Bitterly Live Blogging the US Classic (Blame the Red Sox)

Senior Results
Junior Results
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(Gymnastike has quick hits)


Score: 15.700 (6.6, 9.1) How they got a 9.1 execution score with that form is beyond me but it looks like Marta likes her.


1064 hourly views at this blog during the live blogging. Crazy.

We can hear Tim and Amanda talk. lol I can’t hear it

So my thoughts

Everyone else stay home even with a fall Simone wins
Amanda gets MAAAD props for saying Kyla needs to upgrade.
Skinner- Give it up girl your form is a joke. Improvements my ass
Maggie stays on she might be on world team.
Simone is too damn cute. I love how genuine she is. I love how genuine Kyla is. I love how everyone gets along.
This team is so damn nice its BORING:)

DIE JOHN R DIE Everyone wants you to SHUT UP

Results (Senios)
1- Biles 61.700
2- Ross 60.050
3- Nichols 57.600
4- Gowey 56.000
5- Skinner 56.150

1- Chiles, 57.350
2- Dennis 56.750
3t. Flatley, Soza, 56.450
5- Foberg, 56.150


Rotation 4-

Kyla had a big bobble on one move and was slow (but faster than usual) on the front aerial to sheep jump connection. Nailed the dismount.

Norah, whip, triple twist, leg form. Both feet ,OOB- Double pike, small movement. No way that should get a 14.500 Tim and Amanda.

Gowey bends her hips in every handstand. How is that considered complete?

Simone has as much energy as a toddler who drank 7 energy drinks.

Skinners leaps and jumps are atrocious. No way she should be doing any of them.

Nice routine by Smith til the pak which was a bit messy.

Simone has 3 bobbles. One big. Two small and she missed one connection but good for her. Small step on landing.

DTY for Maggie. Messy form (not clean Tim) Messy knee’s at leats. The beginning looked good. Maybe piked.

Now we get to see Nia because she trains with Gabby (Nice, NOT) She missed every handstand but one. Step on her dismount. (Piked)


Rotation 3-

So of all the routines of Norah Flatley you skip you chose beam?

Amanda is so much better than Nastia. No much more natural.

Maggie Nichols is now third. Gowey 4th and Hundley is fifth.

More excuses for Gowey.

We don’t need to see gymnastics. Lets watch Marta’s head case sit on her ass with an “injury”

STILL not getting scores.

More shoving Kocian the head case. This is getting ridiculous.
Bag of ice on her foot. We call this an excuse.

I realize I am critical and gymnastics doesn’t care anymore about form but Biles has had the best form tonight so far (bars was a bit messy) Marta will not be happy with all these falls.

Gowey- Amanar. Falls. Her entire upper body looks anorexic. Short but if she had hit that it would have had beautiful form. She’s a head case.

Jazmyn on beam- Nothing great but stayed on. One bobble but not very impressive. IMO

Simone. Missed a few handstands but not by much. Her Weiler kips were off at the start and nailed the dismount.
A hug for Lexie , in a chair with her ankle up. (14.75) a lot high

Kyla nailed every handstand but nothing new in that bars. I didn’t pay close enough attention but I don’t think that’s her 6.4 routine. (5.9 start for a 15.00)

Mckayla interview- Blah, blah, blah. She was injured. Came back too fast. Long story, no blood flow. She didn’t want to but had to stop so she can be there in 2016.

Mckayla is so injured but she has heels

Rotation 2

1-Simone Biles -31.700, 2-Kyla Ross, 29.800, 3- R Gowey, 29.000.

Timmy and company are back to bashing Kyla again

Norah on bars- Hit routine. Tim calls out her one form problem but ignores Kocians. What bull shit. The rest was very good.

Off beam goes Desch. She is very lack luster on beam.

Kim Zmeskal should never get to chose floor music. All she does is pick stuff so people will remember her. Its kind of pathetic. Its kind of funny that her gymnasts actually have decent form. (Nice job by her junior Smith)

Kocian’s beam routine is a joke. 13.5 something with a fall and tonz of bobbles.

Nailed DTY for Kyla. Small form issues not as bad as her usual one but not as good as her other. (15.200)

Kocian falls off beam. Another bobble. Missed connection. Step on double pike. Lets see what Marta scoring does with that mess.

