World Series Baby



Who knows when I will feel like blogging about gymnastics. Win or lose (hopefully win) I want this over quickly because patience is something I do not have,


Now this video is adorable (at least the first 15 seconds) and everyone should watch. If anything breaking news gymnastics wise happens just leave me a comment below. I will be reading even if I don’t post.

Go Red Sox 🙂

Mckayla will be on the TV show Bones A rival of the dead girl. I am calling her the killer right now.


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  1. Gymbee Says:

    Hahaha that is cute.

    OK, breaking news: Shawn has been spotted sipping a beer at Vanderbilt!!

    (jokes jokes) 😉

    • Catherine Says:

      You’re not serious?? Beer? It’s a sure fire path to prostitution.

      I’m not sure there is much news at the moment anyway, other than Andrei Rodionenko being worse than previously suspected. Unfortunately, he’s not as old as Valentina (she has a good few years on Marta) so we can’t expect him to retire soon. Nor will he be pressured to do so.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Hahaha, I wish I could like Gymbee and Catherine’s comments. In other news now that Shawn has been proven to have slept with the whole football team she is moving on to women instead.

      • Karlie Says:

        Literally just snorted out my soda at Tortuga’s comment…haha.

        The Rodionenko comment was cringeworthy, though. I know it’s unlikely, but I pray for the day that they are out of Russia.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha Catherine, I totally thought you were going for a different outcome than “retire” lol

  2. Case Says:

    Just wanted to swing by and wish you and the Sox the best of luck this Series. I am done mourning the ALCS and the loss of our beloved manager. Hope your team gets another ring!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you. I know you aren’t over it yet so I appreciate the sentiment even if I don’t think you really want us to win:) I totally understand if you don’t. Like I said before I was livid after game 1 and ready to burn down the

      The Tigers were really tough and if Miggy wasn’t hurt this series would have been a lot closer and I am not sure the Sox would have won. I hope he wins the MVP. He deserves it.

      Hope your state isn’t ready to tar and feather Prince Fielder. I heard what he said and that would not have gone over well in Boston.

      This whole series was crazy. John Lackey out pitching Verlander. The Red Sox forgetting how to hit. All the wild pitches. It was just weird.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What did Fielder say? How he sucks at base running?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They asked him about being booed and he said something like, well if fans could play they would play. He actually said it

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I should have played (even though I’m not a fan). I would have ran those bases better. Where’s my millions.


    • Case Says:

      The ALCS was truly epic. Close close games, crazy outcomes. Tough to be on the losing side of it. But honestly, once Papi hit that slam in game 2 I felt like we were doomed. Just glad Hunter didn’t kill himself on that play. I thought the Sox bullpen pitchers were classy for helping him out there. I was fortunate enough to be at game 4 which was a win at least.

      We missed Miggy big time. Hopefully he will have surgery and be 100% for Spring training.

      I’ve disliked Prince Fielder since the day he was signed. We paid way too much for a fat DH who now has a shitty attitude. I hope our next manager kicks his ass since we will be stuck with him 7 more years.

      PS I hate the Cardinals because they broke my heart in the 2006 World Series. Kill them.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        Brewers fan here, Fielder has always had problems sometimes with his attitude. Sometimes I think he gets too intense about it or gets negative about things and says stuff like that. In 2011 the Brewers lost a couple games when the Cards were making their push in the last month of the season and he told the media here that he won’t be on the team next year.

        Everyone here knew he wouldn’t be, he always talked about wanting a bigger deal. But to say it then when things were waning a bit was really dumb.

        He’s an amazing player and great teammate but sometimes he gets like that and goes too far with the emotions.

      • GymMom Says:

        A few things about Prince Fielder. He grew up with an irresponsible moron for a father who abandoned the family after gambling away the family home & pretty much everything else.

        When Prince started playing in the minors, loan sharks & debt collectors used to show up at the ballparks to serve him & harass him because Cecil was in hiding.

        Even now, Cecil exploits Prince’s fame by selling autographs outside places where Prince is playing. Cecil was forcibly removed many times because of restraining orders. Prince has tried many times to reconcile with his Dad but Cecil keeps burning him in various ways.

