Entertain me (Tuesday night)


I have to work tomorrow night and will be stuck in a box. Okay so it isn’t exactly a box per say but it might as well be so lets discuss a few things to help get me (and everyone else in this city) through the night alive.

Post your favorite gymnastics videos of all time. What’s your fave vault, bars, beam and floor.

Tell me who you would put on the 2014 World team and what will the line up look like.

Who do you think should have won the 84, 88 and 92 Olympic AA’s?

Do you think Simone has a chance of being the World AA Champion 3 years in a row? ( I know lets not jinx number 2 first)

What would you give Kyla Ross for upgrades on bars, beam and floor?

Do you think Marta will put Mykayla Skinner on the world team or should she beg Ebee Price to come out of retirement?

Can anyone compete with Simone for the 2014 AA Gold medal (Aliya? Larisa? Yao?)

Feel free to add your questions and please Save my Sanity tomorrow night. You will be doing the public a service:)


62 Responses to “Entertain me (Tuesday night)”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Should ASac have been on the 2012?
    How does one get to be a Marta pet?
    Does Bella still play a role in Marta’s decisions?or was she always in control?
    Who will make the best comeback from 2012?

    • H Says:

      ASac should not have been on the team, but i still wanted her on that team.
      Pet: work really hard and obey- show that you fear her and that you want to impress her, so she feels in control.
      Bela plays a very little role. She is more strategic than him, and he is a better coach than her.

      • gymnerd Says:

        I like your reply, H. Especially #4. 🙂

      • Katie Says:

        ASac should have not been on the team. I would still love to know what all went on in the decision room because Terin Humphrey alluded to some drama over that decision.
        Marta pet- be good on beam, come from Soviet or Romanian lineage
        I do think Marta was always in control. I know people like Bela who act loud and boisterous and always putting on a show but usually there is someone else quietly gets everything actually done.
        No clue. Hope to see Aly soon but until then I’m sticking with Kyla.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I would have loved to have known the ASac drama, as I’ve said before. I’d say she should not have been on the team but looking back, she would have probably done better than Maroney (I don’t think she would have fluked her second vault and the US would have had that vault title). ASac should have been an alternate though – that was just mean to exclude her entirely.
        Marta makes all decisions.
        To be a Marta pet you have to dedicate yourself to pleasing her and play to her rules. Never question her intentions. Let her manipulate you. And especially, do NOT headcase in an international competition. I don’t think Soviet lineage has much to do with it anymore because Gabby was a pet, and so was Aly.
        I think Aly will have a strong comeback and since we are rather weak on beam, I might give her this one. I haven’t completely given up on Kyla yet.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    Some routines I liked from 2012 Olympics

  3. Akshay Says:

    Akshay’s Answers:

    Post your favorite gymnastics videos of all time. What’s your fave vault, bars, beam and floor.

    Vault: McKayla Maroney 2012 TF, Shannon Miller 1992 AA (should have been a 10!).
    Bars: Beth Tweddle 2012 QF. Also He Kexin 2008 EF.
    Beam: Shawn Johnson 2008 EF, Sui Lu 2012 EF
    Floor: Anna Pavlova 2008 AA, Viktoria Komova 2012 AA

    Who do you think should have won the 84, 88 and 92 Olympic AA’s?

    I’m not all that familiar with ’84 or ’88, but ’92 is unquestionably Shannon Miller.

    Do you think Simone has a chance of being the World AA Champion 3 years in a row?

    I do. I think she’s that good. Aimee mentioned that they haven’t maxed out her difficulty yet (for pacing reasons), so she’s just getting started.

    Do you think Marta will put Mykayla Skinner on the world team or should she beg EBee Price to come out of retirement?

    She’ll put Skinner on the team. I think EBee has made up her mind, and I commend her for thinking big picture.

    Can anyone compete with Simone for the 2014 AA Gold medal (Aliya? Larisa? Yao?)

    No. I genuinely think Simone is in a league of her own.

