New Komova Video

She starts out fine but by the the last twenty seconds you can tell she is having a hard time making it through the entire routine. She has a few months so people shouldn’t count her out just yet. She looks noticeably taller as she should because she has to be at least 19 by now

Simone and Adria Biles


26 Responses to “New Komova Video”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    I miss komova

  2. JAS4 Says:

    She doesn’t look bad considering all her injuries. I think with a few months she could clean up some of the handstands and work on her endurance and she will be good to go. I just hope she stays healthy (and the other Russians as well)! I think I read somewhere that per goal is to compete at least bars maybe bars/beam. I wonder if she will be able to return to doing AA with her ankle injuries. I also wonder if Mustafina will be able to compete AA because last I heard she was still having ankle trouble as well.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    I love the video of Simone and her sister

  4. Dee Says:

    I thought Komova looked decent in the video. I kinda like her taller, actually.

    Did she take time off after London? I didn’t pay much attention…who from the Russian team is still around?

    • JAS4 Says:

      I don’t think she really took time off but she kept having injuries. Nabieva keeps trying to retire but keeps getting called back to round lake to train again because everyone is injured.

    • mim Says:

      I think Komova had meningitis too which can be pretty serious.

  5. lunacaelum Says:

    I remember reading somewhere that she had meningitis. I had a friend who died from meningitis, so it can indeed be fatal. I think Komova was in the hospital for quite a while.

    I think her bars looks pretty good. Even if she does the ugly Nastia giants. I’d love to see her at worlds just for bars. Hopefully she doesn’t choke.

  6. uglyfatkid Says:

    Can someone tell me why we never send our crew to certain comps? Like the Youth Olympic Games that is going on (or about to). I know there are a slew of 15 yr olds that could go and show the world what we are made of. Instead, we never send anyone. Why? I realize that Nationals is next week (as would conflict), but going and winning YOG vs. placing low (vs. the Sr.’s) at nationals sounds much better to me. Not only that, I’m sure you would be walking away with a nice wad of cash. If I was a Jr. right now, I’d be pissed that we never send anyone.

    Aren’t there like 3 other comps that we refuse to participate in? It doesn’t make sense to me…especially for the Jr. Girls…they need the experience. Even if they go and fail, it’s better for them to get it out of their system early and learn how to deal with it.

    The whole thing seems jacked up to me. Especially when we have the talent and money to send people to compete. Stupid ass Marta.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta can’t take the chance they will be scored fairly and lose. She sends them to shit competitions where they can’t lose.

    • gymbot Says:

      In addition to the reputation theory, I have heard two others – anyone out there who knows better please let me know.

      1. The qualifying meet, Junior Pan Ams, was between Jesolo and Pac Rims so Marta did not want to risk so much travel and competition over a short period of time. She elected to do Pac Rims and Jesolo because she is more concerned about senior development during this year, so the Juniors get shafted.

      2. FIG/YOG only funds one coach per discipline – so even if a USA WAG athlete was traveling, their coach would pay out of pocket expenses.

      Still, none of the these are very satisfying. They could have easily sent the just the 1999 girls (incomplete team) to Brasil without Marta to qualify and the coaches could have decided if they wanted to spend the money after getting a spot. Key or Dennis would have smashed the YOG competition based on recap I have seen on youtube.

      Also in case anyone wants to watch, this is the link and you can find the subdivisions under Artistic Gymnastics, 18 August, and then for some reason you have to keep pressing these “+” icons to open subdivision II and III

  7. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    Hey guys, is this Yevgeny? I know that Ava is from WOGA but I didn’t know that he’s still actively coaching! Go Team Philippines! Woohoo!

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      It is! It’s great to see him! I heard he stopped coaching elites (U.S ones anyways) but he still coaches up to level 10. Maybe it had something to do with Marta. Oooops I don’t want to start any rumors lol

    • gymbot Says:

      Wow thanks for pointing this out! I hope team Philippines is a real thing and they do recruit Sarah Finnegan at some point – if she still wants to do it – I think she could compete for a medal or two. I think Ava made it into a few finals today.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I saw WOGA posted on twitter that Ava qualified to all around (maybe in 12th) and UB finals.

