Gymnastics Blogging Blues


I am in the middle of what I like to call, Gymnastics blogging Blues. I am out of any idea’s and how boring is
news reporting?

SOMEONE owes me a blog that they said they would send LAST Sunday ( not mentioning names but you know who you are:)

So i created this beam. Then I stole the gymnast (who is really a ballerina) from some other blog (sorry I lost the link) and voila. Bad paint job. ( If I ever created a production company I am naming it Bad paint job)


40 Responses to “Gymnastics Blogging Blues”

  1. sainabou nyang Says:

    Lol I hear you. Can we talk about how boring things are going in gymnastics right now?
    Worlds this year is gonna be 50/50 for me. I pray that it doesnt resemble Aarhus 2006. Mens team final imo will be more exciting to watch than the womens.

    I wish it were 2016 already and we were talking about olympic trials. I definately plan on going. Because this could possibly be Martas last hurrah. The tension and pressure will be so thick. I think this will be theost intense olympic trials to date.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I plan on going to the Olympic trials too depending when they are. I am hoping they will be in Boston.

      Have they announced yet where Olympic trials are?

      Gymnastics is boring in every sense of the word. Remember when people got new floor music every year? Remember when the top 12 could have won AA medals.

      Simone very much deserves her wins but how boring to know the winner before it even starts.

      I hate High bar now because if whats his name stays on he wins even though his form is literally the shittiest thing I have ever seen. I forget the Chinese guys name ( was was third at the last Olympics on high bar) but I will go to my death believing he should have won gold over the guy from the Netherlands. His routine was beautiful and difficult but because whats his name can throw bad release move after bad release move and still get high scores.

      I am a hypocrite because i love that Kohei owns mens gymnastics but when it comes to the women its just like , sleepy time.

      • Short1 Says:

        Are you referring to Zonderland’s high bar routine? If so I completely agree. His routine kind of looks like ‘let’s see how many difficult skills can be connected together regardless of what the form looks like.’ Personally, I thought Hambuechen should have won high bar gold at Worlds last year. He had a few less tenths in difficulty, but it looked quite a bit cleaner (at least from what I could tell, as I’m not an expert on men’s gymnastics).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yes. I am bad at spelling and too lazy to look it up and I agree Fabian should have won last year too.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Exactly GTT! I still love the sport but its just getting boring . I yearn for the old days when there were intense rivalries fighting for the top spot whether it was from your own team or with someone from another country. Speaking of floor music, I feel like no one puts any thought into floor music selection anymore.
        Ive never seen what the fuss is with Epke. I am no expert on mens high bar but his routine doesnt wow me.

        I havent heard anything yet about the location for trials yet. I think they’ll announce it next year.

      • mim Says:

        I swear I saw a rumour on tumblr that Atlanta was being considered but I’ll have to properly hunt it down.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Atlanta was listed for something as a possible but I think it was worlds not Olympics trials.

      • onelifeonejourneyonealex Says:

        I would so totally go to Trials OR Worlds if they were in Atlanta. It’s a bit of a haul from Wisconsin but totally worth it.

        I love Zonderland, probably because I think the best part of high bar is huge releases, but must agree that his form is shit. Zou Kai (I think that’s the third place finisher from London?) is good but something about his gym bothered me. I think it was form? IDR, but I think it was the only thing I ever agreed with Tim Daggett on. Personally, I think Hambuchen has the best combo of form and crazy skills, and Jon Horton could contend if he brings back his old difficulty and stays healthy.

        Agreed in the boredom with gym right now… I LOVE Simone, she is amazing, dynamic, a true performer, and actually seems like the only high-level female gymnast (in the US) that I’d actually like hanging out with. But I miss real competition. It’s been a fight for silver and bronze since 2013, both at the US and international comps. No one can touch Simone, even if they were healthy. Which no one is. I actually might like to see Toronjo go to Worlds, but it’s doubtful as I don’t think she was even selected for selection camp.

