More than the Olympics. Still in the black

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Brandon Workman made me feel a little better tonight but it ain’t over til its over and nothing but winning takes the black away. Though I am sure this is getting old for all of you:)


It was a school project by a gymnast and it is actually well done. It made me think of a few things.

Though I personally think spending thousands of dollars on a sport for the love of the game is a bit much to a parent paying the bills the point about people play sports for fun is a very good one.

I spent years playing soccer as well as a few other sports while I was never good enough to go pro but I still played. The difference is at least to me anyway the cost. At most I spent a couple hundred on a traveling soccer team and these girls are not even close to sniffing a College scholarship let alone the Olympics.

I don’t want it to seem like I am looking down on them because I am not. I can imagine being asked the same question over and over again would be quite annoying and they seemed to handle it albeit with eye rolling and not grace. Than again who am I to complain about attitude πŸ™‚


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  1. JAS4 Says:

    I saw that video as well. I think if they are just taking 1 or 2 classes a week it might not be so bad depending on where they train. However if they are training everyday and it’s just for fun that could really add up fast. Especially if they are training at a well known more expensive gym.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t think I have ever seen a division 2 College meet but I don’t think a single tuck will cut it as a bars dismount.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I haven’t either but I imagine at least a double tuck would be required. Same on floor probably at least double tucks and one and a half or double twist.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would asumme that also but you know what they say about assume πŸ™‚

    • kiwigymnast16 Says:

      Hi I’m the person who made this. We train 3 days a week, and each practice is 2 hours. That’s only 6 hours in the gym per week! It’s certainly not demanding, just enough for us to enjoy gymnastics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It still has to be expensive though right? Nice job. Enjoyed your video. I didn’t realize you only trained 6 hours a week. I thought it was more like 15-20 so I now understand. I have always wanted to be able to do a back flip off the sidewalk. I do dismounts every time a side walk ends. πŸ™‚

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Division2 NCAA is like level 10s and some level 9s that are clean.

  3. Karlie Says:

    All sports get expensive nowadays – I was on a fairly high-level regional soccer team that probably cost several thousands per year with travel fees, etc., and to this day I’m grateful for all that my parents put up with (not to mention carting me to Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia for games from our home in upstate New York). To be fair, almost all of my teammates played in college and most ended up with D1 scholarships, and it was still far less expensive than gymnastics training, but I know a lot of girls who I played with or against who gave up soccer completely in college. Like you said, I can’t really imagine investing so much time and money into a sport that doesn’t “end up” somewhere.

    On the other hand, you have people who have the time, money, and talent to go really far in sports like gymnastics (or soccer), but accumulate so many injuries that they’re never even able to reach their full potential. It’s kind of funny, because I’ve always wondered what I would have felt like if I’d quit soccer before college – I loved my college team but to this day I still have chronic injury problems even though I’m mostly retired. That’s why, despite wanting to see Ohashi back on the national scene, I completely understand why she wants to drop back to L10 and focus on college. Sometimes I wish I’d done the same and played on a less competitive team later in high school, because I probably wouldn’t have been so injured later on.

    But I digress. πŸ™‚

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I went to school in upstate NY…where are you from? Sorry, curious. πŸ™‚

      My sports were swimming and water polo – super cheap. My parents were thankful for that. Equipment costs were minimal; the only payments they made out of pocket really were club fees and maybe some added costs with swim meets and such. I practiced every day for 6+ hours a day. I wasn’t good enough to get a scholarship (started too late in general) but I was decent enough to be captain of my swim team and hey – it helped on my college resume. I just did club sports in college, and still swim today for fun.