  4. H Says:

    There are so many good performances, but here are some i like because of …

    Floor, Shushunova for passion and filling out all the movements (and yes Silivas is also brilliant, but I had to choose one ..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksIJJJSwKvk

    Beam, Oksana Omelianchik for dynamic and nuances:

    Bars and Vault see under JAS4 video QF 2012, Beth, and
    McKayla team 2012

  5. Gymbee Says:

    Hi GTT!

    I’m at work and someone sent me this, it isn’t gymnastics but gave me a giggle.
    Create your favourite Hue Grant: http://huegrant.com/?hue=173

    Favourite gym video:

    Just love the block and the height she gets!


    Favourite pommel horse routine:

    MyKayla Skinner will crack at worlds and not be used again. She will still claim to be the best vaulter ever though.

    PS. Apologies in advance if this Youtube embedding business didnt work.

  6. Katie Says:

    I love this!
    OK, just to switch it up from Maroney, Zamo’s 2000 EF DTY. That was the first time I actually watched and enjoyed a vault EF. Komova’s 2011 bars Kui’s 97 beam (I get why she took bronze but it was still just so awesome), Floor is a tossup between Bogi’s air guitar piece or Mo’s typewriter piece.

    2014 Worlds: I change my mind daily!

    AA champs: 84- Szabo 88- Silivas 92- Miller

    I think Simone could take all three WC titles and Rio AA.

    Skinner will be on the World team and compete Vault and Floor. (an aside, she is so tiny! For some reason, I always thought she was much bigger but when I saw her in the team photos I was so surprised)

    Can anyone challenge Simone for AA? Maybe Lari if Simone has a a fall or two.

    • gymnerd Says:

      Skinner is tiny? Really? Like how tall? She looks gigantic in pictures & videos.

      • Katie Says:

        I always thought she was similar in size to Amelia Hundley but she was one of the shortest ones on the PanAms team. I never really saw her in a group picture before I guess. Plus, she has a hulkish stride on vault and floor so I just thought she was a much bigger girl than she actually is.

  7. Ilanchik20 Says:

    My responses are coming shortly but here is a tweet from Aly! So excited! She needs to be back already!

  8. gymmom2 Says:

    Well if Aly wondered if there would still be room for her on the team in 2016, these last set of meets should be a confirmation. I pick her for comeback from 2012.

    Marta pet – I think early on you have to have the eastern European classic artistic gymnast look. Early on she did not want Simone even coming to camp, but everyone told her she was sooooo good – she just needed polishing and Aimee needed some help stepping into the elite arena. Simone didn’t become a favorite until she won and became a media darling – because she is so darn cute and happy. ( in that regard she reminds me of MLR in the day- BTW she was someone else Marta didn’t like early on) When you start winning, then Marta can no longer ignore you and if you are a consistent winner you become a favorite. Say what you will about Skinner, that kid wanted it and just refused to go away when others dropped back to 10 and said forget it. If you had polled anyone 2 years ago, they would have never dreamed Skinner would get an assignment never mind win an AA.

  9. Exgymgurl Says:

    I’m going out on a limb and voting for a Russian meltdown / injury laden experience. I think Biles, iordache, ferrari, AA and Kyla is one of my faves so dont judge. I just think shes too injured and falls on floor or something. I am really impressed with what Ferrari is doing and like her this year. I like Iordache this year also, and while I want to see Kyla medal, I also just want to see her do her best gymnastics uninjured, and I think for 2016 her best shot is to upgrade bars/ beam. Judges love her lines. I think the Romanians are sucking big time and will lose the world bronze to the chinese.

    I think mykayla gets her one world team this year and gets hammered internationally.

    Khorkinas bars in 04.

    There is a beam routine from chinese at YOG in 2010 that was incredible. I was also happy DLL took gold in 2012

    I think a whole blog of Nastia falling videos would be totally awesome. Her falling always cheers me up.

    • gymnerd Says:

      “I think a whole blog of Nastia falling videos would be totally awesome. Her falling always cheers me up.”

      Bwhahahahahaha… 😀

  10. onelifeonejourneyonealex Says:

    Can I toss in another question that’s burning my brain?
    What the hell is the deal with Victoria Moors?