        The sports reporters never stop making fun of Prince’s weight etc., even though to me its clearly mean spirited.

        Prince is currently going through a divorce. Like other single Dads, his kids spend time with him. That means they travel with the Tigers & he is responsible for them… player or not.

        Even though he’s a public figure, you never hear about anything scandalous in his life. The divorce proceedings are not playing out on TMZ or any other gossip sites. He lives a clean life and appears to have a good relationship with his kids.

        His wife is a vegetarian. He watched a documentary about the mistreatment of animals & vowed never to eat meat again.

        What he said about the booing was that the fans had a right to boo and he didn’t have a problem with it.

        So its ok to call Prince Fielder “fat,” but my comments(never called her fat) about Shawn Johnson’s appearance are wrong??? What other MLB player is treated like Prince Fielder is treated? One of the Cubs announcers actually said on WGN a few years ago that Prince could fit 4 of his teammates in his jersey & they laughed hysterically about it.

        Prince Fielder didn’t play well in the play-offs this year, & people can rag all day about that if they so choose. But the “fat” jokes etc are wrong.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m going to have to root for the Sox this World Series as well. I didn’t even pay attention to baseball this season – both of my fav teams sucked big time.

  4. lol Says:

    GTT. ESPN`s front page story is all about how the Sox will lose. Do they ever say anything nice about us? I hope the Red Sox win to shut the entire network up.

  5. CMR Says:

    As a Yankees fan, this is the worst combination for a World Series. I either root for the Sox (nope.) or for one of the most insufferable franchises in the country (nope.)

    My Giants are 1-6 now though so we’re coming for you, rest of the NFL!!!!!

    :::cries herself to sleep:::

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Dude you’re so getting banned from this blog. A Yankees fan? Yikes. You might want to forget you said that. 😉

      • CMR Says:

        I think me/my team are pathetic enough that GTT will have mercy but, yes, it’s not something I flaunt here 😉

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You are okay for a Yankee fan (Wink) but in general Yankee fans have tortured me for years so I don’t think I should take it easy on

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I say we just torture her for awhile and then decide what to do

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Why does everyone hate the Cardinals? I don’t get it. I will get it if they beat my Sox but in general they say all the right things.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        I do not hate the Cardinals and happen to be for them! But I say that quietly out of respect for you, GTT, and your fantastic blog. I will not retreat back into the darkness.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Back into the darkness there bird fan. If the red sox win you can come back. If the red sox lose I might be a little bitchy. Litttle

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        I meant to say I will “now” retreat, rather than I will “not” retreat. That sounded fare more challenging than I meant it to be. Retreating as we speak.

      • Case Says:

        Byrd…if you noticed, I went dark during the ALCS so as to not upset my favorite blogger. Lol.

      • Maggie Says:

        I’m a diehard reds fan GTT. The Cardinals have a shitty attitude towards sportsmanship, especially in Cincinnati so you best believe I want those Red Sox to win.

  6. CMR Says:

    GTT, as a Boston sports fan, what do you think of Bill Simmons? Love him or hate him? I’m very curious!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      98 % of the time I despise that man. The only problem with that is he is from Boston so he has a right to his opinion that being said being in a position of power per say he needs to tone it down a bit when it comes to Boston teams. Except when I agree with him.

      When I was a Celtics fan I hated him with a passion. He was always one of those people that picked and chose who he wanted to pick on and his bias used to drive me insane.

      In general I am not a fan by any means.

  7. GymMom Says:

    Rainbow means good luck! #RedSox Oh by the way, if anyone on here has Instagram, my account is @iowa_girl_1.

    #WorldSeries rainbow.

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  8. GymMom Says:

    GTT are you going to any of the games at Fenway?

  9. terrigymfan Says:

    Congrats GTT on your Red Sox making the World Series. Although not my team I’ll be rooting for them because of you. Plus it still sticks in my craw a little bit how the Cardinals snatched the series from my Rangers two years ago. Good luck!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you:) I loove my position of power to turn you all into Red Sox fans:) Even if for a week

      • GymMom Says:

        I’ve loved the Red Sox for more years than most of the people on this blog have been alive. Ha ha

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Seriously, I’m the same way. I have no ties to the Cardinals but at least with the Sox I know I can come back to a happy blogger, lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This is why I like you the best:) Everyone wants a happy blogger.

