Elizabeth Price retires

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Thanks Flippateer

Elizabeth Price has decided to retire as an Elite to compete in College Gymnastics.

While I wish her the best luck and understand her desire to keep herself healthy for her future life as a College gymnast I cannot help but be highly disappointed that she has decided to retire right when she was coming into her own.

I just hope all the rumors I have heard about the Standford coaches being crazy lunatics isn’t true other wise Ebee has left one hell (Marta’s BS) for another.


Unknown veteran player needs to STFU.

A few years ago when Ortiz ran his mouth and made the comments about how maybe he should become a Yankee because they have less drama I told myself there is no point putting a player on a Pedestal because in the end they don’t have any loyalty to the said team they are playing for. This above tweet by Peter Gammons is exactly why I still feel this way.

First of all who is this so called veteran player to question the fan who pays their damn salary on how they should react to a player leaving town?

If it wasn’t for the fans the so called idiot veteran player who of course wouldn’t be dumb enough to make this comment to the media on record wouldn’t even have a job. He certainly wouldn’t be the over paid blow hard he is who made millions off these same fans he made fun of.

I guess my problem is I care too much about this team and they clearly don’t give a flying fuck about me as a paying customer or as a fan. So why do I even watch this sport anymore? or any sport at all?

The above quote reminds me of the scene in Fever Pitch where after the Red Sox lose game 3 of the ALCS before the comeback Jimmy Fallon’s character see’s 3 Red Sox players eating dinner at a bar, laughing and smiling. To them it is just a game while you want to know what I was doing after they blew that game? I was slamming things and staying up til 5 am because I couldn’t sleep.

In the end sport is just a game and in the end I am an idiot for supporting any of it.


46 Responses to “Elizabeth Price retires”

  1. Case Says:

    I can empathize. I totally get it.

    This season is off to a weird start.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I understand losing but I don’t appreciate quitting and this team seems to have already quit. Stupid Ortiz running around with Yankee players makes me want to smack him. If the Tigers went out to dinner the night after a game with any teams players I think Tiger fans would be livid. Ortiz went out to dinner with ARod the night Dempster hit him and Ortiz stuck up for Arod.

      I am so ready for the Ortiz era to end. I appreciate the world series but it is not worth the disgust I feel for him every time I have to look at his face.

      This unnamed Veteran sounds like Ortiz or Pedroia and these 2 idiots are supposed to be the leaders of this team. Some leaders .

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    You love and are loyal to the team more than the individual players, and the individual players are at the end of the day in the sport for themselves and the money. Especially the money. There’s no loyalty anymore, and it’s the sad fact of life because everything is about money at the end of it all. They could care less about the fans even though you’re right – if there were no fans, there’d be no sport/high salaries. It’s why entertainers get paid so damn much (the fans).

    I get it though – you love the sport too much to let it go, despite its faults. I’m the same way with a number of things.

    The players (well, not all of them) don’t deserve the mad respect, worship, and love they get for essentially throwing a ball around, but this society makes it so and for that reason they all have big egos and make it hard to like them, sometimes.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    The fans dont pay those salaries. The commercial endorsements and the MLB TV rights pay their salaries. Fans going to the games are like props for TV packaging. They should let you go attend free like they do sitcom tapings because gate revenue is pure profit. Not paying salary.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Its all relative. The money coming in is spent on the players salaries. Fans watch the games. The fans buy everything we pay their salaries. The Red Sox owners actually own the channel that plays the Sox and the Bruins and they create other content.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Not a single player here understands what it is like to play here. They are spoiled and winning in 2004 changed everything. They will never get it now. They need to go ask Mo Vaughn what the pressure is like to play in a city that hs not won in 86 years. They say Boston is spoiled because of all the winning but its really the players that are spoiled.

  5. Melanie Says:

    Ah, come to Wyoming where there are no pro sports teams and no people. The only team that’s remotely close is the Rockies. Oh, and I grew up in Arkansas, where again, there are no sports teams. Just the Cardinals or, if you like basketball, the Grizzlies. Perhaps this is why my strongest allegiance is to a sport that isn’t regionalized?

  6. biyatch Says:

    Hey GTT, how about a post about how gymnastike is the douchiest of them all. Not only do they have their stupid paywall up for all their original content they’ve gone after individual routines from ncaa reporting them for copyright violation. Im pretty sure 90% of the gymnastike site is a copyright violation.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I thought about it but decided against it. I don’t see how Anne can own the rights to ESPN content and I seriously doubt she does. It cost a lot of money to buy the rights to those things.

