GGMB Goes Kaboom, AGAIN


Honestly the drama these people create is quite hilarious but even I have to side with the dictators view of events this time. Someone has a screw lose and IMO sounds a little guilty by hysteria.


It all started with GGMB wanting more money from the people who go to the board to pay for the server. Doc ( the original creator back when the site wasn’t a bunch of racist idiots trying to further their own agenda) took offense to people wanting to know where the money was going.

Is paying 2,400 a  year for a server a fair price one person questioned and from there Doc went postal and started calling everyone ungrateful bullies.

At this point everyone (but Doc) was behaving oddly sane. ( Abomb had not posted yet) but then it quickly turned into typical GGMB and Doc’s sister has decided she know longer wants to host the board.

So GGMB has now gone Kaboom AGAIN ( Is this the 3rd time or 4th? I’ve lost track) but don’t fret because Betty has started a new board titled,

The saddest part of this is Betty makes Abomb look like the voice of reason. It would be like letting Osama Bin Ladin take over being boss from Adolf Hitler. Same Church, different pew.

The real question I want answered is will Doc finally realize Kerri Fairy was right all along and Abomb was not to be trusted or will she still defend him even with the proof right in front of her face? Stay tuned…….


Other thoughts. Why do I or anyone care? GGMB is not what it used to be. The secret info they used to give is now shrouded in secrecy because the info they were getting comes from Scott Bregman who works for USA-Gymnastics (He is the guy in charge of all the video we get on youtube. He’s also a raving douche bag but that is another story for another time)

Its too bad the original GGMB was taken over by small minded, hypocritical bigots ( Its not okay to discriminate against gay people but bashing Jewish people, the Church and anything related to God is acceptable. Hey not my opinion, Its the GGMB’s ran by Abomb mentality)

Now we know why they wanted to keep Doc around. Her sister owned the server the board was at there for kept them alive. “Betty” is telling people the new board is not associated with GGMB. Its like ousting the guy that created the business you work for. CC Capwell would be so proud.

Its been well proven what Abomb really thinks about Doc and now they no longer have to deal with her.

I wonder if this will all blow over by morning with everyone forgetting what went on or if GGMB will cease to exist come 12 AM. Too bad I have to work and will miss all the fun.



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  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    This is too much drama for your mama for me. I never went to GGMB (was never accepted, probably saved me a lot of time at the end of the day) and I figure/hope you would give us the good “insider” scoop you get from it. All of these people sound like they need lives though.

    I would like the story on Scott Bregman though – that sounds interesting. Especially since he’s the one providing the only “insider scoop.”

    This all makes me think that one of us needs to go work for USAG and come back here to report. 🙂

  2. Lithi Says:

    Gotta love secret boards. Everybody wants to feel important and exclusive. *shrugs*

    Speaking of doucheclowns, Louis Smith (GBR) let loose on some FB page about not being chose for Euros. (posted below)


    “Lemme add a few question BG should be asking
    1. Is counting my 15.8 on pommel better than Sams 14.
    2 I’d say all 1.6 marks is beneficial.
    2. How can you leave a potential medalist sat at home twiddling his thumbs.

    We base out funding and results on getting medals so not only do I offer more marks to the team as well consistency I also offer a pommel horse medal regardless of how close me dan and max are 1 leg split from any of us opens it up to any of us making a final.

    I love my team mates and 100% support them all and will do even when I’m 80 and sat with my gran kids watching it on tele. I’m not bitter at who was picked it’s more the sugar coated excuse that’s been told that annoys me and how it was done.

    I will carry on letting my training videos and competitions prove That not only was I ready not only would I contribute to the team but that I’m consistent in my performance that dedicated talented and more motivated then ever to show why I’m one of the worlds most talented pommel horse workers the worlds ever seen. Anyway back to training for me I’m actually in middle of training.

    And in terms of everyone moving on Keatings last 2 competitions he’s both made mistakes on pommel so we know where Eddie is talking from his chocolate starfish

    Not a particularly bright move for someone who wants to make CWG. Bear in mind two of the selected Euros team, Purvis and Keatings, will be representing Scotland, so Louis would have every chance of making the English team if he carries on scoring as he is and doesn’t piss anyone off.”

    Keeping it classy, I lost it at “chocolate starfish.” I don’t have FB so if this has been deleted I don’t know; I yoinked it from WWGym.

    • Case Says:

      That rant was worth reading simply for the chocolate starfish part. Too funny.

      • Aerial Says:

        I totally missed what happened in the fundraising thread that made the website explode and demise, take #78939483. As well as the chocolate starfish??

        I realize it’s old news now but wtf happened? And did the people’s money get returned before it imploded?

    • uglyfatkid Says:

      What the hell is a chocolate starfish? Is it a man parts reference? If so, I have never heard that one before. LOL

      And not to be rude, but these poor athletes who can’t string together sentences properly make me a little sad. I will never profess to be a writing wiz or expert (I make my fair share of typos, mistakes, and grammatical errors), but the punctuation (or lack there of) in that post was bad. I had to read it a few times to even get what he was trying to say.

      • Lithi Says:

        UFK, chocolate starfish means butthole.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        LOL!!!!!! Way off. Thanks Lithi!! =]

      • Gymbee Says:

        Sadly more common than you’d think in the UK. Not a big emphasis on spelling here. My husband is Italian and a journalist, in his office he proofreads and corrects all material going out haha. All his colleagues are English. Makes me giggle that clever, bright English people need an Italian to proofread :-p

  3. gymnerd Says:

    I didn’t bother begging to get on the “new” board after the last big blowup. I so don’t miss the lemming mentality on that board. I, too, would like to know about this Scott Bregman guy though. Does USAG know he’s the guy who leaks all the info? Does he still work for them?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      He still works for them. Its a recent hire but he is not the only person who leaks info. GGMB doesn’t even share the info anymore. I can’t remember the last time they broke a story

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    I’m just baffled by these so called “exclusive” gymnastics boards. Is it that serious? I joined IG board and was banned after a week for no reason. I can’t believe people take themselves that seriously on those boards considering gymnastics is not the most watched sport.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I’ve tried to to make an account on IG twice and had it rejected within hours. Hadn’t even posted anything yet. I don’t know what you have to do to be on a special board. I guess you could technically call this exclusive also since GTT picks who she is okay with posting here.
      And Louis!.. You butt hurt much? Gosh take a loss like a man and keep training. You can’t make every team. I think think chocolate starfish might be referring to a dirty bum hole? Sorry if that’s graphic.
      Also I can’t stand when people don’t use any grammar rules in their typing. A girl on my fb never makes sense because all of her sentences are run-ons and a lot of things are spelled incorrectly. It kills me, because I went to school with her and know she had decent grades she just refuses to act the least bit intelligent!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t approve everyone who wants to post because Ie like the peace and quiet we have here. We don’t always agree but everyone is pretty respectful of others opinions except the occastional people who go after Gymmom about Shawn. The flag discussion got kind of heated but if that is the worst we get I will gladly take it. GGMB is exclusive because they like to control what everyone thinks. You can’t bad mouth Dominique Moceanu or they ban you. I think free speech is the difference between us and them. We have had several troll attempts by people that no one even knows about because I am very diligent about IP addresses. I have been thinking about opening it up more but then I get trolls and I change my mind. Lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I find that sometimes trolls make for good entertainment, haha. Like that Mary Margaret lady on Facebook prior to the Olympics.

        I didn’t think the flag discussion was that bad. I like it when everyone has opinions and isn’t afraid to say them. What fun would it be if you were limited in what you could say because otherwise you’d get banned. Guess I’m glad I’m not on IG or GGMB or anything like that. Dominique Moceanu can’t shut up about herself. That’s a fact so take it or leave it.

      • Doc Marten Says:

        Here’s the answer: YES, KerriFairy was right. Abomb was not to be trusted.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If this is really you then you have to know you overreacted to people asking questions. That being said Abomb is crazy and if you had gotten rid of him when Kerri Fairy ended the last board GGMB might still be around.

        Everyone loved the board when it started. It got away from being a great place to talk gymnastics.

        I am not going to sugarcoat my opinion Doc so be prepared if you plan on posting here.

    • Gymbee Says:

      I think I was on GGMB way back in the day (did it exist before 2004?). I stopped reading though, or I was banned for whatever reason.
      I wasn’t approved by IG which I thought was so weird, aren’t they connected to the magazine??
      Then I was on Gymworld until that blew up with the owner/creator of the board (not the manager or whatever) got mixed up in some super horrible legal case. So far, this blog is my favourite hands down. Love GTT and all you regular posters. No drama, and all adults!! 🙂

      Baffles me too, the secrecy. Way to create unnecessary drama.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The problem with IG is the magazine people don’t care about the message board and Amanda Turner is as fucked in the head as GGMB. She condones what they do over there.

    • PhoenixRising Says:

      About time Doc figured it out – told her so YEARS ago.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Oh don’t put this all on Doc. You were just as bad as Abomb. You helped GGMB turn into what it was.

        God I need a drink. There is way too much stress in my life to deal with this right

        I was around when everything went down the first time.

        I don’t think I am meant for online

      • PhoenixRising Says:

        Please explain how those that never were vicious toward the members and were kicked off for suggesting Abomb not be so maniacal were those who “helped GGMB turn into what it was.”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It is very simple you were a total bitch when I read GGMB and helped get rid of plenty of people just because you were a mod. Are you going to pretend you were the one sane nice one because I know for a fact that is bull shit.

        You were not nice and neither was Linda so please don’t play the martyr.

      • PhoenixRising Says:

        I am certain KerriFairy will confirm I didn’t delete anybody. I didn’t even have many posts. I was not a member of either of the secret boards, and was among the first eliminated when I questioned Abomb’s behavior, including the ruthless execution of members so quickly following their first fundraiser. Linda and I were in steady contact with Doc for a very long while trying to convince her that Abomb was going to take her board away from her, but she wouldn’t listen. Seems like there is some serious revisionist history going on. You’re welcome to contact me if you would like – you have my email, or if you trust KF more given the longer history, please contact him. I’d love to see the real history published so that Abomb, Betty, Em and El are held accountable for their behavior.

  5. Katie Says:

    One weird story I heard about Scott Bregman was that he was the one putting out the Katelyn Ohashi dropping to Level 10 rumors last year. Katelyn was struggling with shoulder injuries but they had just started discussing what her future plans should be but Valeri already had one foot out the door for TOPS so Anna Liukin told Scott Bregman that Katelyn wanted to go back to Level 10 and he was the one telling everyone. It had definitely been discussed but Katelyn was leaning towards coming back with Valeri coaching her so when she says that she was surprised about all the rumors she really was.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me. He started at GGMB and now works for USAG? I wonder if they have any idea he is part of the group that harassed Georgia at Nationals one year and nearly got thrown out( at least according to GGMB who bragged about it at the time. That is my biggest issue with them. They are huge hypocrites. As for Scott his need for attention back when I had twitter was creepy.

