Hi. How’s it going? Pretty sucky on my end so I thought I would blog to calm my nerves and stop me from doing something stupid like throwing my computer at the television (Joe Buck will do that to you) so I thought I would start a discussion on the subject of reputation in gymnastics.


Back in the 80’s and 90’s if you were a new gymnast first on the scene as a senior there is no way you would go to Worlds and win the AA. It just never happened. You had to have a reputation. You had to have won something as a gymnast to win any kind of AA medal but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Look at Simone Biles. First year senior. She competed at the American Cup. A few meets outside of the US that Marta could control, she  won Nationals then went to World and became World AA champion.  Sure she deserved it but if this was 1983 or 1993 it never would have happened. It might not have been fair but I understood it in a way. Earning your way in this world happens in all aspects of life. You don’t get to go into a law firm as a first year attorney and become Law partner over night. You have to prove yourself.

Back in 1991 Kim Zmeszal, Svetlana Boginskaya and Christina Bontas were 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Worlds but followed closely in 4th, 5th and sixth were Tataiana Gutsu, Shannon Miller and Lavinia Milosovici. Those 3 would end up being the medalists at the Olympics the very next year ahead of the 3 winners from 1991. They weren’t quite as good as the 91 medalists until 92 but even if they were they still would have remained in 4th, 5th and 6th. It was something we as gym fans all understood even if we didn’t agree with it.


Just something to think about and keep my mind off…………………………..   other things:)


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  1. JAS4 Says:

    I think the change in that is partially due to the change in scoring systems because now even though scoring is still subjective (as we all know) it is less subjective with D and E scores being counted than it was under the 10 scoring system

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I know why it now doesn’t matter but I guess if the judges wanted too they could still under score the higher start values. I just needed a blog to distract and this is all I could come up with.

      • JAS4 Says:

        In recent years instead of underscoring up and coming gymnast compared to gymnast with a reputation it seems more like underscoring/overscoring is just done according to who ever Nellie,Marta, and company want to win or lose lol

  2. Case Says:

    At least Farrell finally pinch hit for Drew, so that’s positive. Wish the Sox could find a way to get Napoli’s bat in the lineup in NL parks. He’s full of October magic too.

    As a fan of neither team, I can objectively attest the announcers are slanted to St. Louis. It’s gross.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Is biased bull shit that Fox won’t admit.

      Drew is out but then Papi messes up and now its all going to h.e.l.l.

      • GymMom Says:

        Why was Craig even playing if he was hurt? It’s like the umpires felt sorry for him & called the obstruction. A World Series game shouldn’t end like that!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I went to bed and the first I heard about this was this morning. I was following on my boyfriends phone. I get the call was right as constituted but when the player from the other team stops you from getting out of the way by putting his hands on your back so you can’t get up the rule should be changed.

        It should also be changed if a player is diving for the ball. Middlebrooks was trying to stop a throw. Intent should very much matter.

        I am so glad I went to bed before I saw the play of I would have never gone to sleep.

        My mother is a riot. She calls me today and tells me about a book she has where she wrote the name Jim Joyce in it because he screwed the Red Sox a few years ago. She can’t remember the play it happened on but Joyce is always the umpire screwing the red Sox. He did it game 1 (I don’t remember the series) where he kept calling balls strikes against the Red Sox. I thought it was Detroit

        He is biased against us and MLB puts him in this series on purpose to screw the red sox. MLB wants us to be the losers who lose games like this and never beat the Yankees and with the Cubs being pathetic and not getting to the playoffs in order to lose this way they expect us to be that lovable loser team instead.

        I am done. I am never buying another baseball ticket again. I refuse to support this sport with my money. It might sound cocky but the fact is the Yankees and Red Sox are the only two teams that bring in the ratings and the only way to get the sport to do things fairly is to hit them in the pocketbook.

        I have not been back to the fleetcenter since 2005 thanks to the Celtics. They don’t own the building but I am not giving money to anything associated with that building and as much as I want to go to Nationals and worlds this year for skating I have decided not to.

        Do you know how rich I will be if I stop spending money on all sports.lol My tax check usually goes towards baseball tickets and that is over.

      • Case Says:

        Sigh…oh Jim Joyce. Yes, the Jim Joyce that cost my beloved Tigers a perfect (yes, perfect) game by missing the call on the very last out of the game. I share your discontent with him, for sure.

        Joe West was the ump for game 1 of the ALCS that you probably wanted to kill.

