2013 World Championships Subdivision 1 and 2 Discussion

2013 World Championships Subdivision 1 and 2  Discussion

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I will be at work tomorrow and if someone could post the scores in the comments section for me I would be forever grateful. I am bringing the boys phone to work with me. Thanks.

After looking at the picture of Kyla I chose it amazes me how much older she looks now. That picture is only from last summer. She looks like a different person now.


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USA-Gymnastics website
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Stolen from GGMB

Tuesday 1 October 2013:
Subdivision 1: 2-4PM local / 8-10AM EDT
Subdivision 2: 4:30-6:30pm local / 10:30AM–12:30PM EDT

Wednesday 2 October 2013:
Subdivision 3: 1:30-3:30PM local / 7:30-9:30AM EDT
Subdivision 4: 4-6PM local / 10AM– 12Noon EDT
Subdivision 5: 6:30-8:30 PM local / 12:30-2:30PM EDT


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  1. Kyz Says:

    Bugger I think it is safe to say I won’t be streaming anything at that time of morning for me! will have to read on here once up 😦

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I hope I can stream it on my phone

  3. Lis Says:

    I’m glad that USAG is at least streaming the subdivisions that the US girls are in, but I wish they would also stream the other two. Ah, well.

  4. DL Says:

    The USAG stream has started! I will try to post scores, but I’m working at the same time.

    • mimi Says:

      does your feed keep freezing? i had perfect streaming for podium training but now it stops like every 20 seconds..

      apparently kaitlyn hofland hit bars.

    • DL Says:

      I’m using a VPN, so it freezes from time to time. It’s also lagging–scores are coming up before the routines.

  5. DL Says:

    Zeng Siqi fell on beam: 13.9.

  6. DL Says:

    Ross: 15.166 on vault

    • mimi Says:

      nice vault! yay kyla. just a little bounce back on landing.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Her vault entry was the best I’ve seen it. I didn’t see any leg separation. Wonder where they got all the other E deductions other than the small hop on landing.

  7. H Says:

    is the streaming working?

    I just get error page (or my proxy not good enough) …

    • DL Says:

      Wevers had a rough beam set. Too bad–was looking forward to seeing her rock all those turns. 12.233

    • mimi Says:

      mine is working but it pauses like every 10-20 seconds… i shouldnt complain but ugh it’s annoying. im lagging behind on the video, just saw wevers fall off beam. i figured it’s my proxy from aus being too far.

  8. gymnastwannabe Says:

    I kept getting an error, too. Trying going directly to the youtube site.

  9. DL Says:

    Oh yeah, might want to test your speeds on your proxy because it’s streaming perfectly.

  10. biyatch Says:

    I’m super nervous for Kyla. I think she’s the vulnerable one to get pushed out by Mac and really think she needs to be in the AA. She sticks that DTY so often, still a good score though.

  11. DL Says:

    After first rotation.

    1 ROSS Kyla USA

    2 SCHEDER Sophie GER


    4 ZENG Siqi CHN



    7 MALEC Shaked ISR

    8 BOCZOGO Dorina HUN

    9 HOFLAND Kaitlyn CAN

    10 LEE Ayana JAM

    11 STANILA Alina ROU


    14 WEVERS Sanne NED

    15 LAURITSEN Michelle DEN

    16 PARK Jisoo KOR

    17 GEIDT Anna KAZ

    18 CHOON Alexandra POR

    19 Mc PEAK India IRL


    21 JANOVA Alice CZE

    22 HUBE LOPEZ Karina CHI

  12. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Ugh…Ross is in such a crappy group. She’ll shine but I’m concerned her scores will be low.

  13. mimi Says:

    she looked good warming up!!! go kyla!

    • H Says:

      Ok bars from Ross a not “normal” perfect, but good:-)

    • lol Says:

      Pleas post score as soon as you can. Thanks and thanks Dl you are aweaome. I am at work to and my boss keeps looking at me with my phone.

      • DL Says:

        I have the advantage of having two computers and working from home, haha. I might have to buckle down for a bit and actually do work, but I’ll post by rotation and whenever Ross finishes a routine. (I am so so nervous when I watch her.) She’s almost four points ahead of her closest competitor at the moment.