  6. 1jakefan Says:

    Thanks for the Louis story-interview. He´s gotten a bit peculiar over the years. As for GGMB I think it is gone gone. If one tries to login it says there are no forums. Oh well people will come here or to my place hopefully.
    xoxo Michaelg

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They are bitching about you on GGMB what did you do? Something about you sending everyone a PM and calling them Jewish haters.

      • Catherine Says:

        I’m glad I squashed in reading that entire thread of hilarious drama and the other tshirt one that was dragged up. Priceless entertainment. Too bad it’s gone for good so I can’t read it again :p

        That board has much too high a level of pure nastiness for my liking. IG has its issues but nothing like that. GF is the one with the scoop I find.

      • 1jakefan Says:

        Jewish Haters…that´s rich! I guess because I live in Berlin Germany. What idiots! Yep I did send a pm out to all the members saying ” I found another board that looked cool” My god they are too funny. One person says something nasty and of course the others jump in. Whatever….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not calling you a Jewish hater saying that you called them one. There was that thread they had and of course deleted where it got pretty nasty (It started as a thread of hating against Aly) Like I said of course they deleted it because they knew it made them all look bad plus there were comments after Kerri Fairy ended her board that Abomb is anti semitic and he had proof but he for some reason refused to show the proof. I totally believed him, Abomb hates everyone that isn’t like him. I still remember the PM he sent everyone by accident talking about how he doesn’t make friends in his real life easily, um yes because you are a fucking

        If you need a suspicious thought about all of this the first thing Betty did after opening the board was ask for money. It is bad enough they needed ten thou for GGMB for 4 years but if you give money to Abomb, Betty and Chalkybutt you are a complete idiot.

      • Catherine Says:

        Hahaha. Hosting isn’t free, but still. The suggestion of making a private freeee members only subreddit was a good one. The only issue is that replies won’t be linear etc. and some people hate the comment format as a result. Worth a shot especially as it doesn’t have many members so threads would still be okay.

  7. H Says:

    Does anybody know where I can find videos of podium training – european championship?

  8. H Says:

    Impressive 13.30 I think she has really improved.
    What do you think?

    If you see the whole finale, it seems like one of their beam coaches is working with “flow” 🙂

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am working on a Chinese Nationals blog post. Searching for Results now

    • Melanie Says:

      Wow, that was an awesome routine. Yes, she has DEFINITELY improved. Her legs and toes look so much better and there is better flow. I am at work, so I can’t watch the whole final yet, but I can’t wait to watch it when I get home! If the Chinese have really improved on their choreo and flow, they’ll be about perfect for me!

      • H Says:

        At least it seems like one of their beam coaches is doing so- i suspect the women in red t-shirt. Some of the gymnasts have more flow … they are not there yet, but the direction is good.

  9. 1jakefan Says:

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. Still that´s not something I would say, post or pm. Some moronic posting, I´m not friends or drinking buddies with anyone there. You have got to be kidding- already asked for money. Well obviously I wouldn´t send a dime to those nut jobs. I guess time will tell on this one. Thanks again for the fun info. 🙂

  10. ABombiNation Says:

    I just want to see how GGMB implodes in a few more years. Everyone who runs GGMB seems to be unhinged on some level and their enablers (I mean posters) are no better. DocMarten is obviously a screwed up person with tons of issues and not much intellect, but she’s nothing compared to King Crazy, Abomb. Betty has always posted as a petty, vile person and I don’t see the new GGMB changing. The numbers will drop even further and it’ll just be Abomb and his cling-ons talking about things that will inspire like 5 responses. I wonder if Heff will write a “funny” post that nobody responds to except one or two people who feel like they have to give the obligatory laugh. Of course she probably thinks she’s just way too funny and smart and everything she says goes everyone else’s head.

    I’m sure a lot of it is that that with a few exceptions that seem to have their shit together, that board is just full of losers who haven’t really made it in real life and think that the gymnastics internet world is like high school where they can be the Queen Bee that they feel they are entitled to be.

    I am as left-wing, liberal, PC as one can get, but they have killed any kind of interesting discussion. I say if you want to go ahead a religion-bash, and right-wing bash, then allow them to come over and bash you right back. At least that way your board will have internet traffic and interesting discussions again. I wonder if it stems from them not being smart enough to actually respond to the argument (as opposed to the person).

    The problem with the members of their cult is that they don’t recognize this is not how you run a board and there may be a reason why they are now all pariahs in the internet gymnastics community. No, it’s not them, it’s everyone else that is unreasonable.

    P.S. I’m glad this happened because it shows everyone who even cares about them that they are the ones that keep hurting themselves.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No one has learned any lessons. My guess is GGMB will implode when someone gets between the big 4 who now dictate what everyone can think and say.

      The gymternet in general is really filled with a bunch of whiny adults who act like teenagers. That is why there is such a huge problem.

      There really should be one big board for everyone where anything goes. No moderators and you post there as is or you don’t post there at all. That is how the real world works.

      • ABombiNation Says:

        I understand that GGMB was also started in order to give LGBTQ gymnastics fans a safe-space to be open about their sexual orientation without having to face judgment. I understand if some extreme right-wing poster kept gay-bashing or posting homophobic things. That’d be against the tenants of what GGMB stood for. However, it evolved from being a safe-space to a total dictatorship where Abomb could ridicule you and ban you without cause which ends up stifling any sort of substantive dialogue outside little inside conversations Chalky, Abomb, Betty, Heff, and the 1-3 other people I forgot to mention had. What I really disliked that many of the people severely bashed and banned by Abomb and company were loyal, paying posters and whoever was in favor (both posters and gymnasts) really depended on whoever Abomb’s little voices told him to like that hour. It was tiresome to keep track of which gymnasts were ok to comment on and which gymnasts ended up on the shit list. It was also predictable that once a gymnast started becoming popular that she would be next on Abomb’s hit list.

        It was mentioned earlier, but there’s a reason why GGMB hates gymnastics blogs and anything else they perceive to be competition for their little exclusives that they’d get by betraying gymnasts, their family’s, and their coaches confidences. I guess if a forum was built on such shadiness, this path in life is what ends up happening.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        All good points.

        Abomb bans anyone he disagree’s with for any reason. I am not surprised he has no friends in real life.

  11. GymMom Says:

    A Polk County Iowa judge will hear arguments on Wednesday over whether a former instructor at Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute will be allowed, at least temporarily, to work for an Ankeny competitor

    Attorneys for the West Des Moines training facility, where Olympic gold medalists Gabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson trained under world-famous coach Liang Chow, filed a lawsuit against the former instructor, Kyetta Currier, and Triad Gymnastics last month. The lawsuit alleges the Ankeny facility improperly hired Currier after she left Chow’s in January because she signed a non-compete agreement.
    Polk County District Court Judge Mary Pat Gunderson granted a temporary injunction against Currier and Triad after the lawsuit was filed. Attorneys for Chow’s asked the judge to bar Currier from teaching gymnastics, tumbling or dance, citing the non-compete agreement.
    Attorneys on Wednesday will argue whether the temporary injunction should remain in place while litigation proceeds.
    In the lawsuit, attorneys for Chow’s argue that while teaching at the facility Currier learned instruction techniques and a training regimen that Chow spent 26 years developing. Before filing the lawsuit, Chow’s sent letters to both Currier and Triad to alert them to the non-compete agreement, the lawsuit said.
    Currier began working at Triad shortly after she left Chow’s, according to the lawsuit.

    • allie Says:

      Non-competes are just stupid. They are NEVER in the employee’s best interest– don’t sign one! The only way I would ever consider it is if I received my full salary + benefits + a bonus (for losing ground in the industry) for the duration of the non-compete time. Again- just say no!!!!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Not really, not in this job market. Employers mandate the signature of a non-compete as part of their hiring process (at least, in my industry) and yes, it is to protect themselves. I don’t/can’t blame them. If I were to leave and start my own practice, is it fair that I bring my clients with me that I met/assisted/did business for under the former company’s dime? I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet those clients (more than likely) had I not benefited from working for said previous employer.

        I know someone right now that signed a non-compete and they were the star salesperson of their whole company. She since left the former company (on her own accord) and started accumulating her former clients, knowing there would likely be an issue down the road. Part of her agreement with her new employer was that if the former employer went after her, the new employer would assist with any legal ramifications. Sure enough, former employer is suing her (and she’s suing back; it’s kind of a mess) but I can’t really blame the former employer for trying to protect their business.

        I think the real lesson is you have to be cognizant of what you sign, and really think about any ramifications with leaving. If you have to start anew and get new clients, so be it – but that’s why non-competes exist.

        My boss mandated for me to sign a non-compete before I took this job. If I wanted the job, I had to sign it. There was no negotiating out of that one.

  12. tulip Says:

    Thank you for the CC Capwell reference! I had to look twice. Thought I was the only one who remembered good old Santa Barbara!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I was a die hard kid running home to watch Cruz and Eden every I am so glad someone caught the reference 🙂

  13. tulip Says:

    Not in the loop on the whole gym boards thing. It’s kind of funny and sad that those boards are out of control. Are there others that are sane that I can read without having to be approved? I just like to keep up with what’s going on in the sport and be privy to a little gossip. lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Sadly the answer is no. GGMB, IG and which is ex GGMB are all we have. Or the College board which allows GGMB to troll and refuses to do anything about them.

      Gymgossip was started because Linda and Robin who used to be part of GGMB and were very much just like Abomb (especially Robin) were sick of the way Abomb acted so they left. They used to be mods and both of them pulled the same BS Abomb did banning people who refused to agree with them.

      Linda used to be a secretary at the gym Jeanette Antolin used to train at so she thought she was better then everyone.

      I have not thought about this in Aren’t you guys glad I have a memory for useless shit.

      I offered to start a message board and asked people about it but everyone wanted to stay as a blog.

      • Jenn Smith Says:

        GTT, you are killing me (in a good way) with your Linda comment. I thought she only treated me like that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Some of these people claiming Abomb did them in are full of it. You can’t be done in by an insane dictator unless you were part of his loyal following in the first place.

      • tulip Says:

        Thanks for your candor. I’ve always felt welcome here by you and everyone else so I’ll just echo the sentiments above and know that you’ll pass the scoop our way.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m just glad I found this blog and was accepted. I’m a nobody on the gym circuit but I will admit I at least have my shit together. I’m not a judgmental person in general but if someone’s going to start stupid sh*t on a board I have to wonder what their real lives are like.Probably not much.

      I like to be privy to gossip too – I find inside scoops interesting – but if it means I have to kiss anyone’s butt or pretend to be someone I’m not forget it.

      I like this thing we have in the US called free speech.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The reason GGMB was started by Doc was because she wanted a place for everyone to be able to have an opinion but she let Abomb take control.