      Do I think Gymnastike is a bunch of Nazi’s for their handling of their Gymnastics videos yes I do but I understand owning content and honestly have no interest in a witch hunt for Anne’s head because GGMB has nothing better to do than further their hatred agenda against anyone and everyone that they are jealous of.

      Anne is not the first person they have gone after and she won’t be the last. I plan on staying out of it.

    • Flippateer Says:

      The NCAA content I don’t know about, but as for the original content, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to make money by creating original content that viewers are interested in seeing. I personally value the premium content and really appreciate the behind the scenes looks at athletes that I care about. That content isn’t likely to get created (and hasn’t been to date) – especially in non-Olympic years and for non-Olympians – unless there’s money in it for the creators. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I have no interest in working for free myself and don’t see why the good folks at gymnastike should be expected to do so either. Anyone who thinks they are providing content worth paying for can pay for it; anyone who thinks their content isn’t worth paying for shouldn’t have much of a problem with not getting to see it. I found the angst from much of the gymternet when they put the paywall up to be irritating: a lot of people made clear that they thought they were entitled to view all original content for free, regardless of the costs and labor that the creators had put into it (which apparently, in the view of the “I want everything for free” crowd, the creators aren’t even entitled to recoup their costs by charging, let alone to profit from their work.)

      (Also, if gymnastike is violating other people’s copyrights, then the copyright holders are certainly free to enforce their IP rights against gymnastike, and should consider doing so.)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think their price is ridiculous but i agree they have the right to charge. I refuse to pay it.

        Most people are mad because they got Nastiafans illegal youtube channel deleted. The fact is he has been breaking copyright rules for years and has had like 10 accounts deleted for it and he keeps coming back using the same name with a new number and doing to again.

      • Flippateer Says:

        Totally reasonable. I thought their monthly rate was unreasonable, and I couldn’t afford it at all in my last job. Post-job changed, their yearly rate worked for me. I suspect they’d make more in the long-term if they offered lower rates, especially since many of their fans are not even going to have full-time employment yet. Hopefully they consider doing that.

        I wasn’t aware of the nastiafan drama – interesting.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Leave it to GGMB to try and start world war 3.

      • Catherine Says:

        The price is absolutely bizarre and speaking as someone who had free access to it for a long time (they fixed this glitch), it’s not worth 5 quid a month. Awful camera work, terrible sound, barely anything that’s not already known and the.worst.questions.

        As for NastiaFan, I can well understand cable companies etc. shutting down his channels. He knows he runs that risk. In this case, this is pure and utter greed. They were only routines, not the whole broadcast, and the notion that a big gymnastics website that used to be free and used to have its aim to spread content etc. is now shutting down a huge free source is, well, laughable. Yes, making gymnastics more exclusive is not something I can get behind.

        Not to mention gymnastike take content from others all the time without credit. They deserve their own takedown notices. And all of their breaking news well after it broke is irritating. I’d see no loss if the website died tomorrow, it’s an impossible to navigate mess.

      • Short1 Says:

        If I had to guess I would say one of the main reasons for the nastiafan YouTube channel drama was because, by posting routines (and some other coverage) for free Gymnastike was probably thinking fewer people would be shelling out money for their coverage.

        And I agree that them reporting/calling others out on copyright violations is basically pot calling the kettle black. I’ve seen ‘breaking news’ and other information posted on their site before that was literally word-for-word what had been posted elsewhere hours and sometimes days earlier.

        As far as Gymnastike charging for coverage, it’s certainly understandable that they have to make their money but I just wish the price was a little more reasonable or that there was an option to purchase coverage of individual competition, series, etc. From discussions I’ve seen elsewhere quite a few people’s gripe is that they often feel that they’re paying for coverage that they’re uninterested in or that isn’t relevant for them (i.e. coaching videos whatnot). Personally, I would have no problem paying if I could choose what coverage I wanted to purchase as opposed to a monthly or yearly fee. And, to put my media psychology MA hat on for a moment, that’s more or less the way media consumption is headed. People are much less willing to pay for content they don’t feel is relevant to them just to get a small portion of what is. Personally, I think their best bet (from a profit and keeping consumers happy and less likely to go elsewhere for coverage standpoint) would be to allow coverage and/or videos to be purchased individually (i.e. like people purchase individual episodes of T.V. shows on iTunes).

        Sorry for the mini ramble, but this was my area of study in grad school and the use of copyrighted materials was the subject of my thesis. So, from that standpoint its something I find very intriguing.