Gowey has messy form on her twists. 3.5 and triple. I know people love her dance but I am indifferent. I don’t love it. She can clearly dance but she bored me.

Big step on her Amanar but amazing height (Simone) Second vault had a step.. Why is she vaulting twice tonight? Seems like an un-necssary risk. (14.500 second vault)

Skinner did her Chang
DTY second vault. Piked at the hips.

Why waste time on Jazmyn? Sloppy routine.

Simone interview- She didn’t think Marta liked her because she was always happy. Marta likes to break gymnasts not celebrate (that was me not Simone)
Rotation 1

(Are they ignoring the juniors besides Norah?)


Saw the triple twist twins in the crowd.

Skinner, piked double double she wanted laid out. Fell at the end on a full in. Messy messy MESSY routine.

Simone Biles- Floor- Double double.Bouncy landing. Nailed the Biles.Nailed the double layout. Full in to end. Great tumbling but I hate the music. Hate IT. That isn’t artistry Tim and Amanda (John does not exist to me)
15.800 (Hell it was deserved but 2 tenth for stuck landings)

Tim called Brenna’s release beautiful. Its now 100% fact. He is blind.

Kyla hit floor. Did the whip double Arabian but not as pretty as usual. Like the leo. Double pike and double tuck.
Tim thinks she wanted to ad leap to first pass but I don’t know. Same 5.7 start value. I missed her score. Same music.

Gowey has a bobble on her two layouts. Cheap shitty jumps. Didn’t connect the sheep jump. A messy routine. 2 big steps on dismount with bad form- 14.850 (WTF)

2 Nastia mentions already (SHUT UP JOHN) Make that 3 (Tim)

Ten minutes of watching Kocian do nothing.
Don’t forget the bad form.
Her usual sloppy routine. Feet apart. Flat feet. These 2 are not watching same routine I am. She still got a 15.400.

Yurchenko full equals “in the mix” Not really (Norah Flatly)- Yurchenko

I might not be here for the whole thing but for now enjoy my wrath of the baseball Gods.

Competition hasn’t started yet and my computer has already crashed. Adding to my night of fun.

Kyla been to exactly ONE Worlds stupid universal sports so 3 medals is very good.
Simone is no longer new.
No wonder why that voice sucked. John R, GROSS.
I think I would rather have Nastia than Rothlishit.

Its hard to type while eating cake. Just saying.


77 Responses to “Bitterly Live Blogging the US Classic (Blame the Red Sox)”

  1. sainabou nyang Says:

    I read on another gym site that Brenna messed up on bars and didn’t do a dismount. Not good considering she scratched like two other events.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Brenna is only doing bars. That routine was gross with form issues.

      • gymnerd Says:

        She scored something like 11.2 – did she get injured? I think that was the only event she did – what was up with that? Long way to go to do one bad routine.

  2. tulip Says:

    Biles will go back to back world champ if she keeps this up. Loved the interview about Marta. Reminds me of Shawn. Chow had to push and push just to get Marta to look at her tape. Marta is a soul killer lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta is an idiot. AT this rate Simone will win 3 world titles in a row.No one is close.

      • tulip Says:

        Agreed on all counts. she’s a lock for Rio if she stay healthy. I think there will likely be a texas dreams and/or Chow girl on that team.

      • gymbot Says:

        Her (Biles) beam probably wont score as high with all of the connections she attempts but I did like the upgrades she showed. It’s also insane she has 6.5 difficulty on floor counting a B dance element. I believe she got 6.6 for sticking the dismount.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Biles is superhuman. Its like keep her healthy and shes UN touchable. And Im sorry but with the shift fest that is USA gymnastics where Maggie nichols comes in third. Oh yeah where is Peyton Ernst? Sorry I didnt think Zmeskal had enough gymnasts on the floor. Chow can straighten out gowey a head casieness. Kocian an blew her last chance. Theres trouble at GAGE based on how Brenna and desch performed. No one looks serious. Skinner was out of gas. Completely. But with all of that okay Kyla upgrade but you still wont beat Simone and with EBee gone, and everyone else inconsistent you have your spot probably through Rio. The juniors dont look great either. bailie key needs to be healthy.