        I don’t know where Abomb came from anyway. I am assuming he used a different name on Lisa’s board ( that was the first place to talk on the Gymternet) Then is was Scott (Skitch)’s board and he started acting like a dictator. Its like imbreeding. The gymternet all started at Lisa’s board and the crazies took over and turned into and then GGMB and so on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would honestly allow more to post but I just don’t have the time or patience to moderate any trolls and that is what will happen if everyone is let in.

        I supposed if I were more like GGMB and wanted to be friends with gymnasts and have this place be the face of the internet I would do that but that isn’t what I want.

        I just want a nice place to talk about the sport where people are allowed an opinion. Like someone said earlier. Act like an adult and there should be no problems.

      • gymnerd Says:

        I like what you both had to say here, Sanity and GTT. 🙂 It’s just nice to come here to a drama-free place and talk about, you know, GYMNASTICS.

  14. gymnerd Says:

    GTT – I like this place the way it is. Don’t feel like you have to change it up!

    • gymtruthteller Says:


      • mim Says:

        still like your blog the way it is too GTT. pretty much everyone is respectful and adult when voicing their opinions. not to mention I always learn a thing or two about the sport from super knowledgable posters!

        im still a gymnastics noob about skills and points so I won’t even pretend I have big views, 6 weeks out from my wedding and in a new job so I have been only really lurking of late but still loving reading the blog! x

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Have a great Wedding. Even better have a great honeymoon 🙂

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m only curious what the trolls say. I have a horrid curiosity level though.

      I like the site the way it is too but if a troll slips here or there I won’t hold it against you, lol.

    • Akshay Says:

      Completely agree with gymnerd. Love this place.

  15. Aerial Says:

    I’ve always been a member of GGMB including the last board that I just tried to log into and got the “shut-down” message. I posted for years but when I didn’t have anymore insider information, and wasn’t gay, and wasn’t using words I loathe or bashing certain things, I found I was being made fun of out of nowhere and no longer respected. However I still hung in there and just picked and chose what I read. It is a great source for training and video info, and ways of getting info you otherwise need to pay for or wade through more juvenile boards for.
    (This blog not included!! I love this blog, despite a major posting hiatus while on maternity leave!)
    I hadn’t read GGMB in a few days but I did see the start of the money thread. More fodder for your brain is that the “my sister Melody” bit was thought by many to be fake – that Doc would “bounce things off my sister” but some don’t even think she has a sister, and that it was a cover for the board not being attributed to Doc or anyone “known” at the end of the day. I do know the admins couldn’t stand her, and found all her posts annoying, wannabe-ish but felt they couldn’t cut the cord.
    Few people have survived the dramatics over the years, and I’m surprised Chalky (as a heterosexual woman) is still one of them in good favour.
    Also, while I checked in a couple times a week, I always remembered that the main board probably wasn’t authentic anyway. Anyone remember the time before last when Abomb’s messages about a former fellow admin were pasted for everyone to read how awful he was? (I can’t remember the name of the dude.) And then it came out that there were secret boards where the real gossip and “private info” was being discussed and a fraction of the board’s members had been invited. At first a few people freaked out and felt cheated or defended the guy, but quickly they were banned and everyone realized they had to side with Admins or lose access to GGMB. A big notice was typed up saying basically members, be aware that we may have secret boards within the site and deal with it. Since the site said “GGMB Board 1” I just assumed there were others I wasn’t a personal invitee to. In the past there have been massive gym world happenings not discussed and the time before it turned out they were not on the main page for all to see. It was pretty clear it was the known athletes, coaches, gym parents, current and former NCAAers and anyone close to admins because they could get them something that were on the in. So I didn’t invest much thought or effort when I realized they openly were claiming this.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I forgot about the secret board.

      So you were part of the GGMB online in crowd, offline loser (Not calling you a loser. I am totally just kidding)

      Maybe that is why they feel the need to bully so much. They were bullied.

      They automatically accept you if you are gay. That is true. I am surprised they like Spanny. She is someone in the past they usually would have hated. They used to hate on gymcastic until it was known she was part of it.

      Its all very odd. How they pick and choose.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Seriously is anyone signing up for that? This sounds like a nightmare version of middle school. All of it.

      • Michelle Tanner Says:

        To Gymtruthteller: actually – I’ve seen them turn against gay people just as they turned against Republicans or certain “breeders”. I don’t know at what point Aunt Joyce/Dave Lease became persona non grata to them – or why – but it was clear that Lease was on Abomb’s long Sh*t List.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I always got the impression that Abomb hates David Lease because he has turned his biased ranting into a some what successful following and he didn’t do it by banning anyone that disagreed with him. Say what you will about Lease but the skating community respects him a hell of a lot more than the gym community respects Abomb

        I lost all respect for Dave when he let Nastia manipulate him into deleting his entire blog. All the fun times he called her out worse then I did and all of a sudden he deletes the entire blog, then loves Nastia and next we here they went to dinner and became friendly. That fucking Nastia is one smart little cookie.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is always the one girl in the middle of a group of gay guys. They have a name for it but its offensive so I won’t say it. So what insider info did you used to have Ariel:)

    • Gymbee Says:

      Hahaha that reminds me of the old Gymworld too. The moderators/some special invitees had a secret board where they’d discuss and make fun of other members. No one knew about it until the board collapsed, and because of some glitch everyone could read the secret board for a few hours by mistake. What a vile cesspit that was. Made me realise what a sad bunch of people most of the admins and moderators were, especially when they would be all nice to people in other threads, but let it all out in the secret board hahaha. What high school drama! Sad thing was most of them were adults.

      • Aerial Says:

        They would be great friends with Jonny Weir in person for sure!! Then imagine the nasty cat-fights and ferocious drama the next day. Sheesh.
        Anyone I used to know or know about is like me now… married, having kids, no longer part of the gymnastics world. (I personally was never a gymnast). So I can offer you nothing, lol!
        I don’t and never have supported cruelty or people suddenly jumping ship and tormenting someone. That’s prob what got me and a bunch of the nicest (if I can compliment myself!! sorry) original members on the ‘outs’. The original boards were about being tight with one another and raising up the athletes, and if you didn’t like something respectfully saying why. Over time it turned into people not thinking for themselves and topics pages long of people regurgitating what the Admins say/support or what they guess they would want.
        I don’t think most people still participate or engage in the behavior, I think most who were still accepted as members just read the board for info separate from the admin behaviour. I had and have no desire for the people and topics that are awful. But I joined at the beginning when you could practically count the members and I was a new college student – pretty much half my life ago. So logging into the board for its quality of info and knowing a lot of the athletes and coaches are there has been such a long standing habit, it’s just an automatic part of my online behavior… since sadly back then the internet was just becoming a thing!
        In the past couple years I would just read certain topics and not associate with the crap. It’s just crazy to me that some people could be warriors for certain human rights and people but at the same time take such great joy in exhibiting zero tolerance for others.
        Anyway this blog is a great medium for me… good info, blog owner happy to work with its members, people treated decently with a little bit of spice sprinkled in there occasionally. A novelty!!

        PS. Who do you accept? ie. who is rading this? haha

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Everyone can read but I stopped letting people add comments awhile ago. Too many trolls wanting to start trouble. Its baseball season I don’t have time to moderate a bunch of adult trolls.

        I started this blog because there wasn’t a place to talk about Nastia Liukin’s bad form.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Haha, this blog actually made me realize Nastia had bad form. At the time I found it, I just bought what NBC told me pretty much, but felt that she had a really mean bitchface in general. But then I really looked again (at her performances), and totally get it. Yeah she’s got long legs but her giants are/were horrendous! She was a good/decent beamer but her bars had tons of issues (not spotted by over generous judges), her floor was shit (as we all know), and her vaults were meh.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have educated. I feel better now:) She has nice lines because she was long and skinny. Her form has always been shit.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        I have also been educated about Nastia too…so you can put that notch in your belt too GTT. 🙂

        But after reading this whole thread, I need to thank you for providing a place where I can come and express my thoughts and opinions about gymnastics openly and without the fear of repercussions. The other boards seem so crazy, and I feel so thankful for you right now. I have never posted anywhere else, and I feel lucky I stumbled here first. While we have openly disagreed about stuff, I have never felt belittled or jaded by comments by you or anyone else….and I really appreciate that. I also love that I don’t feel like I have to side with you (or others) on things to “fit in”…OR kiss anyone’s ass to “stay safe” on the site.

        I echo the comments farther up…I love this place the way it is! And once again, thanks for this place GTT! Don’t change a damn thing!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That happened in the skating world too. Pain in the ice was a board that bashed everyone. It was private and one day someone leaked all this info. The Kwan forum wasn’t very happy because they were the ones being bashed the most.

        I just realized how much less time I spend online compared to 10 years

      • Kyz Says:

        OMG yes I remember that to Wange, there was that thread bitching about my pregnancy… WTF by the way haha not sure what it had to do with ANYONE…

  16. KerriFairy Says:

    Greetings and Salutations, GTT! It is I, KerriFairy.

    I only just now heard about the latest and greatest, and can only tell you how much I am not surprised.

    Doc and I have been trying to reach each other today. I would like you all to know that even though I have taken a big giant break from the gymnternet, I have not stopped thinking about my friend, Doc, and so many of my old gymn buds. Even though I was not there when ABomb plotted, schemed, and executed Doc, I know in my heart she is the victim in this. ABomb has never varied his plan for ridding himself of any mod who dares to stand up to his petty tyranny. I’m sure plenty GGMBers got a PM before it all went down decrying Doc for whatever it is they decided in advance to cook up about her. Not to worry, Doc. Can someone cue up, “Instant Kharma”?

    Everyone has always been able to find a load of problems with GGMB. While we’re truth-telling, the truth is there have only ever been two problems. First, when Gymnasty, Olive Oil, Diogenes (now Phoenix Rising), Red Robin, Perky Canuck, yours truly, and now our founder Doc, left GGMB, it was NOT because the whole lot of us are unhinged or unreasonable as you all have been told (and some apparently are dunce enough to believe), it is because we each came to realize (and all of us too late) that ABomb had selfishly played us all along, is a horrible bully, and exhibits sociopathic (as in screw everyone else but me) behavior on an hourly basis. The remaining mods will all learn the same lesson at one point or another. As one of her old, good friends told me, Betty will “do anything” to be a mod on GGMB, and that warning has ultimately proven itself true. Heff expects that her posts so enlightened on racial matters excuse her religious bigotry. And if TheWho has now been made mod, the whole thing truly is spiraling down the crapper.

    Second, and I have reported this repeatedly, but among that group of bully moderators still remains a child predator. It IS so liek Don Peters’ gym at the end over there, i.e. gross and sickening. And now that Doc will be realizing she was lied to about this little horrific factoid all along, you all just stay tuned, because plans are in the works. The gymnternet and you all AS FANS deserve so much better.