      Nevertheless, I know a lot of kids who’s parents spent tons of money on their sport with the “dream” of them going pro or getting a college scholarship. I know one kid right now in college – he’s in his 3rd year now – who’s parents literally are nearly BK but are still depending on this “dream” of him going pro. Yes, he’s really good – but if were good enough to go pro it would have likely happened by now. He’s not even at a major soccer college either; it’s more like a local small private university. (BTW, they aren’t BK just because of his soccer costs; his dad is a big-time whiny butt loser who never wanted to work but they still thought having 4 kids on no income would somehow be manageable…but I digress.) πŸ™‚

      I think at the end of the day I wouldn’t want my kid to be under all that pressure to produce a livelihood good enough to support me, in return for my supporting them throughout their sport. There are too many potential hiccups along the way for even a really talented child to go all the way/go pro/whatever. I can see an aim for a college scholarship but above and beyond that is very few and far between – especially for females.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Where did you go to school sanity? My aunt moved to the US 25 years ago, got married and lives in upstate NY. I love it there.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I went to Cornell in Ithaca – quite a change from my So-Cal climate. I loved the fall (even though it lasted all of two weeks) but I couldn’t deal with the winters, lol. They seemed to go on forever! It’s beautiful country though. I think I learned to appreciate it more after I left (of course, that’s how it usually is).

      • Gymbee Says:

        How cool! My uncle went to Cornell, I was in the US last summer and so I came with to Cornell for his 50th graduation anniversary! Loved it there. Did you get ice cream from Dairy Barn/Farm? He was sad cause it had shut down like 2 years ago.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        WHAT?! No. I refuse to believe they closed the ice cream place. BEST ice cream, ever. Maybe they moved it. Ithaca Diary/Creamery or something like that…I had it a few times (it was quite a walk from where I lived/went to class). It was so good though.

        My 10-year reunion just came and went and I didn’t go – it’s too much of a flight and expense for me right now, and it just didn’t work out. I am hoping in 5 years I can make back there. It’s a really cool school, kind of tucked in the countryside and you really get that whole “college” atmosphere.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yeah, he had that when he was a student, and we even went around and asked an they said it shut 😦 boo!

        I really loved it there, such a gorgeous view of the lake, and Ithaca is gorgeous! Wish I could’ve gone!
        Go Big Red haha! πŸ˜‰

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Haha I have an “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt that’s like 13 years old. I still wear it on occasion. AND I have my Ithaca is Gorges nalgene bottle still too lol.

        That’s a shame about the ice cream…

      • gymbot Says:

        Regarding the dairy bar (I am also a Cornell Alum), it was closed in late 2009. The plan was to reopen the dairy bar in the same place but they ended up relocating it. So it still exists, it’s just not all the way out towards the vet school.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Can I ask you what year you were? This is so cool…where I’m from NOBODY really knows/cares about Cornell.

        Now I am in the mood for some ice cream, with all this ice cream talk.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Gymbot – thank you!!! I will let my uncle know. He’ll be thrilled!!

      • gymbot Says:

        I finished in 2009, I hope your uncle gets some ice cream next time

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What school were you in? I finished a few years before you, in ’04.

      • gymbot Says:

        Sanity, I was in CALS – Bio. What school did you study in? Did you get to take Wines? It’s my biggest regret, missing out on Wines. But I did get to take the Beer (Fermentation) class with a field trip – my first field trip since middle school! – to the Ithaca Brewery and to a cheese factory.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So funny! I was in the Hotel school – I didn’t take wines because it kept conflicting with my schedule. I don’t regret it only because some of my friends took it and they said it actually was a lot harder than they thought it would be, haha. Getting drunk in class but having to still think hard enough to pass the tests.

        I took this class (for an elective) called Dinosaurs thinking how cool would that look on my transcript (because I’m a total nerd) and it turned out to be kind of hard – I had a horrible teacher, too.

        My biggest regret was not taking a language and not being able to travel abroad for a semester. My school had so many non-electives it was hard to manage. Ah, oh well.

        Were you pre-med?

      • gymbot Says:

        Yes, I’m now in med school in Mass, after working in Boston for a few years. I heard mixed things about Dinosaurs, so you’re not alone in disliking it. I think the hard part with the informal advice between students at Cornell is that the school is really too big and diverse – everyone has different interests, so I found I had to take suggestions with a grain of salt.

        I also regret not going abroad, but I would have had to pay two tuition bills to do the programs I was interested in. In the end I’ll be taking on a lot of debt from school so I think it was responsible choice in the end.

