The Terrific Terrible Tuesday. The one and only Ziqi


More Videos from the Mexican Open.

Little Ziqi is the last of a breed for me. Since the retirement of Jiang Yuyuan I don’t find myself loving the Chinese gymnast as individuals anymore. Not like I used to in the days of Ling Jie anyway but little Ziqi who is now starting to look the age she is supposed to be is kind of my last hope. She needs to stop this falling crap and live up to her damn potential.

Maybe she is waiting until 2016.


I don’t think I saw a single leg separation on Sophie Scheder’s entire Uneven bar routine. She had flat feet sometimes through the routine but those legs were together and that impressed me. NO ONE does this anymore. Kyla used to but now she has even gotten sloppy with the feet.

You can find more videos from the DBT team event here at Piibunina’s You tube Channel


I am working on some blog posts for the next few weeks including what G.T.T wants for Christmas, My sportspersons of the year and we will see what else I can come up with.

ArabianPunchFronts Tumblr has a scene with Mckayla on Bones. Mckayla better stick to being a Love the compulsory music used as her floor music.

Anna Pavlova’s beam routine from the Veronin Cup. She placed second overall


21 Responses to “The Terrific Terrible Tuesday. The one and only Ziqi”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Ziqi should just pretend she fell twice on beam before she even mounts it. She looked pretty solid after the second fall. Tells me she’s totally psyching herself out mentally. After falling it was like “eff it” and there were no mistakes almost.

    Funny how I’ve gotten so used to leg separations it looked weird to me on that second video.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Scheders bar routine was nice. I almost mind the flat feet because those legs were glued together.

      Poor Zeng. I hope Chinas new revamped training methods do her some good.

  2. Karlie Says:

    Wow, Pavlova’s been doing that mount–not to mention that first pass (though she doesn’t appear to connect it anymore) for 10 years! Crazy.

    IMO Scheder was underscored in EF at Worlds. Except for the flexed feet, I thought her routine was really nice; I really liked it.

    • Case Says:

      Love that bar routine from Scheder. Hope to see more of her.

      GTT – Is Ellsbury a surprise of did you all see that coming?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I saw it coming. You could tell that Jacoby was just passing through. It was all about the Benjamins for him.

        I said to myself 3 years ago do NOT get attached. You know he will become a Yankee and it will just piss you off. I am so glad I talked myself into this so long ago.

        I remember getting in this fight on tumblr with a girl who insisted Jacoby loved Boston and wanted to be here forever. I wish I had my tumblr to go tell her she is a fucking

      • Case Says:

        Yeah, I just hate that he went to the Yankees.

        You may find that AJ Pierzynski signing to be a sneaky good one. That guy is a first class asshole (dealt with him for years when he was with the White Sox) but a really decent catcher.

        So far the Tigers get an A+ for moving Fielder’s contract and signing Joe Nathan and an F- for giving Fister away for three players I’ve never heard of. Hopefully our GMs grand master plan works out.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        My brother and I have hated AJ for but I have been reading good things about him too.

        Red Sox players have no loyalty to the red sox. Not even Ortiz does. The only player that wants to be here and never seems to make an ass out of themselves is Dustin. He took what would have been less money to stay here (signing early) because he says this is his home.

        I knew this was going to happen but I still can’t deal with it. I am so over players that have no loyalty.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Joe Nathan! He was one of my favorite Twins (when he was a Twin) players…you guys were smart to sign him. He was awesome to watch.

      • Karlie Says:

        Nava and Koji seem to have some loyalty to Boston as well…and I’m still holding out for Xander to become the next Red Sox star. But we also saw Ellsbury coming (leaving?), sadly. Damn it.

        My 14 year-old sister was so mad when Youkilis went that she cut up her Youkilis jersey (I told her not to buy it in the first place, but did she listen?). Wonder if my cousin is ripping up his Ellsbury shirt as we speak.

      • Karlie Says:

        of course with that said, it’s possible that I’m biased because of my adoration for both Nava and Koji, but ah well, at least they’re still in Boston.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Its nice to see legs and feet together on bars for a change

  3. Catherine Says:

    Zeng Siqi. There is a girl on the NT called Li Ziqi though.