        Crazy crazy ending last night. I actually stayed up to watch and couldn’t believe it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I went to bed with the guy on first. My bf’s phone said they were bringing in Koji. Then I saw the hit, brushed my teeth. Came back and saw we lost and never clicked to see why.

        Right call yes but I have seen picture where Jim isn’t even looking at the play yet he made the call. There is no way they would have called it against Saint Louis.

        Time the Red Sox get mad and start hitting. They need to make a statement tonight.

        Why do these games get later and later every night? 10.15? God I hate fucking fox

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        Last nights game was prolly later because of football.

  3. Case Says:

    Oh my word, what a freaking game right now. Always liked Nava. Glad to see him making things happen tonight.

  4. Catherine Says:

    I don’t think it really applies to those at the top, or those from the big 3 (China get underscored). But it does to those further down the list from a nobody country. Oh you’re from Hungary and you’ve been competing all year with perfect execution even at Euros a fairly big competition…here’s a 7.7 e score for your floor. Noemi Makra is stunning and never gets the execution scores she should have. She has the greatest pike full in ever done, and her other events are so super clean too.

  5. mimi Says:

    chuso on bars… as an almost 40 yr old who has had kids…

    she’s seriously a BAMF.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    I totally agree – figure skating used to be the same way. The newbie would do a great routine but somehow get overscored by the slop/flop routine presented by a veteran who happened to even fall once but still got a better score because, well, just because. They were known. Or they were Russian (SLUTSKAYA). Bleck.

    Gabby wouldn’t have won either back in the 80s/90s. But then again, I think a big reason why this whole thing is the case is the age rule. If the age rule were the same back then you wouldn’t have Shannon even competing at that ’91 Worlds or ’92 Olympics – she would have been too young (I think she was 15 at the ’92 Olympics). I could go on as to who else wouldn’t have been as “known” during their wins for the age rule but I think you all get what I mean here.

    Who knows what that London, heck even Beijing, team would’ve looked like had the age rule been what it was in the 80s/90s…Ohashi would have had a really great chance at that bars/beam spot for London and…well maybe I’m going too off topic here.

    Basically, if not for the age rule Biles probably would have been more “known” by the time she won Worlds in 2013. This probably applies to a lot of current juniors now.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Hey someone actually read the blog. Good job Sanity

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I always read your blog 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No one else does. They just come to comment and occasionally bad mouth me behind my back while wondering why I never approved them on twitter 😛

      • Catherine Says:

        I sift through them, skip over anything baseball ha.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        One day I will learn to combine the two like GymBall or BaseNastics and you will be so confused.lol

        It should all be over by tomorrow night at this rate anyway then a few tears and I hate baseball posts and back to gym bloggging

      • Akshay Says:

        Wait, GTT, you got Twitter back??? What’s your twitter name?

      • mim Says:

        I read it but don’t know enough about the 80s/90/ to comment except that I like that a newbie can come in and win if they have the difficulty.

        and I don’t understand the baseball. my knowledge extends to softball played in the babysitters club books (so yeah NO KNOWLEDGE! haha).

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Mary Lou won in 1984 after only ever being seen in American cup internationally.

      • Catherine Says:

        Well they weren’t spoiled for choice. Szabo fell and there were no Soviets or anyone from the bloc like East Germans etc.

    • afroette Says:

      I wish we could go back to the 80s/90s with no age limit. The gymnastic competitions seemed much more impressive back then. Or maybe it seems different now because the routines are less graceful.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      I agree. It’s interesting how the age rule and just the difficulty of the sport changed the longevity of careers. I remember watching the 2003 worlds recently and Elfi and Tim talking about how it was the first time there was so many new girls coming up competing at Worlds for the first time. Now that’s just how it all goes.

      While we’re on the subject, I wish they would bring back the rule that let girls compete a year early when they become senior in the year of the Olympics.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Me too. That’s what allowed Shawn to win her world championship the year before Beijing. At Nastia’s expense, muahahaha.

      • mimi Says:

        i think that would be a good rule. it sucks that a gymnast with the ability can’t compete based on their age.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree. It is unfair to throw someone out there at an Olympics when they are capable of making the world team the year before. I really think Kyla would have benefit being at worlds and she would have taken Aly’s AA spot. It would have helped her in 2012. She did an amazing job but imagine the coinfidence it could have instilled in her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah that rule worked in Marta’s favor in keeping Kyla’s talent away/hidden from the masses. If Kyla were allowed to go to Worlds in 2011 (say, over Vega) she would have outscored both Gabby and Aly in the AA and likely competed in that second spot, and gained the confidence and reputation she would need heading into the Olympics. No watering down floor and leaving the amanar behind.