    I have so much more to say, but want to speak with my friend, Doc, first. Please try not to be harsh on her. We were all misled by a master of deceit for a very long time. I know I’m sorry for whatever my part has been. And GTT, ABomb is pretty sure he knows who you are. I don’t think his paranoia has led him to the right conclusion, but I want you to remain as vigilant as Superman in keeping your true identity the secret it ought to be.

    I LOVE YOU ALL… still!


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      He might think he knows who I am but he doesn’t. I might have been part of the internet since Lisa’s board but I rarely if ever contributed to the discussion enough to be remembered but let him guess it just makes it all more fun:)

      E-Mail me at if you like.

      I don’t know if you are the real Kerri Fairy or not and I have no way to prove it since they know pretty much everything else about you where they can pretend to be you but hey, if they feel need to pretend to be someone else that says more about them than me.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      It’s a board about gymnastics. WHY so much drama? I can’t wrap my head around it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Abomb creates the drama. He thrives on it. He is one of those people with no friends in real life that lives through the drama they create on the internet.

        We are all adults. We should be able to get along and I realize I am not the best example of those words but if other people didn’t behave so badly I wouldn’t feel the need to point out the size of their hypocrisy.

        I have gotten several e-mails over the years from people on facebook and twitter who have been accused of being me. One person had a daughter who was a gymnast but she didn’t follow the gymternet at all but she is from Boston and sounded like me in her rants so she got some complaints on facebook. She had to look me up because she had no clue what these people were talking about. She also had to make her facebook private over this. How fucked up is that?

  17. KerriFairy Says:

    Hi again GTT!

    Of course it is me. Who else would fess up to being KerriFairy?

    As I have read a whole lot of truthin on this page, and I know you’re into that sort of thing, GTT, please let me make two corrections. Doc does have a sister, definitely. Anybody who was at the very start of GGMB knows that. Her sis and I have been in communication on and off since the last board explosion (May 2012). In the latest regime, sis was the only one who was never really under ABomb’s tyranny. She could give two craps about him.

    Also, I know many of you have transferred some of your antipathy toward ABomb to Doc, me, PhoenixRising, anybody who ever “worked with” ABomb. We ALL did stand up to ABomb repeatedly, and he is ultimately why each of us left. It was for no other reason. Realize that the #1 thing ABomb is afraid of is that the word will get out about the child predator still on the staff. The #2 thing he would hate is if the site ran out of money. If Doc went off on people for being ingrates, you guys, it is b/c that is what ABomb for YEARS had been pumping into her head. It is the cover story he demands be published. Okay? Olive Oil once hit the nail on the head when she said of ABomb’s GGMB, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” That is the way it works. NO SITE will let somebody like ABomb run the place, so the *only* option available to him is to take your money so that he can fund his own site. Once that ends, ABomb ends.

    A lot more of what has been said on this page is pretty dead on. I want to elaborate, but would like to get the skinny from Doc first so I know what I’m talking about a little more fully.

    I remember a time when the gymnternet was still pretty cool, when quite a few of us got along and enjoyed our love and admiration of gymnastics, and we all pretty much marginalized ABomb’s tirades. There are still a WHOLE LOT of great people out there willing to share their love, dish, technical know-how, and war stories about our sport. Say what you will about Doc, but really, she has kept a lot of GREAT fans, coaches, and gymnasts together through the years. My hope is that GGMB does not die, but it comes back in its old true form… a fun and funny haven for fans to chill online. Once the cancer that is ABomb is cut out, GGMB would be free to heal and grow stronger than ever.

    Stay tuned, you guys. Doc, check Mel’s e-mail, and call me!!!


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t want to turn this blog into a battle with crazy. I am trying to keep the drama out.

      Abomb is here to stay because the gymnastics community doesn’t know the truth about him. Until USA-Gymnastics knows they hired a guy that is friends with him to run their media or that another member is a judge or that according to you he lets a well known pervert frequent his board he is going to be here to stay. Like how cockroaches survive Armageddon.

  18. KerriFairy Says:

    Ohhhh, Honey. That’s bitter. Come sit next to me. =)

    I’ve been done battling crazy for a while now, and life without the gymnternet has been more than okay for me. I really do feel, though, that Doc’s recent epiphany is a tremendous opportunity to restore many good things to the gymnternet. Please let us explore the options and mull over ideas for the future. There are hundreds of us out there alienated by ABomb through the years who could benefit and enhance our enjoyment of gymnastics from connecting again.

    You’ve had a killer conversation going on about GGMB for a few years now, and it’s one of the only sites in history with THE truth about it. Would hate to see that ever change.


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Feel free to discuss the situation and I am more than willing to advertise any board you start I just do not want to turn this blog into a battle ground for humanity and yes I realize I wrote the blog hence turning the tables but like said below. I dislike the hypocrisy of GGMB.

      I liken GGMB to getting rid of Hilter. Everyone leading up to his final demise takes some blame in him getting into power but in the end he is the crazy ass dictator that has done what he has done. He deserves most of the blame.

    • PhoenixRising Says:

      KF!!! Long time no hear and glad you’re helping to keep folks from rewriting history. Drop me a line at or call my cell (same as before).

  19. KerriFairy Says:

    I’d like to express my heartfelt felicitations, GTT, to you. It is a new day for everyone, and you’re pretty rad in my book. I have to admit to being a fan of yours for the last couple of years, because you were the only one who reported the truth about GGMB to those who care to listen. And for that, I would like to give you an exclusive insight into several of the issues you have raised, until I get tired typing and need to grab a cocktail at my local pub.

    First, anybody who has ever been a part of GGMB, or who has ever gotten one of those sweet PMs from Doc, those who’ve dined and watched championships with Doc, and all of us who have smoked a cigarette with Doc while discussing the finer intricacies of Romanian gymnastics history and politics… our friend is going through a lot right now. I want to tell you all how much I appreciate that PhoenixRising was one of the first to offer me support when ABomb declared war on me. Yes, she, Doc, *I*, and anyone ever connected with the ABomb regime have failed the entire gymnastics community by supporting a sociopath. But, hey, we all finally did see the light, and fight the bully. Nobody (but me and a few others) ever had faith that Doc would finally figure it out, and yet ABomb’s betrayal of her has come to pass. So, I urge you all to continue to have faith that the wrongs ABomb has perpetrated for years may finally be righted. So many foul secrets beset whatever is left of the ABomb regime. The key is in cutting off the funding. I was only a mod and admin of that place from 2003 to 2012, and guess what, I know what I’m talking about, and know what ABomb fears the most.

    I am asking anybody who ever loved GGMB to write Doc and give her some support. She is not shy about her public e-mail address, and it is: Doc has always been GGMB, and what a horror story it is that ABomb has tried to take that away from her. Shame on whoever helped him. The new ABomb board is not GGMB, and it never will be. It is a farce. Anybody who sends their money to support supports a child predator, whether you like it or not, and whether you want to believe it or not. RankerMatt knows (most of) that wretched story. You ask him, and ask him why he’s still there. Doc and I were always his friends. If anyone can talk some sense into Betty, it is Matt. Please reach out to them, as well.

    On the money stuff, I wound up publishing the final statements directly from our webhost for the last fundraiser which I ran. Every cent we raised went to pay for the board hosting fees, and for our chatroom. I always felt that transparency was important, but ABomb overruled me. When the war came, ABomb lied and posted when he declared war on me that we had many more months of webhosting than we actually had. ABomb directly received the statements, and he knew this. I left his lie about the extra months up on before we closed. There are a number of witnesses to all of this, including our webhost, so I’m mystified how anyone could “donate” a penny to the new site. I will be working on sending letters to the IRS with the full names of every mod on the new site to ensure that complete tax returns and schedules for each year have been filed, and all company formalities are observed. After he published an intentional deceit about publicly donated funds, ABomb and all the mod leftovers should be audited. Who knows where the money is going now? Really. It’s screwed up. There is no reason to hold a fundraiser when message boards are FREE. It was only after ABomb was ousted from our free site that he decided to charge people. The only reason any GGMBer ever needed to pay a cent was so we could keep ABomb in a position to harm people.

    Somebody asked about the secret boards. Once upon a time, I was brave enough to realize that all the PMs I was getting about how effed up ABomb was making things had to mean SOMETHING. Without his permission, I selected a number of GGMBers and started a convention to recommend changes to the board that everyone could enjoy. ABomb hated it, but he couldn’t undo it once it started. We started a bunch of fun things as a result, including DEADGINA. Afterward, the mods decided NOT to have a secret message board, like the convention, but many months later, ABomb started whining about “feeling sick” not having a secret board, and we all relented… knowing he would KILL US ALL if we disagreed. And so G2 was born. That stood for GGMB 2. The main board was GGMB 1.

    At one point, after ABomb canned aevera for being a “spy”, I thought all the “spies” were gone. But Bomb was convinced that Phoenix Rising was signing onto G2 with Doc’s account, so we closed it up. Doc and Matt already had been severely marginalized and abused by ABomb for not agreeing to his every whim, so I decided to leave the membership of G6 (the new secret board) up to ABomb, Betty, and me. The membership of G2 was about 55 at its height. The membership of G6 was about 16 or 17. I only insisted that TheWho not be included on the new board. I approved everyone else. If you were on G2 and got cut, chances are it was Betty who cut you (she will “do anything” after all), and Bomb gave about five names he officially couldn’t stand. The reason we didn’t want a secret board to begin with is that’s where the gossip would wind up, and that sort of defeats the purpose of having a gossip message board. But, really, you guys, most of the time the secret board was like, “BARTA banned ketchup at DETHKAMPF”, or ABomb would be all, “I just got off the horn with Kristi K. and camp dish coming”, but the dish never came. It’s all just a joke, and some of the bunch have been strung along for more than a decade now. And when threads weren’t like that, there were to make fun of EVERYONE ELSE, and I mean everyone. If you were not on G6, you may as well never have been on GGMB.

    But it never used to be like that. We used to all get together, go have din din and cocktail parties, watch gymn until we dropped, and mingle with the stars. So many of the bestest post-ers have left years ago, and so much is left to offer. My fingers grow tired, but GTT, I will continue to answer questions and truth it up just like you like, in days to come… including about Scott and Co. if it needs to come to that. I’ll find Doc here in the next day or two. Until then, know there is hope out there. I think and hope good things are soon to return to our gymnternet. And thanks for helping to make that happen, GTT.

    Love Always,

  20. KerriFairy Says:


    Dearest Darlings,

    I had the chance to speak with Doc by phone earlier today. She is doing okay. Rest assured that ABomb and conspirators plotted Doc’s departure from her own board well in advance, it was scripted, and executed with precision timing. You all know Doc, and know she’s not shy about speaking her mind, so I will leave it to her to explain the gory details. But I know the recent betrayal of so many of her friends on GGMB staff has really hurt Doc, so please give her a little breathing room and time to heal and spend with her trusted and loving family.

