Price takes DBT Pokel and ……………

I am going to combine all the Turkey weekend results into one blog because I see no point starting a new one with only 8 comments.

Maggie Nichols finished second and Peyton Ernst 3rd
at the Mexico meet.Didn’t Peyton fall twice on day 2? If that was true she would have finished with a 59 plus without the falls?

Anyone have individual scores? I will look around.

Elizabeth Price won the DBT Pokel.

USA-Gym article
Couch Gymnast report

1- Elizabeth Price: 58.032

Playlist of all 4 routines
Vault: 15.700
Bars: 14.466
Beam: 13.500
Floor :14.366

2- Larissa Iordache: 57.988

Playlist of all 4 routines
Vault : 14.933
Bars : 13.466
Beam : 15.166
Floor : 14.433

Bozo placed 5th for the men out of 8 and his scores weren’t all that bad ( he must have fallen off high bar) at the DBT Pokel.

Turkey Day Gymnastics Results

Anna Pavlova has finally wised up and switched Countries. She will now compete for Azerbaijan.

Anna’s best days are over but I can see her still making a Vault Event Final here or there. Good for her for finally realizing Russia did not appreciate her at all.

Sophina De Jesus will now represent Puerto Rico. She is currently competing for UCLA.

I am not a big fan of switching Countries but for Anna I think it is the right thing to do.


Bailey Key won the International Junior Mexican Cup



1 US -169.367 points.
2- Brazil -150.834
3- Mexico -149.232.

She fell on floor and beat Laurie Hernandez who fell off bars. Emily Gaskins came in 3rd but due to the 2 per Country rule she did not medal. Nica Hults fell all over the place and finished 4th (No medal due to the 2 per Country rule)

1. Key -56.901 ( 14.900 14.267 —— 13.267 )
2. Hernandez-56.567. ( 14.533 13.167 14.367 14.400 )
3. Martins (BRA)
4. Castro (MEX)
Gaskins- 54.466
Hults -51.999 ( 13.633

Laurie: 14.400
Nica: 11.633
Emily: 13.233
Bailie: 13.267

US on VT:


US Men finished 5th in the team event and missed the finals at the DTP Cup finals : Team Challenge


Full Results can be found here.


Facebook has an official page for the competition

Peyton Ernst is leading day 1 of the Mexico Open over Maggie Nichols. Peyton scored a 15.100 on vault and a 14.450 on bars. Maggie got a 15.250 on vault and a 14.250 on bars.


Another reason to hate Nastia. Its bad enough she is wearing THAT hat but what a bandwagon jumper.

The DTB-Pokal Stuttgart World Cup is also taking place.



52 Responses to “Price takes DBT Pokel and ……………”

  1. Karlie Says:

    Couple things:

    1. YES YES YES THE RETURN OF PAVLOVA. Obviously she isn’t the gymnast she used to be due to injuries and age, but I’m so so excited to see ehr competing again on the international stage. Word has it that she fought with Valentina a few years ago and that’s why she’ll never, ever make another Russian team even if they literally run out of gymnasts, so good for her.

    Side note: Inshina is also going to Azerbaijan and Valentina made one of her usual remarks when asked about Pavlova/Inshina, saying that they’re useless so obviously were let go, and also saying Inshina is “overweight with back problems” so she won’t amount to anything. Classy.

    2. Who is the girl in the last Stuttgart video (oh the beam)? I ran out of contact lenses and can’t tell, but her form is awesome. Also, I’m assuming that’s Aliya in the first video (again: bad eyesight…oops). Her acro series is completely different than it was at Antwerp – weird.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Lithi Says:

    I wonder who will be coaching Pavolva and if she will train in Azeri or still train in Russia. If Russia, far, far away from the Rodionenkos, they may try to sabotage her.

    • Karlie Says:

      She will continue to train with her mother, who has been her coach for the last few years. Apparently her mother will also now function as the national team coach for Azerbaijan.

    • Cee Says:

      I read she will be training in Russia still (under her mother, as the poster above me said). Hopefully FAR away from the Rods! Good for her for taking this step, she deserves better. I’m stoked to see her compete again.

  3. Catherine Says:

    There is big debate about Aliya’s series. Onodi’s are considered forward elements (debate about that) so that means..she’s missing a CR, -0.5. I loved the aerials, so well done.

    Inshina has been out for well over a year with back injury. Interested to see her return. Maybe they will take Demy too 🙂 It is kind of hilarious to see Rodionenko dismiss them as useless when she has a total dearth of top gymnasts. You are using Kramarenko and Rodionenko neither of whom outclass Pavlova.

