What is missing from this picture? More reasons to hate Canada

First this is all I have to say about the Manager of the year award. It will be once I fix the word I left out.:)

Toronto cost Farrell the win by being bitter cheaters.

Alexi Bonderenko is still alive and still cute:)

What is missing from this picture?

Two of my favorite things of all time in the same room (technically the room is the favorite thing) and there is only ONE thing missing from this picture, ME. (Forget Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo is in the picture)

Michelle Kwan was at Fenway today with the 3 WORLD SERIES TROPHY’S that I have never seen in person and no one told me this was happening?



34 Responses to “What is missing from this picture? More reasons to hate Canada”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Damn I wish she were still like in her 20s and could go for gold in Sochi. I don’t even know who’s representing the US this year…I probably don’t even want to know.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You don’t. They all suck.

      Gracie Gold makes Terror Lipinski look like a ballerina on the ice. Ashley is overrated and the rest of them can’t even rotate their jumps.

  2. Uglyfatkid Says:

    I watched the cup of China and the cup of Japan (or whatever the hell it’s called), and both comps we interesting to watch.

    As GTT said, the American teams for men and women aren’t all that strong. I’ve never been a big fan of Ashley’s, and I watched Gracie for the first time in the Japan cup. Not that impressed with her either. Marai (spelling?) also performed in Japan…she was really disappointing. I loved her a few years ago, but now she’s just a head case.

    For some reason Carolina Costner bugs the hell out of me, and hope she doesn’t metal at the Olympics. She seems over rated for me.

    I hope Yuna, Mow (spelling?), and someone else takes the podium (in whatever order…just no Costner). The US girls just don’t have all the difficultly to contend with Yuna or Mow. In gymnastics, it’s like Biles vs. Maroney in the AA. Maroney is good on some events, but in the end BIles difficultly on all events completely shut out Maroney (at this worlds at least). Without the difficulty, there’s no point.

    I’m happy for Kyla for her worlds turn out, but had it been the same field as 2012…she would have suffered greatly.

    In the end, difficulty matters most in both sports…and the US figure skating girls are feeling it big time.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Mao Asada is streaky but I hope Yuna wins again. Either Yuna or any of the Japanese girls.

      You can’t stand Carolina because the judges love her even when she sucks and they over score her.

      I cannot stand Gracie Gold. She is so overrated and overscored. Standing up jumps 50% of the time should not give her the PCS she gets. She is like a truck on ice.

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        I agree. I really like the Japanese girls.

        That’s probably it with Costner. I see her skating and then the scores, and say WTH?? I don’t wish her harm, I just want other people to win.

        Gracie was just average to me jump wise. Her presentation was like a truck…great medifore.

        Does anyone think Evan L. will end up competing for the men?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t think he will. He is either not ready or injured ( he pulled out of Skate America) and I honestly think he should just stay retired. There is no way he is winning IN Russia. That being said everyone else sucks so if he can land 6 triples I say send him. Every other US guy is a waste of the spot.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Lol. Agreed.

      • Akshay Says:

        Wait… by Evan L. do you mean the guy Nastia dated or whatever?

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Nastia dated Evan Lysacek the figure skater? Ewww.

      • TrishaG Says:

        Evan Lysacek is done. His last competition was the Olympics. He keeps injuring himself once he gets all of his triples back and starts trying quads. His body keeps crapping out on him and seems like he’s in denial about it. He’s actually putting in the work though, according to other skaters at his rink and his coach. More than can be said for other recent Olympic “comeback” attempts…

        Nastia thought she was dating him and said something to that effect in an interview or something. Evan was very quick to say they were just friends. Valeri is more Evan’s type 😉

  3. Case Says:

    Wow Toronto, that’s really shitty.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The lady from ESPN didn’t even put Farrell on the list. This whole thing is BS.

      I swear Miggy better win MVP because these reporters are too stupid to get it right. I thought last year they were going to give it to Trout because they kept saying that the triple crown wasn’t a big deal even though it has not been done in 40 plus years.

      • Case Says:

        For what it’s worth, I totally would’ve voted Farrell. The turnaround was really extraordinary. You’re lucky to have him.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am not even a big fan of him but what he did with a bunch of guys no one wants is pretty incredible. He was robbed. Francona played bad teams besides Detroit to end the season and got lucky.

  4. Lithi Says:

    If this has already been mentioned, sorry but someone at WWGym posted about Dominique Dawes being pregnant.

    • gymnerd Says:

      There was also a little cat fight at WWGym about Gabby not thanking her Excalibur coaches. Is Dawes married? GGMB always accused her of being gay. Then again, GGMB tried to accuse everyone of being gay.

      • gymnerd Says:

        Oops, NM, the Gabby cat fight was on IG. What’s the average age on that board, 12?

      • Lithi Says:

        I heard she was engaged, I assume Dawes got married.

        I’ve never been to GGMB so I don’t know what that’s like. So if GGMB is saying everyone’s gay s/he may want to look in the mirror, talk about projecting.

        I wondered about the average age of IG myself. There was a poster famous for starting shit who finally got banned. He was a huge Gabby fan. Just about every thread pertaining to Gabby has been locked because of fighting. *shakes head*

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        GGMB is full of gay people. Doc started it so people could discuss whatever they wanted and then they got too big for their britches and started stalking gymnasts and now one of them is the guy that runs all the live video we get from competitions. Another just became a judge and I don’t know where Chalkybutt (Emanuelle)(sp) came from no where. She was not an original member unless she used a different name.

        It is kind of hilarious how they wormed their way into USA-Gymnastics.

        When Doc let Abomb take over the place went to hell. Abomb hates Doc and bad mouths her behind her back and she won’t listen. Doc used to be very nice now she is just clueless.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Dawes is engaged. I don’t think she is married yet. The rumors about her being gay are long. Its part of fame if you are not married you are gay. Look what the media did to Mike Piazza. He was cute, single and older and un-married so the media said he was gay.

        The rumor os her being pregnant was from GGMB. They said she tweeted she was pregnant but no one could find the tweet.

    • biyatch Says:

      Dont y’all remember… Dawes called the day Gabby won the AA the best day of her life because of Gabby’s win and because she got engaged.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I remember the interview where she kept interrupting Gabby and saying things like, so I was your idol. That was funny.

  5. gymnerd Says:

    Tell us how you really feel, GTT.

  6. biyatch Says:

    Btw, Price signed her NLI to Stanford and Dowell to Oklahoma. Wondering if they’re planning on deferring next fall in hopes of making the worlds team Macko style.

  7. Gymbee Says:

    So who finds it interesting that some hours after Aly posts a photo of Mihai helping her on bars, Jordyn adds a video of her bars training. Neither of them usually post much gym stuff. Probs reading too much into it but found it interesting.

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