  10. GymMom Says:

    Whoever used the word “prostitution” in regards to Shawn…REALLY?? Its obvious some of you are young and/or immature, so I’ll chalk the juvenile comments up to that.

  11. Case Says:

    Damn, the Cardinals pitching (and fielding apparently) are going to look like Little League compared to Detroit. They’re a mess at the beginning of this game.

  12. GymMom Says:

    Johnny Gomes is old-school…..when men were men! Ha ha. Love him!

  13. GymMom Says:

    Shawn says she’s enrolled at Vanderbilt to get degrees in “Sports Psychology and “Nutrition.” Apparently Vanderbilt doesn’t offer degrees in either of those? Shawn is dumb! She thinks nobody will check out what she says.

    • Akshay Says:

      I’m pretty sure she said she was majoring in business somewhere else, which makes sense, since Vandy is pretty good there.

      • GymMom Says:

        In Shawn’s most recent interviews she said Sports Psychology & Nutrition. I’ve never read anything about her studying business. She wants to a gym & host a talk show…..ha ha. She needs to learn how to speak not through her teeth.

  14. afroette Says:

    i think the bigger story here is. what on earth did Shawn do to GymMom to earn her every flaming ire??

    • GymMom Says:

      Sorry no story. Shawn is annoying.

    • GymMom Says:

      But thanks for asking! 🙂

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        GymMom is really Nastia’s mom….tee hee.

        Yeah, startin’ rumors.

      • Akshay Says:

        I remember one of the first time I came to this blog, someone suggested that GymMom was actually Nastia, and I think Sanity, you talked about how she couldn’t be as she had an Alibi based on when she posted. LOL

        There was also some rumor a while ago that Nastia has an account on IG and uses that to bash Shawn. I could see it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think we should make up a good story on GymMom’s behalf (her relationship to Shawn) and she can even contribute to it. Might be fun.

        I wish I were more creative or I’d totally start one of these “fan fiction” things up.

        Yes, I am that bored. I run financial models for a living. This is the only “right brained” thing I even do (type on this blog).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        People need to leave Gym Mom ALONE. She is allowed her opinion. If you have an issue with her gymnastics opinion discuss it but personal attacked will not be allowed. Not that I see any so far but just a future warning.


      • gymtruthteller Says:

        When you live in the middle of things you get more info then other people. I know taxi drivers that have told me stories about driving around Red Sox players. I know a business owner that owned a business where the entire Celtics team hung around nightly in the 90’s and he has told me stuff. We run into people that are involved in the celebrities scene around town and you get great info that people outside your state don’t get. That is why I think Gym Mom who is involved with her community might have some info that others might t know.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t have anything against Gym Mom at all – let me clarify. Just was having fun at the notion of a fan fiction.

        Gym Mom (at least for me) makes this blog fun and interesting and gives us more to speak about when there’s not much “gym” going on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I replied to you but it was not personal at all. You just happened to be the person. Sorry if it seemed difference.

        I am so pissed. Fox just showed Rivera the NEW YORK YANKEE being honored but skipped the 04 team that threw out the first pitch. This is blatant NY favortism. tHE rED sOX ARE PLAYING IN THE WORLD SERIES BUT THEY SHOW rIVERA?

        &*(&&(^*& My keyboard is sticking. It highlights everything and messes my

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Breathe. 🙂 You won the first game… it’s all good. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        We are playing in the series and they skip this in favor of a YANKEE. I feel like killing someone or

        We need game 2. Everyone picked against us again on fox and mlb network. I am amazed we are even here since no one thinks we are even going to win a game. I wonder what last night was? They couldn’t take us down so they accused us of cheating. I wonder why I even follow this sport. We think gymnastics is fixed and baseball is big business. This is even worse. I hate fox.

        HIT THE BALL RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me calm down? Ha 🙂 Oh you said breath. Yep not good at that either.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m totally rooting for them. I love it when the “underdog” wins even though an 8-1 win seems like no underdog.