      • Gymbee Says:

        sanity, we ate at the Statler Hotel, it was great! Do you work in a hotel now?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        No – I couldn’t handle the operations work (don’t have the personality for it). I do consulting for hotel owners basically. I also work in valuing hotels for potential buyers. Interesting work but I’m always on a deadline, so that part sucks.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Sanity, that sounds way more interesting than working in a hotel πŸ™‚ I know about deadlines, I work in TV.

    • gymmom2 Says:

      I agree – the parents I know paying for club soccer, baseball, etc are shelling out big bucks too. It is true that “are you going to the Olympics?” is the first thing people ask a young gymnast. You never hear them asking a sixth grade football player if they are going to play in the pros, or any other sport for that matter – well maybe skaters but I don’t know any skaters that have been asked that. It is a bit embarrassing for the gymnasts – even if they just got a college scholarship – they get asked ” but are you going to the Olympics? ”

      Sports are probably the last bastion where one has to perform to be rewarded, where the peer pressure is to work hard and succeed. And rarely does society reward risk taking in girls – to test yourself, work through your fears, set goals and meet them, know that ultimately it is all on you – and to learn how to deal with disappointment. That is why if their daughter’s love it, people who have the means will support it.

    • Katie Says:

      How funny, you and I have the exact same situations. I was Region 2. I am trying to remember some of the Region 1 teams we played. We played Bethesda Fury a lot and the PDA Splash? I am probably a ton older than you so I am not sure if those are the good clubs anymore. And now there’s the Y league or something? When I was playing it was just premier and ODP. And I guess high school which was kindof the “offseason” But now I have chronic back problems. I remember I took one month off during indoor to rest my back and I had so much fun with my school friends that I seriously started hating soccer the second I went back. I do not blame Ohashi one bit.

      • Karlie Says:

        I played them too! The FC Stars (of Massachusetts) and Albertson Fury were always our nemeses though…even when we went to the PDA and Greensboro showcases we somehow ALWAYS played Albertson, plus they were all massive.

        I just graduated college so I’m probably younger than most blog readers, but when I was playing it was also just ODP and premiere (with high school as a kind of off season). My youngest sister is still in high school and there are all sorts of club leagues now, plus ODP is called something else (YDP I think? I don’t really know). In a way, I’m sure it’s nice because my parents have to travel a lot less since there are more teams in our region now.

        It’s funny though – I played D3 soccer in college and there’s only one “season” (fall) plus off-season training in the winter and spring. I was SHOCKED at how much better my body was when I wasn’t playing 20+ hours per week, year-round. Granted, I had a LOT of injuries (ACL tear in high school, major hip surgery in college, concussions) but I don’t think my body would have held up under the stress of DI training so I’m glad I didn’t take that route.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    I gave up NCAA soccer and learned to skate and played ice hockey. My son plays lacrosse. Hes going into HS and the coach wants them there once a week over the summer for weight training. I told the coach hes busy with scouts every week this summer learning to be a counselor and doing other things and wont be there. Inthink parents at least in TX have to push back. I pointed out to him when he played football between games and practices it was like a 30 hour per week job for me, and it wasn’t fair for his sisters to have to sit and gawk at him that much. Most times Im the only parent that doesnt see the whole game, and doesnt sit through practice but I cant I work full time. I have responsibility to three kids not one. I think staying active is really important but honestly hes learning a lot of leadership responsibility through scouting that being carted to weight training twice a week during the summer would not accomplish. Hes outside in 90+ degree heat teaching scout skills and helping. Then he goes on high adventure to Philmont. I dont want his life to be all about his sport. I told the coach this summer no special camps or trainings, and he may report to fall practices a week late because we have family time. Hes a freshman he probably wont start regardless of how much lacrosse time he puts in. I want him to have options and choices. He wants to go to a military academy or ROTC where they like sports and scouting both. So he needs to keep his options open.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    How have I not seen this before now