  7. Flippateer Says:

    New Carly interview:


  8. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Not to start over if this was mentioned already, but I just read the TripleTwist Interview with Jennifer Sey. I’ve never heard of her before. I just ordered the book. Is there much to her story? Why didn’t she make the 1988 Olympics team?

    • Flippateer Says:

      I believe she retired from the sport in early 1988 without trying for the Olympic team. She was just done. I’m not sure she would have made it anyway, though.

      I found the book interesting. She was clearly still wrestling with a lot of painful memories from the sport when she wrote it. I recently came across this article from 1987, which I thought offered an interesting contemporaneous look at some of the difficulties she was experiencing while training elite:

      She goes into a lot more depth in her book, though.

    • Cee Says:

      I read her book when it came out. It’s pretty good, and she does not pull her punches, least of all against herself, although she doesn’t come off as bitter. *And* she mentioned the awful things Don Peters was doing without naming names (this was before it was confirmed)–I am sure she was trying to protect Dove.

      Right when her book came out she was doing a column for Salon for the Beijing Games and her dispassionate look at the sport infuriated some people who attacked her. I remember reading one response which said “uh, you call yourself elite and you never went to the Olympics. I don’t think so, honey” and I’m thinking “you probably should just stop before you sound even stupider. Elite is a specific term within the sport.”

  9. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Ebee is heading to Stanford instead of making a run for worlds! I’m kind of surprised since I thought without injury she would most definitely be on the team. http://usagym.org/pages/post.html?PostID=14082&prog=h

    • Catherine Says:

      Very surprised, thought she’d defer as this has been a great season for her so far.

    • Flippateer Says:

      Came here to post the same. Shocked that she didn’t want to hang in for a few months at least for this World medal. Thought we could see her in 2015 and beyond if she wanted to stay elite. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of her – but hoping to get to see her perform at the College level at some point. (I usually don’t watch, but I will watch her.)

    • Lis Says:

      I actually think this is a smart decision. It seems she’s always aimed for college gymnastics. Stanford is an amazing school with a great gymnastics team. The Olympics are still two years away and that’s eons in gymnastics time. Taking advantage of her full ride to Stanford rather than gamble with making an Olympic team = Smart in my opinion.

    • Case Says:

      Great decision. I’m sure the Strauss crew is disappointed, but Stanford is a tremendous opportunity. She’s had a fine elite career, but there’s so much more in store for her. I wish her well.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Peace out ebee. You knew you were too injured to make it through another quad and you took a great scholarship. I hope Brenna Dowell is as wise and just hasn’t said yet.

      • Catherine Says:

        Brenna is committed to Oklahoma and is deferring for a shot at Nanning worlds.

        Stanford dont allow January enrolling, like Macko did in 2010 for worlds. Makes more sense now, Ebee has had ferocious injuries and probably decided she just has this year left in elite before she needs to take it easier.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Brenna is not very smart. Marta does not want her on a worlds team. Im sure Al Fong will be saying now that EBee is retired Brenna is a top three AA gymnast for the US. Which is why Peyton went to pac Rims.

  10. ilanchik20 Says:

    Very surprised! You don’t often see strong elites retire right before Worlds. But I do think it’s a smart decision for her. Marta has always seemed to leave her off important teams, unless Marta couldn’t use others.

    This should, however, make the Worlds selection interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t mean we’ll have to deal with Gabby or that Kyla doesn’t upgrade. Maybe it’ll motivate Aly to come back earlier as a beam/floor specialist 🙂

  11. gymtruthteller Says:

    Io am very disappointed about this and will blog about it when I get home. The boy wants his phone back.

    • Karlie Says:

      Me too! Can’t wait to read it, I was coming here to post it (late to the party as usual, haha)

      • JAS4 Says:

        I am kind of surprised she had a really good shot at making the team for Worlds this year! But I know she was dealing with some injuries not too long ago maybe they were worse than anyone knew about so she wanted to be healthy for college. Then again maybe she just didn’t want to risk everything on Marta’s games anymore.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think it’s a smart decision overall. You know she probably put a LOT of thought into it. Does she want to potentially sacrifice herself for Marta’s games (and for what, a world medal or two?) or does she want to go to a top-notch university on a full ride and compete for their program? She may be figuring that she can’t have her cake an eat it too by deferring.

      She’s obviously been harbored by injuries that can easily come back, and we don’t know for sure if her coaches (and especially Marta) are really all that concerned with Ebee’s physical health.

