Don’t forget about me


Remember me? I also have an Amanar and if my coach doesn’t break me I would make a great Vault/Floor specialist.


Kwan Article

Super 6 is set. Suck it UCLA you overscored spoiled bitches. Go home and cry. MeanMe

I watched most of this meet and the scoring should be investigated. How did Alaina Johnson get a 9.9 on Vault when she took a step and was off to the right? Sam Peszek got over a 9.9 when she took steps. Kytra Hunter nearly landed on her knee’s in her final pass and got a 9.9

Bridget Sloan fell off beam after nearly falling off beam before that and still got a 9.2.

Oklahoma nailed routines left and right and got 9.9’s.

The scoring between sessions was just, bad.

Alabama wasn’t nearly as overscored as Florida no matter what anyone tells you.

Final 6 teams

Session 1

Oklahoma 197.500
Lsu 197.100
Georgia 197.300

Session 2

Alabama 197.650
Florida 197.650
Nebraska 197.100

Tomorrow night is the Super 6

Live Video

Event Finals are Sunday


1 Brandie Jay Georgia 9.950
2 Lindsay Mable Minnesota 9.900
2 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.900
2 Ashleigh Gnat LSU 9.900
2 Rheagan Courville LSU 9.900
2 Sachi Sugiyama Michigan 9.900
2 Maileana Kanewa Oklahoma 9.900
2 Haley Scaman Oklahoma 9.900

1 Katherine Grable Arkansas 9.950
1 Olivia Courtney UCLA 9.950
3 Bridget Sloan Florida 9.925
3 Georgia Dabritz Utah 9.925


1 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.925
1 Kristina Vaculik Stanford 9.925
3 Rheagan Courville LSU 9.900
3 Joanna Sampson Michigan 9.900
3 Taylor Spears Oklahoma 9.900
3 Shona Morgan Stanford 9.900
3 Samantha Shapiro Stanford 9.900

1 Bridget Sloan Florida 9.950
2 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.925
2 Mackenzie Caquatto Florida 9.925
2 Alaina Johnson Florida 9.925
2 Samantha Peszek UCLA 9.925


1 Taylor Spears Oklahoma 9.925
2 Hanna Nordquist Minnesota 9.900
2 Madline Gardiner Oregon State 9.900
2 Mary Beth Box Georgia 9.900
2 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.900
2 Sydney Ewing LSU 9.900
2 Chayse Capps Oklahoma 9.900
2 Kristina Vaculik Stanford 9.900

1 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.925
2 Sarah DeMeo Alabama 9.900
2 Alaina Johnson Florida 9.900
2 Mackenzie Caquatto Florida 9.900
2 Hollie Blanske Nebraska 9.900
2 Jamie Schleppenbach Nebraska 9.900
2 Jessie DeZiel Nebraska 9.900
2 Emily Wong Nebraska 9.900


1 Joanna Sampson Michigan 9.950
1 Maileana Kanewa Oklahoma 9.950
1 Haley Scaman Oklahoma 9.950
4 Brandie Jay Georgia 9.925
4 Jessica Savona LSU 9.925
4 Lara Albright Oklahoma 9.925

1 Katherine Grable Arkansas 9.950
1 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.950
1 Emily Wong Nebraska 9.950
4 Lauren Beers Alabama 9.925
4 Diandra Milliner Alabama 9.925
4 Becky Tutka Utah 9.925
4 Nansy Damianova Utah 9.925


11 Responses to “Don’t forget about me”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Lexie’s Amanar was looking much better last year before she got injured. I think her floor is ok, but I think it would be much better with choreo that suites her better. Like how Jordyn’s routine in 2012 suited her dance style really well. I haven’t really heard much about Lexie or Amelia lately though.

  2. tulip Says:

    Kim Jacob winning all around? How about a home town advantage? Yes the judging was really “inconsistent” 😃lol and dubious. Laughed at the Florida scores. Ridiculous and quite frankly embarrassing for the judges. But their SEC favors were there. If it weren’t for the Birmingham location, I would expect Oklahoma to seriously challenge or win. They were 2nd last year.
    A judge gave Jacobs floor a 10. Did you laugh too?

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Yes Jacob as AA champ is a little wierd. However, Alabama beat Florida last night even with overscoring Florida still couldn’t win. NCAA floor is a performance. Her performance was great. the tumbling was clean and stuck. Her music is Sweet home Alabama. Its in Alabama. Its like if the Olympics were in Texas and someone did floor to the yellow rose of Texas. The crowd would scream the whole time, just because of that song. Sarah Patterson is smart and knew nationals were in Bama. That routine was set up for super six. Sarah Patterson peaked that team incredibly well. They remind me of the team that took it with Priess and geralyn Stack Eaton. Props to Bama. props to the SEC putting their top four teams in the super 6. Hopefully this motivates UCLA t not get beat at Pac 12s by cal, Stanford and Utah next year. At least with Georgia being fourth in SECs, Alabama, Florida, and LSU are all super six teams.

    Hopefully this shakes UCLA at their core and they come back fighting for it the next year like Georgia did. Miss Val needs to recruit better

  4. Gym Bot Says:

    I for one have not forgotten about Priessman – she really only has to beat Skinner to make it for the team. I don’t think Dowell can challenge as the vault/floor specialist, although I think Dowell is still in the running for 4th AA Reserve on the six girl team. I think the worlds team is shaping up to be:

    Biles VT, UB, BB, FX
    Price VT, UB, (BB), FX
    Ross (VT), UB, BB, (FX)

    Reserve AA: Dowell/Ernst ahead of Gowey, Desch, and Baumann
    Baumann*/Kocian (UB)/UB, BB/(BB)
    Priessman/Skinner VT, FX

    *Baumann could be selected as the 4th AA gymnast, in which case I would take Kocian for her bars and drop Price or Biles from UB to rest them for later in the week, although they are both machines and probably do not need a break.

  5. tulip Says:

    Wow- Florida and Oklahoma tied for 1st! I’ll say nothing about the judging.
    3rd LSU
    4th Alabama (falls on beam)
    5th Georgia
    6th Nebraska

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I was reading the quick hits on gymnastike. What a competition! All Bama had to do was stay on beam and it was theirs. Even with Milliners fall they could have still won. I can’t wait to watch it on YouTube, but something tells me that OK should have won.

      • tulip Says:

        Something tells me I agree with you on all counts! And I fully expected Alabama to walk away with it. Oklahoma’s vaults were just gorgeous! I’m interested in your thought on the final floor score when you see it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That wasn’t really true though because they only had a tenth and a half lead and if Florida had been gifted 9.950’s all night Bama would have lost.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    I liked Lexie what happened to her? Injury? Is she coming back this year? I felt like she was more of a college type gymnast but she does have that powerhouse quality Marta seems to prefer.

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