  3. tulip Says:

    Not even missing Gabby either. I think she’s done for good. Doubt anyone will take her

  4. tulip Says:

    Per the Classic site, USA Gym is loading all routines on youtube

  5. tulip Says:

    Well GTT I eat my words. Did you hear the announcement that Nia Dennis will now be training with Gabby in Columbus Ohio? Sigh…

  6. tulip Says:

    Other than Kyla and Simone, who else deserves to be on the Worlds team? Looked like a lot of athletes out of shape and not ready. Thoughts?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree but its still early. I get they love Gowey but if she can’t stay on her feet what good is she?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Tulip I was thinking the same thing. Some girls obviously had a growth spurt but they looked like they hadn’t conditioned in a while.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I say no one. I guess being its 2014 this year is pretty much a waste for everyone except Simone and Kyla. Its this way every year the year after the Olympics.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        We could be like Australia and just skip worlds. How different this team would be with EBee healthy. Amelia is done. Brenna is done. Desch and kocian are done. Skinner gets a spot after going to Martas “develop anorexia here” fat farm camp, oh no I mean worlds selection camp. Ashton locklear deserves a spot if shes consistent with those bars. I no longer care who gets the fifth spot. We are so far ahead of Russia Romania and China mid quad, that even without bailie key on this team we win gold.

      • TrishaG Says:

        This is the start for qualifying a team for Rio so not a good year to skip.

    • gymbot Says:

      I think Nichols deserves to go. She is so freaking consistent, just take her to worlds instead of Skinner so no one is flipping on their face in team finals. She’s scored 14.3-14.6 for her FX on many international assignments, and again tonight. I do really hate her butt wagging on floor and beam, but she at least owns her ridiculous dancing. So I’d say take her. She could be first on every event in quals, setting it up for others to succeed more. I imagine she could be used on any piece in case of injury or any freak out for TF.

      I think Gowey could deserve to go if she cleans up a bit. She could sneak into the vault rotation if she lands the vault and she was 3rd on beam tonight.

  7. sainabou nyang Says:

    I’ve been watching the vids on YouTube and so far my comments are:

    Kocian:I dont think her form is horrible buts its not great either. If she pointed her toes and had more straighter extension in her legs and kept them glued together it would make the routine more appealing. Either way I think shes on the world’s team if she hits at nationals and selection camp.

    Simone: looking good and a lock for worlds barring any injuries

    Kyla: Same as above

    Emily: Much better than last year. Her pac is not as scary and she kept her lefs together. Her form compared to Kocians is just divine.

    Brenna: I watched her bar routine and all I can do is sigh. I dont know if shes injured but tha routine was a mess

    Maddie D/Amelia: NCAA is calling them. Why are they’re no upgrades for Maddie Desch? Is Al Fong putting all his hopes on Brenna to make a worlds or Olympic team?

    Nia: Much improved form. Room for improvement. But still one of my favorites for Rio.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Leg separations count and she has a million of them yet her score doesn’t seem to be lowered much. All my issues with her form is the leg separations.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        It’s funny becaus right after I watched Madisons bar routine, I watched Emily’s with the beautiful form. Shes my dark horse for Rio. She has the execution but needs to build the difficulty and avoid a major injury.

    • mim Says:

      Brenna has an ankle injury apparently.

  8. Melanie Says:

    Thoughts on Classics:
    The absence of scores was annoying throughout. As was the absence of MOST of the routines. Why did we miss Norah’s beam but have to sit through her FTY? How does that make any sense?

    Def wanted to see more of Nia Dennis. What was with showing Jazmyn Foberg for half the competition?

    Simone is UNTOUCHABLE! I’m so happy. But also nervous, because I don’t want her to burn out before Worlds. She looked amazing. I’m actually a bit annoyed that the 1.7 point difference between her and Kyla wasn’t more, haha.

    Kyla bores me to tears. She looked really heavy on floor (not fat, just heavy gymnastics). Her beam and bars looked the same as usual. Vault was beautiful, but nothing new.

    Gowey wasn’t all that impressive, for all the hype about her. I find her floor a bit bland (same with Norah — come to think of it, that’s not Chow’s strong suit).