        As it was nobody knew her going into 2012 so most people would have been “ok” with Nastia going over Kyla, because “those young girls need a veteran leader.”

        My ass.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        Not even just Kyla. Sara Finnegan could have had more confidence last year as well. Plus people like Grishina and Iordache.

        I’m also thinking about 2016. Laurie Hernandez, Norah Flatley and Sydney Johnson-Scharpf all turn senior that year. I don’t think there’s any way all 3 can deal with that pressure and make the Olympic team. That’s gonna be tough.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Well, even though I hate Marta and think she breaks a lot of gymnasts, her camps and sh*t going in to the Olympics should sort out the mentally strong from the not-so-much in terms of the juniors turning senior that year. In 2012 we ended up with a very capable team in terms of mental toughness – even the weakest of the set (Gabby) was righted out by the likes of Aly and even McKayla. I think there have been plenty of gymnasts who have said that the Olympics itself was nothing compared to the camps/competitions leading up to the Games – like once those camps were over and you made the team, everything else was a breeze. Marta literally has that game of “last leotard standing” in that if you’re not injured and you’re hitting your routines, the likelihood of you making the team is very high. Your routines have to be competitive though in terms of D scores too.

        That last part is where Marta got to Kyla in 2012, and almost made it to where she very well could’ve been left behind (a la Vega). We all know Kyla is a beast when it comes to mental toughness (she proved that as a junior) so Marta’s only bet in stripping Kyla down to where she was vulnerable to not making the team was attacking her difficulty level. Water down your floor routine Kyla (meanwhile, Aly was adding to hers). Get rid of that amanar (Aly, make sure you have one). Keep your bar/beam dismounts, even though they are obviously too easy for you. That was the only way Marta was ensuring her “favorites” were making the team and competing for the all around. Up until then, Kyla was beating Aly easily. Marta’s decisions regarding Kyla forced Kyla into that bar/beam specialist spot, and we all know Marta was planning on taking Nastia until Nastia fell on her face and basically showed the world she wasn’t ready on an Olympic (or national) level. Kyla was just insurance in the event Nastia wasn’t able to complete a bar set.

        I’d bet Marta’s original alternates were going to be Finnegan, Kyla, and Ebee.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        I don’t necessarily believe that Kyla dropping the amanar had any other motive besides that she was having issues with it. She was waaaaaaaaaay over at Pac Rims from growing a bit. She did to it at Trials I believe because she was landing it well and then of course sat it down.

        It is true that the camps and such are so rigorous that the Olympics themselves probably feel like no big deal once they get there. I would have still loved to see Kyla at the 2011 worlds doing at least bars and beam instead of Sabrina Vega.

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    And BTW, sorry about that game. Sh*tty way to end it. I don’t know what you meant in your earlier post/reply about that rule where you can’t let the guy get back up but I don’t want to watch that play again. I was yelling at the TV because he wasn’t tagged, but then I guess the ump ruled it was an interference call.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I like how the Cardinal player said he thought it was the ump making the dumbest call ever in a world series until he saw the replay and read the rule. Hell even the Cards players thought it was bull shit.lol

      I think I said the Card player had his hands on Salty’s back keeping him down. How was he supposed to get up with a guy pushing him down.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Salty’s the third-base guy, right? Yeah I saw that. That’s allowed? My husband said it was only “OK “because it didn’t effect the play, whereas the play was affected by the Cardinal being tripped. Either way it all sucks. G’luck this next game.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Salty is the catcher. Middlebrooks is the third base guy and he can’t exactly see behind him when his face is in the dirt.lol

  8. Karlie Says:

    VICTORYYYYYY. WHat a weird way to end a game…don’t care, I’ll take it. The image of Uehara and Napoli hugging at the end was beautiful to see.

    • Case Says:

      Wow is all I can say. This postseason has to be the most nerve wracking ever. So many wierd things happening! Happy to see the Sox on the winning end this time.

      PS – I always read your blogs but right now it’s baseball season so I can’t focus on gymnastics, lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think these two teams are so evenly matched that its the little things that are winning games.

