NBColympics.com SUCKS. 2014 Olympics Pairs SP

Olympic Pairs short program Results.

Mens SP Start lists

WHERE ARE ALL THE PICTURES??????????????????????

The original title of this blog was going to be, Thank God for the British. Live blogging the Olympic teams pair event replay but after the same commercials repeated between every skater and literally 20 straight minutes of watching the ice for 1 minute and more commercials I gave up and shut off the video.

I understand making me sit through commercials but there is no pause button nor is there a way to fast forward through the ice being redone and I finally just had enough and gave up. I was hungry.

So I watched the first 8 skaters including both American pairs and my favorite moment came when I spotted Zhao Hongbo (SHEN AND ZHAO and yes I screamed that) coaching Pang and Tong. So I looked it up Zhao Hongbo is now the coach of the Chinese pair. I also found out that the pair of Zhang and Pang is the same Zhang from Zhang and Zhang. I know its confusing but read the article above it explains everything.

So of the 8 Pairs skating teams I saw Pang and Tong were the most watchable. Followed by the underated pairs team of Miriam Ziegler and Severin Kiefer from Great Britain who I really enjoyed. I have decided I am not a fan of Shnapir and Castelli. I just find them really boring. I also hate their short program music. Sorry but Santana makes a shitty program.

You have to feel badly for the German pair. If they didn’t know before the Olympics the gold medal already belonged to Russia they know now. This picture says it all.

Now for my take on the Fashion I give you this, Whoever designs these costumes needs to seriously re-think their thought process when it comes to the men. While the women seem to have some pretty tasteful Skating costumes the men look like something out of Michael Jackson’s thriller video.

Lets take The Italians. Nicole Monica has a really pretty orange dress (though this picture does not do it justice. Her partner looks like he is wearing something someone left in a toilet after a night of eating a lot of sugar ( I know a very tasteless thought but its what it reminds me of, poop) ( A better picture of Nicole’s dress)

My favorite dress on a female Pairs skater belongs to Isreal’s Stefania Berton Its the squiggly version of the US leotards in Gymnastics.

I guess I spoke too soon. Not that the German pairs leading man outfit was anything to write home about the ladies costume puts Gymnastics #HotPinkNation to shame. Pink Panther or not that color is not fit for human eyes.

Canada’s outfit looks like something all the clowns are forced to wear during the first day of Clown College.

The Russian pairs team outfit looks like she should be in jail or maybe she needs a pen so you can find your way through the maze she is wearing as a dress.

Seems like Canada doesn’t like their scores (again) This outfit I am pretty sure I saw in a Burlesque show a few years ago. If she ever wants to switch careers to a stripper she has the outfit.

America’s Zhang just looks happy to be there but the outfits doesn’t match with her partner at all. Light pink does not look good on the white Ice.

Pang and Tong are in all black
( I am not a fan of black outfits in Skating at all) but I do like her dress a lot.

My second favorite female Pairs outfit belongs to French Skater Vanessa James. Here is the back of the dress and the front This girl has it going on up top like no other Figure Skater before her and apparently she isn’t afraid to show it off. I like it anyway.


Your guide to Evgeni Plushenko Thank you Deadspin.

Another article about Pheobe Mills. Looks like she has a more talented family then the Kupets.

Inside Skating has a review of the Team event.

Sometimes Phil Hersch can be funny. Judging the Judges


27 Responses to “NBColympics.com SUCKS. 2014 Olympics Pairs SP”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    I like the purple outfits too but I can’t say I hate the black ones.

    That being said the most entertaining aspect of this Olympics so far is Bob Costas’ pink eyes. lol.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Plushenko: really hurting or being a drama queen to garner judging sympathy? I really wish meryl would go all out pale Princess Leia and Charlie would be like and they would dance to Star Wars. I also wish terror and Johnny wierd would go away. I think neither wish can come true but I can dream. Nasty seems relegated by NBC to hanging out with Evan and trying to get #sochiselfie trending. Love her #epicfail of underuse! And being less attractive and more of an attention whore than McKayla.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I haven’t seen Nastia once. Its been pure joy so far. I just hope you didn’t jinx that by mentioning her name 🙂

      Terror is an idiot. Glad I am missing all that fun

    • lol Says:


    • Cee Says:

      “I really wish meryl would go all out pale Princess Leia and Charlie would be like and they would dance to Star Wars.” This would be AWESOME. It would have to be RotJ Leia though (in the metal bikini) because she’s covered head to toe in her other outfits.

      So glad the Mullet is out! That article didn’t make me want to hate-root for him–it just reminded me why I detest him so much. BUH-BYE.

    • Karlie Says:

      Unfortunately I guess he wasn’t faking after all, he just pulled out with his back injury 😦

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    I dont think so. The one online around Sochi thing I saw online was pretty bad. It must be awful if she cant get thrown in somewhere. Plus she took a pic of herself doing the splits. Yawn. She did that in 2012. She is worse than moceanu in terms of making everything about her. Or trying to.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They advertised her before the Olympics. I figured she would be on their nightly broadcast. I am so glad she isn’t

      • tulip Says:

        Here in Houston, the local yokel news has a half hour nightly segment where the local reporter roams the games looking for Houston based stories and if not, Texas will do and if not, US is fine. They have not talked to Nastia, which I love. It’s a trend I can get onboard with! They are talking to a couple who chose to go to the games for their anniversary, that’s the level they are covering. They sent someone to walk on the beach there and compare it to Galveston. etc… They’re hardly selective and yet, no “just 4 hours up the road we have an Olympic champ doing coverage for NBC”….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        We have one of those here in Boston on the channel of the Olympics (local) and she has been ass kissing the pairs team all week. SO annoying.