    Why didn’t we see any more of Maggie Nichols? Everyone seems to think that Brenna Dowell is this underdog we need to root for, but in my opinion, Maggie deserves that spot more than Brenna “I have hideous bars transitions” Dowell. Oh god, that bars routine. What a trainwreck.

    Speaking of trainwrecks, Mykayla Skinner kind of crashed and burned on floor. I’m not sad. Still throwing bad form big skills, still blocking with one hand on vault…her beam was passable but leaps were ridiculous.

    Amanda Borden is awesome. Tim annoys me when he says stuff like, “I’m going to call it — Simone Biles is absolutely, unequivocably your Classics champion!” No shit, Tim, she just hit 4-for-4 and Kyla can’t mathematically pass her. You’re so prophetic.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Tim isn’t as bad as John “cheerleader” Rothlisshiterger. He needs to go.

      Maggie’s form makes her useless at Worlds. I know, they all have form issues but Maggie is pretty bad. That being said at least she stayed on.

      • Melanie Says:

        You’re right. Maggie also doesn’t have a stand-out event…I know she isn’t much use at Worlds, but why is Brenna Dowell even in the conversation when her “best” event is a total nightmare? And we’re probably better with a Kyla DTY than a Brenna Amanar. I just would rather take a consistent gymnast than a headcase who people think deserves to go because she “works hard” (don’t they all?).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t think Brenna is on this team. I think most people don’t. I think Skinner is getting more talk than Brenna is. Not sure why.

        None of these girls will be around in 2 years except Simone and possibly Kyla who looks smarter and smarter every time she doesn’t upgrade but stays consistent.

      • gymbot Says:

        I thought Dowell was going to make the team based on Acup, she had 6.3 for bars back then and room to improve to 6.5. This routine was crazzzzy that she went for. I think it would have been out of 6.9 if she got everything: Tweddle+Ehzova (F+D 0.2CV), toe-on 1/1+maloney+giant1/1 (D+D+C 0.3CV), church+pak (E+D 0.2 CV) van leeuwen (E), full twisting DLO (E). F1E3D4 = 3.7, +2.5 + 0.7 CV = 6.9.

        I am routing for her to make the team. An ankle injury wont help her though since it’s tough to take a gymnast for one event and her Amanar, although not great, was still of some use to the team.

  9. Melanie Says:

    Kyla’s fine with this crop of seniors, but when the juniors start moving up, she’ll be outmoded very quickly. Mykayla is on the team because McKayla is injured, that’s it.

    I’m shocked they didn’t talk up Alyssa Baumann. Or even mention her, for that matter. I guess they can only focus on one Wogette at a time.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      i was surprised too and she hit beam according to quickhits

      • gymbot Says:

        She missed all of her connections and didn’t even attempt the 1/2 switch leap. Her beam should be well above 6 but she got 5.8.

    • Case Says:

      Wouldn’t that be something? All the frustration with Kyla’s lack of upgrades and it turns out she doesn’t need them after all.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She needs them for next year but this year I think if she went back to her reg bar routine she will be fine.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I guess it depends on the scoring as someone pointed out to me USA-gymnastics gave the 3 UB medalists the same execution score. Is she sending a message that you need to upgrade and that execution won’t matter to us?

      • mim Says:

        I guess if she has a niggly back injury, and her coaches are seeing what the girls are bringing at camp, AND they want to preserve her for college…. maybe her lack of upgrades for this year is okay? I mean, I guess the longer they can wrap her in cotton wool the better.

      • onelifeonejourneyonealex Says:

        My line of thinking with Kyla and the upgrades is that her coaches might be working her on them but not putting them into competition because, like they said eight billion times, she won’t throw stuff she doesn’t know she can finish safely. And a significant (I think) part of why the upgrades are slow coming is that it looks like Kyla got hit hard by the puberty stick in the past year and I would guess that with suddenly having boobs and a fuller figure (NOT fat, but more womanly than we’ve seen her) is throwing off her center of gravity and thus taking more effort to do her routines as-is right now.

        She seemed sluggish all night, and in podium training, and I’m wondering if she’s having trouble fueling properly now? Or maybe the kid is just freaking tired, I don’t know.

