Mckayla Maroney Interview


I don’t have 40 minutes for this but if anyone listens please let us know what is said. Thanks Flippateer

I don’t know about you but I am impressed with these Florida football players attempt’s at doing the Florida Gator teams gymnastics.

Listen to biased Bela pick his favorite juniors with a chance at Rio

I really hope I get to watch this. This is when I actually watched College gymnastics.

Celebrity Apprentice


24 Responses to “Mckayla Maroney Interview”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    On the McKayla interview: dare anyone who listens to it play a drinking game and take a shot whenever she says “best friends.”

    I’d be drunk already by 8 minutes in (but I need to stop soon…I really don’t have time for this interview).

    So far, I haven’t learned much. It was a bit interesting (but known) her decision and reasoning for joining AOGC (basically, Kyla made the national team and hogged all the coach time/resources, and she needed someone very “technical” to tell her what to do).

    Aly and Jo are messy and apparently the bathroom looked like something exploded (guessing makeup, but that just didn’t paint a pretty picture in my head when she said it like that).

    She claims she’s happy about her fall on vault (“it was meant to be/supposed to happen”) and claims she wouldn’t have it any other way and she loves her silver/made her a stronger person but I totally call bullcrap on that one. She does say right when she fell she thought “guess I’m going for the next Olympics.” But we knew that I think.

    Her mom lets her be herself. Obviously, given her Instagram postings. At least her mom doesn’t sound like a crazy gym mom.

    At about the 13:00 mark she brings up that she and Sandra are “close friends” and she didn’t remember not hugging her or whatever. Um, McKayla, it was the bronze medalist you totally shunned.

    OK, I really need to stop now. She’s wearing way too much blush.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You mean they aren’t best

    • Gymbee Says:

      Re the silver medal on vault: she would not have been as famous as she is now if it weren’t for the “unimpressed” face. Even my sports-phobic colleagues here in the UK knew who she was 🙂
      As someone who used to work in TV news and had to interview people, I can’t help but marvel at how easy she is to interview. No mono-syllables from her, or repeating “just went out there and did my best and had fun”.

      • mim Says:

        she interviews really well. no awkwardness and builds up a nice rapport with the interviewer. she’s a marketing dream, adidas must love her.. her plug for them was spot on. she was pretty open about her reason for changing gyms which i was a little surprised at actually.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Totally want to see Patterson and Youclan…

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    Prepare yourself everyone for the long NBC fluffs on Kim Zmeskal from Jan. 2016 until the Olympics. Whether Bailey makes the team or not. Nothing against Kim but the drama NBC will bring surrounding her especially if Bailey makes the Rio team will be over the top. Poor Dom.Moceanu will be so jealous lol.

    The Mckayla interview was what I expected. I swear this girl is the asac of this quad.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What do you mean by that? To me ASac was a trouble maker. Greaat vaulter and all around spoiled bitch that basically lead a bunch of sheltered kids into being bullies. I don’t think of Mckayla as any of those things. She has Alicia’s self entitlement issues but the gymnasts seem to like her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I would only speculate McKayla is like ASac in that they both are solid vaulters, with one other “strong-ish” apparatus (ASac beam, Maroney floor) and a third potential one to offer barring injury by the time of Olympics (ASac floor, Maroney beam).

        Also, they are both very confident and have outgoing personalities, and are very attractive in a similar/flashy way.

        As to how each got along with teammates, I agree with GTT about ASac; Maroney doesn’t come off as a cliquey beyotch. ASac seemed to “select” her “BFFs” as she saw fit for the time being. At one point it was Nastia/Shayla/Samantha and then later she was BFFs with Bridgett Sloan and even Shawn for a second. Maroney on the other hand seems to keep her same friends close (I mean, even with Kyla while there are jealousy issues she kind of admits it and yet is still friends with Kyla; I don’t get a sense she has any ill will towards Kyla at all and it’s almost like a sister love-hate relationship with Kyla as opposed to an actual love-hate, if that makes any sense). She gets along with basically everyone and treats her teammates with respect. I didn’t get that sense out of ASac; seemed there were a lot of behind-the-scenes snark she was involved in.

        We all saw McKayla’s attitude after falling on vault but I really didn’t think it even came close to ASac’s attitude after placing second on floor behind Shawn Johnson at 2007 worlds. To me, THAT was epitome bad sportsmanship. With McKayla I can understand she was in shock/numb and she has since many times owned up to it and said sorry. And I really think she is. ASac never said a word about what she did.

        Anyways, that’s my ASac vs. Maroney comparison.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Alicia pretty much becomes buddies with whomever she can use against her next enemy. Shawn and Bridget were probably both not very pleased with the way Nastia got special treatment so she befriended them because she no longer needed Nastia. Shayla is just a loser all around. A follower that many people seem to have issues with eventually. Sam is a big fat phony

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I don’t think she has asacs personality maybe some of the entitlement like you mention. For me its the redemption thing that makes me call her the asac of this quad. I feel that Mykayla has something to prove this time around more so that shes more than just a one event gymnast.

        With asac her redemption after falling twice was to prove she could be consistent in competition again. That she was not gonna fall again in competition.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You make sense and so does sanity.

  4. JAS4 Says:

    I watched all of it most of it was things we have heard from her before in interviews.
    Things Mckayla talks about:
    Starting gymnastics, switching gyms,national team,Jeselo 2011,worlds 2011, Olympics, Team finals, Vault finals, unimpressed face,tour, injury,comeback,worlds 2013, addidas, more injury, goals for Rio
    I think that covers most of it and she was her typical bubbly self in the interview but over all nothing much new except that the toe injury at the Olympics was actually worse than it sounded

  5. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Kyla seems more like a competitor Mckayla is jealous of than her bff in this interview and the last. Mckayla’s confidence will take her places but it comes across as annoying arrogance to me.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I don’t see it that way. I think she genuinely cares for Kyla. I’m sure she was jealous that she didn’t get that attention at GymMax but she obviously had the potential to be an Olympian as well given the right coaching, so I think she made the right decision. She needs Kyla to push her. I feel her confidence is completely different than say Gabby’s. She gave everyone credit for sticking vaults in team finals, she didn’t take credit for carrying the team. And after all her injuries when asked what her goal is she just said “Everything is the goal” as in I just want to get back wherever my body will let me. She lets it be known that her ultimate GOAL is Rio but she doesn’t proclaim she will be on the team like Gabby does. Nastia didn’t even do that.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I agree. Also, gymnastics is such an individual, competitive sport that even international elite sisters that I know are a wee but jealous in the gym and push each other, while still remaining best friends. It’s not so black or white.

        Haha yeah, Gabby says SHE les the team. And she’s said “oh I will definitely be in Rio”.

  6. sportsfan Says:

    I don’t mind Mckayla’s confidence/arrogance at all. When you are a singular athlete like gymnasts are, you come up believing so consummately in yourself, because its only you out there at any given time. Sure, you have “teammates”, but its nothing like traditional team sports like football, baseball, etc. Gymnastics teams have more in common w/ say, the Ryder Cup golf team than they do the New England Patriots. They are a collection of individuals that are being pointed at one goal, all the while having individual goals of their own. I’d be worried if Mckayla didn’t get a little bit jealous at Kyla, because if she didn’t, I’d be questioning her drive and her heart to compete.

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