    The first thing Doc has authorized me to report is that while she has decided to close GGMB, that decision is not necessarily “final”. I do not think she has decided one way or another, but we did get a chance to discuss a brighter future for the GGMB concept, and in my heart, I do not think GGMB is dead or will ever die. Doc once promised that GGMB would live as long as she did, and I am holding her to it.

    Second, Doc thinks that it is a GREAT IDEA if everyone who still loves GGMB but never cared so much for ABomb and the mod leftovers, could gather at one message board to discuss the future.



    The #1 rule at Gymnastics Oasis has always been no ABomb, so you do have to sign up to post and read. That way we can make sure he’s not there EVER. My buddy, Woodstock, a GGMB refugee runs the place and it is nothing but ex-GGMBers, so please pay us a visit. Please help support Doc and enjoy some nastics at the same time!

    Now I still keep my e-mail addys on a notepad. I know, “page me, girl!” So I gave you Doc’s old addy last nite. If you are friends with Doc, and support and love the idea of an ABomb-free GGMB, write her and let her know at her current e-mail

    You guys, I am SO EXCITED to discuss with Doc for the first time in YEARS some proposals on how to do GGMB the way it always should have been done. We got a lot of ideas rolling. Doc has a serious skill for this artform we call messageboarding, and we came to GGMB for her, for the haven from homophobia she created for all gay and gay-friendly fans. And what a tremendous idea! Can you guys imagine a GGMB restored to olden days and yore?

    instant vids, pics, results galore at your fingertips
    the insider scoop
    a great place to talk
    ABomb banned for life
    drama begone
    staff will listen to concerns, like the convention, only better
    ggmb started with a free of charge philosophy, including shareware
    freedom to speak your mind FREE OF CHARGE
    all will be forgiven, the slate is wiped clean
    BANS and discipline a final and never a first resort
    as friendly for fans and newbies as experts, that was old GGMB
    The 2013 GGMB Awards: Most Beloved Post-er: DOC MARTEN, plz don’t ever forget it
    mixture of old wise mods with new blood on staff
    insiders, celebrities, gymnasts and coaches posts and interviews
    cult leader stuff, groupthink ENDED
    USAG ABOVE TOP SECRET = no problems
    nobody will be told what they must think, about gymnastics or really anything
    on-scene reporting and video at local and international competitions
    unsurpassed technical know-how and expert routine breakdowns
    detailed competition preview and analysis
    party liek it’s 2099
    founded by gays as gay and gay-friendly forever
    reviews of meets from the Golden Age and bygone eras
    RUS ROM UKR CHN JAP updates from those in the know
    where else could one ever learn about AMY CHOW and dangletoe than the official GGMB?
    TYRANNY ended. “Let them eat our dust!” Love, Lobaz
    no secret boards EVER, the gossip stays on the main board like Doc always wanted
    big sense of humor, always fun and funny, often opinionated , never ever replicated

    You know, Doc founded Gymnastics Gossip Message Board on November 17, all the way back in 2000! I was on Gymworld way back then, but rushed as soon as I heard to jump on board where gays like me were not only understood but welcome. GGMB, like all good Scorpios, has been passionate through the years, exacting, extremely loving, sometimes combative, and always reflective. We CANNOT let the scourge of the gymnternet win this one. PLEASE HELP GET THE WORD OUT! PM, e-mail, post about Gymnastics Oasis. AND PLEASE DO IT NOW!

    We are getting together and moving on from ABomb. Doc was the one with the great idea. That idea, the site, and a big part of her audience, were all plundered by ABomb just days ago. And you guys, GGMB was and always will be so very precious to Doc… liek since the year 2000! What ABomb, Heff, Matt, Chalky, and Betty have done to her is unconscionable, cruel, and heartless. I support Doc. Please join me.

    That’s just a little brainstorm from tonight. Help us discuss it! The possibilities are endless, and hope has returned to the gymnternet. If you were wrongly banned from GGMB, if you always loved GGMB but never much cared for ABomb and gross antics, if you want to support Doc and the stupendous idea that was and is GGMB, please visit us at Gymnastics Oasis.

    GTT, I couldn’t get away with all that and not give you a little more for your most excellent blog and truth-telling. Should the rainbows and unicorns start spanning the skies of the Happy Land of GGMB once more, please know you have played an instrumental role, simply by giving a voice to the oppressed. Thank. You! Without further ado, here is your dish…

    The Jewish thing… yuck, and how horrible. It never started until ABomb started making demands that these types of anti-Semitic jokes are “funny”. They were mostly an “inside joke” about PhoenixRising, being Jewish, and didn’t start until she was banned. Funny thing is that Scott you mention is Jewish, as are all his buddies. And when they were holding up the “Jana DIAF” signs at 2008 Trials at a distance, ABomb made joke after joke about how their last names were Jewsteinhebowitz and shiz, and got a real kick out of it. The anti-Semitism, as with everything else ever wrong with GGMB, has its sole source in ABomb. I am a multiculturalist and attended an international university and always knew it was appalling, even when ABomb made us pretend laff, and am very much glad to have it out of my life now.

    I will confirm that PhoenixRising had no bans. This was to her detriment, because mods are encouraged to ban so that ABomb “doesn’t look so bad”. I canned a number of users on ABomb’s direct orders that way. PhoenixRising’s name was on the ban log on many bans because she helped transfer the ban IPs from our free Excoboard to I will also say in her defense that when you pal around with ABomb, however briefly, something bad has to rub off. I think at times, some of the GGMB brainwashing stayed with former mods onto splinter boards. I don’t say this to be hypercritical, because I also support PhoenixRising. We are in a small club of the ultra-betrayed, and the things ABomb made up about her were THE worst he maybe has ever done, and that says an awful lot. I retired from moderation shortly after my war and board explosion, because I wanted some time to heal and I didn’t want the bad moderating habits ABomb demanded to get in the way of my love-fest for you all. I have apologized to Linda and Robin, because they deserved my apology. I really hope we can all JUST move on from the hurt ABomb has caused.

    You guys, Dominique Moceanu is like one of the raddest people you could ever meet. So what that she doesn’t write like she’s writing her doctoral dissertation? I don’t care if anybody wants to say whatever they want about her or her gymnastics, but it really would be cool if you could come to some future GGMB meet get together, and see her and Mike. In person, she gives all gymnasts a good name, and best yet, she is *very* honest about the sport. I smoke the same cigarettes as her dad, Dmitri. How would you like to think about that when you strike up? =)

    I will support contacting USAG. It’s hard to put a website on the USAG banned list, but does harbor a child predator on its staff. It’s time that ended NOW. I will support anyone’s petition to USAG to warn gyms about, to ban ABomb from gymnastics events like donald sterling from the nba, and to protect children, by identifying and authenticating the child predator evidence and information I possess. GTT, regrettably, if I dished too much about Scott and Co., judges and people would lose jobs and suffer, and I’m not into that. And Scott and Co. are not the only USAG insiders. But because kids need to be protected, if any of them stay on with ABomb by let’s say one week, I will report ALL INSIDERS I KNOW, so that they can be rooted out of USAG. Really, the last thing the federation needs is a huge embarrassment by another predator.

    Yes, Lex r.i.p. hit the nail on the head when he said ABomb was old and pathetic and had no friends. You, too, are right in that regard, GTT. ABomb often cries at the end of big meets, because his role as admin of GGMB brings supplicants and sycophants to pretend for a few days they actually like him. Then he has to go back to real life where nobody likes him, all the while suffering from GOUT of all things, and wondering why the rest of the world doesn’t share his love and high opinion of himself. Poor Betty has to sleep in the same bed at meets.

    On the IG Forum, I know Amanda Turner just loves RankerMatt. They are in touch often, and Matt has convinced Amanda that some of the ABomb regime terror tactics are perfectly suited for IG’s readership.

    The tide has turned, you guys. For ABomb are the leftovers: Heff, Matt, Betty, and Chalky as the late edition. Seeing the light, and against the ABomb regime are: Gymnasty, Olive Oil, RedBirdie, Diogenes (PhoenixRising), Perky Canuck, yours truly, and now our founder, Doc. Help to right the wrong perpetrated by ABomb and all those who would wrest Doc’s precious dream away from her. Join us at Gymnastics Oasis. You are most welcome no matter what your past with GGMB has been.

    More to come in the days to come. I LOVE YOU ALL!


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I kind of feel like Bush senior ( my history is rusty I think it was the senior) in this edition of a possible new GGMB. Like when the US helped put Bin Ladin in office. I wish you the best of luck but I think I will stay out of this from here on in and present my very own ex blog,

      Good Luck

      Red Birdie might not have banned anyone but she sure was part of the problem when the board existed.

      I am not sure if you will have my help from my followers. They pretty much avoid GGMB at all costs as is. They are smarty pants. No seriously listen to them discuss real world issues. The blogs followers are all very well educated.

  21. Michelle Tanner Says:

    *Goes to – sees the Screen-of-Death – guffaws and comes here

    *Locates GymTruthTeller headline about the latest GGMB implosion – chuckles some more

    *Reads blog entry – has a belly-laugh

    *Grabs popcorn, chocolate, and a drink – reads long thread – experiences a cornucopia of emotions

    It’s about time that Abombination* was deposed like the pathetic, miserable SOB he is. I suspected long ago that he is pathological – just like his (former?) running-buddy, Gymnasty. (I think KerriFairy is giving Gymnasty far more credit than she/he/it deserves by putting that person in the same category of “Aggrieved Abomb Survivors” as more normal, compassionate human beings like Olive Oil, Red Robin, Doc Marten, himself, etc.) Gymnasty and Abomb – and the tremendous power and popularity they enjoyed on GGMB – is something of a case-study on the deception of sociopathy and the blind frenzy of cult-of-personality.

    Pardon me while I indulge in a little schadenfreude as the board that seemed such a compliant host to Abombination’s tyranny goes down in flames, yet again. Where are my Twizzlers?

    I know that seemingly-decent human beings such as Doc Marten don’t deserve the turmoil – but such are the consequences when you lie in bed with wickedness for so long.

    Actually, the fun for me started a while before this latest GGMB property went kaput – when I noticed that the board was just a shadow of what it used to be. Abomb’s antics seemed to chase so many people away that the place seemed desolate; a lot of times, the discussion didn’t seem as lively or as plentiful as it once was. Other messageboards started to seem noticeably better in a lot of areas. One thing that really had me smirking was when Abomb started a thread about the Level 10-exodus from Liang Chow’s gym – acting as though he had some exclusive scoop – when the topic had been thoroughly discussed on the IG messageboard a couple of months BEFORE Abomb brought it to “his” board. OOPS – you’re late boo – lol. He was either clueless that he was late – or he was luxuriating in his compulsive, narcissistic delusions of being King of Scoop.

