Dominique Moceanu’s Hall of Fame speech


Where do I start?


She hates Bela and refuses to mention his name during this speech yet she thanks her father, calls him misunderstood and dedicates her induction into this joke of a Hall of Fame to her dearly departed daddy? Give me a break Domo.


EVERYTHING that ever happened to you as a child gymnast is 100% all on your dearly departed hired hitman for money. He sent you to Bela knowing what kind of person he was. He then let Bela have free reign on your physical and emotional well being. How the hell do you still hold such hate for Bela and give that man you call a father  a free pass? I understand forgiving your mother to a point because she was “abused” by your father but the rest of this speech is complete stupidity it makes me wonder if Dominique should be committed.  She is in serious need of therapy.



Can someone explain to me what is so hard to understand about this code? Yes there are a lot of things confusing about it when it comes to connection bonus and skills but adding and subtracting is learned in 1st grade and if the every 4 year fans can’t understand math then that is on them not the scoring system.


17 Responses to “Dominique Moceanu’s Hall of Fame speech”

  1. exgymgurl Says:

    She’s just upset she didn’t get to hang out with Rhonda fehn this weekend. None of the 1996 ers were there…..

  2. Case Says:

    Lol this blog post was spitting venom and I loved it.

    I’m not watching that speech. I know I’d regret it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She makes no sense. She basically thanks all 23 of her coaches and only names 2 and at the end she says her dad was misunderstood. OMG YOU are the one that told the world he hired a hit man and stole all your money.

      You have to watch it to understand how phony and stupid she sounds. She pisses me off because she is so damn phony I just want to find her and shake some sense into her.

      YOUR FATHER is the one that put you in the situation not Bela. He took advantage of it but your father is the reason it all happened. She is still so bitter that Marta didn’t let her compete at Nationals it screws up any attempt she might have at using common sense.

      Nastia is a bitch but she owns it. Dominique is just delusional.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m guessing she’s more forgiving of her father because of the blood relation, but bitch please. If you are going to play the victim card, over and over and over, at least keep your stance.

    And I hate her dress. It’s like one of those I bet she was pulling up all day long.

    Sorry, catty here.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Sleeveless dresses are for skinny people. Moceanu is not skinny

      • Tortuga Says:

        It just makes her upper body area in the chest and arm pits look doughy because it is so tight. I don’t like sleeveless dresses on myself because I constantly have to pull it up and that is not attractive nor comfortable thinking you might have a nip slip all night lol. I think I listened to this awhile ago, but don’t remember it really. I might give it a listen and comment later.

      • Karlie Says:

        haha I have the same problem – my cousin tried on a sleeveless/strapless dress like that when she was shopping for wedding gowns and I remember thinking “you don’t want to have to pull it up while you’re standing on the alter…”

  4. Dee2 Says:

    OMG, at first , her dress looked like an old-timey strongman suit you would get for Halloween!

    Dom is a mess. I think she said nice things about her father to make her mother feel better. But yes, both her parents were compliant in Karolyi-tastrophy.

    I hope she is taking meds and going to therapy.

  5. Katie Says:

    Yes, the dress just doesn’t look good on her. She could have worn something much more flattering. I remember in the YouTube comments people were talking about how bad she looked and she showed up and got pissed.

  6. Lithi Says:

    I nosed through her Instagram the other day and I saw that during that Pro Gym Challenge she wore a necklace with the Olympic rings. (*sigh*) Not to mention around 21st August of last year she took a pic of her medal for shits and giggles and there was an event around that time where some Brit pop singer was posing with it. I swear, she sleeps with that gold medal and her husband sleeps on the couch.

    Yeah, that girl has some issues. It’s almost to the point I’m starting to pity her.

    • Lithi Says:

      Just found this: a pic of Bela and Marta in her Instagram but bashing as usual. Griping about the selection committee for the 2012 Olympic team. And all the comments are kissing her butt.

      • Gymbee Says:

        She’s probably mad they won gold and made her even less relevant.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I remember her tweeting or something about how Marta had apparently already made up her mind on the team – when ASac was vaulting Marta wasn’t even looking at her.

      • Katie Says:

        Lol she is nuts. I get that she is pissed off about how they coached her but she makes a big deal about everything. When Kerri strug got married she took a picture of bela and Kerri posing for a different camera and made some rude comment about bela. It’s like jeez enough already get over it. I wonder what happens when the three of them are in the same room.

      • Karlie Says:

        the whole “when did Bela get onto the selection committee” is a little laughable. Bela is Marta’s husband and he ran the program for so long that clearly he’ll have a say even if he’s not “officially” involved.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Exdactly. Bela is involved even if his name is not on the decision making list and anyone that thinks differently is clueless.

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