  6. Gymbee Says:

    Sort of off-topic: in London there’s this “marathon on the river”, where teams row 21 miles on the Thames. My company has entered 4 boats and I signed up to be in one of the boats. We have to train weekly on the river, as well as gym everyday etc. We get professional coaches and motivational speakers, and yesterday this woman who won gold in rowing at the London Olympics came to speak. She said for most athletes, when the Olympics finish, psychologists compare it to a grieving process, and like being in limbo (if they’re not aiming for next Olympics). She said she went aimlessly around for 6 months, and felt a part of her had been ripped away. And she was an adult (26) imagine how it is for teenagers.
    I knew it was hard for athletes, but it really made me think hearing her say it, just how hard it is.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      That’s really interesting but makes sense. The Olympics is something you dream of/train your whole life for, and then it just goes by so fast (if you do make it) and when it’s done, it’s done. Kapoot. You notice how within a week or two of the Olympics being finished even the entire media just moves on, almost as if it never took place. I guess I can see how there’d be a grieving process after for any athlete. I just never really thought about it, but yeah it makes sense.

      And you’re totally right – certain sports (especially gymnastics) there’s only really one window of opportunity to make an Olympics, and it’s so small. The likelihood of making another one is slim to none – especially if you’re in the US.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yep, exactly! Also I imagine an adult is obviously mature and possibly better equipped to deal with the emotional aftermath, but emotionally stunted teenage gymnasts would deal a different way maybe. Explains Shawn trying to claw onto everything that has the slightest resemblance to the attention she got at the Olympics.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah, that’s for sure.

        Although sometimes I think a teenager/kid might be better equipped because they are so young, so inexperienced, don’t really “get” the importance of it all – I mean, they still have most of their lives ahead of them and this is just the beginning, so sometimes I think (depending on the person, of course), that it is possible that the younger kids might potentially deal with it better than adults can?

        Shawn was 16 at the Olympics but a very “old” 16 in that she was already in the limelight and had the spotlight on her from a very young age – doing commercials, riding sponsors, etc. I think her issue is that she just really likes to be there (in the spotlight) and is freaking out because she’s realizing her looks/personality won’t keep her there. Her gymnastics for the most part was what got her there.

        Look at how different Kyla is vs. Shawn even though they were pretty much the same age at their respective Olympics. She understands what she did was awesome – an awesome feat, really – but she went right back to her training/daily routine, didn’t break out and do acting gigs and what-not, and is now apparently looking ahead at college and other opportunities. I think she’s a prime example of how maybe the youth are better equipped to handle that.

        For adults, the Olympics can be their “one last hurrah” and when it’s over it’s really over because it’s not like they can so easily go back to their sport. There’s always a younger up-and-comer who’s going to get them and take them down.

        Did anyone see the US female moguler (dammit forgot her name – Whitty? Ok I looked it up – Hannah Kearney). SHE’S going to have a hard time. She knew it was her last Olympics (age, injury, etc) and she didn’t do what she wanted to do (bronze, not gold) and she was having a breakdown almost on her interview after the fact. Kept going on about how much she trained four years for that ONE event (sounds silly, doesn’t it?) and now it’s over and she didn’t reap what she wanted to and she was at her “peak” and it’s only downhill (literally) from here. Like she was having a come to Jesus moment that she was getting old and now she would have no life since her life up until then (and she’s like late 20s/early 30s I think) was nothing but training for moguls. I actually thought “she’s really going to need therapy after this.”

      • Gymbee Says:

        That’s true sanity, didn’t think of it like that! In one way, I guess it’s better to do the Olympics at a young age, as then, as you say they can “close that chapter”. Yes I remember her!!

      • Gymbee Says:

        Also, the athlete brought her gold medal, and she passed it around the room! I obviously put it on and posed with it haha!! And took a selfie for instagram lol! πŸ˜‰

  7. kittykat Says:

    Off topic, but Lexie Priessman is leaving CGA!

  8. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    I just saw it too and I’m so shocked! Isn’t she Mary Lee’s ultimate favorite? Crazy. I wouldn’t think she would ever leave Amelia. Maybe Mary Lee is showing too much love towards Emily Gaskins……

    • byrdisthewyrd Says:

      I just saw this post. Mary Lee is secretly bitter. Lexie doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

      • Gymbee Says:

        You can read the bitterness between the lines!
        Haha if she makes the Olympics she’ll be pissed.

