King Kohei

King Kohei

THRILLED with the podium. Kohei is King. Kato was underscored and Fabian needs a PH coach NOW.

Sorry about the really bad paint job but I should be getting ready and I am writing this instead:)

I am off to another dinner date (we are bonding) and will post more later.


20 Responses to “King Kohei”

  1. tulip Says:

    As expected. The man does not disappoint. Ever. Congrats!!

  2. biyatch Says:

    Sam CHOKED big time. Had he hit the same set from prelims he would have had the silver medal. We all love his super chill personality but its instances like that when you really appreciate the USA WAG laser focus.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Agreed. I was reading the quick hits at work and almost screamed out loud ” What the fuck Sam??” I was worried he would fuck up PH, but he did fine. Instead highbar was his nemesis. Oh well at least he didn’t pout about it and hide in a towel, but his oh well attitude is BS. He should be pissed.

      Now lets hear it for the absolute best gymnast if all time!!!! 4 back to back World AA Gold + Olympic champion.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I am split on this. On the one hand, I think he should be pissed, but on the other hand he did fight well through the whole competition, and he knew he messed up and accepted it.
        But all gymnasts I know can put up this “oh well” front for the crowd, but once they get back in the gym that mistake fuels them onwards. No one can get that far in gymnastics with an oh well attitude.
        That being said, he probably could do with some mental coaching to help him fight through and get more determined. Like the chinese who missed his grip and hung on with one arm on high bar.

        All hail Kohei!

  3. Gymbee Says:

    Btw GTT, hope you enjoy the dinner date! May I suggest Sweet Cheeks on Boylston street haha.

  4. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    Interview with Alicia post-FIG elections results:

    Interviewer asks Alicia if she’s been in touch with Aly and Alicia answers with “I’ve been to visit Mihai and he told me she’s been training. She’s here, I might try to see her before I leave.” (not verbatim)

    I might be the only one but I’ve always found info re: gymnasts’ relationships outside gymnastics really interesting LOL! 🙂

    • mim Says:

      yeah there’s no way aly and Alicia stay in touch unless they’re forced to by a gymnastics event or situation. really not surprised!

      I thought mckayla’s response when asked about gabby was funny too. she basically said they don’t really stay in touch but with that spin to make it sound sunshiny and positive. she didn’t know aly was going to Antwerp and looked thrilled when the journo told her that.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha not surprised about Aly and ASac. When you think about it, I don’t think they ever gelled. ASac is the type of extrovert who kinda craves “followers” – not meant in a negative way, my best friend growing up and into adulthood is the same way. Aly is too independent to be anyone’s follower.

        Haha bless Mckayla. Not surprised they don’t stay in touch with Gabby. I thought her and Aly were closer though, or at least friends when they meet.

        Btw – am I the only one fighting the temptation to go and comment “where’s Gabby? Are they excluding her again?” on USAG Facebook photos of the worlds team? :-p

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        @Mim – any link to that McKayla interview?

        @Gymbee – I’m also one of those people who never considered ASac and Aly to be the best of friends. I just found it funny that ASac didn’t even try to skirt around the fact that she basically hasn’t been in touch with Aly haha.

      • mim Says:

        on gymnastike but I’ll link after i finish work 🙂

      • mimi Says:

        she seems disappointed but resilient. good interview!

      • Gymbee Says:

        Lyra Gill absolutely 🙂 none of the fake friendship!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Weird McKayla almost admits she was not ready to compete AA in this interview. Like she admits she wasn’t ready and needed more experience.

        I mean, props to her for getting to this point at 8 months…but just odd that she even kind of admits to not being ready, when Brenna clearly was ready for competing AA (having already done so at Classics and Nationals).

    • Akshay Says:

      Well, I just also think there’s a significant enough age difference with Aly and ASac, that they never really were friends. Plus, I’m sure Alicia enjoyed the whole Mini-Me thing at first, but got irritated by it later to a degree.

  5. Case Says:

    Yeah the Fierce Five really aren’t that close these days. There are a couple strong friendships (Kyla & Mac, Jo & Aly) that stay in touch but the rest is for the cameras like we expected.

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    gabby was at an event for target and tweeted a pic of herself on capri sun. The most unnutriciious crap in the world.

  7. JAS4 Says:

    I was glad to see Kohei win again I hope he does well in EFs

  8. Lithi Says:

    Wow on Kohei. I posed a question at WWGym about if Bilozerchev was the Mozart of gymnastics would that make Kohei the Handel of gymnastics. (Mozart considered Handel the greatest composer of all time,)

    Has any other male gymnast won the Worlds more than twice? I have a feeling some major digging would have to be done to answer that.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      When I was a child we had to sing a song in chorus that went, Mr Bach was born in 1885 in the very same year as handle) That is the only reason I even know who Handel

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