        How do you cheat at baseball? It’s way easier to cheat gymnastics (i.e., corrupt judges). I mean refs can only do so much, but still.

        All media is lame anymore. I never even bother with it. There’s no such thing as non-biased media anymore.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Some minor league pitcher of the Cardinals accused our pitcher of having something on his glove and the media ran with it. He has risen which is allowed but the media made it this huge thing. I will give the baseball people credit for saying this was a non issue but what a way to treat Lester who pitches well last night.

        A freaking minor league pitcher from the Cards organization started all this but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he was put up to it by the Cards themselves.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Some minor league pitcher of the Cardinals accused our pitcher of having something on his glove and the media ran with it. He has risen which is allowed but the media made it this huge thing. I will give the baseball people credit for saying this was a non issue but what a way to treat Lester who pitches well last night.

        A freaking minor league pitcher from the Cards organization started all this but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he was put up to it by the Cards themselves.

      • Akshay Says:

        Same – I don’t have anything against GymMom either. I don’t agree with her, but I respect her opinion nevertheless. I just remembered that someone suggested she was Nastia at one point, which is a pretty big insult at this blog lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would be very mad at myself if she turned out to be but I know she isn’t. I have wondered if maybe I am Nastia and I started this blog to feed my ego but then people started agreeing with me so that couldn’t be either.

        Gym Mom is a big girl. She can defend herself on her opinion but I would do the same for you if someone was insulting you over your opinion. Discuss the comments not the commenter. ;0)

        I am not looking forward to the next two days. I hate when we lose a game and then have a day off.

      • Tortuga Says:

        GTT I’m glad to hear other people come up with crazy scenarios in their head like you possibly being Nastia, making this blog to feed your ego. I find myself thinking that maybe everything around me is fake and I’m part of some reality Truman Show ordeal.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL Me too. I sometimes get that feeling.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Is anyone here willing to write a fan-fic of what could have happened between Shawn and GymMom? I’d be interested in reading it. Hey GTT congrats on the Red Sox win last night!

  15. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Whoa. I read this just this morning. Have you guys heard any of this? I guess it’s not really surprising. I mean, you wonder if this kind of abuse happens but geez, it’s still hard to read.

    • Catherine Says:

      Yes. I think beating would not have been uncommon in provincial teams and gyms, not just Romania, but China too. I mean post Soviet breakup. Now though, very hard to know. I’d think corporal punishment may still happen, but nothing like how it used to.

  16. biyatch Says:

    Apparently Vega and Finnegan are heading to camp today. Price too. Sounds like its going to be a huge camp, which is… interesting.

    I have a soft spot for Price and wish she could have stayed healthy as she could have surely had a breakout year. If she was in the shape she was in at those world cups last fall it could have certainly have made the US team for worlds more interesting. Particularly, because for a while she was training the same second vault as Mac and her amanar was looking fabulous plus good bars and tumbling… it would have been interesting.

    I’m glad Finnegan’s back, while I’m not sure how much of a place there is for her in the grand scheme of things, I think her gymnastics is quite refined and nice to watch, if not somewhat inconsistent.

    Vega on the other hand… I want to shake her and her parents and just be like wtf. She is set and determined to train through Rio and I just want to yell at her to take the $200k offered in scholarship form and run. Unless in her transition to GAGE has yielded a gigantic 6.5+ well executed bars routine (unlikely) I just don’t know where she is supposed to be expected to fit in.

    If Maroney, Ross and Biles are the core of your team next year your looking at wanting 1 extra Amanar, 1-2 bar workers (putting Biles on bars is kind of like putting Jo on bars), 1-2 beam workers (Kyla would be the lock here and you could most likely count on Simone especially if she continues her consistency) and an extra floor worker. The bar worker and the guaranteed to hit in 3up/3 count beam worker are your biggest question marks/hardest to fill I believe.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      Nica Hults and Amelia Hundley could be a factor there. They’re both pretty consistent on bars and beam besides people like Peyton Ernst or Brenna getting a shot.