      • Gymbee Says:

        One more comment, Marta must be behind this right? I don’t get the feeling Lexie could just do whatever she wanted in this regard.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Lexie knows if she stays with MLT she will not (guaranteed) make the Olympics. She sees the writing on the wall. She probably consulted with Marta, told her she was seeking a change, and possibly Marta advised her on where to go.

        I have a feeling that Marta is not a fan of MLT, and Lexie knows that. You can’t have a coach that’s blackballed and make the Olympics.

        I say good for Lexie. Right now is kind of her last chance to get serious and make the move if she wants a spot. She has a fighting chance with the right coach actually. I’d say she’d be good w/Brestyan but since Aly’s coming back not so much given that it is very likely she and Aly will be going after the same spot.

      • mim Says:

        I was just coming here to write that I hope Lexie goes to Mihai!

        I’m loving this announcement- something to shake up the gym world a little bit makes it a tad more exciting!

      • Gymbee Says:

        True, but it would be weird if she leaves elite now. It’s 2 years, if I were her I would just go for it. I’d like to see her at Brestyan’s – would give some competition to Aly to push harder!

    • Katie Says:

      Yes, I think MLT had been spending a lot more time with Emily. Plus Lexie is always injured. I wonder if she will still be looking at Rio or just start getting ready for college.

    • just watching Says:

      Rumor has it she is not on the list for July Camp. Not sure whether that means she is done with Elite or not – guess we will know if she competes at Classics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You need to pick a name and stick with it because it gets annoying to have to keep checking out the IP number and finding you already are approved to post here but you used a different name so I have to approve you again.l Thank you

      • gymmom2 Says:

        Sorry my browser autofilled an old one from who knows where and I just hit submit without noticing – will be more careful. Was not trying to be two people – although some days it does feel that way.

  9. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Here’s an update on Gabby and Marta’s thoughts about MyKayla Skinner. Do you think it’s all mind games or does Skinner really have a shot at worlds? Classics seems so far away……

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      I think it’s for real. With Ebee pulling out and Maroney currently injured, spots on the team opened up. I think she has improved some, which I think is good…but I think the real reason we are hearing about her is because of other people being injured/retiring. Marta has to suddenly justify why she is going to make the team…so she is talking about her now so it doesn’t come out of left field.

    • mim Says:

      I have a feeling Mykayla is bringing it. With Simone and Mckayla injured, it goes without saying that Skinner is the strongest vaulter and floor worker. Plus it seems she’s spent the year cleaning up her routines, even though she’s not got the most perfect form.

      I don’t think Marta is using Mykayla for headgames.. she knows that she can significantly boost team scores with her routines, in a way that someone like Brenna or Peyton maybe can’t do. Kyla won’t upgrade, Simone injured, Mac is probably not competitive given her injuries, Ebee is gone and Brenna doesn’t seem to matter to Marta so Skinner is her number one power gymnast of the moment.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      That article tells me all I need to know. Marta is pleased with Skinner right now. She has cleaned up a lot. MLT has not had an olympian since 2000 and she broke that one before the olympics. So Lexie does need to go somewhere else! where is interesting because as of now shes listed as an Unaffiliated athlete.
      You’d think Lexie would have had a plan about where shes going.

      • Catherine Says:

        I doubt she’s drifting around aimlessly. Maybe MLT spilled the beans a little early or maybe one or both parties don’t want the new gym released just yet. It’s a major decision that took time, I’d find it hard to picture her looking for a gym at this stage.

        Brestyan’s would be a good fit in many ways, but her bars are quite good and a strong score there will really boost her. So, not the gym with the worst rep for that event please..

    • gymmom2 Says:

      And really they had to mention McKenna Kelley in that article too? Although I noticed Marta kind of of threw her under the bus. Lexi was absent from Marta’s mention. Maybe Lexi took a look at the Juniors who will turn senior before Rio and decided deferring was not worth it. Changing mid season is an interesting move – wonder if she will be at July camp and Championships?