  14. mimi Says:

    her bars practically flawless! she better score well..

  15. Tortuga Says:

    Ugh! I wish I could watch! I’m at work as well.

  16. mimi Says:

    WTF – judges gave kyla 8.733 execution.

    SERIOUSLY what drugs are they on?????? it’s antwerp not amsterdam.

    • H Says:

      I agree with you, I also thought that was low with D score 6.4

    • DL Says:

      Leg separation on the Van Leeuwen…other than that I didn’t catch anything major.

      • Karlie Says:

        She had leg separations on both transitions to HB and was a bit short on a handstand; her feet but otherwise was gorgeous. I’ll have to see some of the other routines to judge how consistent it is, but an 8.733 seems a little low – I would have put it around 8.9 or 9.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yao Jinnan got the same execution. If execution is low in general (floor seems particularly bad), then there’s nothing wrong with that score. Let’s hope Mustafina doesn’t get a joke of a high score though, just for her rep.

  17. H Says:

    anyone have the link to the start list?

  18. DL Says:

    A lot of falls on beam so far. Ross should definitely not be in this group. Such a huge gap in difficulty and execution between her and the others.

  19. DL Says:

    First ten gymnasts at the halfway mark (the other 14 have yet to go or the scoreboard is lagging):

    1 ROSS Kyla USA
    15.166 15.133
    14.300 12.366
    3 HOFLAND Kaitlyn CAN
    12.933 13.600
    13.900 12.500
    12.633 13.100
    6 GEIDT Anna KAZ
    12.866 11.866
    7 Mc PEAK India IRL
    12.566 11.266
    11.200 12.166
    9 LEE Ayana JAM
    12.900 9.833
    10 JANOVA Alice CZE
    11.266 11.133

  20. DL Says:

    The rest of the pack (non AA):

    11 SCHEDER Sophie GER
    13 ZENG Siqi CHN
    14 GRISANE Valerija LAT
    16 MALEC Shaked ISR
    17 BOCZOGO Dorina HUN
    18 STANILA Alina ROU
    19 van POL Vera NED
    20 WEVERS Sanne NED
    21 LAURITSEN Michelle DEN
    22 PARK Jisoo KOR
    23 CHOON Alexandra POR
    24 HUBE LOPEZ Karina CHI

  21. DL Says:

    I held my breath through Ross’s beam. Slow on the connection to the sheep jump. 14.466.

    • mimi Says:

      8.666 E score…

      i just cant with these judges.

      • DL Says:

        She’s being punished for being in this group. I’ll bet by day 2 we’ll start seeing E score in the 9 range for people who have much worse form.

      • mimi Says:

        it’s truly unconscionable. this whole score higher with each subdivision is such BS. why cant they just score consistently, what a novel concept.

        her coach should protest for real.

      • Karlie Says:

        An 8.666 E score for that routine was inexcusable, that was so close to perfect…I can’t even. WTF Marta, how could you put her in this group?

        Thoughts on the routine:
        -mount looked a little awkward when she got up, almost like she was too tall for it
        -BEAUTIFUL leaps, especially the split to sissone. So elegant.
        -Beautiful flight series.
        -Slow on connection to sheep jump; probably shouldn’t be counted, but I liked that she didn’t swing her arms back.
        -her choreo actually went really well with the FX music in the background, haha
        -swung back arms on the back tuck; think they deducted for that?
        -Nice dismount

        THe E-score here should be SO much higher, I’ll be annoyed if she doesn’t get into beam finals based on that.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t think she got credit for the layout to sheep jump – hence she has a 5.9 D score and not the 6.0.

        If she doesn’t make beam finals it’s for two reasons: stupid shit beam judges (AGAIN, London repeat); and her D score is not high enough.

        I don’t think I ever want to see that stupid double back dismount ever again. I know I will for finals but still. If you can’t stick that dismount then at least add a freakin twist or come out with your arabian already.

        Sorry that last rant was more frustration, because it is athletes like Kyla that SHOULD make beam finals as opposed to the Aly Raisman/Simone Biles types. Sorry but that’s just what I think.

