Olympic Ice Skating team competition and we need your help

My new friend here Catherine Ryan needs our help. She wrote up this blurb below and if you want to help we would very much appreciate it.



You can e-mail Catherine and you can leave comments here at the blog.



Hello GTT-readers!

My name is Catherine Ryan and I am a longtime reader of this blog. Besides spending my time reading snarky comments on this site, I also pen a weekly countdown column for Uni-Watch. Uni-Watch is (as you can guess) a uniform/equipment focused blog and is an extremely thorough and fascinating blog for anyone interested in that side of sports. So, why am I here? Well, I’ve been tasked with counting down the top costumes in figure skating at the Olympics this year. While I am well aware that this is primarily a gymnastics blog, I know some of you follow figure skating and have strong opinions (which I love). GTT has graciously allowed me to “crowd source” her readership. I will post the schedule of events below. If you have thoughts, opinions, comments, etc. regarding any of the costumes/music/performances you see throughout these events, I will include your comments in my post! Nothing is too snarky or inappropriate! GTT will be offering her thoughts as well and I’d love to include more readers! If your thoughts are extensive and don’t feel like hijacking a post, feel free to shoot me an email at Catherine.M.Ryan10@gmail.com. Thanks again to GTT for allowing me to post!

Schedule of Events (by category)


Team Men Short Program (Feb 6)

Team Men Free Skating (Feb 9)


Team Ladies Short Program (Feb 8)

Team Ladies Free Skating (Feb 9)


Team Pairs Short Program (Feb 6)

Team Pairs Free Skating (Feb 8)


Team Ice Dance Short Dance (Feb 8)

Team Ice Dance Free Dance (Feb 9)



Pairs Short Program (Feb 11)

Pairs Free Skating (Feb 12)



Men’s Short Program (Feb 13)

Men’s Free Skating (Feb 14)



Ladies’ Short Program (Feb 19)

Ladies’ Free Skating (Feb 20)



Men’s team SP Results

1 HANYU Yuzuru JPN 97.98 52.55 45.43 9.18 8.96 9.11 9.04 9.14 0.00 #10
2 PLYUSHCHENKO Evgeny RUS 91.39 48.18 43.21 8.75 7.93 8.96 8.64 8.93 #4
3 CHAN Patrick CAN 89.71 44.03 45.68 9.21 9.11 9.00 9.11 9.25 0.00 #9
4 YAN Han CHN 85.52 46.59 38.93 8.14 7.50 7.68 7.79 7.82 0.00 #7
5 AMODIO Florent FRA 79.93 40.86 39.07 7.93 7.18 8.11 7.71 8.14 0.00 #8
6 LIEBERS Peter GER 79.61 43.50 36.11 7.29 7.07 7.18 7.32 7.25 0.00 #6
7 ABBOTT Jeremy USA 65.65 27.22 39.43 8.00 7.75 7.64 8.11 7.93 1.00 #5
8 GODOROZHA Yakov UKR 60.51 32.26 28.25 5.82 5.46 5.68 5.61 5.68 0.00 #3
9 PARR Matthew GBR 57.40 29.71 27.69 5.68 5.36 5.61 5.54 5.50 0.00 #1
10 PARKINSON Paul Bonifacio ITA 53.94 28.08 27.86 5.71 5.11 5.68 5.57 5.79 2.00 #2


Complete Results

Here is a link to the 2014 Figure Skating pictures on getty images. I am having a hard time finding individual pictures so this will have to do. Not to mention so far I like a lot of the outfits I am seeing.

I like the outfit worn by Patrick Chan. Its grey and black but like Plushenko the theme to this Olympics seems to be strip club or tacky Saturday night fever. Both have low necklines that look like their routine should include stripping off their shirts mid Triple axel.

Maxim Trankov looks like Georg Von trap (Sound of music) Tatiana Volosozhar’s dress is pretty but I hate the thing around her neck. It looks like it belongs on an episode of the TV show, Something borrowed something new before they remake the dress. It should be destroyed and thrown away.

The American pairs team Castelli and Shanapr are in all black, His outfit is rather blah and mesh skating outfits compare to pepto pink Nastia leotards at the Olympic games. Um no.

This picture of Jeremy Abbot pretty much sums up his performance and outfit all in one. ” Why”

The ugliest outfit going at this Olympics belong to the Italian pairs leading man, Ondrej Hotarek. There is nothing hot about those pants. Stephania’s outfit is pretty minus the yellow at the bottom of it.

I love the color of this shirt but I have never seen pleats in a shirt before. Good thing this kid can skate. (Yuzuru Hanyu )

See Jeremy Abbot.

Staying alive. Staying alive

This outfit should be red. It kind of looks like he has been sewn up after heart surgery.

I am not even sure how to describe this outfit but its fitting to end this blog on it.


14 Responses to “Olympic Ice Skating team competition and we need your help”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Call me out of it, but what is this “team” stuff for figure skating? Do they all perform long and short programs in a team AND individual competition?

    Sounds kind of…lame? Like a venture to be able to capture more medals since in figure skating you used to only be able to capture one, at most?

    Figure skating is an individual sport, so I don’t think I get it. Why don’t they just crown a short program champ, long program champ, and total combined champ then if they want more medals rewarded? Sheesh.

  2. Case Says:

    Wow Jeremy Abbott screwed the pooch on the short program.

    Bring on the ice dancing!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      What do you mean screwed the pooch? Wait, the Olympics is already on? I thought opening ceremonies were tomorrow lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        So did I:)

      • Case Says:

        Opening ceremonies are tomorrow but i most definitely watched Jeremy Abbott fall on his ass tonight. And I also watched some hippies snowboard down railings and benches.

  3. tulip Says:

    Catherine, I’m not a figure skating expert but I always watch and check out the costumes. I’m also a huge fan of snark so I thank you for the invitation to participate. Good luck too. I’m sure it’s fun for you.

    And is it just me or did Evgeny’s costume look like he’d cut open his chest and bled out. Geesh. Helluva skate tho.

  4. CMR Says:

    Love the comments so far. GTT went above and beyond with her thoughts…can’t wait for more events! 🙂 LOL’d at the heart surgery comment.

  5. lovelucas Says:

    Team competition grew on me, especially this last day. Also – NBC’s commentary team of Tara (not ever a fan) and Johnny is so much better than the night crew. Tons better. Scott Hamilton hurts my ears and neither he nor Sandra Bezik even have the new technical knowledge to be accurate in their reporting. Only problem with the Weir/Lipinski combo is the constant fawning over Tara by Terry Gannon that seems to be a required element at every broadcast. Prefer Gannon over Hammond, though.

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