        Anyone have a list of who all is injured right now? I can’t keep up.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maybe it was the guy that finished second is the one I thought should have won. It wasn’t the guy that did the pirouetts that always won it was the other Chinese guy. I will look it up when I get home.

      • mim Says:

        Maggie appears to be at the selection camp (her knee is hidden so couldnt see if her knee brace was on). Macy Toronjo appears to be there too…. Actually, it looks like all the seniors are there based on Simone’s IG.

      • gymbot Says:

        I just watched to see what everyone is talking about.

        I agree w/ Gymtruthteller, Zheng Chenlong was great (if we’re on the same page I agree I guess). He had good toes, good form, extended arms and demonstrated a lot of difficult straight releases using his natural swing – capitalizing on his long lean frame. He would get the longiness prize of HB elegance if such a prize exists. Hopefully someone gave him a watch anyway. He had one or two major problems but I don’t remember what they were now.

        Meanwhile, Zou Kai should have lost a full point for not matching his socks to his pants. He had a good def with glued legs though.

  2. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Yeah it’s pretty boring right now. Plus way too many injuries. I mean this selection camp is useless. When is the last time we could this easily predict the entire team? But I make the best if it–it’s better than no elite gymnastics.

    Didn’t kharenkova or whoever from the Russian camp also just injured their ankle?

    I’m planning on going to trials too, hopefully.

    I’m actually excited for next season. Next season/World’s could very interesting with Bailey and Nia turning senior, Aly, Gabby and McKayla back, Kyla mans Simone, hopefully healthy, plus whoever from this season.

    I read this today on 3 in AA. I know it’s old news but there aren’t new ones.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Olympic trials will be in dallas. So Nastia can spend time at her bf house.

  4. mim Says:

    Bailie Key just announced she verbally committed to Florida! I actually didn’t see that coming.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I am excited! I am only a few hours away from Florida! I’m not convinced she won’t go pro first but hey now there is hope! I totally thought she was going to choose UCLA though.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Why?” Where did you see her going?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I thought everyone went to Florida these

      • mim Says:

        I meant I didn’t see her verbally committing anywhere already! It seems so soon!

      • gia20 Says:

        I wasn’t surprise. Florida is like Texas Dreams II. They have Kennedy Baker and Peyton Ernst. These girls look like they’re really close. It’ll be interesting to see Florida these next years. Baumann, Locklear, Gowey will be gators too.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        I wouldn’t want that many elites. Elites can end up broken. You really in NCAA are better off with 2-3 strong aa elites like Kennedy bakers and then a bunch of solid level 10s. Most ex elites will have to take at least one red shirt year or spend a year completely broken.

        I wouldn’t want rachel gowey or Brenna Dowell because they are always broken. Sam Peszeck, mattie Larson, Cassie Whitcomb, almost everyone from gage and MLT broken.

      • Case Says:

        That’s a good point. I didn’t think about the injury risk and the impact that can have on an NCAA team.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    I think some of the event finals could be interesting this year. Especially bars and beam and possibly floor.

  6. Gymbee Says:

    I have an observation! Saw Aly’s post the other day about her new floor, and that she was thanking Sylvie, so I guess she choreographed it.

    Then it made me think of Dominic Zito (that’s his name right??) that choreographer dude. Am I right in remembering that he did Shawn’s “new” 2012 floor, Jordyn’s comeback floor, Gabby’s comeback and also Nastia’s of 2012? Ie all floors that were NEVER seen (not incl Gabby, she might “grace” us with hers still).

    So he seems like a bit of a jinx….

    • gymbot Says:

      Zito seems to do most of the top US floors now (Since Jordyn Wieber’s 2011 routine?). He did Key’s FX from this year, Ross’s from 2013, and Biles’ new routine this year. I think he became famous with Wieber’s 2011 routine.

  7. gymbot Says:

    I think there is some potential for this worlds to be exciting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we all find it enjoyable.