    • gymbot Says:

      I’m wondering if Priessman has a plan as well or if she’s going to leave elite. This year was/is really her chance to make it to worlds. With top crop being Skinner, Dowell, Ross and Biles for all-around (no real particular order here), they have three amanars, two strong floors, and three strong bars, 2 competitive beam routines. The last two gymnasts to make the team should be good enough to beat Ross or Dowell on Floor (Priessman leads here in my opinon), and/or contribute on beam (Baumann leads here I think – Ernst hasn’t had a good set in competition, Gowey has the skills for a high D routine but I haven’t see her do it yet either). A plus would be to have a better bar routine than Biles as well – perhaps a necessity if her shoulder situation doesn’t improve. In addition to Priessman’s floor, she may have a better amanar than Dowell and could contribute two pieces, so I feel it’s her best chance now.

      Who would take her though?

      I can understand leaving elite too though – if she wanted to go to Rio, her chances don’t look as strong. The juniors look good on floor and will probably have stronger vaults later this quad, plus they are stronger than Priessman on bars/beam.

  10. Katie Says:

    Bad news lauren Hopkins from couch gymnast said on her tumblr that jordyn is done. Saw it coming but was still holding on to that little bit of hope.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      We figured as much. I think she is enjoying UCLA

    • mim Says:

      I don’t find this at all surprising. She’s having fun in college, good for her. I think it would be a mental mindf**k for her going back to elite, particularly as there are no guarantees for making any teams given how deep the US is.

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      I am saddened to hear the news if this is true. Not surprised, but saddened. Jo’s story felt so unfinished, and she had/has so much potential. Out of all of the FF…I wanted her comeback the most. She was the one who lost the most in ’12, and for that reason I figured she would be the one pushing the hardest.

      For whatever reason, I will always be a fan of Jordyn’s. Her gymnastics wasn’t perfect, but I really liked her. Hopefully she has moved on and won’t regret the decision 20 years from now. That’s my only worry. The “what if” syndrome can be a bitch later in life.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Unfinished is a perfect word for this. Maybe she will Kim Zmeskal it a few years later

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes, but then again, Jordyn seems to have such a normal, supportive family. Not like Bross’ situation (only one that comes to mind) where so much self-esteem seemed to be directly connected to gymnastics. I think with her upbringing and family support, that helped her see there is so much more to life than gymnastics, even if she didn’t have her dream olympics.

      • H Says:

        What is the story about Bross and her family?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Only rumor I heard was dad was a stage dad. There was a story about her having a difficult practice and her dad making her run home while he drove beside her. Not sure if that is true.

      • Case Says:

        Jordyn is going to be fine. She’s loving life and her family did an excellent job teaching her that gymnastics was a part of her life, not the entire thing. The girl is a world champion and a team Olympic gold medalist….so the only thing really left that she coveted was the Olympic individual all around. She’s a smart kid who looked at it, realized the extraordinarily long odds, and also has so many other things she wants to do with her life. I wish her the best.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m bummed to hear about Jordyn but not surprised since she kind of just “stopped” and went to college. I say good for her for having a strong sense of reality, but sad for me since she was one of the redemption stories I would have loved to have seen played out.

        Guaranteed though if Jordyn had put in the effort to come back I can definitely see it ending similar to ASac’s story (although hopefully minus the injury). Close, but not quite. Marta won’t put her on a team again if she doesn’t have to.

        Still – can’t look down on a gym career that includes world champ and Olympic gold. Who cares that she didn’t make an individual Olympic medal really at the end of the day. “Olympic gold medalist” will always be on her resume.

      • Katie Says:

        I also heard she was originally coached by john geddert and he basically washed his hands of them because the dad was too much so they headed to woga.

      • H Says:

        Katie, do you mean Bross?
        And my english level lost you at :he basically washed his hands of them .. Enlighten me:-) what does it mean?

      • Katie Says:

        Yes, Bross. Meaning that most times gymnasts are the ones to leave for another coach but in this case Geddert was the one who ended the coaching relationship because he could not deal with her dad anymore.

      • Gymbee Says:

        The only thing that irks me is that Jordyn DID train hard after 2012 with Geddert. Gymnastike had that whole documentary on her and she had her skills back etc. But then that whole criminal lawsuit against Geddert happened and I felt Jordyn just sort of got the hell out of dodge and went to UCLA before she was meant to go originally? Like I feel she didn’t stop training on her own accord.