  4. uglyfatkid Says:

    This is going to be rude, but I have to say it…can someone please help the Canadian pair’s lady with her hair? I feel like I am watching Jennifer Grey’s character in Dirty Dancing all over again with that permy mop hair. I keep waiting for her to skate in carrying a watermelon or something. The girl is quite pretty, but that hair has to go.

  5. CMR Says:

    I thought the German team, collectively, looked ridiculous. They looked like some knock-off Barbie/Ken package deal. I also thought the Americans were so non-matching that I wondered if we had just given up and were allowing NBC contest winners from the crowd to come skate. Mateo Guarise from Italy looked like one of those models where they show what a body looks like without skin.

    All of that was mean. Sorry

  6. lovelucas Says:

    FWIW – the American pairs did better than last Olympics, finishing 9th and 12th. Disagree with negative comments about Castelli/Shnapir and I like both their short and long programs.

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    They gave Nastia another spot apparently, but considering only twice for a few minutes? I think she saw more air time as an athlete. Kind of sad…

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    Can I just ask why the Germans got a bronze medal for falling all over the place in their free skate? How does that even work? She fell on her throw triple and he fell on their side by side triples. WTF. They aren’t “that” good otherwise to have deserved to be on the podium. I’m scratching my head here.

    See, in my mind, a fall should not constitute a medal. Period. End of story.

    And they obviously need to change this whole Team figure skating thing if half-way through the competition their fates/placement has been sealed. So freakin stupid.

    Why did Sochi get selected in the first place for a winter Games when it’s not even cold enough for snow??? That’s another question.

    The whole thing boggles my mind.

    • Karlie Says:

      I think it was because they were so far ahead after the short program that it wasn’t enough to knock them completely off, but I generally agree…two falls? Really? I was rooting for the Chinese pair to medal.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Yes, Karlie is part right. They were only 5ish points away from first place in the SP, so they had a lead over the other people going in.

        The other part of it is the difficulty and execution of the other elements that they didn’t fall on. In gymnastics, it’s like comparing Maroney’s Amanar to Aly’s Amanar. They both can do it, but the execution very different. The points they built in their other elements (plus the lead they had in the SP) were enough to keep them on the podium.

        My heart breaks for them, because they really are wonderful skaters. But truth be told, they choked. I agree with the fall thing Sanity…but just like gymnastics…it’s points/difficulty over execution. Falling isn’t penalized enough…it’s only 1 point. For the triple axle throw at the end, they got credit for the jump (because it was fully rotated) then they started to deduct from there. Even with a fall, it still earned a few points for them.

        They are honestly a fantastic team, but choked when it really mattered.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I get that they are a good team but honestly I don’t think falling should allow you a medal. I can’t think of any competition in the past where falling twice in the free skate would give you a medal unless all the other teams/people fell.

        I wish they’d give us the total potential score of the programs so we’d have a basis of comparison. I have no clue how this scoring works and frankly I feel like it’s fucked up and stupid since it seems like the numbers come from a hat.

        Not a fan obviously.

        And I’m definitely not a fan of this Team event. Stupid. Now that Russian skater is the youngest gold medalist figure skater ever? Stupid considering this is the first year they have this stupid “team” event. It’s just a reason to give out more medals.

        I mean if they had this Team thing in the ’90s Kwan would have been a gold medalist two times over probably.

        I could go on how stupid it is but I should stop.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Lol. You crack me up. 🙂

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear before, but I actually agree that people with falls shouldn’t metal. I was just trying to explain why it happened in this case. It’s all because a fall is only minus 1 point. When a triple lutz jump is worth 6ish points, you can see that it really doesn’t matter if you fall. It isn’t penalized enough.

        I think the same thing is jacked up in vaulting. Maroney, Chung Fei (Spelling?), etc. should never have metaled. In both cases (skating and gymnastics), the scoring system is at fault.

        And please….rant away! The team event had loads of problems. The fact that the LP wasn’t weighted heavier (like in single events) was stupid to me. Everyone used their “best” people to begin with to ensure they made the top five. But when the top five competed, we had a bunch of no-names at the LPs, because the SP placements had already placed people where they needed to be. There was very little movement in ranking during the LPs…and it made the event boring. This is one of MANY things that bugged me about the team event. LPs should count MORE than SPs. If that were the case, Plushy wouldn’t have faired so well. PLUS, he would have competed against harder skaters (Chan, That awesome Japanese guy, etc.) if the LP was worth more. The best guys would have been saved for the LP.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Thanks for explaining the point system. So it’s basically very similar to vault in gymnastics. Go for an insanely hard one and even if you fall on it, the deductions won’t necessarily kill you. It’s how that one Pena girl always makes it into vault finals without landing that inane vault she tries and splats on time and time again.

        I think there needs to be way more deductions for a fall then. Call it 5 points. That puts that other American (Jason? The one with the ponytail) at even more of a disadvantage for not having a quad. He can land 10 triples nicely and still fall short of the dude who falls on his quad and lands 8 triples. That makes no sense to me, and should be fixed. The sport shouldn’t be about jumping, it’s supposed to be about so much more than that.

        I mean even in slopestyle and the halfpipe you can do an insane trick, fall, and not medal – why is snowboarding scoring more fair/sane than gymnastics and figure skating, two sports that have been around for much much longer than since 1998 in the Olympics..???

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        No worries. 🙂 You are exactly right about with your comparison of Pena style vaults and falling in skating. It the triple axle is done well, it’s around 10 points…so a fall means nothing if you only lose 1 point.

        The men’s LP was a joke, it showed this exact thing we were talking about. Happy with the metal standings, but the actual execution was horrible.

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