  11. sanitynmotion Says:

    I am not savvy enough to really post videos.

    Favorite vault would have to be Maroney’s Olympic vault and that’s already been posted.

    Favorite bars/beam/floor – uggghhhh there are so many different styles out there it’s hard to say what my “favorite” of anything is. I just love Shannon Miller – she’s my all-time favorite gymnast, for sure. I did love her floor routine back in the day (the 1995/96 one, I think).

    And of course Miller should have won the 1992 Olympics, without a doubt.

    I was too young to care about 1984 and 1988.

    Simone has a chance to three-peat a World title but I think most of that is due to a generally weak field internationally. Simone is an awesome gymnast, no doubt about it, but her competition is weak this go-around due to other programs sucking wind or injuries…or her teammates’ refusal to upgrade…also the age rule.

    Simone would have to fall 2-3 times and Iordache/Musty would have to have VERY clean performances to beat her for the 2014 AA gold. It’s a rough combo. Basically, they are all hoping Marta breaks her before she gets to the world stage, otherwise beating Simone will be a tough order.

    See that’s why I think a gymnast like Shannon is so bad-ass. She was dominant for basically an entire quad and at that point the age limit was less I believe (14 or 15, otherwise Moceanu would have been a junior when she “beat” Shannon that one time in the US and was overscored). AND Shannon was up against numerous very strong world competitors from all parts of the globe, in addition to her teammates.

    Kyla: bar upgrades – add a twist to the dismount, get back your “inbar” work or whatever it’s called, add some pirouettes – can you tell I’m not skilled on my technical speak? LOL. Maybe add something to that pak salto combo. Add a release move.
    Beam upgrades – omg upgrade that dismount already. Pike it or do an Arabian. Add the combos you were training (side aerial to back layout),etc. Maybe add a double twist or something of that nature. It’d be cool to see her do an onodi but that’s probably not part of her skill set.
    Vault – she really doesn’t “have” to upgrade but we all know about her former amanar.
    Floor – instead of packing all the upgrades in the first pass, spread them more evenly throughout. Get the whip to double tuck back….or add more dance elements. I know she has issues w/stamina so maybe just add some more dance elements like Ohashi did and call it done. She just really needs to focus on upgrading bars and especially beam if she wants to stay relevant.

    2014 World Team: (f-ck I wanted Rachel Gowey on this list but she has to go and injure herself)

    I’m guessing 3 up 3 count, right?

    Simone – duh – vault, bars (backup), beam, floor
    Ross – duh – vault, bars, beam, floor (she’s a maybe/backup on floor, but she didn’t do so bad last year – judges like her style)
    Skinner – vault, floor (be interesting to see how judges “reward” her horrid form on her tumbling passes; I can see Marta potentially only using her for vault though)
    Kocian – bars, beam (backup on beam)
    Ashton – bars
    Nichols or Baumann (is her elbow OK now?) – beam, floor (backup vault, bars)..basically this person has to be decent AA’er

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Marta killed another one. Pan Ams were just not worth it. Maggie is out of the selection camp (per USAG). This is not much of a selection camp anymore. She should just name the team and save their bodies.


      • Melanie Says:

        This is nauseating. Missing out on Worlds because of Pan Ams? And this was likely going to be her only year to make it before the next crop of juniors moves up.

        I’d say it’s time to go China-style and falsify some ages.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Is Baumann injured or she OK to go?

        This is literally the Worlds of last leotard standing.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I heard. It’s upsetting because I felt like she didn’t need to prove herself at Pan Ams. I felt like she was first pick after Biles and Ross. It’s weird to think Skinner will be on this team, we don’t really have a choice. There aren’t many left.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Did she injure herself? That’s super sucky. It was totally her year too. Demonstrated consistency on all 4 events and would have been a great fit for this year’s world team.

      • gymbot Says:

        Tortuga is 100% right. Nichols proved herself consistency wise the last two years in international competitions (Jeselo, Chemintz, Mexican Open 2013; Jeselo and Tokyo 2014).