  11. JAS4 Says:

    • Catherine Says:

      Interesting dress! They seem to get married young. GTT I got a new phone, hope I don’t end up in the annoying pile for approval :p

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        As long as you use the same email and name you should be fine. WordPress doesn’t like four different ip’s in three different states.

      • mim Says:

        She’s about to turn 28… 27 is young for marriage? It seems like the a normal age to get married where I’m from (judging by my own impending nuptials and the amount of weddings/engagements that are popping up on my Facebook feed every weekend).

        She looks great and happy in that picture πŸ™‚

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It’s funny how times have changed. My sister, who’s 12 years older than I am, got married at 26 and was one of the last of her friends to do so. I got married at 26 as well – and was literally the first of my friends by YEARS to do so.

        Nowadays it seems like the norm is 30 to get married. When I was 30 (my friends turning 30) – I went to SOOOO many weddings that year.

      • Catherine Says:

        Oh, thought she was younger. In general though, gymnasts seem to fly up the aisle!

      • mim Says:

        Haha yeah it does seem like a lot of them have lately. I’m always curious who Nastia will end up marrying! Probably an old guy so she can feel a bit speshul, I suspect.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I can totally see Nastia “saving herself” for her sugar daddy. Gross. She’ll only marry rich, that’s for sure. That’s probably one of the big reasons she went to school, and in NYC of all places.

      • Katie Says:

        Or she’ll beard for money and fashion status. She’ll be an unlikeable DVF.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I see Nastia with some Russian oil oligarch, or maybe his American-educated son.

  12. Catherine Says:

    Lexie’s going to Perfection gymnastics, which is nearby and the head coach used to coach at CGA. From Lauren Hopkins’s tumblr. Interesting, since I’ve never heard of it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      He used to coach at MLT’s gym

    • Gymbee Says:

      Interesting, I wonder if MLT is even more pissed at this.

    • gymmom2 Says:

      And to make MLT even happier Lexi is now back on the list of those attending camp.

      • Katie Says:

        OMG! to be a fly on the wall in the CGA offices right now…..
        I never really knew that MLT was a nut until the last quad or so. She seemed like the “friendly one” on the floor during the 96 Olympics. Marta looked very scary then with the frosted tips. And then in 2000 with Morgan White she seemed so positive, busted ankle aside, I always blamed that on bela bc he had something to prove and pushed the 2000 team, which just didn’t have much talent, even worse than Marta’s death camps. Plus that was when all of the “has been” elites like Zmeskal, Thompson, Moceanu sort of went there at the end of their careers so I thought she must have been just very patient and understanding and supportive and made them feel comfortable. But then it turns out that she’s totally crazy!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        A lot of the Mary Lee hate is from GGMB that can’t stand she believes in God. I get she breaks her gymnasts but a lot of people praise her too and that gets ignored. I also think she tells the truth to some gymnasts and they don’t want to hear it and I know that has happened a few times (Beckerman, Whitcomb)

      • Katie Says:

        I get breaking down the truth to your gymnasts. It’s a tough thing. And I appreciate coaches who actually do it But why did a gymnast get submitted to downgrade to Level 10 behind her back all the while she was training for the national team? That is a total mindfuck. I get that sports are supposed to prepare you for the real world but that just seems very unnecessary for a young girl.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Wait, what is this story? What happened? I’m curious.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        While it is a total mind fuck have you seen this little girl? She is a mess of a gymnast and from what I was told she had higher expectations she doesn’t have the talent for.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I don’t know, but I think it’s telling that Lexie included “we’ve had our ups and downs” in her text. Considering how people always try to be positive and polite in those press releases, I’m just reading between the lines.

      • Katie Says:

        Alexis Beuchler was struggling and left CGA but went to a different coach to continue elite (Johnson sharpf, I believe) and mlt submitted a petition behind her back to USAG to move her down to level 10.

  13. gymbot Says:

    Has something happened to TCG? The website wont load. I get an error message when trying to check the site.

  14. gymmom2 Says:

    Sorry – Lexie

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