        As for flow, I thought it was pretty even the whole way through. I guess I’m used to the Kyla pauses while she poses? If they deduct for that then Marta should have better advised her on her routine. Although I can’t count on Marta doing her job when it comes to athletes she does not completely stand behind.

      • Catherine Says:

        She lost 0.2, her full d score is now 6.1 with the wolf jump connection. Really could not afford to lose those tenths. Execution scores cannot be protested, only difficulty.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      She missed the one connection and that was it. Where the eff did these judges find any other execution errors. No, seriously. She should have been in the 9’s on execution, easily. I call bullshit. There were no form breaks or anything besides a hop on the double tuck landing. And they tried to give her a 5.8 D score, not the 5.9. I’m glad they challenged that.

      Even so with that score Kyla will be hard pressed to make the beam final, which is a tragedy given her routine.

      • Catherine Says:

        Not if the other scores are harsh too. And quite a few fell off beam. Kyla’s prep for her full turn is costly, apparently. I like harsh scoring, once it’s consistent. I cannot stand gymnasts getting 9.3/4+ execution on beam and floor, bullshit.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Well if harsh scoring is consistent that’s one thing.

        I just don’t trust it to be entirely consistent. I’m sure the Russians – especially Musty, as much as I love her – will not be scored as harshly, but we will see.

  22. Tortuga Says:

    Beam was wonderful! I don’t believe she ever connects her sheep jump does she? If she’s suppose to that is the only connection she would’ve lost I believe.

  23. mimi Says:

    her beam! im gushing over here… beautiful….

    jung hong’s floor music made me giggle, it sounded like a 90s snes game! which i kind of love ha.

  24. lol Says:

    They better be this tough on Maroney for bars and beam as they are being with Kyla. That beam score will not hold up for finals

  25. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Help me out…how is her beam score so low?

  26. DL Says:

    Ross’s lead is now more than 5 points ahead of the nearest competitor.

    1 ROSS Kyla USA
    15.166 15.133 14.466
    13.866 12.633 13.100
    13.900 12.500 12.000
    4 PARK Jisoo KOR
    13.233 12.066 12.316
    13.183 11.200 12.166
    6 Mc PEAK India IRL
    12.566 10.633 11.266
    7 JANOVA Alice CZE
    11.266 11.866 11.133

    (The beam is cursed, just saw another fall.)

  27. Jeco Says:

    Dumb question, but is it “New Life” for Finals??

  28. Jeco Says:

    Thanks!! Feeling Kyla’s bars and beam were under scored but she will final so it really doesn’t matter!! A few form issues and missed connections which is normal first day issues for her!! She is on a roll!!!

  29. Tortuga Says:

    I’m digging the rotation music lol! One more to go. Just pull that last pass around and I have faith she will be fine.

  30. DL Says:

    After 3rd rotation:
    1 ROSS Kyla USA
    15.166 15.133 14.566
    13.700 13.200 12.966
    13.866 12.633 13.100
    14.300 12.466 12.366
    5 BOCZOGO Dorina HUN
    13.033 13.066 12.733
    13.900 12.500 12.000
    7 SCHEDER Sophie GER
    14.566 10.966 12.433
    8 PARK Jisoo KOR
    13.233 12.066 12.316
    13.183 11.200 12.166
    10 Mc PEAK India IRL
    12.566 10.633 11.266
    11 JANOVA Alice CZE
    11.266 11.866 11.133
    12 MALEC Shaked ISR
    13.600 9.900 10.066
    13 LEE Ayana JAM
    12.900 9.833 8.766
    14 HOFLAND Kaitlyn CAN
    12.933 13.600
    15 GEIDT Anna KAZ
    12.866 11.866
    16 CASTRO LAZO Martina CHI
    9.866 11.300
    17 EL DABAGH Sarah DEN
    9.633 11.500
    19 ZENG Siqi CHN
    20 GRISANE Valerija LAT
    21 CHANT Maegan CAN
    22 STANILA Alina ROU
    23 van POL Vera NED
    24 WEVERS Sanne NED

  31. mimi Says:

    is jong doing the TTY in quals?