        Simone Biles….I love this girl so much and I kind of want to put her in my pocket because she’s so tiny and cute and acts like my 7 year old nephew when he accidentally took phentermine.

        Too bad this year’s worlds isn’t LAST year’s worlds, because these two are the only ones looking like they’re in worlds shape and if I was Martha trying to make a team out of this field…..I’d probably look like Martha. Constipated from eating lemons and the dreams of little girls.

  10. sarahrdh Says:

    Hi! First time commenter! Been reading your blog for a few months, I love reading everyone’s opinions!

    So that horrific bar routine from Brenna is what prompted me to comment! Holy shitballs, I cannot think of a worse bar routine I’ve ever seen in competition??? I mean REALLY. Idk all her story- what’s injured or why, but seriously she should’ve stayed home. I can’t believe her coaches would let her show that to America! Wtf?!?! And not to knock her, bc you KNOW she feels like complete shit after that, but seriously- WHY? She is 3 million years from being ready for competition right now….that is not what I would want to see on a worlds team…I feel bad for her. That was just embarrassing. I watched the video a few times just trying to figure out wtf was going on…..

  11. mim Says:

    Whoever changed MyKayla’s floor music must be on the crack. SERIOUSLY. We’re talking about a girl who doesn’t have great form or any truly dance ability.. she could hide that with the folky-style music. Now it’s just that much more apparent.

    • gymbot Says:

      Mim – I thought something similar. Honestly though, she needs music where she dances less. Less dancing the better, for aesthetic reasons but also a little strategy. The poor girl needs to not land on her face at the end of the routine.

      • mim Says:

        Mykayla seemed super unfit so endurance is obviously an issue for her and I agree, the less dance the better. I was exhausted watching her. I really don’t know what her floor coach is thinking. Poor choreography, poor music choice…

  12. mim Says:

    And what’s up with KZB pulling out all the TD girls?

    • Melanie Says:

      She must think that Classics doesn’t matter much. She’s not entirely wrong, because most of her athletes have enough experience that the competition isn’t worth risking injury, especially if they’ve already qualified to national championships.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      GK wasnt paying her enough to get them all to wear their crappy collegiate rhinestone cowboy leotards

      • gymnerd Says:

        GK is apparently a financially poor company. I still remember Peyton’s we-couldn’t-cover-your-whole-butt-so-we’ll-just-let-
        your-cheeks-hang-out-like-a-pair-of-moons leo at last year’s nationals. *shudders*

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      This quad is way more boring than last quad. Probably will get more interesting when All and Mckayla come back. I still have to be watch this competition…glad Simone won. I hope Kyla does upgrade eventually but this years crop of seniors you guys are right she doesn’t really need to.

  13. JAS4 Says:

    I think Amelia could be a good back up for most events if she improves some but I am pretty sure Marta would be having none of that lol. If Lexie wasn’t injured and had her Amanar back I would take her over Skinner.

  14. mim Says:

    What did you all think of the juniors? I was excited to see Maile O’Keefe perform her routines really well. She’s so pretty on beam and floor, and so much cleaner overall compared to last year. I haven’t caught Emily Gaskins’ routines yet, but I’m surprised she wasn’t higher in the AA.

    So great seeing Hundley as a senior! FINALLY.

  15. Exgymgurl Says:

    Ashton locklear on bars. Holy crap where was Marta hiding this girl. And whats up with all the leos now looking like skating costumes.

    • H Says:

      I liked her as well. She trains under coaches Qi Han and Yiwen Chen.
      (Maybe a specialist at beam/ub?)
      They also have Emily Shield, but I don’t know why she isn’t competing this year. She has quite good form which is always nice to see.

    • tulip Says:

      Same thought on the leos. Some of them were seriously butt ugly. Plus the shiny scrunchies? Makes them look like little girls the FIG keeps insisting they don’t want to showcase.

      Marta keeps hiding girls she doesn’t like. They can be so talented but if she’s got a bug up her butt that day, that girl can forget about it. Why USA Gymnastics and the USOC keep kissing her butt and paying her big bucks is beyond me. Winning is one thing but winning by playing ugly mind games and power plays is another. These are kids who could be impacted forever.