        Also, Finnegan twitted that after a long and emotional decision her and her family decided to move back to St. Louis. I wonder what that means for her gymnastics. I really miss her!

      • gymbot Says:

        I heard she was training at a different gym, preparing for college. Isn’t GAGE in St. Louis?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I lived in Kansas City for a while. GAGE is around Kansas City and so is the other gym she was supposedly training at (I think it was Eagle Gymnastics?). So I was just kind of confused with her move to St. Louis which is aways away from KS lol

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    Komova’s routine right there spanked Nastia’s comeback routine in 2012 Trials. Just sayin’. In fact she just gets her endurance up she’ll beat Kyla for sure at bars (what’s the D score on her routine right there? Looks to be higher than Kyla’s)…I know, I should stop bringing up Kyla’s damn D scores.

    I wonder if Simone’s sister feels overshadowed. It’s interesting she’s much taller than Simone, with a leaner body/muscle build. And now that I’ve seen Simone in street clothes I’m thinking/hoping she won’t have a growth spurt and maybe she’s already gone through “the change.” (Not to sound gross, but it is a big issue when it comes to gymnasts, right?)

    • gymbot Says:

      Komova’s routine is out of 6.5. 6.7 if she gets the double twisting dismount back. Ross’s routine is out 5.9, but 6.4 if she upgrades to the three inbar elements (komova transition, inbar 1/2, inbar 1/1).

      Sorry for only ever contributing D score details.

      A difference between Liukin (N) and Komova could be that Komova trained last year and had this routine back in April before her injury and/or surgery (?) and has since lived on bars, while Liukin led a ‘red carpet life’ and followed her father’s ‘plan’ – whatever that means. It seems like this girl is really trying to continue a competitive gymnastics career, despite some tough breaks. So I commend her for her efforts, and overall I like her gymnastics.

      • H Says:

        Contributing D score is most appreciated:-)
        Thanks! Did Ross do a 6.4 routine before?

      • gymbot Says:

        Her 2013 routine featured all three inbar elements. She’s said she hopes to upgrade back to these elements in interview at Classics and Pac Rims… She is still nursing her back injury from earlier in the year.

        However, she also said on her gymcastic episode before Antwerp that she was working on the amanar as a long term goal and I still have not seen that – or her bhs+arabian on beam – or her side aerial+LOSO… So I don’t know how reasonable it is to expect her to get back up to that difficulty. Even if she doesn’t, I don’t think another American can snatch her AA spot.

  9. Melanie Says:

    I love Komova. I always will, no matter how headcasey she can be. I do wish we could see the Komova of 2009-10, because I think that was her peak, but she still has some fantastic gymnastics to offer to the sport.

    I know Russia doesn’t want to send gymnasts to Nanjing that only have one event, but if Komova’s not ready on beam, they’re idiots to leave her behind. She has huge scores on bars, and has way more experience than many of their new seniors. It’s a mistake if they push her to compete an event she’s not ready for and then she breaks again.

    On the other hand, maybe getting left behind would be better for her overall health. This Worlds isn’t as important as next year’s, and it might benefit her to take more time to rest. Though I would love to see her compete again soon.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I hope Komova makes it to Rio. I would actually love to see her win the AA title. I remember when I first saw her I was like “wow – she might just be unbeatable.” It’s really too bad she headcases and is injury prone.

      And thank you gymbot for breaking the D scores down. I’m totally not with it on that stuff.

  10. Simmer Says:

    Yikes! Please don’t include my name in the Finnegan comment I had made.

    The Finnegans had been maintaining two homes–one in St. Louis and the other in the KC area. The Mom and the girls had moved here so Sarah could train with Al Fong and pursue her Olympic dreams. That didn’t happen and they’re reuniting. They’re a close family, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate a return to normalcy.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t usually approve new people so you are fine I won’t add that comment. Or I will add it to this to the new name.

  11. Simmer Says:

    Thank you! By the way, love this site!

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