        Pan Ams should have been Hano/Toronjo*, Skinner, Desch, Hundley**, Kocian, Locklear. To be fair, I would have sent Baumann* or Gowey** if either was not injured.

  12. Melanie Says:

    Vault – Maroney TF 2012.

    Bars – Kim Gwang Suk – bent knees and all. Mo Huilan and Bi Wenjing circa 1995-6. They need to come back and teach the Chinese girls how to transition/kip without muscling everything.

    Beam – oh, where to begin? Obviously, Yang Bo – the routine with the BHS-LOSO-Rulfova. Too good. I liked Vanda Hadarean’s routine from 1992, and I LOVE Omelianchik (which someone has already posted).

    Floor – SILIVAS. SILIVAS. SILIVAS. She is the queen. Both of her 1987 routines (Worlds and DTB cup) are AMAZING. Yes, I’m type-yelling a lot because Silivas is hands down my favorite gymnast of all time. She had Simone’s personality on the floor before Simone was born.

    1984- Mostepanova should have won. I know, I know, she wasn’t even there, but if she had been, she would have blown MLR out of the water.

    1988 – Probably don’t need to say this, but Silivas definitely should have beaten Shushu. She should have been miles ahead after compulsories, even with the tiny little bobble on beam. Her floor alone should have given her the gold.

    1992 – Miller. Not a fair fight when one of the competitors didn’t even deserve to be on the floor. I don’t hate Gutsu, I really don’t, but Miller’s vaults should have sealed the deal. How were they that close?

    Simone could easily win three AAs in a row, and Rio to boot. Her competition will likely come from Bailie Key, if she continues to improve and increase difficulty. Musty is quite a fighter, but her scores can’t hold up to Simone. Iordache is a headcase in competition. She always falls on beam. I don’t know that I’ve seen her live up to her true potential at any major event.

    Skinner’s on the world team. We don’t have any options, unfortunately. Maroney’s still recovering, Aly was held back, and Price is retired. Marta made some poor choices and now we’re stuck with Skinner. Ugh.

    Good thing there’s not a word limit! Thanks for the topic, GTT!

  13. Melanie Says:

    I typed a huge response and now it’s not here. Sad day! Are my responses going to spam again?

    • Melanie Says:

      Oh, no, there I am. Hmm. Here’s in a nutshell what I posted:

      Vault – Maroney.
      Bars – Kim Gwang Suk. Mo Huilan. Bi Wenjing.
      Beam – Omelianchik. Vanda Hadarean ca. 1992. Lobaznyuk. Knizhnik. YANG BO!!
      Floor – SILIVAS. SILIVAS. SILIVAS. She is the queen.

      1984- Mostepanova. She should have been there and kicked MLR’s butt.
      1988 – SILIVAS. Haha, I love her so much! She is my favorite gymnast hands down. And she had Simone’s happy personality before Simone was even born – in the age of Soviets, no less!
      1992 – Miller. Look, I don’t hate Gutsu, but she shouldn’t have been competing, end of story.

      Simone could easily win 3 AAs, bar injury or burn out. Her only competition will come from Bailie Key (provided she also doesn’t burn out or get injured). Musty is wonderful but can’t put up the same scores. Iordache is a headcase, especially on beam in major comps. Same goes for Yao.

      I think Skinner’s on the team because of no other options. Maroney’s recovering, Aly was held back, and Price is gone. Nothing anyone can do .

      • gymnerd Says:

        But, but, but…what about…GABBY???? Couldn’t she swoosh in and save the day?????? 😡

      • Melanie Says:

        Oh. God. I don’t know whether to laugh or puke. Haha. I was just rewatching her IG interview which is so gag-making I can’t believe her publicists let that thing see the light of day. She is so full of it.

  14. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Shawn looks pretty good here:

    • GymMom Says:

      Shawn looks awful and so matronly! Now if you were going to be seen on national television, wouldn’t you at least try to get in shape to look decent? Shawn isn’t pretty at all. She is plain looking and the extra pounds don’t enhance it.