  32. Case Says:

    This subdivision leaves A LOT to be desired.

  33. DL Says:

    This subdivision is so heinous that Chant is currently the leader on floor: 13.333.

  34. Tortuga Says:

    OMG you guys listening!!!! Oh only one tenth. 5.9. So they did protest? E score is BS though. I swear she is definitely top 3 execution in the world.

  35. biyatch Says:

    One of the best floors of Kyla’s life.

  36. Tortuga Says:

    She did it!! Great landing on the double back! Woo Hoo!

  37. mimi Says:

    kyla floor D 5.7 E 8.633 14.333

  38. H Says:

    14.333 floor Kyla

  39. biyatch Says:

    14.333 Floor. 59.198 AA. Good score. I think it will be difficult for Mac to top that even going in the last sub.

  40. DL Says:

    1 ROSS Kyla USA
    15.166 15.133 14.566 14.333

  41. Jeco Says:

    Best floor ever!!

  42. Case Says:

    I think she’s in. Biles has to not freak out and Mac would have to be absolutely perfect to beat her at this point.

  43. H Says:

    What do you think of her AA score, 59.198?

    • mimi Says:

      good score but she should have been closer to 60.

      • DL Says:

        She could have had another .5 on beam (better E score and hit connection for the full 6.0 D score) and maybe another .1 if she had stuck her vault.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        She might have been but her not sticking those landings on floor were partly to blame.

      • Dee Says:

        I blame the sheep jump connection on beam. She has connected that faster before. She did stand there a bit too long and I doubt they gave it to her. That was the only error I saw, which was crazy! I would love to see Kyla in a beam final.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      That score is very consistent with what she has been getting in the US. I think it will be McKayla and Biles who will receive the most sticker shock when they get their scores.

      The judges better be just as harsh on beam as in the other rotations, but I doubt they will.

      I don’t think McKayla will crack Kyla’s score but all the same, I really think Kyla was underscored on her E scores. They are leaving the door open.

      • biyatch Says:

        I dont think Kyla has ever had a more complete competition in the US this year though to get that score. Yeah she could have had an extra tenth or two if she had stuck her vault but honestly this is the best through 4 events I think she’s ever looked. I think both her bars and beam scores could have been in the 8.9/9.0 range for sure though.

        Remember day 2 of nats she got a 15.2 on beam with a huge wobble on the side somi.

  44. biyatch Says:

    I think if McKayla is at her ABSOLUTE 100% best on vault and floor she would probably have about a 30.8 going into beam and bars. She would have to average a 14.2 on beam and bars and considering Kyla’s scores, even adding in that McKayla goes late, I just have a hard time seeing that happening.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Can I like what you said? They may be this awful to everyone, or if Im Simone and McKayla Im scared that they are going to mark me down and I miss difficult elements. It wouldnt surprise me to see execution scores in the 6’s. Im just hoping Larissas flat feet, Aliyas helicopter legs and Simones problems are scaled similarly.

  45. biyatch Says:

    After the first subdivision Kyla leads the AA (by 6.533), UB, BB and FX.

  46. Tortuga Says:

    Oh cool USAG is archiving the live qualification rounds. That’s new right?

  47. brainy Says:

    My $0.02 opinion is that McKayla is in the last qualifying round to help her make FX finals. Marta strategizes so that 2 US gymnasts are in each event final.

  48. katecoursey Says:

    Kyla looks absolutely stunning. She rocks that red lipstick, and she’s got beautiful gymnastics to go along with it.

    • Dee Says:

      I know!! Red is her thing. So stunning. Judges should give pretty points.

      Are they doing that longines elegance award this year? The one Porgras won?

  49. Tortuga Says:

    Yao had a fall on beam till scored 14.100, she only beat kyla’s bars by 3 tenths. Haven’t watched the routines tho. But it sounds like they’re being genuinely tough across the board on bars.

    • Dee Says:

      Gah. What is it with bars and judges. Even at teeny local meets they are sticklers on bars over every other event. Hate it!!

    • biyatch Says:

      Yao and Kyla actually got the same E scores on bars.