    • Karlie Says:

      Apparently she’s been attending camps and on Marta’s radar, but just moved up to elite – she’s been a L10 for like 3 years or something. She was phenomenal! Clean up that bail and she’ll score pretty well internationally too.

  16. Katie Says:

    Just a random aside, but Rachel Gowey reminds me of Lindsay Wing.

  17. tulip Says:

    A few more thoughts (feel free to ignore lol).
    1) I hope Marta is regretting that she made Aly sit out the season. Based on last night, if she could put a floor and beam together, she can be a big help at worlds this year for the team event
    2) Amanda Borden was perfect and I hope she’s in and nastia is out
    3) Does Valeri have any gymnasts he’s coaching now? didn’t miss him one bit
    4) The juniors looked much more polished and prepped than a whole lot of the seniors. They haven’t been broken yet I guess

    5) And finally- Simone. GTT described it perfectly above. Marta didn’t know what to do with her because she’s such a happy, well adjusted girl from a loving supportive family (unlike so many over the years). She’s not afraid of Marta, which has to annoy the crap out of her. Simone is such a huge natural talent that gymnastics seems so easy for her. You can see how much she loves it and that is what drives her. Not fear- which is so healthy. Her talent, positive attitude, work ethic and perfect fit with Aimee is wonderful to see. It’s almost like she’s thriving in spite of Marta- doing her thing while Marta is just a mosquito buzzing in the background.

    • Melanie Says:

      I’m with you on #4 – I’m much more excited for the juniors moving up than the current crop of seniors. I was just watching Melissa Reinstadtler, and she has some very pretty gymnastics. Needs a lot of work finding her landings on floor and some consistency on beam, but there’s a lot of potential there.

    • gymbot Says:

      Good point regarding Raisman… I would love to see her back instead of Skinner. I hope Priessman is still in the mix for nationals.

    • gymmom2 Says:

      Valeri is not coaching anyone. He is doing the developmental camps and the huge number of Hopes and Juniors is to his credit. I here he runs a very positive camp. Although the WOGA tie seems like it would make it a bit awkward for him to take over Marta’s spot, he does appear to be the heir apparent – although they will likely have to carry her out. Having the women’s facility on the Karolyi property never seemed like a good long term strategy, I heard Valeri quit taking on new kids because he thought Marta was going to retire – hah!

  18. lunacaelum Says:

    Katelyn Ohashi said she switched to laurent b/c Valeri was taking over USAG development program. So I don’t think he’s a personal coach anymore.

    I think it’s a laughable he’s involved with the development program with what he did to Rebecca Bross. And if Nastia wasn’t his own flesh and blood he would have dropped her when all those ankle problems became a chronic hindrance to competing. And he even mismanaged that recovery too.

    And why does he do anything with TOPS kids when he refused to have his gym participate in the program? Not to mention Nasita was always last in the physical abilities testing at every national team camp.

  19. katecoursey Says:

    Thanks for the live blog. As much as I like Simone, her dominance is making this quad a lot less fun to watch than the last…just a few years ago jordyn, gabby, Ali, komova, jinnan, etc all had the ability to win a world/Olympic AA title. Now Simone doesn’t even have competition in the US, much less outside it. Russia and China need to get it together because Worlds would be a lot more interesting if Simone/the US in general has some actual competition.

  20. biyatch Says:

    I kind of wonder if China is secretly going to be coming out with guns blazing at Worlds and make it a lot tighter with the US than we think. We get so little info about what China is doing, but considering its in China I wouldnt be surprised if they have something up their sleeves (like 3 8.0 bar routines).

    What are y’alls thoughts about Simone’s UCLA verbal. I kind of doubt she’ll actually keep her amateur status if she continues on her current trajectory. The gymnast market will probably already be crowded with Gabby, McKayla and Aly but Simone has some natural charisma that is very sellable.

    • mim Says:

      I’m loving the news. I actually hope she doesn’t turn pro and just has an awesome time competing in college. She seems like the kind of girl who’d love being on a team.

      Apparently China just had yet another gymnast retire (her name is escaping me right now!).