    I didn’t take quite as much pleasure in this – but I did watch with interest as some of the NCAA coaches, and PR reps from USAG (most notably Scott Bregman) seemed to skillfully win Abomb over – manipulating him and neutralizing him in some areas. It seemed to me that these people “worked” Abomb and his inner-circle over – buddying them up and stroking their egos – which seemed to result in Abomb being less willing to post certain things that he would have posted several years before. Most likely, this is basically what these coaches/officials wanted: to shut Abomb up – to neuter his propensity to post biting commentary and gossip. They used Abomb’s strengths – and his weaknesses – to their advantage. Because these coaches/officials fed Abomb’s desire to seem important and “in the loop” – Abomb became more controllable and less of a threat to them – and we stopped getting much of the candid commentary and the *real* gossip.

    Someone mentioned Lex Trotter – well, I remember how mean and vicious Abomb and some other “adults” were to Lex on GGMB and elsewhere. Lex struck me as one of the nicest, most sweet-natured people around – and Abomb and his cohorts bashed him for what, exactly? For having opinions that they didn’t consider “tasteful” enough? For not conforming to the GGMB “In Crowd”s dictates of what gymnasts and gyms to like? For not being what they considered “cool” enough? It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion – but something about the way they treated Lex struck me as excessively petty, personal, and mean-spirited for a bunch of “adults”. What was especially pathetic was that – as I indicated – several of the people belittling Lex were much older than he was; IIRC, Lex was in his teens at the time, while these people were in their thirties or beyond. From what I saw, Lex was always good-natured and respectful when he communicated his views – even after people failed to respond with the same kindness. I never saw Lex become mean or vicious. I think it was a travesty that nice, kind Lex was often treated poorly and was held in low-regard – while the egomaniacal sociopath Gymnasty was like a god to the vast majority of GGMB.

    I think what sealed my view of Abomb as a sociopath was his relatively cold reaction to the news of Lex’s death. Abomb’s post on the matter was not sufficiently kind-hearted toward Lex or remorseful about the tragedy – I was somewhat stunned by the lacking tone. For someone who is often bursting with emotion about so many things – and who showed noticeable passion and emotion during his arguments with Lex – his somewhat heartless tone upon the news of Lex’s death did not come off well to me. Should he have weeped and written a long eulogy on the board? I’m not suggesting that. But there should have been a little more heart there. Abomb built up his power and popularity at the expense of people like Lex.

    Well anyway, I hope this is really the end of Abombination’s reign-of-terror – and that he is never allowed to become such a powerful figure in the Gymnternet again. I mean, the guy is amusing when he wants to be – but no headcase like that should have risen to such influence over supposedly sane people.

    *There is no homophobic intent behind the “Abombination” moniker – in case someone still cannot see the flashing red signs that the dude’s character is an abomination.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I talked to Lex online a few times (must have been the GGMB CHAT) and while he was a little bit opinionated I don’t remember times where he was a total dick head to people just for the sake of being one. I do remember Abombs reaction to his death which was a lot startling especially since the rumor is Lex killed himself which makes it all the more sad.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I remember when Doc and GGMB threatened UCLA and Coach Val that if they didn’t get an apology they would have the program shut down because one of the Dantzscher twins made a comment that something was gay. They were like 16 at the time and the only way they would have seen the comment is if they were stalking one of there pages.

      I will never fully understand how coach Val could just forget what they did. I can understand why she became friendly with them ( to keep them inline) but if someone threatened my program like that there is no way in hell I would have given them seats at NCAA’s just to make them think we were on good terms. What does that say about Abomb in the first place? He can’t be stupid enough to think she is friendly with them because she likes them.

      • gymnerd Says:

        I don’t remember him threatening to get the UCLA program shut down, but that he and his minions were going to go to every UCLA meet and harass the UCLA team from the sidelines to jar their concentration during the meets. He gave them a time limit and everything: “One day, Twatsies.” Seemed like an odd thing for a guy in his 30s to be threatening.

  22. ABombiNation Says:

    KerriFairy was definitely one the crazies at GGMB and would write these lengthy, non-sensical writings. He’s doing it now. Didn’t KerriFairy pretend to be a lawyer for a long time before it was found out he wasn’t one? KerriFairy wants us to believe that Abomb is the culprit of all that is wrong, but that whole culture was toxic. It was basically a bunch of unhinged people on power trips, and obviously they wouldn’t always get along.

    Doc Martin certainly over-reacted when someone suggested that they look into cheaper server options (because paying about $9,000-10,000 is really way too much for a board with that little traffic). She kept going on about being bullied and not able to comprehend simple sentences. I always thought she was kind of dumb, but this incident sort of proved it. I believe she was making a nice profit out of it. Doc Martin does not like to be “bullied” but she certainly had a tyrannical style of moderating. Speaking of Don Peters and child predators, don’t forget that Doc Martin would write perverted stories about underrated female gymnasts. You don’t believe she used that as shower nozzle material?

    BTW, what I love about GGMB is that every time they would move to a new server or a new board, all the people who make the transition are always so thankful that those in charge made the transition so smooth and how GGMB will never die. Don’t they know that most message boards and online communities don’t have to move? That should be a sign that they are the problem. Of course, it’s never the fault of the members there, much like KerriFairy trying to not admit any fault of his own and trying to make himself sound sane with an incoherent dissertation.

    Don’t be fooled by this “new” GGMB or Gymnastics Oasis or whatever it’s called now by KerriFairy and Doc Martin. Different people, same problems.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Kerri Fairy at least admitted he was wrong during a few of his rants. ( oops)came here and tried to claim she was innocent. Mod or not she had some control over there at one point and she got a lot of people banned because of it.

      Olive Oil was a quieter version of Abomb but I remember her bull shit too though not in as much detail as I remember other stuff people have done and Gymnasty was no victim. For a while I thought he was Lux Luthor / the who/ Heather etc…. but I remember him trying to talk people into meeting him/her at meets and it almost seemed like he only wanted those people there to pick on them or find out who they were. Something was off about her/him

  23. KerriFairy Says:

    Quite a lot has gone on since Doc and I had our happy reunion and rekindled our long-time friendship. I have heard from a wide variety of people today, including the inner circle. ABomb rages because he knows his time is short.

    Please let me address this directly to ABomb, because what ABombiNation posted upthread seems directly penned by him or mostly regurgitated from one of Bomb’s diatribes. Misspelling Doc’s name really isn’t that clever, by the by.

    ABomb, I just don’t know what possesses you to be so monstrous to all you encounter, even those closest to you. You must know that over all these years, you have amassed a lot of enemies. In fact, I think it’s now quite a lot more enemies than friends. We have banded together, and your reign of terror is at an end. If Doc, Linda Mc, Nast, and me helped loose the evil djinn that is you to haunt the gymnternet, the least any of us can do is help put you back in the bottle forever. You’ve done a lot of harm to people, and knowing you the way I do, can only conclude it is out of pure selfishness, coupled with a hefty dose of spite. What you did to beautiful Lex was out of jealousy pure and simple. He was altogether stable, and you treated him like that. And your response, in private, was to type out a laugh. Deny it all you want, but you know in your heart what is true. And it must make you “just sick” to have read it here without your delete button. Well, lick it up, baby…

    I have no desire to get back in the game, but what you did in setting up Doc was jacked up (yet somehow completely predictable). You took something from her that was precious. Did you do it for you this time? Once upon a time, you told me you knew “they’ll always follow Doc”. I know you’ve gone off the deep end this time if you fail to heed your own advice. Get. help. If I have to mod for a few months to assist Doc in putting together a crew with old and new GGMBers, and help restore what you took from her, I’m going to support her and do it, even though I retired a long time ago. The people love her. It’s only because of Doc, and me, and anyone who supported you, that you got away with what you did. I happen to know what you did to Doc, helped you every step of the way plot for months against the other mods, and I remember what it feels like on both ends. And guess what? Friends support one another. It’s a two-way street. You have never been the genius that holds GGMB together. That glue is Doc. You could learn a lesson or two from her, and should have been paying attention from her example. Too bad you had to play her, too, and ruin a good, loving, loyal friendship.

    You should know that I will resist and fight you until you are no longer a threat. If that means contacting authorities, jointly petitioning with evidence to USAG, or naming (first and last) to USAG every one of their insiders I was aware of as of only two years ago this month, it’s going to happen. And when I get done with you, PhoenixRising, Doc, and hundreds of others are lined up behind me to make sure justice is done for those you’ve harmed, big and small. If you will resign peacefully into exile, and give Doc her board back, I think we can all live in peace. But otherwise, it’s on like Donkey Kong. You know what you did. You know it was evil and vicious. And a formidable lot of us has lined up to *gladly* put it to an end. If I need a couple thousand words to give GTT the truthin his readers come here for, then GTT has always been rad enough to let that happen. Surprise! Nobody likes you here, either.

    To everyone else reading my rant, I have made public and private apologies for years about this, but if you have never heard it from me personally, I AM EXTREMELY SORRY for anything wrong I ever did on GGMB. I will gladly say it to your face, if you like, because you deserve an apology. Please know the reason I listed all the former moderators of GGMB was not as some tacit approval of the past, but to shake your memories of these people… how many are leftover to support ABomb, and how many of us left before Doc. If you believe it is statistically likely that the majority of us all were clinical lunatics, and only ABomb is sane, as you have been told, then you are gullible enough to believe anything. Really. You might even believe the lies in ABombiNation’s post upthread. Believe what you will. I haven’t cared in two years. Gymnasty, btw, was the first to tell Doc what she finally realized earlier this week about ABomb. She deserves credit for that. And if she, or I, or Doc, or any of us ever gave you guys crap, you can put your money on direct orders from ABomb, and take that one to the bank. You don’t rack up 600+ days of online messageboard time NOT obsessing, Bomb. People know that.

    But I do care about Doc. I will support her. I will help her get GGMB back running again. Judging from the traffic at your board, I’d say the gig is up. People are pretty sick of your shiz and have been for a very long time. Retire before it’s too late, and leave the internets to those who know how to behave like civilized human beings.


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      One of Abombs minions has attempted to post here several times in the last few days. They have been directly sent to spam and won’t even be read next time they attempt to post. ( wordpress has an amazing spam folder that works beautifully. Most of the time)

      I know in the past Abomb has read the blog and his minions love to steal info from here with out giving credit (something I always gave them when I got info)

  24. ABombiNation Says:

    This will be my last post on the subject because I rather not turn GTT into a forum where GGMB cult members fight about who was more at fault here. I also want to make sure GTT know what you and Abomb are all about, so they won’t be swindled by your posts (assuming they made it through your hysterical rants without being scared off). I know GTT readers are pretty intelligent, but I just wanted to make sure someone said something to offset your crazy posts.