      In my dream scenarion Jordyn comes up and is put on the team so it would be Jordyn, Simone, Kyla, McKayla, and 2 others. I still don’t wanna give up on Abby Milliet either.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I’m excited to see how Finnegan is doing I really enjoy her form. I’m also still holding out hope for Millet to do better next year.

      • Catherine Says:

        Kocian could be in contention for UB/BB. And Hults.

        A possible TF situation:

        VT- Maroney, Biles, Wieber
        FX- Biles, Maroney/Hundley, Wieber
        UB- Kocian, Ross, Hundley
        BB- Ross, Kocian, Hundley/Biles

        So the team would be Biles, Maroney, Hundley, Wieber, Kocian and Ross. Wieber is interchangeable with Raisman or Priesaman but I see that as one spot. Kocian interchangeable with Hults. Ebee with Hundley.

        AA- Biles and whoever gets the second of Ross, Wieber (Priessman, Raisman if no Wieber).

        In prelims Biles would do bars and definitely beam, Hundley AND Maroney would do floor.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hundley will NEVER touch a world team in her lifetime.It will never happen. Marta will Cassie Whitcomb her out of any spot she is in the running for.

        Cassie used to win floor and be top 3 on bars at camp and Marta left her home everytime. Hundley does not score well outside the US. To be fair her and Lexie have looked like crap early in the season but I will never see her on any team if Marta is in control. Cassie was a much better gymnast then Hundley IMO and as much as I find Hundley underscored on floor every time she competes.

      • Catherine Says:

        Oh and Hundley or Ross would vault. Milliet could fight Kocian/Hults for that spot.

      • Catherine Says:

        I think she fits in the best. Aside from any issues with Marta or her scoring, there’s also the enormous injury rate her gym has.

        Ebee’s bars are also very good and she can do floor and she can be added on vault in prelims and maybe TF. It’s just hard to know where she’s at, will she be in college next year, is she still gunning for Rio or trying to preserve herself for college etc. There’s so few who can do bars and Kocian, Hults, Milliet are not good fillers for floor or vault at all.

    • Dee Says:

      We haven’t seen Finnegan and Vega in so long it will be interesting to see what they are like now. I really was starting to like Finnegan and then she disappeared. Was she injured?

      • Tortuga Says:

        Finnegan had an injury right after the Olympics or during training for Alternate in London (I think). And she hasn’t been at camp since. Feel free to correct but I believe that is what happened.

      • Karlie Says:

        Finnegan hurt her elbow and had to have surgery, I think. She also took some time off (gave an interview saying that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to get back into her 2012 shape after surgery and time off).

      • mim Says:

        word is now neither finny or vega will be at camp. hmm.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I can see Finnegan fitting in well for beam and floor. US is stupidly weak in bars…still don’t understand why the coaches aren’t capitalizing on that – if I were a coach, I would have had my (elite) athlete focus hard on bars like 4 years ago, anticipating that void for London and for Rio.

      • biyatch Says:

        Totally agree, if I had an elite I might have them drop like vault and just work on building a huge bar routine.

        Finnegan is great on beam and floor when she hits, but she was super inconsistent in hitting. Plus crappy bars (where she fell a lot) and I cant see an elbow injury helping there and not a standout on vault. Still, great presentation but I have trouble seeing her getting the nod over someone like Jo or Aly, or even an unbroken Lexie to be honest.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        5 team members for the Olympics means you need to be an all around gymnast, Maybe not a good one but at least a competition ready one. IMO

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I can see her getting the nod for only a specialist spot, so you’d have to be hoping the US would need a floor/beam specialist. I can see her taking the place of say Maroney in the event Biles and Ebee come up with 2 vaults – both Ebee and Biles can easily be used on other apparatuses of course. You’d want to avoid using Biles on bars if you didn’t have to, but she wouldn’t be an awful choice if you “had” to go with her.

        Maroney really will be in trouble if she doesn’t up her other events. I know we’ve all talked about that before though. Like Kyla with her D scores.

      • mim Says:

        I may have rose coloured glasses on but mckayla does seem to have bars potential. she’ll never be a vika or kyla but if she had the right focus and coaching/form fixing it would at least raise her credibility in AA. I was just really surprised how much she improved in such a short time.

        but someone like kocian or hults could capitalise and make their mark here. I don’t see polina improving quickly enough to make an impact.