        Your Tigers starting pitching is so much better than the Cardinals IMO. We got to your middle relief where the Red Sox have actually hit ST Louis starting pitching like their ace and it took awhile but we hit Wacha too. Well Papi hit Wacha. Until our bullpen blew that game we were leading 2-1

    • lol Says:

      Uehara is going to be loved forever in Boston if we win this.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        We already love him but if we win he never pays for another meal in Boston again. Ask Kevin Millar and Dave Roberts. They will tell you.

  9. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Al Fong is getting pretty bold these days. I like it. It’s always nice to see a coach standing up for his athlete and putting her first. On the other hand is this a one way ticket to ncaa because no way will Marta give Dowell the time of day again? http://wogymnastike.blogspot.com/2013/10/dowells-coach-pulls-her-out-of-her.html?spref=tw

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      It’s nice to see him standing up for Brenna, but at the same time I wish they would have accepted one of the world cups. Just so she could have ended the season in a positive way and showed Marta that she deserved to do bars at Worlds.

    • Catherine Says:

      This is one for the diary, not an online blog. He has 3 elites and he already spurns the developmental TOPS programme..it’s in his interests to if not publicly support Marta’s decisions and USAG, then keep his mouth shut and save it for his retirement. It could backfire and I really hope he refused to send Brenna to Europe to rest her, and not out of spite because that’s pathetic.

      And LOL at a bars medal for Brenna. She does have lovely bars but the composition is letting her down. C’mon, a medal?

      • mimi Says:

        i agree – all well and good to speak out supporting brenna, but how will this impact sarah, sabrina and maddie?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        None of those are going to make the 2016 Olympic team. Finnegan will be broken way before then.

      • mim Says:

        finnegan still seems broken! I was shocked she was even going to supposedly go to a camp! I deadest had her dropping from elite to level 10 and focusing on college.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree I think she should do that. Her overinflated difficulty score on beam was always gifted with start values she didn’t deserve.

        She is a beautiful gymnast to watch the majority of the time but I don’t see her ever getting consistent enough to win.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        I think Gage gymnasts will always have a bit of a consistency issue because they don’t do the whole TOPS program thing. Say what you want about Marta but you learn how to compete going through that and get a lot of experience.

        Oh and Sara and Sabrina weren’t at Camp. Not sure where that info came from. USAG put up a picture of the line up at camp.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        Sabrina said on her ask.fm originally that both she and Sarah would be at camp this month and now she’s saying that they’ll both be going to the November camp.

  10. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    That’s what I’m thinking, Catherine. I don’t see how this is going to bode well for any gymnasts coming out of Fong’s gym, much less Brenna. Did any of his girls go to camp this month? I read that Sabrina Vega and Sarah Finnegan are supposed to be going to camp next month. Will this not make tension for all involved? Hmm. And I agree, SJ, it would be nice to see Brenna go out to the next competition and nail it for herself and throw her performance in Marta’s face rather than Fong’s words. I guess it’s tricky. Where do you draw the line? How much of Marta’s baloney do you take before standing up for your athlete? And let’s be honest, what good comes out of standing up for your athlete with Marta? I guess these kids learn some tough lessons about adults and the games they play very early on in this sport. Also, isn’t it kind of ironic that Al Fong ends up being the coach that stands up for his athlete when he is known for having a gym that killed two athletes are something like that? Craziness.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Including Desch he has four elites. This is a one way NCAA ticket for all of them, and possibly payback for McCool in 2004. Marta is also on the outs with MLT, realize MLT has not had a world team member since Ashley Priess in 2006 and she walked out of the 2008 trials….

      • mimi Says:

        maybe there’s more dissension in the ranks than we think. or maybe brenna decided she’s had enough of the BS so al felt like he could speak especially if the other elites aren’t figuring into the elite picture anymore.

        i dont know. while marta’s methods seem unfair it seems unprofessional to be bagging her out on a blog. even if it does create some juicy drama.

      • Dee Says:

        Drama is always interesting to read…but I don’t know if this was the smartest thing on Fong’s part. You know Marta will see it and do something to get back at it.

        I sort of wonder if he didn’t pull her out of these meets because she was so upset about Worlds…he wrote a lot about resting the soul and doing gymnastics again for the fun of it…maybe she was really badly on the down and out and just needs a few months to get back to why she wants to be there in the first place. Truthfully, I can understand that after what happened with Worlds.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Brenna can still make world teams. Marta only screws gymnasts out of the Olympics unless they are someone she can'[t afford to make a world team like Shawn.

