When secrets get leaked


   I love Elizabeth Price’s Aunt. She is like our very own spy inside USA-Gymnastics. She  tweeted this earlier today ( Thanks Gigi) I don’t think Marta will appreciate this kind of info being leaked to us mere mortals of the gymternet but I am glad it is being leaked non the less:)

Peyton Ernst and Maggie Nichols will be competing at an up and coming competition and apparently they were supposed to duke it out at camp for the right to compete but Marta has decided to send both.


17 Responses to “When secrets get leaked”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    EBees elite career is effectively done. I feel sorry that they are getting sent at all. Its like an international competition where gymnasts are sent to and never seen again.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I agree. The fact that shes not deferring until 2016 tells me shes ready to move on and will hold on until next fall to see if she can get more intl assignments such as make the world’s team.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    That’s very un-Marta like lol doesn’t she usually love camp battles lol

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      That’s true she usually does. It actually makes me think that she’s doing this because of the whole Brenna situation. Maybe something caught up with her and she’s trying to show that it’s all “fair” and everything isn’t so cut throat (even though we all know it is). The way she plays everyone against each other is eventually going to bite her in the ass. She’s made to many enemies with her BS promises. Hopefully there was backlash and now she’s trying mend her image…even though it is probably only temporary.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I am not surprised at all that Marta would want to make camp such a positive and uplifting experience for the girls. 😉

  4. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    The Glasgow line up was announced. Ebee has some tough competition on her hands! Any thoughts on whether she can come out on top? Here’s the lineup.
    Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)
    Elizabeth Price (USA)
    Ruby Harrold (GBR)
    Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)
    Roxana Popa Nedlecu (ESP)
    Asuka Teramoto (JPN)
    Larisa Iordahce (ROU)

    Also, I’m wondering if the Ernst/Nichols competition is the Mexico Open then. I think Afan is competing there. Do you think they have a chance to beat her? Will Marta have a nervous breakdown if we don’t come home with gold from both competitions?

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