  17. GymMom Says:

    “People who can’t do it always have a solution,” Fielder said regarding the criticism. “I’m just trying to hit the ball hard, man. That’s all I’m trying to do. If anybody has any magic words, please tell me. I’m just trying to hit the ball hard.”
    -Prince Fielder

  18. GymMom Says:

    He had an off year and still went .280 with 25 HR’s and 100+ RBI’s. Nobody booed Miggy! I remember when Prince was booed at the All-Star Game Home Run Derby a few years ago. Jim Leyland said they signed him to produce runs, not hit home runs. I’d say 100 RBI’s this year…he did his job!

    • Case Says:

      I just can’t even…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      With all due respect he never drove in a run in the post season. He might have drove in one in the ALCS but regardless I see the fans point if they booed him. He didn’t produce when they needed him either this year or last year. The fans have a right to be mad.

      The quote I heard out of his mouth was well if fans could play they would be on the field. He said that on TV. I heard the words.

      I think we should leave this subject alone for awhile out of respect for the Tiger fans that still have to deal with losing to the ALCS. Especially one fan that post here.

      I know I wouldn’t want to deal with this crap if my Sox had lost. I am still not over 2003 or

      • GymMom Says:

        I posted Prince’s quote. I don’t know if you saw it.

      • GymMom Says:

        Prince didn’t play well in postseason this year or last. And no he did not drive in any runs in the postseason this year.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        Prince definitely can get too wound up during the playoffs. The first year the Brewers were in the playoffs in 2008 he struck out a lot because he wanted to get the big hit so badly. I think judging by that quote he may be in that mindframe again. Hopefully someone on the Tigers can talk to him next year about stepping back a bit and just getting a hit. You don’t need the big one every time. He figured that out by the time the Brewers were back in the playoffs in 2011. Maybe he most it again.

      • Case Says:

        The Brewers also weren’t paying him $23M a year. Expectations come with that kind of paycheck, including showing up in the postseason.

  19. GymMom Says:

    Felt bad seeing Carlos Beltran get hurt last night. Even though he outright robbed Papi, it was horrifying to watch. Very similar to Tori Hunter last week, although Tori wasn’t injured. I hate seeing players get seriously injured, no matter who they play for.

  20. GymMom Says:

    GTT I don’t remember Papi ever getting booed at Fenway?? He has struggled in the postseason too. I sure miss seeing Manny & Papi together. Papi is a great leader.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am thinking he was booed at Fenway once but I don’t remember the situation. It could be because he said he wanted to be a Yankee because they have less drama and that didn’t go over here well especially with me but when it comes to not hitting no, he has never been booed.

      I was at games when he sucked for the first few months of the season and he was never booed for that. We wouldn’t have 2004 if it wasn’t for him in the ALCS and that goes a long way here HOWEVER, I don’t really love the guy anymore personally. His constant having dinner with Yankees and his big mouth the last few years made me personally look at him in a different light. But hey, winning cures everything.

      I am a real baseball fan which means i listen to the radio about them. I read articles and I listen to everything about them so I know more than the average fan that follows during the season only. That is why I HATE Kevin Youkilis with a passion. People tend to forget what what a jerk he is and he constantly bad mouthed the fans who NEVER booed him.

      No one should get me started on baseball. I could talk all day. I never forget anything that was said.:)

      • GymMom Says:

        My Dad & I are the same way. We can talk baseball all day long. And we both have good memories too!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have been going to games since I was a child. When you are born into baseball its different then when you become a fan. imo

      • GymMom Says:

        I think Papi,Manny & ARod have been good friends for a long time. Sometimes friendship transcends everything else. Our loyalty for teams sometimes makes it hard to see them hanging out. I can’t stand the Yankees! Ha ha

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Ortiz lost me as a fan fan when he said he should become a Yankee because there is no drama there. I used to defend him for anything but he lost my respect with that comment.

        I don’t care if they were BFF’s from Kindergarten having dinner with A-Rod the night Dempster hit him with the ball and A-Rod tried to act like he really cared because he wanted the Yankees to defend him that cannot be excused.