  11. gymnastwannabe Says:

    I can’t say I’ve always liked Al Fong, but I’m glad he’s standing up. People b*tch and b*tch and b*tch about Marta, but a dictator can only sit on her throne as long as the people allow it. If the coaches and athletes would come together, things could change. Yes, one person standing up won’t accomplish anything and may hurt others’ carreers…look at Chellsie’s dad…but I’d rather stand up to a bully than sit around b*tching about her behind her back.

    On another note, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brenna and her parents didn’t want her to go. I’m sure it was a huge disappointment she’ll need time to recover from emotionally and decide if she wants to continue in the sport. I agree she probably wouldn’t have medaled, but if she was led to believe she was going to compete (I had hoped she hadn’t been), she should have been allowed to compete. Marta should have been upfront that McKayla was likely to be in the AA as protection against Simone head-casing. Yes, these are elite athletes and gymnasts like all sports is political, but they are also kids and Marta needs to stop emotionally abusing them.

    • mim Says:

      I agree people should stand up to her but is venting on a public forum the best? I genuinely don’t know. people can still stand up to her privately although it certainly would have less bite. it would take collective complaining from most if not all coaches with the top girls.. but if their girls are near the top and to marta’s liking they will never rock the boat.

    • biyatch Says:

      The way Fong is going about this and the tone he takes in his blog makes him look like a petulant crybaby who’s taking his cues on staging an athlete revolution from an episode of Make It or Break It. Earth to Al… you’re gymnast isn’t all that and is easily replaceable. At least when Geddert threw his blog temper tantrums he had the athlete to back it up; Jordyn would have been hard to blackball, Brenna not so much.

      Not to mention, as many others have noted on other blogs/boards in another entry Al decides to give some nutrition tips, Al Fong and the accusations of hurling Pillsbury Dough Boy comments, should be the last person dishing nutrition advise. Not to mention his tips are basically a how to in becoming anorexic guide. Telling girls to drink a ton of water because it fills your stomach up and that broth makes a good dinner is irresponsible and super unhealthy. Maybe if Brenna was getting better nutrition tips from her coach she would have enough energy to compete at the fall meets.

      • TrishaG Says:

        Actually, his nutrition advice is pretty reasonable and the type of thing you often hear from nutritionists on TV. He doesn’t say to drink lots of water because it fills your stomach up; he says to drink lots of water instead of pop or sugary drinks. He doesn’t say to eat broth for dinner, but a broth based soup (so chicken noodle, not cream-based soup like cream of chicken). Also, he includes “Eating is a must!” Here’s the entry:

        Eat well but eat wisely…..nutrition tips for gymnasts!

        Developing good eating habits is important to your gymnastics career!

        Because gymnastics combines the physical strength of a pro football player and the aesthetic grace of a ballerina, striking a balance between eating enough food to train properly and keeping a trim, efficient body can be tricky. Aside from the fact that a gymnast is judged by how she looks and the skills she performs, there is a safety factor from being overweight that must not be ignored.

        By embracing good eating habits as a young athlete, this helps establish an appreciation for proper nutrition as a teenager, and then later as an adult.

        Here’s some helpful tips to successfully maintain a desirable weight for your entire gymnastics career.

        – Drink lots of water instead of pop and sugary sports drinks.

        – Avoid fried foods like french fries, fried chicken, fried fish, deep fried anything, potato chips and other greasy chips.

        – Fruits and vegetables are great snacks.

        – Potatoes are good. Potatoes topped with sour cream, excess cheese, and gobs of butter are not so good. Try sweet potatoes for added nutritional content.

        -When ordering a salad in a restaurant, ask for the dressing on the side. Don’t drown your salad with a lot of dressing, croutons, and bacon bits.

        – Always use the word “moderation” when eating ice cream or desserts. Once in a while is fine. All the time is not so good. Keep in mind smoothies aren’t as fat free as one might think.

        – Don’t go crazy with candy and sweets.

        – Avoid “all you can eat” restaurants.

        – Eat slowly.

        – Eat breakfast and a good lunch.

        – Eat a light dinner. A good example is a broth based soup, which can be quite filling. Fruits and vegetables are also great as a light dinner choice.

        – Try not to eat too much bread or pasta.

        – Don’t cover your sandwich with excess butter and mayonnaise.

        – Eating is a must!