    I think she’s done. She has been a disaster for months now and before that even when she was hitting it was still off because she has no endurance and her full routine was always a problem in that regard. I feel like she’s had enough chances but who knows, she could emerge from winter training stronger and more consistent. It’s sad, she is affected still by an ankle injury she got in 2011. Before that she had a DTY.

    • Catherine Says:

      The next generation are great, unsurprisingly some quality beam workers.

      Wang Yan 2015. DTT, Rudi (in the works), 6.5-7 BB. All arounder.
      Yuan Xiaoyang 2015. Vaulter
      Lv Jiaqi 2015 Beam, old school style.
      Liu Tingting 2016 AA. Looks powerful
      Luo Huan 2016 it, routine of the year.
      Fan Yilin 2015 UB, BB.
      Qin Chang 2015 BB
      Wang Wei 2014 FX, VT

      Check them out on YouTube, all on piibunina’s channel. Note only one new senior next year of note, the rest are later in the quad which is bad news for home worlds next year, depth is just not there.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        What are yourtthoughts on yao jinnan Catherine? For some reason i cant get into her gymnastics anymore. I want to see the 2011 yao jinnan. This one is becoming kind of a headcase.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yao has not been fully healthy in quite a while, so that’s the problem. You’ll notice other than looking healthier (she’s thinner now) in 2011, she also had higher difficulty, especially floor. She also held onto skills that weren’t working for too long and that ruined Antwerp for her – the tucked full and, much as I love it, the Mo. The full if it was landed was always so low that deductions mean it wasn’t worth doing and the Mo’s hit rate wasn’t great and also invited deductions with dynamics and catching with her legs almost hitting the bar.

        I am hopeful Yao will continue but I think she has peaked. She was very consistent at NG really considering she was competing injured. I have higher hopes for Shang Chunsong who is extremely gritty, determined and surprisingly powerful. She needs to bulk up a bit for vault, I hope she can but I don’t think she’ll grow much taller or anything because as I have said here before, she’s stunted thanks to malnourishment in youth.

        I think I will write a blog post on China’s juniors soon. Not much is written publicly about them. A lot of Chinese news is closed so I can’t share it, but still, I want to broadcast how fabulous their juniors are 🙂 When I did it as part of a series before I didn’t know enough.

    • Karlie Says:

      Hey Catherine, I feel like you would know this – on the beam, is the requirement specifically to have a backward salto and then either a forward or sideways salto? Or is it just two saltos in different directions, so that forward and sideways could suffice? (Still thinking about Aliya’s beam from Stuttgart..)

      • Catherine Says:

        I’m not a code expert but yes, you need an acro element in both backwards and forwards/sideways. An Onodi is considered forwards so Aliya’s quals routine was indeed wrongly credited with that CR. At least they copped, her TF routine had a BHS stuck in after the two aerials so fulfilled it. These elements have to be on the beam so can’t be dismounts.

  4. Dee Says:

    Siqi is the only Chinese gymnast I’ve ever actually took notice of (noone freak out LOL). I think it’s because I saw a video of her on beam at a Chinese Nationals or something and she was so little and cute…I can’t believe how grown up she looks in the above video! I can’t see them using her for much, though, if she competes like the above routine. I never really was able to get into the Chinese and their gymnastics beyond watching them in a team competition…I never followed them individually.

    • Catherine Says:

      She fell at worlds qualifying and in all 3 routines at national games. At this rate, fellow headcase Tan Sixin, has surpassed her hit rate and proved her worth on beam over Zeng Siqi. Not that TSX is consistent on any other event but she doesn’t need to be as it’s only really beam that ZSQ would ever be used on.

  5. GymMom Says:

    If I was Shawn, I would not be happy about them posting this awful photo of her working out. She looks like she’s gaining weight.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      There’s just that one picture? Her legs look fine. I wouldn’t be surprised though if she were gaining weight…first year of college, whoo whee…

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