let PG name our team for Rio right now?

  5. Tortuga Says:

    I don’t know if any of you have been following Larry’s facebook (team doctor) he’s been posting a lot of pics of the girls at worlds. It’s bee neat to feel like we were there. But apparently he’s not allowed to share anymore :(. This is from Larry Nassar’s facebook.

    “So, I was told today that even though I have been sharing my pictures with USAG, I am not allowed to post any more pictures of our team anymore.”

    In the comments he said it’s purely because attention is being diverted from USAG’s facebook promotional stuff to his personal page. Well maybe they should pay Larry a little more and use the pics he takes, because they don’t cover much. They have posted one team line up photo from the WAG girls, that’s it. I like seeing the little stuff like training halls and walking through the airport, hotel etc. It’s like we are with them. Worlds looks so cool, like a mini Olympics.

    • Case Says:

      Marta is now the official USAG photographer and the only photos allowed to be released are the ones taken through her lens.

      It’s turn of the century Romania up in here.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta has to go. She really is a witch. Power has gone to her head.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Gawd, what’s so bad about posting team photos???

  7. exgymgurl Says:

    I think everyone was told this. Its partly because the pics of Baumanns injury got out. He also has to draw a fine line with medical privacy because drs don’t take and post pics with their patients. Huge medical privacy violations….

  8. Short1 Says:

    With my media psychology background I can understand and respect being careful about what is put out there and needing to ensure no boundaries are overstepped, especially when it came to Baumann’s injury. BUT the training hall, airport, travel etc. pictures (that he’s not in)â€ĶI don’t really see a problem with those. Especially since at past World Championships some of the training hall and podium training photos USAG ended up posting on their website were taken by him (according to the photo credits).

    I just don’t understand why (presumably) Marta and co. would raise a stink now when he’s been posting similar photos on his Facebook page as far back as the ’08 Olympics, if I remember correctly. Then again, social media is much more prevalent now and based on the Facebook comments Tortuga mentioned, it seemed to boil down to web traffic and everything that goes along with it. Still, if USAG thinks that’s going to get people to go back to their Facebook page instead I would say they’re sadly mistaken. If anything it’s likely to have fans looking elsewhere for photos and information. *Sigh* I’ll be interested to see how/if anything changes once Marta is no longer running the show.

  9. Melanie Says:

    China training videos for Worlds. I haven’t watched many to be honest, but their beam looks good. I don’t really bother watching floor or vault for them.

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