Secret Video

I am supposed to think twice before sharing:)

Here is the link if the embed did not work

The next Michelle Kwan ? Awww

Michelle’s husband has left his post as something or other in our lovely Government and rumor has him running for Governor of Rhode Island in 2014. We don’t need another bleeding heart democrat in Office but hey, at least it isn’t Massachusetts:)

Elite Calender for 2014

Baby Aly Raisman with expression and pointed toes and Princess Lea buns:)

Glasgow World Cup participants.

Full line up

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)
Elizabeth Price (USA)
Ruby Harrold (GBR)
Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)
Roxana Popa Nedlecu (ESP)
Asuka Teramoto (JPN)
Larisa Iordahce (ROU)

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR)
Andre Likhovitskiy (BLR)
Fabian Gonzalez (ESP)
Daniel Purvis (GBR)
John Orozco (USA)
Sam Oldham (GBR)
Masayoshi Yamamoto (JPN)


I am keeping this for the future in case I need to either be sick at the audacity of it all or laugh, which ever suits my feelings that day.

This is video of Nastia not making the Olympic team after half assing her routines only to be consoled by Marta.

Does anyone have a video of her interview on NBC after she screwed up twice and with her usual arrogant attitude proclaimed she would come back better than ever with her new harder routine in two weeks? That needs to be saved for future


21 Responses to “Secret Video”

  1. Akshay Says:

    GTT, you guys were lucky enough to have Brown for all of two years before Warren won in that race last year. Such a shame really that she did.

  2. Akshay Says:

    GTT, you guys were lucky enough to have Brown for all of two years before Warren won in that race last year. Such a shame really that she did.

    (Sorry, if you have a comment from me that’s waiting moderation, I typed in my email address wrong :P).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This State is very bad at electing people. My voting problem is I am a Republican with no money that follows the line of Democrat on almost every issue but immigration, welfare and gay rights so I often have to vote for the lesser of two evils which means republican because seeing people spend 30.00$ on ice cream using a EBT card with a 300 dollar Coach purse really rubs me the wrong way. I have seen this happen multiple times in recent years.

      No problem on the wrong e-mail address:)

      • Lithi Says:

        I’m intrigued and will probably regret asking this, but what is your stance on gay rights? Curious.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You should not regret asking me as long as you respect my side of the issue as I will respect yours and while being a democrat should have told you my opinion it is everyone deserves the same basic rights as everyone else. If gay people are stupid enough to want to get married like the straight people they deserve the right to do that. I am however against marriage in general but that is a whole other discussion one I have quite a bit with the boy. Which is totally off

      • Lithi Says:

        I didn’t know you were against marriage in general. I see your point on that. The gubmint really shouldn’t step in on those matters, especially if some are going to sit on their high horses saying only men can marry women and vice-versa. Marry a man, marry a woman, marry your shower curtain, I don’t give two flying fucks. Marriage for all or marriage for none, that’s how I look at it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yep. I say we ban all marriage then no one will have anything to fight over:) I am against marrying your shower curtain for the record:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I am “for” the notion of gay marriage in the fact that if gays want to marry and subject themselves to marriage as it stands, so be it. Go for it, have at it. Just don’t complain about all the legal ramifications of divorce, because guaranteed they’ll fall in that same stat as the national average – nearly 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce (thank you Hollyweird for driving up that stat).

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I added a comment to this one because I hit post too soon but I think it got lost in Word press.

        Basically, GTT I agree with you. Welfare recipients drive me nuts; especially when I see them all with their Disneyland passes and iPhones.

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    Wow amazing that when Aly got older the form turned to crap.

    That Nastia video where Marta is doing her strangulation aka consoling is comical.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Marta dumbs down their personalities on floor. I find it interesting that Aly swings bars great without a release move.
      The medal factory outside of Houston turns good gymnasts into flat footed robots that win medals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’ve heard this from someone else too about Marta. Makes no sense to me since I had thought she was “for” artistry (the way she talks sometimes about gymnasts – even before London she was praising Finnegan for her wonderful artistry) but after seeing what she was doing to Kyla I totally see she likely did this to Aly as well.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    There is a youtube of Nastia missing that bars shot from above the bars in the stands. She wasnt even close to getting the bar.

  5. Catherine Says:

    Here are 3 new skills of Simone’s in training, taken from BTR. I thought the Bhardwaj was cleaner when I saw it, but still so good. And the arabians are beautiful of course, with the tucked one begging for a half or even a full out. I think she’s on a rod floor kind of, but not a tramp.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Watch the feet it is not clean and she is having a little bit of feet issue with the piked arabian but the other arabian is beautiful.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yeah the Bhardwaj is sickling which I hate but I love that skill so much and her legs are together so it’s still good I suppose.

        With the Arabians I am blinded by the height even though it’s not competition surface and the knees and feet together. Double Arabians used to always be a little cowboyed or messy but the Americans are showing us how it should be 🙂

  6. Exgymgurl Says:

    Is this the Nastia Gem you wanted?

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    That was the one after classics where they sank Chellsie

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It could not have been classics because she didn’t compete bars. It had to have been Nationals.Maybe it was day 1. I can’t find it. I did not dream this

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    I remember that interview – think it was after Nationals day 2 – she said she was working on upgrading her routine (still) and it should come together better in 2 weeks or so (for Trials). She definitely hinted strongly at upgrades even though she couldn’t master her current set – laughable. I would try and look for it but I have like no time to. I’m still working so my sister’s friends can be sure to get their Disneyland passes and EBT cards. (Yes, bitter party of one here).

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