    For TF, the BIG 4 are all weaker. I think China could actually beat the US on a good day in TF. I think the race for Bronze is also interesting since Russia and Romania are terribly weakened (Romania looks good for 3 up 3 count, but qualifications will be rough and they may qualify low to the final). GB could take them perhaps, but it sort of hinges on how prepared and healthy Jupp actually is. This could really shake up the gymnastics world.

    AA: Biles definitely as y ou say- but I feel the rest of the podium is really undecided. Ross is weaker in form and difficulty this year, while Mustafina, Iordache, Yao and Shang have all improved in areas. I don’t think we can predict who else will land on podium. It’s not 12 gymnasts who could win gold, but the competition still has my attention I guess.

    EF should be great to watch (and qualifications). On Vault, Biles leads here too but the other medals are a toss up between Skinner, Hong and Steingruber. I’m also wondering if Hong will surprise here and finally attempt the TTY in competition. Also, qualification for vault should be interesting. There are three Produnova vaults and Mahmoud and Karmakar are apparently landing their vaults. Also Pavlova will be battling her former team members for a spot in the final which is layering on the drama for me. Bars qualifications will be interesting amongst the Chinese, Russian and USA teams. Yao, Huang, Shang, Mustafina, and Downie all have the chance to be on the top or sort out medals. Some throw Komova or Locklear in here, but I don’t see it. Beam is also anyone’s guess, even though Kharenkova, Mustafina and Iordache probably lead in difficulty, most of the Chinese team, Biles, Canada’s Black and a few others are not far behind. Floor is honestly not as exciting, I think it will definitely be Biles then Iordache/Ferrari in some order. Some say Mustafina will factor here too but I’m not sure. Will watch to see if Skinner runs out of steam attempting to out difficulty Iordache/Ferrari?

    I know this isn’t like past competitions, but there is still some unknown sorting to be excited about. I hope by worlds you get out of your gymnastics rut and enjoy it!

    • Dee Says:

      Who does Romania have that is worlds ready? I haven’t been following them much, so I”m guessing Larisa is still at it but I know of noone else.

      Interesting point about Pavlova…I forgot that she competes for a different country. I guess that is something to get excited about, since the rest of Worlds seems like it will be a wash…feels too predictable this year. I would like to see Ferrari medal on floor, though.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have no clue either with Bulimer injured. I’ll care next year when Iridon becomes a senior

      • gymbot Says:

        Iordache, Munteanu (1st year senior) and Stanila (2nd year senior – much improved since Antwerp) all have competitive beam routines, with the potential of scoring well in the event final. Stanila and Munteanu are also quite flexible and possess lovely leaps – at least most of the time. They all have back handsprings to tuck fulls and twisting dismounts in combination. Munteanu has a triple twist and I think Stanila does 5/2 – but she might also have a triple.

        On Floor, all of the Romanian girls upgraded from low 5s to mid 5s. Most feature 1-2 E tumbles and 2-3 D tumbles. They have 3 DTYs with others working on them… but their bars rotation will be horrendous. Iordache improves a lot and if she hits can get 14.5-14.7 perhaps for her routine out of 6ish. The rest have low 5 SV and score depressingly low – like 11s and 12s. Since they have to count three of these low scores for bars and no longer have an amazing FX rotation, I do not expect them qualifying towards the top of the finals, but they should challenge 3 up 3 count format somewhat.

        Here is Munteanu’s beam:

        The rest of the Romanian team can be seen at the same channel, Romanian Gymnast.

  8. Lithi Says:

    I’m kinda meh on Worlds myself, although I do wonder what excuses Valentina Rodionenko is storing up in case Russia does badly. I’m actually looking forward to the men’s competition. Diego Hyopolito pitched a Louis Smith bitchfit on IG when he was named alternate. However, the first alternate withdrew due to injury and now he’s traveling with the team. Hmm…

    Speaking of IG, looked at Moceanu’s, (such a masochist, I know) she had a photo of her in NYC on 9-10-11 and there are comments from others along the lines of her being so blessed as to have been out of there before the attacks. Considering there were over 3000 people not so blessed…

  9. sanitynmotion Says:

    It is boring. Picked a good year to have a baby lol.

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