    First, how desperate are you to try to validate yourself by claiming I am Abomb all because I didn’t buy your incoherent rants? Anybody with a brain will see through what you are trying to do. I’ve been a member of GGMB since 2003 and I’ve been observing all of your behavior since then and yes, I stand by my comment about you all have shown to be incapable of running a message board that is welcoming, psychologically, and emotionally healthy. You all have had your power trips that was only ruined by in-fighting among the powers that be. BTW, just because I don’t believe you’re psychologically-healthy does not mean I am trying to say Abomb is in any way sane. He is not.

    Second, read my earlier posts about GGMB. Abomb was the person I had the most problems with, but it’s disingenuous to try to paint Abomb as the one who caused all the problems or infected otherwise reasonable adults to behave as they did. No, you are all guilty of what GGMB became.

    This brings up my third point. How can a group of moderators (there weren’t as many as you are trying to make it sound) who are presumably all adults allow one person to create such a toxic, mean-spirited, and juvenile online culture? You all wanted it to be that way, otherwise it would not have happened. You are all guilty of the behavior that Abomb has exhibited except he was the most extreme example.

    The only issue you really have is that you and the others were driven out (in both yours and Doc’s case, you decided to have a childish tantrum and destroy the boards you created) and you are only seeking revenge against him. You would not have had an issue with any of the behavior if you were still in favor. Otherwise, why would you and Doc follow Abomb, create a new board after like the 5th-10th Abomb was kicked out of one of the free boards? You were on board until you and Abomb had a falling out about religious expression. However, all the other censorship, humiliation of posters, gossiping about gymnasts and their families, and making outsiders on the board feel unwelcome were just fine for you beforehand. Believe me, Doc was all fine with Abomb bullying other posters with his crazy ideas of what topics were ok for GGMB and what topics were not ok. She’d let him verbally abuse posters and ban them without cause and then continue to make fun of them after they were banned.

    The problem I have believing that you want to make things right is that you’re only hung up on getting your petty revenge on Abomb, and now you trying to gather up an army of “hundreds” (when most internet posters do not care about any of this and is only at GTT to talk about gymnastics) to rid the world of Abomb.

    Yes, Abomb is a vile human being who has burned many bridges and treated people horrendously. I also believe he is a lonely sad person who does not have much going on in his offline life that he finds validation through his iron grip on his enablers/followers.

    However, you have not shone to be any saner with your nutty, verbose rants. You’re obsessed with creating this utopian idea of an online gymnastics community free from Abomb, but if you were really sincere, you’d be more focus on just providing a safe-space where people are welcome to talk about gymnastics and anything else without letting the shadow of your past follow you. This sounds like it’s more about showing up Abomb than anything else.

    I know I’m now guilty of writing a lengthy blog comment, so I’ll stop now. I’ll just say that you all knowingly made your bed. At the time, you liked Abomb and his behavior and perpetuated it. I don’t believe you people have changed much, and your rantings here show you’re still unhinged. Again, just because I think you’re unhinged doesn’t mean I’m trying to convince people Abomb is sane because he is probably crazier than all of you. He just out-crazied you to internet obscurity and irrelevance. I just wanted to make sure readers on GTT do not fall for your cheap and transparent tricks to get supporters.

    Also, if you really have information of illegal activity by one of the moderators, then what are you doing sitting on that information and not reporting it right away? Also, why did you and Doc continue moderating and having a personal/professional relationship with people like that? That makes you almost as guilty. So much for your morals.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I appreciate that. I have thought about closing the thread but I am going to let people get it out. I do wonder how long before they end you cursing Nothing ever ends well with GGMB

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I missed Kerri Fairy accusing you of being Abomb but then again I have not read all the novels written by everyone. You sound like Ingrid to but if you are part of GGMB at least admit it so people can no the full truth.

      YES everyone is to blame for the way things at GGMB turned out but Abomb is the only one that seriously thinks he has no guilt in any of this. He still continues to do everything he has done in the past and he has no sense of wrong or right. All of this trouble starts with Abomb and his insensitivity to just about everyone and everything.

      Kerri Fairy has apologized several times that I know of and several of them are on this very blog. He has every right to get revenge if that is what he wants to do.

      I for one don’t believe for a second that a second GGMB wouldn’t turn out the same way the first one did and I don’t think you would be posting as many novels about the situation if you weren’t directly involved in some way at one time or another.

  25. KerriFairy Says:

    Thank you for your judgements, and I will admit that I deserve a lot of that, and dished out way worse in the past. If we knew each other at one time, and I wronged you, I am sorry. Truly. It just seems like I’ve heard so many of the things you have said come directly out of ABomb’s mouth. And as an expert on myself, may I say it’s always tough to hear people tell me what I think, what I want, and what my morals are? They’re so often wrong.

    And I think GGMB has a lot of trust to earn back. No question about it. The experiment of an ABomb-less GGMB has never been done. But I can say that one comment I’ve been getting time and again is that no ABomb is really the best part. Only time will tell.

    Thank you also for your questions. I have done with the information what the victim has asked. I will not report to you, here, or anywhere, further details without permission. The information was not reported to me until shortly after my board explosion. And why did we still hang with the ABomb regime, esp. toward the end? Can’t speak for Doc on that one, but I know I made a lot of great friends from the board I didn’t want to lose. Also in 2008, I resigned, but ABomb asked me to stay on because my departure may be interpreted as him losing support.

    I hope that helps answer your questions. I also sincerely hope that I can help change your mind about me some day.


  26. Jax Says:

    Redbirdies memory must be shot from all the alcohol she has been drinking. She was infamous for her Dominique Dawes obsession and treating anyone with a differing opinion like something stuck on the bottom of her shoe.

    Olive Oil acted the same way with Jeanette Antolin because she was a secretary at Scats. Anyone that had the audacity to think her vaults were scored fairly was banned without a second thought.

    Rewriting history is what GGMB hierarchies of past and present are known for. No one buys the bull shit you are shoveling now.

  27. AntiGGMB Says:

    Every mod on ggmb was and is a monster. Kerri is just as bad. How many conversations did he shut down by locking threads and giving condescending speeches? They’re all certifiable, each and every one of them.

  28. Jenn Smith Says:

    I guess what is comical, or odd, to me, is all the secret boards and the secret names. I mean, yeah honestly, I’d love to know who GTT is but that’s just my nature. I shake the presents when they are wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. It’s just interesting to me. But I don’t lose sleep over it. And this is her blog, so I understand her wanting to keep her name undisclosed. But the GGMB’ers….I don’t know. I don’t get all the secrets. It’s just…weird. In a train wreck kinda way.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Haha – I know, the more I read these things from Karrie Fairy and Abombination and what not I’m like…these people just really need to get lives. There must be an underworld in the gymnastics community of fans that are obsessive compulsive or something. I find it ludicrous. I don’t even know what to say. Why so much drama over a message board? GTT’s blog is like a breath of fresh air.

      If I were GTT I’d keep my identity a secret too given these crazies.

      It’s funny to me that they all came over here to rant about this GGMB thing and protect their asses. Sound like everyone has been a guilty party in this nonsense. People, it’s an Internet DISCUSSION BOARD. Go outside and play already.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There were rumors before of Abomb trying to hack into people’s bank accounts and get people arrested back in the day and I believe every word of it.

        The reason people hate this blog is I am a very open person when it comes to gymnastics. I often wonder why I even watch the sport it has gotten so bad and I don’t have any favorites. I don’t think there has been a single gymnast in the world of gymnastics I haven’t picked on at one time of another so I pretty much offend everyone. Look at Catherine. I don’t know why she posts here she never agree’s with and she is always calling me out for my opinion.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Another thing sanity, it’s not like its a discussion board for say, national politics, economy, or something “important”. It’s gymnastics! How can people get SO upset and cause SO much drama?
        I totally get upset over sports too, but it’s not controlling my life or causing me to go completely postal.

      • Catherine Says:

        Hahahaha. Yeah but I always find your opinion interesting. It’s a cool community of commenters here also. I don’t mind being in the minority. Right now I don’t have time to blog but I do to post here, much quicker :p I like to butt in when China is mentioned as I have a lot of info on them and not much is known on them.

        So I will butt in and disagree, that’s me 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        But I love China so we should get along opinion wise better. If China could win every meet I would be happy and every beam and bars title too.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      If I told you my name you wouldn’t recognize it because I am literally a nobody in the gym world and I don’t want to be. I am just a gym fan who has been around the internet gym community for a very long time. I don’t even remember most of the names I used on old boards and I never used the same name twice. From the start of my time on the internet I have always been a private person because I was one of those people that had it drilled into my head that there were a lot of crazy people out there and to never give up your anonymity.

      • gymnerd Says:

        Good advice, that…^

      • Jenn Smith Says:

        Ha ha ha. “go outside and play already” best quote for a gymn message board EVER!

        And GTT, I don’t blame you. If this were my blog, I would be secretive as well. I just use my name because, well, I’m a nobody too. But I’m a nobody with a bunch of guns in case some crazy ever knocks on my door.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Who said that. I missed that

  29. PhoenixRising Says:

    GTT – Trying to parse through all the posts and want to clarify a couple of things. First, I am not Robin, which is what I think somebody claimed. I was Diogenes, and as KF said, I had zero authority on GGMB and I was in the first wave of people booted. Second, Lex did kill himself after a savage set of attacks on him in social media, and especially on his YouTube site. He and I spoke a lot after I was booted, and he passed all of his videos over to our WWGym YT site so we could moderate out the Abomb-originated attacks on his videos. It was especially sad because so many people enjoyed the quality of his videos and the amount of heart and soul that he put into them, but everyone just stood by and watched the abuse (and based on copies of the old secret boards, laughed about the abuse). While we will never know all that went into his decision to commit suicide, you can be sure that (1) the threats he received because he would not come out played a role and (2) the gym world lost a beautiful, kind, guy that was a true fan of gymnastics and a very talented videographer.

  30. KerriFairy Says:

    Hiya Guys,




    This is a FREE messageboard.

    We had a huge influx of new accounts at the Gymnastics Oasis, but our mod is on vaca and I can’t get you guys passed in. Ugh! The above link will get you straight to Doc. GGMBers and ex-GGMBers everywhere: your new home has arrived! Let the love-fest begin.

    Thanks, PhoenixRising. It brings me great joy to know that Lex found a good friend in you.

    Aleksas, rest in peace sweet boy. Hope you cracked a big grin up there in the clouds this week.

    Thanks again, GTT, for being a warrior for the truth. Love always,

    Your Pal,

    • GTTfan Says:

      I’ve never in my life been so glad NOT to be a part of something. This whole thread….Wow.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nice name but please pick a new

      • gymnerd Says:

        I’m with you, GTTfan. I don’t even want to look.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Ditto, junior high school all over again, don’t need that. At the risk of repeating myself GTT, thanks for providing this blog, that is full of sane, adult people 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am always impressed how smart all of you are when we have real life discussions here. You people are very impressive

  31. Martin Elizalde Says:

    I will try to keep this short.