    • Flippateer Says:

      Okay, this is good to know that it’s across-the-board toughness. I’m fine with any combination of US girls making it into the finals, incl. Simone/Mac, but will be seriously pissed off if that happens because Kyla was unfairly disadvantaged by being in the first subdivision.

  50. biyatch Says:

    Kyla ahead of Yao Jinnan by 1.233 at the end of sub 2. Yao had a fall on beam.

    Kyla’s scores today were: 59.198– 15.166(5.8), 15.133(6.4), 14.566(5.9) and 14.333(5.7)…23.8
    Yao Jinnan’s: 57.965– 14.766(5.8), 15.433(6.7), 14.1(6.4), 13.666(5.5)… 24.4

    Kyla’s 1st on beam, 2nd on beam and floor. I think she’s for sure safe to get into both beam and bars finals. Especially since 2 or the 3 Chinese have already gone.

    Hell, if McKayla or Simone mess up she could sneak into floor finals as well. LOL.

  51. Flippateer Says:

    Just posting to thank everyone watching and live commenting. So helpful for those of us at work who have to watch later.

  52. Flippateer Says:

    Okay, I watched Kyla’s routines posted by USAG online … figured that I could take five minutes. 🙂 I am OUTRAGED by that beam E score, 8.666. Are you kidding me? I understand some of the D score issues, e.g., not giving the connection into sheep jump – she did pause too long. But otherwise, that was so clean and gorgeous that I don’t understand what the heck you’d have to do to get a 9.000 or better from these judges.

    Very proud of her. That was a solid showing – not perfect, e.g., hop on vault, not a clean landing on her first floor pass, etc. But on the whole, beautiful, gorgeous, hit gymnastics. She’s definitely made her case for AA. I’ll be surprised if Mac can pull out enough to top it, but now we wait.

    • H Says:

      It is probably due to nada dynamic, imo, and “long” preparation before several elements. In a way it is good, so we can get rid of “robotic” beam exercises that we have seen too much of by many countries.

      • Flippateer Says:

        Fair point. I agree that the routine could have had better flow. She did pause more before each element than I’ve seen her do in the past, but honestly, I think the way she did it was more aesthetically pleasing than moving too quickly and wobbling all over the place.

        Anyway, I expect Mac also to elect flow breaks rather than rush through her routine, especially as she is in greater danger of falling off the beam. So if the judges are penalizing for that, the folks who want Kyla to outscore Mac are probably set even if she does not fall off bars or beam.

  53. sanitynmotion Says:

    Maybe this will be a good thing for Kyla to go first. She’ll have enough rest going into finals and maybe some fire in her to go after the connections – ok, the ONE connection she missed on beam. Whatever. By finals scores “should” even out so she’ll come out on top. Honestly she was the best today I’ve ever seen her, especially for a Day 1. If she improves to Finals this could be really good.

    I’m still scratching my head on her E scores – she was damned near perfect on everything. This just shows you need to go after D more than E. The judges will mess around and be biased with E scores all day long but the D scores are verifiable and can be argued. So this adds to the argument that Kyla really just needs to add her D elements to be more competitive. You can’t go through a competition hoping other people fall in order to win, that’s just not the way to do it anymore in gymnastics and especially in this code where chucking skills are rewarded more than executing easier skills flawlessly.

    • Flippateer Says:

      I agree, sanity – esp. after seeing here and last year in London that you can successfully challenge D scores to great effect. Not sure how practical it would be, but I wish the judges had to document and publicize their E score reasoning (e.g., .3 step on landing, .1 leg separation, .5 grabbed beam, etc.), so it was subject to review and challenge in the same way as D score. They should have to be accountable.

      And it’s too bad that the code rewards poor execution of hard skills over great execution of relatively easier skills. Obviously the point is to reward great execution of hard skills the most 🙂 – but it’s creating a bunch of screwed up incentives for gymnasts.

  54. sanitynmotion Says:

    What is Marta saying here?

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      How theyre using four year olds to compete. Lol.

    • Karlie Says:

      “She looks like [a] junior…they not even cheating now, but they cheated before. We will have the ages…oh, leg separation. The pirouette was waaay late…but this age thing, I don’t know, rules. Just look at these kids. I pass by and I’m like, ‘cute babies!'”