    • TrishaG Says:

      Do you mean Kramarenko and Rodionova?

    • uglyfatkid Says:

      Onodi’s are considered a forward element? Even though it starts with a back-half? Is this internet talk or an officially FIG ruling for the element?

      If it is indeed a forward element, she should lose 0.5 for that beam routine…unless the are counting the BHS into the double back dismount the “backwards element”.

      Either way, I am happy to see someone who plays with their BB set. Everyone else has 1 routine that is the same thing every time. It’s nice to see her play with new combinations like the front arial combo. I am still pissed that she’s only doing a double back for her dismount though. I would be fine if she stuck it all the time, but she rarely does. If she can’t stick it, upgrade already.

      • Catherine Says:

        It’s in the code as forwards. The round-off into her dismount is a sideways element so it didn’t count for backwards and she was credited incorrectly.

        In team finals she added a bhs after the aerials. I just want her to stick to this routine now. Repetition is key so having 10 beam routines a year doesn’t help.

  4. biyatch Says:

    Im happy Ebee won in Stuttgart, she barely edged out Larisa who fell on bars but imo something was up with bars scores. With a fall Larisa, with a mess of a routine, was only 1 point behind Price, who hit pretty well. Ebee’s amanar looked fab. She could be valuable on the Worlds team next year on vt, ub and maybe floor if she decides to defer.

    • Catherine Says:

      There is discussion that Ebee’s bail was hit and lost her 0.4 in difficulty. Also low double tuck on floor. We’ll see at Glasgow if both hit.

      • biyatch Says:

        Noticed the double tuck too, I always find it crazy when they hit the super difficult double double and double layout but the double tuck gives her problems. I also am not the biggest fan of her floor composition with the four double saltos. People were complaining about her music/choreo but I think this routine suits her so much better then when she tried to use Afans 2011 music and while the choreo is bland, you can tell that she was trying to sell it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hate to disagree but I really hated that floor routine. Everything about it but the tumbling. It reminds me of that shuffling music they used on tour. I don’t think she really tired to sell it either. She walked through it. I don;’t blame her though. Can we remember the last Parkette gymnast that could dance? Like Mihai and no bars coach Parkette doesn’t teach dance and if they do they need a new instructor.

        Funny thing is I thought she was overscored on every event but beam where I felt she was underscored. Her bars score might have been a little low too.

        I feel bad for Larissa who tanked Worlds but hits these types of events. Talk about wrong tome to peak.

        I kind of got the impression that Marta sent Price to this meet to be beaten by Larissa so she could find a subtle way to send her off to College without telling her she has no chance of making a world team but Elizabeth got back the Amanar and tumbling on floor and proved she might be worthy in a team final after all. Gotta love when gymnasts prove Marta

        I do find it interesting that all 3 US girls scored similar on bars at their international meets on the one event the US needs some help on, bars. None of them proved they could be a bars specialist not with the scoring.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Ive noticed with kylas added height that she doesnt do a double tuck as well as she used to.

      • Case Says:

        How’d Ferlito do? Is she pleased with the results? Lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She seemed happy enough albeit a little phony

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Does that e-mail address work. I want to send you an e-mail

      • Catherine Says:

        I do not like 4 double saltos either. Kyla is another. Most are using the 2.5-punchfront I suppose. It will be interesting to see what Stanford do with Ebee choreography wise. I thought her bars were too low- the bail rule is too strict, that her amanar was in and around the right score- so easy, great landing and the form was very good. Beam is hard to know, normally her leaps are bad but with the angle, hard to tell. Camera kept panning :/

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t have an issue with back tumbling per say because it is better than twisting every move or front tumbling cowboyed double fronts but I am pretty sure they had a rule in the 90’s code where you had to d both. SOUNDS good to me

      • uglyfatkid Says:


      • Catherine Says:

        Larisa is either injured (Olympics) recovering (worlds) or very flaky when it comes to big competitions or competitions where her opponents are fierce, like this and American cup. Most unlucky gymnast as far as big success and medals are concerned. I don’t think she has the big-match temperament, yet.

      • Case Says:

        GTT, If you are asking about my email, then yes, it does work.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Look for an e-mail from me. Either tonight or tomorrow

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That floor routine was shades of Gabby Douglas (in terms of music) and just blah overall. I wasn’t a fan. I liked her bars set though and figure if she adds difficulty she can get an edge there.

        Still kills me that the US needs bars the most yet none of the coaches seem to be focusing on it for their athletes in terms of having them become specialists at it. Do we seriously have no really good bar workers (other than Kyla, who needed to upgrade yesterday).