      I don’t know, my hat went off to her when she showed such remarkable poise after getting 4th at Olympic Trials and not even being named to the team. I’d have internally had a shit fit if it were me, just saying. If we were in the 90s system she would have gone. But even so all of us knew she wasn’t making that team. Hell, even if she had made 2nd or 3rd place overall Marta would have found a reason to leave her off.

  12. mim Says:

    That is a huge decision for Ebee to make – takes a lot of guts to quit when you’re up near the top, she had a shot at Worlds for sure. That said, Worlds probably wasn’t worth it to her knowing that she’d have to defer college for a very small opportunity to make the team.

    Stanford sounds like it will be amazing for her. She’s got an exciting and hopefully happy 4 years ahead of her at college, and she’ll have a stellar college gymnastics career if she stays healthy.

  13. biyatch Says:

    I’m actually super impressed with Ebee’s decision. I think she knew the reality about 2016, that one injury in the run to worlds could ruin a $250k scholarship and that it would really suck to have to sit around between October 2014 after a potential worlds bid and August 2015 when she could actually enroll in school.

    She was an interesting case during the Olympic lead up in 2012. If Price had 2 vaults and was still snubbed for Maroney after finishing 4th there should have been a riot. I’m thoroughly convinced that one spot on the team was either going to Maroney or Sacramone to bring home a vault medal. Going with Maroney, that left the big hole (Kyla’s spot) on bars and beam and while Price could have slotted into the bars lineup, beam was much more questionable.

    A team that looked like this in 2012 could certainly have been interesting:
    VT: (Aly/Ebee), ASac, Gabby, Jo
    UB: (Aly), Jo, Ebee, Gabby
    BB: (Jo), Gabby, ASac, Aly
    FX: (Gabby), Ebee, Jo, Aly

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t think Marta planned on ever leaving Maroney at home – she has a tendency to favor the vaulters, and Maroney was a shoo-in for gold even though she epic failed. ASac wasn’t even in the mix in her mind even though ASac obviously thought differently.

      You know what, I forgot if Ebee had a second vault but I don’t think she did. That would have been interesting indeed because it would have solidified her “usefulness” especially if that second vault was similar in D-score to Maroney’s. I totally agree if she had had that second vault there would have been a riot over taking Ebee over Maroney.

      Ebee never would have been a good fit for that bars/beam slot; and we all know Marta was planning on giving it to Liukin had she not face planted it. All I gotta say is thank gawd for Kyla on that one.

  14. Flippateer Says:

    Looks like there’s only one in-depth article so far with quotes from Ebee and the Parkettes folks. Here you go: http://articles.mcall.com/2014-04-24/sports/mc-parkette-price-gymnastics-stanford-20140424_1_u-s-national-team-ebee-gymnasts

  15. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Glad Ebee is not gambling like Brenna seems to be. I wonder what Brenna is thinking.

  16. uglyfatkid Says:

    Sad to see her go. I thought she was classy in interviews. Not super artistic, but I thought she was bright, and I liked her gymnastics for the most part.

    Question though. If she did stay, what metals would she have contented for (other than a team one) at worlds this year???

    If Biles and Maroney are healthy, vault would have been out. She wasn’t a beamer, so that’s out. So that leaves floor and bars.

    Was her scores on bars good enough to contend for a metal? I would say no…not with the international crowd. What do you think?

    Now floor. With a team of Kyla, her, Maroney, Biles, and ??? (Whomever the last person is). Biles gets the first spot, then it comes down to her and Maroney. I think her floor was better than Maroney’s wasn’t it?? I would put her here for sure…but would Marta? Would Maroney get the spot???

    Now the AA. For some reason, I don’t see Marta putting her in. Even with Kyla’s low D scores, I think it would still be her and Biles. Which is sad, cause Kyla needs a kick in the head (figuratively speaking) to wake her up.

    Having said all this, I think Ebee was doing the same thing. Weighing the likelihood of a metal, and the likelihood that Marta would even let her compete. She’s probably smart to call it. You never know what Marta’s going to pull. At least now her life is in her hands and not controlled by Marta anymore.

  17. Exgymgurl Says:

    Lizzie LeDuc to LSU …. Interesting… Courtney Kupets coaching rumors abound for LSU also #drama

  18. Flippateer Says:

    Extended (almost 40 minute) video interview with McKayla here. Still watching, but it’s interesting. Some standard comments from her, some new stuff.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t have 40 minutes but I wish I did. Any goodies for take-aways?

      It looks like she is wearing at least 5 pounds of make-up.

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