      LMAO. What a bitch.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL thanks Karlie that was awesome. “ooh, leg separation” lol…someone needs to do like a Marta cartoon.

      • Karlie Says:

        Haha no problem, I’m decent with accents 🙂 Let me know if you want anything else translated from Marta to English.

    • Flippateer Says:

      I thought she said, “They used to cheat with 1-2 years, now they cheating with 4.” Could either mean “time to the Olympics” or a snarky comment re: how many years underage she believes the Chinese seniors are?

    • Kimbeeann Says:

      After several edits and different headphones, I think I got as much as I can:

      Before Marta starts talking, someone says “youngest in the competition”.

      Then I think at the beginning she says “She looks like Julia* who’s 11 years old. They’re not even cheating with 1 or 2 years. Now they’re cheating with 4.”

      Another woman says “this is the one I was telling you about”.

      Back to Marta. Maybe something about “leg separation”? the something about the “cast” then “that was the pirouette was waaaay late”?

      Then after the dismount “this age thing I don’t know how ?? HH and ?? and just look at these kids”.

      “I passed by and I said “cute baby” and the coach smiled to me.”

      I heard “age” a couple of times in there too, but I couldn’t make out what it was in relation to.

      *Marta’s g-daughter Julia turns 11 tomorrow.

  55. sanitynmotion Says:

    When does Simone go up? Apologies for not paying attention…

  56. Karlie Says:

    Zeng Siqi and Yao Jinnan were both scored similarly in beam execution. Zeng counted a fall, yes, but other than that i was nearly perfect, there was just a slight wobble on the full turn and a tiny, tiny step on the dismount. Her execution was a 7.4, meaning that without the fall it would have been around 8.4, far too low IMO given that the rest was nearly flawless. I had a similar problem with Jinnan’s beam scoring – yes, she fell, but otherwise it was almost perfect, and would have only been an 8.7. Typical.

    Jinnan’s bars had the same number of form breaks as Kyla’s – two leg separations, although they were more obvious. Felt a little more fluid than Kyla’s, but there was also a questionably short handstand. I hope she’s going to do the Mo Salto in EF!

    Last but not least – Seitz got HAMMERED on execution. Yes she doesn’t have very good execution, we all knew that, but she didn’t even break 8 without a fall. So at least they’re being consistently hard, it seems.

    • Karlie Says:

      also Hong Un Jong must have killed it on her Amanar, 9.33 E-score but only a. 8.566 on the Cheng. Interesting. No TTY.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Any videos on Hong Un Jong’s vaults? Looks like McKayla will have some competition after all.

        I wonder if she’ll throw the TTY in finals.

      • mimi Says:

        hong un jong’s amanar was ok in the air but messy landing… crossed her feet and took a step to the side. she got big applause though. didnt she her cheng, i dont think they showed it.

        her TTY is going to be MESSY if that’s what her 2.5 is like.

    • Karlie Says:

      Fail. I youtubed Yao’s bars and ended up watching Huang’s instead. That makes much more sense. Off to try to find Yao’s.

      Ok I’ll stop replying to myself now. 🙂

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Given this, I can only imagine Brenna’s scores. Probably a good thing Maroney was substituted, as shitty as the situation is.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      If you have so many people with similar difficulty you have to differentiate. Somehow, and thats in execution errors. If everyone is being similarly nit picked then I have no problem with Kylas scores. Perhaps Marta knew the judges were getting nit picky and Brennas bars/ beam would be scored embarassingly low. McKayla doesnt matter really because shes not really an all arounder. But I imagine her bars execution score will put her low 13s high 12s if they keep going like this.

  57. sainabou nyang Says:

    This is a gem. Someone got on video Marta talking shit during Huang Huidans bar routine. The part where she sais cute baby to the chinese coaches is hilarious.


  58. sanitynmotion Says:

    Mai Murakami has a pretty impressive floor here and her score is still pretty low:

    Now, do you guys think Kyla will make floor finals? That would be almost funny. I guess Simone or McKayla would have to have a major mistake though.