  5. biyatch Says:

    Peyton has now fallen off beam at her two major international assignments (Tokyo WC & Mex Open). She might be done in Marta’s mind. Marta likes girls who can hit, and Peyton has blown her two chances to prove she can deal with the pressure.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She should just go to College and be done with elite. She is one of the watchable gymnasts for me (th
      ere are not many of them) but if you can’t hit when needed then give it up.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Popa from Spain won. Maggie second Peyton 3rd. Peyton fell on floor and beam. Worse than she did in Japan……

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        How did Maggie lose this when she didn’t fall once and was ahead ?

      • Catherine Says:

        It seems to be that her beam score was wrong, 13.6 instead of 14.6 (Maggie). That fits as quick hits said it was hesitant and wobbly.

        Popa is a fabulous, underrated gymnast and her bars score was quite low here, she can do better than that.

    • Lis Says:

      Just curious, but where are you getting your info? I’m looking all over for Mexico coverage and can’t find it! Thanks!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Twitter had some info from that GGMB guy that does their video.

  6. Dee Says:

    Oh, I like hearing Anna Pavlova news!

    Did anyone think Ebee’s new music sounds like a remake of the song Gabby used in London? It sounds familiar. She looks good. I am still rooting for her to make a World team, although sometimes I worry that she won’t stay with Elite through this next quad. I hope so.

    I also love Larisa’s floor routine. I didn’t when I first saw it, but it has really grown on me. You have to respect the fact that she MOVES throughout the entire thing…just thinking about the endurance that takes is crazy.

    I’m so bored. Thank goodness for all these new videos from the meets the past few days.

    • Karlie Says:

      I *LOVE* Larisa’s new floor routine – initially I was a bit unsure about the music, but in retrospect I really, really like it. She sells it well and her dance is great – really fluid and filled with energy. She usually looks like she’s enjoying herself as well.

      Larisa seems to have the worst luck in terms of injuries and inability to hit her full potential on the big stage (ironically, not unlike Pavlova). I hope that she recovers well and has a big year net year! I desperately want to see her win big either on beam or floor on the World stage.

      • Dee Says:

        I know, I was bummed she didn’t have better results at Worlds this year…hopefully next year she will. I didn’t pay too much attention to her leading up to the Olympics but she has grown on me a lot since then (I was just so excited about Ponor being back haha).

      • Karlie Says:

        Poor injured little munchkin. Prior to the Olympics she was training an Amanar and because of her beam she got some buzz about her AA ability. Unfortunately she developed the plantar fascilitis right around that time and fell all over the place, plus the Amanar never appeared. Still, as much as I wanted Larisa to medal I was *pissed* that they took out Bulimar from BB finals because I love Didi.


  7. JAS4 Says:

    I like Ebee and I hope she can stick around for awhile and prove Marta wrong and make a Worlds team

  8. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think Biyatch is right. EBee was sent to lose to larissa ad go off to college. Peyton proved herself to be a pet that scores as well internationally as mykayla skinner would. Brenna Dowell hold your head high. At least you didnt embarass us at this meet last year like Peyton did this year. No excuses. Dont go to international meets and fall like gabby did in event finals.

  9. H Says:

    The floor score for Ebee and Larissa is 14.366 and 14.433.
    Does anyone know if Larissa has much lower d- score then Ebee?

    I thought that the judges were suppose to give for artistry (hm … yes, it is about taste but still,) does not Larissa present her floor routine with so called better artistry?

    • Catherine Says:

      Lower. Incomplete quad turn, no Silivas. (Iordache) They’re not giving for artistry, they’re taking away if it’s really bad.

    • H Says:

      Thanks Catherine!
      Yes, I meant taking away. Would be interesting to see/know when they actually do it and when they choose not doing it.

      • Catherine Says:

        I’d love to know what floor routines got it at worlds. Hopefully Hong un Jong’s. There’s suspicion Mai Murakami’s did 😦

  10. Akshay Says:

    Oh, since we were talking about Soap Operas here a few posts back… look who Carly (Who? :D) recently met:

  11. Exgymgurl Says:

    Nastia looks like shes preggo like Chellsie. or she just or a boob job hoping to be in maxim…

  12. sanitynmotion Says:

    Doesn’t speak much for that junior MX international cup assignment when the US girls can fall all over the place and the US still places 1-4…

  13. sportsfan Says:

    On the topic of switching countries, do you think Aly would compete for Israel if she doesn’t make the US squad come Rio 2016?

    • Gymbee Says:

      I think it takes time to switch though – there’s some rule that you cant do it unless you competed for the adopted country at worlds the year before.
      So I don’t think if she doesn’t get named to the team at trials she can just fly to Israel.

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