Flashback Monday

I know we could discuss gymnastics but that is not nearly as much fun as making fun of Nastia.

Can we call Anna Li a bully for putting this up:)


28 Responses to “Flashback Monday”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Oh Lordy. I love how this is related to “cringe worthy fluff” because that is so true. Give credit to Anna Lee for trying to get everyone to remember that she may have been relevant at one point.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    So relevant apparently I forgot her last name is “Li” not “Lee.” Sigh.

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    Lol Anna Li knew what she was doing?

  4. mim Says:

    I thought Anna and Nastia had bonded over their disdain for Alicia, because Alicia hated Nastia for her shitty ‘comeback’ and hated Anna about the worlds medal/team whatever it was debacle. So who knows if she was highlighting N’s lack of dance ability!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Way to ruin the fun:) Nastia pretty much told Anna on twitter to shut up or at least that is what we speculate she meant when she said let it go.

      • mim Says:

        Haha, yeah I don’t think N would have been pleased with the video.. I bet they had a frenemy-style friendship at best.

        Nastia looks ridiculous regardless, her dance ability seems to only extend to creepy daddy issues beam routine pole dancing and gyrating in the air on that Cirque du Soleil style curtain.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    I guess Nastia is just “too artistic” for shuffling. It doesn’t include busted wrist or flamingo poses so it’s not her style lol

  6. Case Says:

    Classic video…talk about clueless!

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    Bross and Memmel are both better. It must kill Nastia that she was never a world AA champ like Shannon Zmeskal, Shawn, Jordyn, Biles, Memmel, Sloan, and well the really great gymnasts….

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Well she just tells herself she was the Olympic AA champ, which is way better, and then moves on. Even though she probably didn’t deserve that medal w/a 1.5 Yurchenko vault.

      Seems to me the last 2 Olympic AA champs didn’t really deserve their wins – was basically a judge favorite contest.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Id say the last three. I think the medal should have gone to khorkina but to Carly’s credit she was near perfection that day while khorkina was not. Komova also gave away gold. In 2008 Shawn just didnt do her best probably the diarrhea protein shake…

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m going to say Carly deserved it. She was just better. Never really was a fan of Khorkina but she couldn’t hold herself together and she wasn’t really at her peak. She didn’t really give it her all that day, and Carly did.

        Shawn should have won in my opinion – if the code were more like today’s, she would have. Nastia was way overscored on her vault and floor and of course bars (but that one was the code). Shawn’s mistake (and Chow’s) was not upping her difficulty on bars to narrow that gap. Even so, the judges were favoring Nastia right and left.

        Komova messed up on vault but Gabby didn’t deserve those beam connections. I always go back to the argument Gabby shouldn’t have been in the AA final in the first place. It should have been Jordyn’s spot, and Jordyn was robbed. Yes, Gabby did better than Komova in the AA (if not for Komova’s vault) but the reason I say she didn’t deserve the gold medal is not so much that she didn’t do better than Komova – it had everything to do with the fact she didn’t even deserve to be there.

        Like I say though can’t change the past. Sadly.

      • Akshay Says:

        I also maintain Shawn was ever so slightly underscored. I’m not necessarily saying she should have won, because she screwed up on her vault. But I do think she was relatively underscored on bars and beam relative to how they were scoring everyone else. Should Nastia have won? Maybe. But certainly not by 0.6.

        Let’s not even start on how Nastia was never penalized enough for that overrated form on bars and horrible form on floor.

  8. Kyz Says:

    Any thoughts on the Commonwealth Games so far, for those of you who can view it

    • Melanie Says:

      Haven’t seen any video yet, but have followed the results today. Wow, what a disappointment for Canada. They really shouldn’t have sent Victoria Moors home – even if she wasn’t “competition-ready” (what did that press release even mean??), she would have scored better than Kayen-Woo. For Wales to beat the team that made a historic 5th place at the last Olympics is pretty sad.

      I’m not at all surprised by the results. GB is looking pretty good, and Australia looked -meh-. Decent bars, weak vaults. Can no one do a more powerful vault there?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Press release? I have been out of the gymnastics world I am clueless.

        If they sent ehr home it was a good reason. She must have looked that bad.

        Frankly I find her overrated and her “Moors” never should have been given credit.

      • Melanie Says:

        She’s definitely overrated, but she still scores WAY better than Kayen-Woo. She would have contributed to the team one way or another.

      • mim Says:

        I think Moors must have pulled a Shayla Worley or something like that. In the sense it’s was disciplinary rather than injury or readiness. It just doesn’t make sense that she was pulled out.

    • sportsfan Says:

      The Commonwealth Games are on CBS Sports Network, for those of you who have it.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      From what I’ve read on other sites and watched, Australia was shitty, GB in team finala was well GB but apparently Claudia hit her routines, and Canada tanked.

      For a team like Australia that had over a year to prepare for this event and have Peggy say the reason for the mistakes was due to lack of preparation is mind boggling. If they keep this up they wont even qualify a team to Rio. In fact I expect them to try to qualify at the test event.

  9. Kyz Says:

    None of the Welsh gymnasts were shown here but I was seriously surprised when I saw the standings this morning.
    So gutted for NZ missing Courtney McGregor last minute due to injury, we are just not strong enough, but stoked 2 females and 3 males made it to AA.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Did the Romaeo girl compete, the one from the creepy obsessive sports family?

      • Kyz Says:

        Angel the English bird? no I don’t think so! AA is tonight, the guys pulled out Scot 1 Eng 2 and 3. Think one of the NZers got an 8th??

  10. mim Says:

    Thrilled the Aussies pulled out a silver! They just got bloody lucky Canada stuffed up everywhere although bars were pretty good. Olivia Vivian really didn’t belong on the team even though I love her, she didn’t contribute much overall except for bars, and even then it was third best on the team. Aussie floor is embarrassing though.. I know there might be funding issues but seriously, get a decent choreographer already.

    Isabela Onysko (?) of Canada looks like she might have potential though? I kinda liked her style even though she had tons of nervous energy (that wasn’t channelled too well).. I liked her floor despite it’s imperfections.

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