  59. H Says:

    What I miss so much is dynamic, specially on beam. What have happend to the coaches. Dynamic is something that you can easily teach to gymnast that don’t have it “naturally” or improve to picture perfect with those who have it naturally with a just ok choreographer. I dont get the lack of dynamic, or bent knees in bhs at an international level. I is so easy to fix … Sorry for bladibla here but …
    Well, in the meantime I go to this among others videos, just to make sure that dynamic is still existing out there 🙂

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Beautiful. How old is she? I have to believe she wouldn’t be able to compete here under the new “age” rules because she does not look anywhere near 16.

  60. Flippateer Says:

    Marta interview today on Kyla and the McKayla/Brenna decision. Interestingly, Marta states that she believes Kyla’s low E scores may be due to her placement in the first subdivision.


    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Hah, again I can’t even figure out what Marta is saying. So I’m glad you gave me the gist. 🙂

      Oh – and then why did she put Kyla in the first rotation then? Arghhhhh….

      • Tortuga Says:

        I think she did it because Kyla needs the least help from the judges out the 3. And We don’t get to pick which subdivision we compete in just which gymnast goes in the ones given. I guess she felt Kyla would be the least effected from going first.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I was thinking that today too Tortuga. Simone might have form breaks and/or melt down. McKayla definitely needs subdivision help on bars and beam. Kyla is clean.

      • gymnastwannabe Says:

        If Kyla doesn’t make AA b/c of this decision by Marta, it could all blow up in her face. Does she really want Simone and McKayla in the AA? Kyla may have lower D scores, but she’s reliable and should have been rewarded by being placed in a different group instead of treated like this. It could take her out of the beam final. I wouldn’t want McKayla “and” Simone in the final…great gymnasts but neither is reliable on 4 events at this point. Marta acts likes she’s surprised by the E scores…really Marta?

    • biyatch Says:

      I really think Kyla is safe for the bars and beam final. She holds the top spot on beam after 2 of the 3 Chinese gymnasts have already gone. Who are the 8 gymnasts on beam that could possibly knock her out?

      Iordache, Shang and Mustafina if they hit, potentially Biles. Don’t think Nabs can beat her here (if she is even competing). Ferrari and Ferlito have D scores around 6ish but tend to get hammered.

      Don’t forget in London beam final was exclusively Big 4 countries and of the 8 from that final Larissa is the only one competing this year (and she was a sub in.) Yao is the only returner from the 2011 beam final as well.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m thinking the same thing. The competition this year is too watered down with injuries and illnesses; I think Kyla is safely in the bars and beam finals. I even think she’s got a shot at floor finals too which is absolutely ridiculous at this point (although funny).

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Is there another Romanian besides Iordache who’s good at beam this year? Bulimar is out, right?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No. Isbaza is only doing floor

  61. Flippateer Says:

    Maybe Kyla is wondering that too:

    [Ross] dominated a weak first qualifying group and with 59.198 points towered over everyone else. Especially on beam, she felt she could have earned more.

    “I don’t want to create too much controversy but I know that I was a little bit disappointed,” she said.


  62. gymnastwannabe Says:

    If she makes AA, will her score from today be averaged w/ the final or does everyone start fresh? I can’t remember.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Pretty sure it’s a clean slate.

    • Dee Says:

      Pretty sure all scores start over for AA final. I think back in the 90’s the totals used to be from prelims + AA finals because they also factored in the compulsory score. I think that is what happened.

  63. gymnastwannabe Says:

    That is what I was thinking….sure hope so, or Kyla really got screwed today.

  64. tulip Says:

    So with day 1 complete, Kyla is 1st in AA and BB, 2nd in UB & FX, 2nd Vault- didn’t do a second.

    We could see her in 4 finals.

    In reviewing the list of named skills, I was very sad for Brenna as she had a few elements she submitted. Very unfortunate. However, Simone’s double layout with 1/2 will soon be the Biles.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Who is ahead of Kyla in bars?

      Don’t you have to do 2 vaults to get to the vault final? Plus, Biles and Maroney should have that one locked.

      I’m hoping we’ll see Kyla in at least 2, if not 3 apparatus finals. Of course I want to see her do that all around.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No vault. She only does one vault

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