        The comments I heard from Prince’s mouth were different then the ones you quoted. I am sure Detroit fans heard what he said. I am pretty sure it was on fox.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They just put stupid Mariano Rivera on the field. MLB had to pick a game in Boston? This is fucking ridiculous. Do this is ST Louis not Boston. This pisses me off.The 04 team is throwing out the first pitch they better not skip that in favor of fucking Rivera.

      • Case Says:

        GTT totally agree on being born into the game. My grandpa used to listen to Tigers games with me on the radio when I was 5-6 years old and it stuck with me ever since. I rarely miss a game and one of the great memories I have was taking my Dad to the World Series last year. Baseball gets in your blood. : )

        FWIW, I fully expect your team to win this series. I’d never bet against the Sox after watching the ALCS.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The Red Sox do this lottery thing for post season tickets so its all luck. I couldn’t believe I won the rights to buy ALCS tickets but of course I didn’t get to go. I would have loved to go to a world series game.

        I never should have put on fox. I hate them and they make me hate baseball. Joe Buck and Tim Mccarver are the worst announcers in baseball. No make that all of sports. I usually follow game day and watch the highlights online after when it comes to fox and the regular season. Sure our announcers annoy me sometimes but they don’t just hate for the sake of hating.

        I need to get away from the TV.

        They honored Mariano Rivera tonight and skipped the 04 team throwing out the first pitch. This game is in Boston and they even put the Yankees ahead of COMMON SENSE.


      • Case Says:

        I feel your pain on Buck and McCarver. We had to endure their Cardinal leaning broadcasting in 2006 and it was brutal. At least McCarver is retiring after this year.

        Not sure why they placed Mariano where they did. It was odd to me too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The only time I could stand fox was back in 04 when we played the Cardinals and swept them. It was the first time Buck didn’t insult us and then add a backhanded compliment. I think they were afraid they would be called out since Buck is the regular season announcer for the Cards.

        During Yankee games I can’t watch. I have not seen a full game on fox since they started having games.

        They just need to go. No one likes them. Not a single group of fans. Even Yankee fans hate them. If everyone hates them why do they keep them? Yankee fans are tools thinking that MLB doesn’t like them. I think they just want to be included.

      • Karlie Says:

        The first time I went to a Sox game at Fenway, I was so so so confused when Yukilis came up the the plate…I thought they were booing him because they all would shout (Yuuuuuuks).

        Now, of course, I have reason to actually boo him. Traitor.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never liked Youkilis. He bad mouthed the fans that never booed him and treated him like gold. I liked that I could boo him and people think I was saying Youuuuk:) Okay I didn’t boo him but I wanted too. Now Lackey is turning back into regular Lackey and I am done. Fox baseball just lost me for tonight. This is longer than usual for me sticking with Fox.

  21. GymMom Says:


    Thanks MIT for the #BStrong love!

    A post shared by Boston Red Sox (@redsox) on

  22. biyatch Says:

    GTT, I know your a hockey fan too and know you were watching the Red Sox game but did you see video of the hit the loui eriksson took last night in the bruins game against buffalo. Brutal, dirty shot.

  23. GymMom Says:

    Who's ready for another great October night at Fenway? #WinToday

    A post shared by Boston Red Sox (@redsox) on

  24. GymMom Says:

    GTT Rivera has been honored for months now. Tonight was unnecessary. Most of the Red Sox fans hate the Yankees, so whats the point? I heard rumors that Manny was going to be there tonight…part of throwing out the 1st pitch?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Fox hates the Red Sox that is why. Our news guys from our local fox station asked Buck about fans thinking he hates us in an interview and he whined everyone says that.He is so damn annoying.

  25. GymMom Says:

    GTT, the group throwing out the 1st pitch: Pedro Martinez, Trot Nixon, Mike Timlin, Jason Varitek, Keith Foulke and Papi. No Manny! That would have been great to have Manny show up.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you. I had no clue who it was though I heard earlier that Millar was going to be there from Millar. He also mentioned D-Lowe. Had no clue about Trot.