    Abomb was thoroughly investigated twice after accusations of being a predator, and a newspaper reporter investyigated the accusations. They came up with nothing.

    USAG had people who were told of this almost a decade ago. Until there is a CONVICTION in a court of law they can do nothing. So to Mr or Ms Kerryfairy, if you cannot come up with the legal conviction, do not bother. USAG cannot ban a COACH without a ton of documentation, and this is simply a moderator on the internet. Keep in mind, anyone can say what you are saying. Anyone could call you a child predator and come up with people who say you did it. I’m sure you would hope, if it was you, people would want more than someone’s say-so. I guarantee USAG will want a LOT more. And a word of warning: if you have DOCUMENTATION, not just heresay stories, when even the investigators could not come up with any, and you have withheld that, you could find yourself in some legal hot water. And let me also say this in a similar vein.

    I have been on the gymternet since it started. GGMB began on open boards with no age limit. There was lots of banter where people pretended to flirt with each other. There was some real picking up via pm lots of people did. No one knew ages, and if the party did not know the person they were either jokingly or seriously flirting with was underaged, no crime had been committed. There has to be proof the person knew (in say, Don Peters’ case, gymnasts must provide proof of age, so he knew, and it is documented he knew). You, yourself, may be unwittingly guilty, and someone may come forward about you. And if you are documented making false accusations, you can find yourself in trouble. Don’t let the bitterness of people being mean on internet message boards make you destroy your own life.

    And to the blowup, I have seen nastiness from everyone and all sides. One side is never as innocent nor the other as villanous as the sides want to believe about each other. There are always three sides to every story: yours, theirs, and what actually happened. And there is never one evil svengali who is the main evil and somehow “makes” everyone else do things. That’s not how human nature works. And all new boards that come out of this will have terrible problems because they all have human nature on them.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Kerri Fairy never mentioned names that I read so thanks for clarifying 🙂

      There are actually victims in this and that is any fan that was banned from GGMB because they had an opinion Abomb didn’t like. You cannot start a board based in free speech and ban people. That makes no sense at all.

      • Martin Elizalde Says:

        He has named Abomb before. He did it on GGMB before it went down, and on gymnasticsluv one time. II knew who he meant as would anyone else there although it occurred to me afterward he hadn’t specifically said it here. Yes, people banned from a message board are victims, and I was a victim of Abomb, too, on more than one occasion. But ,in a world of tragedies such as 9/11, it’s tough to get choked up about any of us who are merely the victims of hurt feelings. If Abomb loses all his friends for being that way, that’s life dude, but when people remain bitter for years over that, I think that also tells us who else has problems. And I repeat, Doc was not ousted from her own board, another board was started, just like The All Around forum. No one renounced their GGMB membership. Doc could have kept GGMB and people would have been on both. THe people who had a different vision from her left. She now had total freedom to make it what she wanted. Why it vanished, I can’t say, but the fact is, it was her decision to do that. So for kerrifairy to say she was ousted from the board she started was also misinformation. And this is said as someone no fan of ABomb’s way of conducting things.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        On this blog Kerri Fairy did not name names. Kerri Fairy isn’t perfect but he at least apologized. When Abomb sincerely apologizes for anything he did hell will feeeze over.

        There are two people I am allowing to post at this blog right now (you being one of them) that keep claiming you have no interest in any of this but you feel the need to support Abomb and everything he has done. You keep coming back to support him.

        Yes Doc ended GGMB but what I don’t think some people want to acknowledge is there were some things that led up to her sister being fed up with the way things were going. There is only so much you can do to a person before they get fed up and to me it looked like Abomb knew exactly how to push Doc’s buttons.

      • Martin Elizalde Says:

        Perhaps because of how others are posting this is shading the perceptions of my posts. I have not supported ANYTHING Abomb has done in any post, you can’t quote otherwise from my postings. I have not defended him once, ever. I have not tried to “explain” anything he has done. Nor did I claim I had no interest (I am watching it unfold and have commented here, correct?). I know kerri apologized, didn’t deny that. In fact, read that post again carefully: I was warning kerri not to go spreading anything, including to USAG, that can’t be proved, lest he get in trouble (sounds like a little concern maybe?) I know stuff people say, in person and on boards, hurts feelings. Mine were hurt, and it really sucked, but you can do stuff in response to destroy yourself (and if he has actual evidence that there is a known predator, he is morally and legally obligated to contact authorities). Obviously stuff was going on behind the scenes that caused Doc’s sister to shut things down…never claimed otherwise. I said, Doc was not ousted from her own board, and that’s all. Kerri has had a lot to say on this blog, so I just said a couple of things, one a caution, one a correction of a distortion. I didn’t say any of the stuff you claimed but, I guess emotions are running higher than I thought. So I will stop, at least until things cool down a bit. Really wasn’t trying to cause upset, but maybe everyone is too much into it right now.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not upset at all. I just find it ironic that you seem to be defending him. By talking about hurt feelings and talking down to people it is very much coming across as being in defense of Abomb.

        Abomb tried to set someone up for something. I can’t go into details but he is a horrible human being trying to set someone up over a stupid message board.

      • Martin Elizalde Says:

        See, I didn’t mean to seem I was talking down to people. Apologize it seemed that way or that I was defending him. If you have evidence of worse than hurt feelings and he is setting someone up, I hope you can stop him, and if it crossed legal boundaries, I hope he pays for it. ANd no, I can’t understand how he’d do that over a message board any more than I can understand years of bitterness over one, bad as hurt feelings can be, and it is called HURT feelings for a reason–it hurts. But as maybe I am either not conveying myself well or something else. Anyhow, thanks for talking to me.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t think people that have issues with Abomb are hurt I think they are pissed. Hell I still hold a grudge from a baseball game from 15 years

        Please don’t confuse me and my opinion with what Kerri Fairy wants to do with Abomb. While I agree he needs to be taken down especially down a few pegs I am not involved in anything that is going to with the alleged incident involving illegal activity that has nothing to do with me.

      • Martin Elizalde Says:

        All right, thanks for the clarifications. Found out about this blog when someone tweeted, so am following it now. Appreciate your letting me be here and for the posts. Looking over other posts now…

  32. My impression of the 2014 Europeans ( Seniors) New GGMB and Lex | Gymtruthteller's Blog Says:

    […] you feel the need to discuss GGMB and the aftermath of the apocalypse PLEASE take all discussion to that particular blog GTT is now back to discussing gymnastics. I want to thank my regular followers for being their […]

  33. PhoenixRising Says:

    If you want to see some of the Lex Trotter videos, go to the WWGym Youtube channel, click on videos and then playlists. We have 39 of them up. When I’m back in town next week, I’ll talk with our developer. We’d cloned a copy of his entire site at one point (he had asked me to get our developer to do this because of all the hacking attacks). I’m not sure it survived a server rebuild, but I’ll look for it and anything else I have from back then. There are other montage playlists with nearly 300 montages, all credited back to the creators. Some may be dead links because of the stupid policing on YouTube (music copyright violations).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I will look into it. Thank you. Hey do you have the montage about Chellsie Memmel, Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller on your site. It must have been made right before the worlds in 2007 because it says at the end who will be next. I forget the music but it was used in a car commercial a few years back. It is no longer on youtube. I’ll look myself. Thanks

  34. Kyz Says:

    ummm sounds like a crazy Sci Fi movie… I’m sure GGMB wasn’t that crazy back in the day that Gymbee and I belonged to that and Gymworld… Let me read. PS I loved Lex Trotted videos! used to follow him religiously.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh it was that crazy. You must not have posted

      I have been racking my brain trying to remember the name I used at GGMB and Gymworld and for the life of me I can’t remember. I think it had something to do with a gymnastic skill description.

      • Kyz Says:

        I’m sure I have never strayed far from Kyz or Kyz83. I probably was too damn scared to post by the looks of what I am reading haha, Gymboard I certainly posted a lot but clearly not at GGMB haha.
        PS big na na na na to Gymbee… I have been a member of Intlgym forum since 2010 (with a grand total of 10 posts I may add) … clearly I sneaked in hehe.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Hahaha Kyz! I wonder what I had done to them, I never even got accepted. I don’t care now though. I think there are way too many crazy people on forums, I get all my gym news/gossip/discussions on this blog 🙂

  35. Curious Bystander Says:

    About Dave Lease:

    Abomb and KerriFairy both hit him, but KF hates him because he slept with KF’s boyfriend at the time, fishflopov. Dave confirmed this himself on the original Smashbucket. KF also came on Smashbucket to completely annihilate coconutsiopathic and Dave, calling them every name in the book.

    So I’m not buying any of this. Anyone ever associated with GGMB management is loony and vicious.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Now you are turning this blog intp an episode of Sex and the Sex and love will make you hate someone.

      You are right everyone is to blame but at least some of them tried to change things.

  36. stevie nicks Says:

    All of the GGMB mod-hate is hilarious. True, the mods (at the height of their popularity) behaved like Caligula’s royal court (ABomb and Gymnasty especially), but I am shocked by the lack of hate directed at Lux Lisbon/TheWho/TheCunt and ChalkyButt. Those two are truly certifiable and possibly the meanest of the bunch.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They all have issues and Lux is the worst IMO over even Abomb but Abomb was the guy in charge so he gets the most hate.

  37. proditude Says:

    Meh. Bunch of drama queens and bitches. Who I still belonged but I haven’t signed on in at least a year. GGMB hasn’t been fun for a long time and lost its relevance some time ago.

  38. TumbleToo Says:

    Anyone who knows the history of GGMB shouldn’t be impressed by DocMarten’s purportedly recent realization about Abomb. For years, the pair called themselves “The Tanner and McGrath Show.” They were a team.

    Beginning in 2002 at the latest, literally hundreds of board members messaged, emailed and called Melinda with serious complaints about Joe. She replied to each of them that she hadn’t been on GGMB “lately” and promising she’d check out the situation “soon.” Those members and ex-members would subsequently see her posting on the group, yet nothing changed.

    It didn’t take Mindy 12 years to go “check out” the status quo. Joe’s corrupt and sadistic personality was beneficial to her until she became the target of it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes we know this. Read the comments section it has been noted. All dictators get brought down eventually and Doc kind of got what she deserved but the
      difference is she knows what she did now. She gets it. Same with Kerri Fairy and Linda and everyone but Red Robin who still i9nsists she is the nice one.
      Joe still thinks he is right and his little gang of followers are just as bad.

      People make mistakes. We are all human but if we refuse to lose from them than and only then should we not be forgiven. Ha, did I say that? I hold grudges for life.

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