        – Eat to do excellent gymnastics. Don’t eat just for the sake of eating.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This comment falls under the part in my disclaimer where I say anyone dumb enough to take medical advice from a blog does so at their own risk:)

        Not sure if this is right or wrong but either way its your own decision so don’t sue me:)

      • Tortuga Says:

        Apparently Al Fong listens to Gymcastic pod-casts. Maybe he reads this blog too.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        His nutrition advice follows pretty much anyone else’s…not sure why Fong even bothers. Leave it up to the nutritionists to say what to eat and how to eat it. He may as well have added the bullet “Subway is better for you than McDonalds, if you have to eat fast food.” I mean duh.

        All in all, I’m glad Fong voiced his opinion because that’s what’s great about this country (free speech). I think it’s interesting when coaches are honest about what’s going on in their heads, and that was honest. It comes as no surprise that there was a party that was disappointed from the way these Worlds were handled from the US standpoint.

        I feel like given Fong’s blog, we can rest assured Marta did NOT communicate that there would be only 3 AA’ers competing and that Maroney and Dowell were competing for that last spot. I feel like Marta probably doesn’t communicate anything to the coaches until the last minute, whereas she knew what she was going to do days in advance. That’s just my feeling.

  12. sainabou nyang Says:

    Polina is finally getting an int’l assignment. I read that her, Bailey, Laurie, Alyssa, and Amelia are heading ti Mexico next month. Im surprised Nia wasn’t taken.

    Imo, Marta is waiting for her favorite juniors to turn senior, then everyone else can scram, cuz she’ll ignore them if they aren’t valuable to keep around.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Polina is overrated and I am sick of hearing her name. She has bad form and no difficulty. She’s Nastia without the judge support.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I read it on wwgym. Its the Copa International or invitational for juniors. The dates are Nov.26-30.

        Im surprised that Polina was chosen. She has really no difficulty on any events. But I’m putting her in the Martas favorite category. Makes me wonder how she’ll bring in 2014.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I feel like Marta is favoring her because she has the “international look” but really she’s just confusing it for looking like Nastia, or something. I was never really impressed with her.

      • Tortuga Says:

        All the Polina hype annoys me too. She more like 2012 Nastia. Inconsistent and sloppy. Not to mention she’s an amazon, but mayber that is just compared to the juniors. Nothing wrong with having the athletic build if you put it to good use like Jordyn or Aly. Yeah, I don’t get it. What is with no Marta not liking NIca? Am I missing something?

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Where is the announcement on this? Who is getting the sr assignments? Apparently desch was there so I guess Al Fong was also

    • mim Says:

      ahh nia over polina any day.

    • biyatch Says:

      Only 4 can compete, so one of those will be made an alternate, it will be interesting to see who. My guess is not Laurie or Bailie and I feel like MLT has enough pull that Amelia will be in the lineup.

  13. GymMom Says:

    My favorite #RedSox…the kid I mean.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Papi’s shadow:)

      • GymMom Says:

        GTT yes a very cute shadow. I’m obssessed. That kid could do Gap Kids ads or whatever. He is the same age as my grandson who is also named D’Angelo. You still hate Papi…even with .727 batting average? Just kidding! This is the weirdest World Series I’ve seen in a long time. Meantime, another adorable photo to make you smile. That kid has a charmed life.

        Maybe another future .700 #WorldSeries hitter watching dad in the cage?

        A post shared by Boston Red Sox (@redsox) on

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I can still hate the man and root for him to hit the damn ball out of the park:) Papi always wins me back and then I remember. His speech yesterday in the dugout and after the double is like that mastercard commercial where the end is always priceless.

        I can’t take this team and their ineptness at hitting the ball.

  14. GymMom Says:

    One more game GTT.

  15. Akshay Says:

    Random, but GTT remember how you had that one post/series called “WTF Wednesday”?

    You needa bring that back, because WTF is Brady thinking with his sweater choices in post-game press conferences.

  16. GymMom Says:

    Business as usual for D’Angelo & Kaz. Go Red Sox!

    Business as usual for D'Angelo and Kaz. #WinToday

    A post shared by Boston Red Sox (@redsox) on

  17. Karlie Says:


  18. Akshay Says:

    Aly referred to Nastia as her “beautiful little princess on Twitter,” as it’s Nastia’s birthday today (and I’ve seen way too many posts to remind me of that).

    Not to mention Nastia is now apparently part of NBC’s Olympic team for Sochi. Shouldn’t she be in class or something? Oh wait, she’s taking high school level math and she’s apparently in beginning Russian, even though she’s 100% fluent.

  19. Akshay Says:

    Congrats! 🙂

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