      I cannot believe fox didn’t show it but they showed Rivera. They are blatantly biased and it drives me crazy.

  26. GymMom Says:

    Lack luster game tonight.

  27. GymMom Says:

    The Cards didn’t even seem excited they won?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The pitcher seemed happy.

      I can handle losing but I can’t take Fox anymore. The biased commentating is so damn bad I literally want to find Joe Buck and slap him. Ah empty threat.

      I could have managed this game better than Farrell. Allowing a double steal and leaving in Salty after he handed the Cards the game. So frustrating

      • GymMom Says:

        And the Fox guys(losers) didn’t even try to hide that they were rooting for the Cards. They’re just terrible.

      • Case Says:

        Any idea why Nava is being used so little? His bat is pretty solid from what I’ve seen.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Every time Gomes plays we win. It was something like 7 games in a row until last night. I am hoping Nava will be in next game now that we lost with him in the line up.

  28. mim Says:

    who’s the dude nastia was twittering??
    I so see her ending up with a sugar daddy. which is fine but not my thing.

  29. Tortuga Says:

    I know there are a lot of Boy Meets World fans on here and I came across the compilation video. If you get time watch it for a good laugh 😀

  30. Akshay Says:

    Oh my godddd, Gabby in this Capri Sun commercial:

  31. exgymgurl Says:

    Al Gong says a big FU marta…..

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I doubt any of Al fongs kids are at camp
      Marta has to fill all of the world cup slots she committed to with all of the b teamers

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        If brenna doesn’t want the fall slots send Skinner, Ebee, or Peyton. I’m dying to see how tue judges will receive Skinnees routines abroad. Especially the one arm cheng.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I thought I read someone was going. Maybe Ebee. I don’t remember though

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is funny. Not that Brenna would medal on bars but telling Marta to FU in not so many words just makes me laugh. Brenna must be ready for College gym and be thinking about ending the BS politics that go with competing as an Elite or this would not be happening.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Im sure Brenna is done. And I think all of Al Fongs elites should go elsewhere if they want to attend camp. I think this is payback to him for not sending anyone to tops or to junior elite unless its right before the olympics. This as Martas payback for Courtney McCool would not surprise me either.

        If Im Brenna Im Hollie Vising my ass over to the NCAA staying healthy and never going to death camp again.

        Same if Im Finnegan Kocian Vega or Kocian. Of course I don’t like Al Fong much after Kristy Henrich either but anyways. At least he seems to have some wisdom with regard to Brennas health.

        It was retarded to let Maroney be an AA gymnast and Brenna should have been allowed to do bars / beam.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Desch not Kocian sorry…..

      • Case Says:

        Yeah, I was done with Al Fong after Heinrich and Gomez, but then Armine chilled him out a bit and he’s been better….and mad props for the forthright blog, even as it will likely come at the personal expense of his elite athletes going elsewhere.

        Brenna needs to run to her full ride scholarship ASAP.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I totally agree and give kudos to Al Fong for telling USAG and Marta they can go f*ck themselves. They were never planning on giving Brenna the chance to represent even though she earned it and they probably knew that going in to Worlds.

      The only thing that makes me worried is that Al Fong’s other athletes could suffer for this, but I guess that remains to be seen. Maybe he figures this next quad doesn’t really matter because he doesn’t have anyone that is up and coming for Rio (not sure about this, but I don’t remember any of his juniors being talked about…could be totally wrong here).

      I’m glad someone told Marta to stuff it though. More people need to take this approach (won’t happen).

  32. GymMom Says:

    I just realized that Capri Sun ad is a tacky take-off on a scene from the movie #Flashdance. Oh God…its terrible!

  33. GymMom Says:

    Kind of hard to ignore the fact that Gabby is off beat & she can’t dance.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No its not. Just don’t watch it like me. I’ve ignored it easily:)( I was at the store the other day and needed something with flavor for my sore throat. They were on sale and I thought about buying it. Then I remembered Gabby being paid by them and I bought more ginger ale.

  34. exgymgurl Says:

    NBC has hired Nastia as a Winter Olympics commentator. I wonder if she does womens ice hockey if someone will cross check her for me while shes out on the ice. Please????

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