So much for truth in advertising. 2014 Olympic commercial

Before going any further in this blog I want you to write down the answer to this question.

What is missing in this commercial for the 2014 Olympics by Liberty Mutual ?

How about the other 6 members of the Gold medal 1996 Women’s Gymnastics team?

How do you make a commercial intended to promote the Olympic spirit and only give credit to 1 member of the team? and WTF is Bela in the commercial for. He wasn’t even the coach of the team.

I found the Liberty Mutual website but can’t find an e-mail to complain to. You can send them a complaint at this link like I just did.

I understand this is probably pointless but I am so over individual people getting all the credit while the rest of the team gets forgotton.


10 Responses to “So much for truth in advertising. 2014 Olympic commercial”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    This is all that four year fans remember. They don’t see an abused child that was forced to sport with a broken ankle. When they didnt even need the score.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Great critique of Gabbys movie

  3. GymMom Says:

    Another appearance by Shawn’s double-chin at a “do something healthy” event. It’s just so ridiculous that Shawn is espousing health & fitness when she is such a poor example. The skin-tight leggings & over-sized sweaters cannot disguise her double-chin. Unlimited supply of over-priced Nike shoes, Nike gear, access to the best food money can buy, trainers etc. and she still has a double chin? And not even her new job with the BTN in front of the camera is incentive for her to get in better shape. There are women more than twice her age who look better than she does. Sad.

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