      • gymnerd Says:

        Gotta disagree with you on this one, GymMom. I think she looks cute. And if she is carrying extra weight (I don’t see it this time), she’s learned to dress to hide it.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I think she looks good too. She will always be stocky, that is her build, she will never look stick thin. She’s got a stocky build with muscles and she looks healthy!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I do hate her jacket but I’ve never liked her style in general. I’m no fashionista though. Overall she looks good/healthy. I think her time is up though, I mean does anyone care what she does anymore? I don’t, personally. Sadly, since I was a big fan but she pissed me off with the whole “can’t wait to show you guys my floor routine” when she was really not even working out in the gym any longer.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not as nit picky as you when it comes to Shawn but I have to agree. She is wearing all black but she is clearly over weight in these pictures.

        Like I said I am not as nit picky and the thing over the black outfit belongs on a grandmother but overall I agree. If she is blogging for a health blog and wants to be in the spotlight she should understand there will be questions about her weight.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        She’s blogging for a health blog? In that case then yes she should be looking the part so to speak. We all know she can “get” there (in terms of the athletic physique) so she can do it again with sacrifice. Yes, her natural build is stocky but she still has the ability to look the part if she wants to promote health, fitness, and nutrition.

        It’s like a dentist with cracked teeth – just, no.

      • Allie Says:

        Omg you guys. Where is this extra weight? I am not one to stand up for Shawn, but calling her overweight based on this picture, where she looks fit to me, is crazy town. She looks good!

  15. Exgymgurl Says:

    What is up with grandmas housecoat made from an old couch slipcover. Gross. Go to nordstrom Shawn. Let someone else dress you

  16. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks everyone. I read it all but could not answer due to my boyfriends phone hating me but thanks for the stuff to read. I survived. So did the city of Boston thanks to you.

  17. gymtruthteller Says:

    Expect a huge baseball rant when I get home

    • Case Says:

      I’ll be waiting.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL I calmed down and am over it but let me tell you what it was going to be about.

        Cespedes tried to play a ball off the monster and he missed it and instead of running to the ball like a professional he jogged to it. All the while the Orioles player saw him nonchalantly slowly power walking to the ball and was going to try to get to 3rd.

        Did I mention they had like 4 errors and 2 of them were brain dead lazy plays they missed because they weren’t trying hard enough or that it took 6 innings to get a damn hit.

        Then all the people dancing and singing to sweet Caroline during a game we were losing 8-1? or the wave being attempted when we were down 9-1?

        Fenway is one big after school party that is the only reason it was filled. I booed Adam Jones and the guy next to me gave me a dirty look I literally said to him if you look at me again I will scream it even louder next time.

        Case, this team should hate the Orioles. Do they not remember how Baltimore knocked us out of the playoffs in 2012 and acted like they won the world series just because they screwed us out of a playoff birth? THEY WENT HOME TOO. They didn’t make the playoffs that year yet David Fucking Ortiz was hugging and hanging out with Adam Jones and Nelson Cruz in the middle of the damn field. He also while on second base and someone up at bat was laughing and kidding with the Orioles LIKE THERE WASN’T A GAME GOING ON.

        For once I just want to have a damn team full of guys that gives a shit about this city and the fans. One that isn’t going to laugh with the damn enemy that mocked us and called us names like he never said a word ( Adam Jones is a punk ass. I hate him)

        Like I said before these players are spoiled. If they had to live through what the 70’s 80’s and 90’s players had to live with they would be crying and leaving town by whatever starting line up was on the field that day.

        Instead we get spoiled jerks like Ortiz that make speeches on marathon day they clearly don’t really believe or idiots like Youkilis that bad mouth the city on a daily basis when they play here then go be Yankees and come back and act like they love you and always have.

        I am just done. Done with it all.

        Now I know I should be happy that we win. I should appreciate Ortiz for what he does on the field but imagine Jeter sitting on the field in NY and laughing
        with another team while Texiera was up at bat trying to win a game. It would never happen but Ortiz is rarely if ever called out in Boston when he does something as obnoxious as what he did today.