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Simones parents probably want her to get a college degree more than be famous or do commercials. Just think what shed do for NCAA gymnastics. Aly Raisman was committed to Florida. She would be amazing there. Jordyn would be amazing at UCLA. They shouldn’t have to worry about making money while they compete NCAA. They should be allowed to do both. I hope that union lawsuit goes through and changes the game for NCAA Athletics. The schools make so much $$ off the football and basketball players and the athletes get zero.

      I wonder if Ohashi can get enough of her skills back to go NCAA.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Athletes get a free education and live for free and get everything for free and don’t think for a second things aren’t given under the table to the successful ones.

        Ohashi is very much enjoying life. She has a boyfriend. I don’t know if she is training but I know she is a happy teen right now.

      • Katie Says:

        What sucks about gymnastics is NCAA is the swan song for the amateur elites. Whereas almost every sport, it’s just the beginning. So those athletes get a free education and then have the option of endorsements and other deals after graduation whereas the moneymaking days for gymnasts are pretty much behind them once they go to college. It really is such a tough call. You pretty much have to guarantee that your endorsements will be at least 250k to equal a full ride scholarship and even then you are giving up competing NCAA which every gymnast always said they had no idea how fun and rewarding it would be until they got to college.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You said it way better than I did. I tried to say that but of course mine ended up being like an essay, lol.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        The basic gyst is that gymnasts hit their peak before their college years, so they have to make that choice to go pro and forfeit college, or continue amateur status and get a scholarship. It’s not fair really. Their window of opportunity is so small.

        Football players, basketball players, even swimmers (Missy Franklin) can peak when they are older or maintain their leader status for much longer in their respective sports. The football/basketball/baseball players can get their free ride and THEN get drafted. In fact, the free ride/college scholarship helps them get drafted to pro status. There’s nothing like that for gymnastics (obviously).

        Then for other sports – like swimming for example – you can be dominant in that for years. Look at Michael Phelps; dominant at the last 2 Olympics and even went to one before that. He could probably go to the next one if he wanted to. Missy Franklin can “opt out” being pro for now so she can get the college experience and then when she’s done with college she can go pro, make the money, and continue competing because more than likely she’ll still be dominant in her early 20s. You just don’t have that with gymnastics. It sucks and it’s unfortunate.

        I feel like they should be able to do both; they’ve worked hard enough.

  21. Exgymgurl Says:

    Michael phelps has been through three olympic cycles now and is building toward a fourth. I dont care what anyone thinks about him thats just phenomenal

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      And he’s doing it because he’s BORED, lol. Natalie Coughlin also went to 3 and is gearing for her fourth. Amanda Beard went to three. Being a really good swimmer is pretty awesome but only every four years.

      WAY bigger window of opportunity than gymnastics, and there’s no Marta Karyoli controlling the swimming world. It’s all about the damn clock.

      It’s why I love swimming. You can’t play the political BS game and really get away with it. If you’re fast, you’re fast.

  22. sanitynmotion Says:

    How did Kocian get a 15.4 with a major form break…?

    And I feel like Dowell is trying to be like Anna Li from last quad, only with sh*it form and no chance due to her coach, who’s blackballed himself and all future athletes from ever being on a World team.

    Poor Kyla; is she going through puberty (again???) – her skin! And no lipstick this time. Her floor looked sluggish. I feel like she might need a break or something even though her routines are so completely watered down.

    It’s really hard not to love Simone Biles. She’s so much better than Douglas will ever be.

    • gymnerd Says:

      Help me remember – how did Fong piss off TPTB? Did he say the wrong thing when Brenna was made alternate?

      I actually like Kyla better without lipstick; I thought it looked kind of silly on her. Her skin….well….I guess it makes her human.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        He released some statement to the public – more like an essay and pretty much stated Brenna was “wronged” and they were “so prepared” for her to compete bars at worlds. That kind of thing. He basically slammed the regime so blackballed himself and all future athletes. Stupid move, but at the same time I give him credit. Someone needs to stand up to Marta. It wasn’t fair what she did (she should have communicated that there would be that possibility)…obviously when Brenna was selected for the World team she thought she’d be able to compete. As it was she was basically benched and replaced w/McKayla.

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