        I don’t know what else to say. Maybe I should just stop caring and spend my money elsewhere because God forbid I expect some damn loyalty from these players oh and giving a 100% effort on the field when making 15 million well that is apparently too much to ask for.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Guess I am not over it 🙂

      • Case Says:

        Oh I totally agree…nothing is more maddening than watching millionaires that get to play a kid’s game for a living give less than 110% every time. Drives me nuts.

        Just remember, I’d take all of your current frustrations for just one of your rings in the last decade. 🙂

        Hopefully your team will find some inspiration and take it out on the Royals. We could use a little help.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would like to help you out and kill the Royals but after watching the little league Red Sox yesterday I wouldn’t get my hopes up. They can’t do anything right.

        I also feel the need to say YES I appreciate the World series but does that mean I have to be happy with what this team has done this year? I mean they won in 04, sucked til 07, won again and sucked til 2013. I get that I should be happy about winning the world series but it pisses me off too know end that I am expected to sit here and tolerate this type of behavior by this team. Not saying you think that but in general people are like well you won last year and I am like SO WHAT, Does that mean I have to deal with players pulling stuff like what happened yesterday?

        I don’t expect to win every year but I expect an effort. The owners ALWAYS give an effort. They always try and get the best players and for the best prices and have over paid enough players to expect a better effort then what I witnessed live last night.

        If you have a 150 million dollar payroll this should not be happening. PERIOD.

      • Case Says:

        I completely agree. With $ come expectations for sure. Do you think Pedroia’s absence is a big factor?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nope. Not at all. We were just as bad with him.

      • Case Says:

        Thanks Boston! Every loss you can hand KC is much appreciated.

        Did you see what happened to Stanton last night? Yikes!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Glad we could help you out. Nope I did not see the video yet of Stanton but I was following baseball when it happened. That’s our future so he better be okay. I felt so bad for the pitcher because I heard he was pretty distraught.

  18. mim Says:

    I know it’s mean to say, but seeing Desch on the preliminary worlds list KILLS ME. Maggie isn’t the stellar number one gymnast but she was solid, dependable and had proven herself. UGH.

  19. G Says:

    This is from my blog:

    Here was my original list:

    Simone Biles (duh)
    Kyla Ross (duh)
    Mykayla Skinner (say it ain’t so…)
    Madison Kocian (because WOGA)
    Alyssa Bauman (because who else is there)
    Alt: Desch, Locklear

    Vault: Ross, Skinner, Biles (backup Bauman)
    UB: Kocian, Bauman, Ross (backup Biles)
    BB: Kocian, Ross, Bauman (backup Skinner??)
    FX: Bauman, Skinner, Biles (backup Ross)

    Hmm…seems alright?? Then I remembered Locklear! The girl who came from nowhere and has better form than the WOGA’s. So I might just switch Bauman for Locklear. But then we run into a problem for FX and possibly beam because apparently Marta doesn’t like to use her there. So here is a revised list with Locklear:

    Simone Biles (duh)
    Kyla Ross (duh)
    Mykayla Skinner (say it ain’t so…)
    Madison Kocian (because WOGA)
    Ashton Locklear
    Alt: Desch, Bauman

    Vault: Ross, Skinner, Biles (backup Kocian?)
    UB: Kocian, Ross, Locklear (backup Biles)
    BB: Kocian, Ross, Locklear (backup Skinner??)
    FX: Ross, Skinner, Biles (backup Kocian)

    I’m pretty positive it has to be one of these two teams. I have this weird soft spot for Maddie Desch because she was so promising as a Junior and can’t seem to reach her potential as a Senior. If she would just tighten up those floor landings and learn to stay on the beam…

  20. gilttrip Says:

    Maggie is still injured.

  21. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Seeing this makes me so sad. I wish she didn’t get hurt! She could have really made the team. She was doing/training the amanar before the injury, it seems.

    I miss vaulting 😢 can't wait to get going in a few more weeks!

    A post shared by Lexie Priessman (@lpriessman2016) on

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