Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

Can Kyla or join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

Simone has the edge in start value. Kyla has the edge in execution. Take your pick?


Remembering the past

Kim Zmeskal started the US’s world AA titles winning in Indianapolis in 1991. Shannon Miller followed it up winning back to back titles in 1993 and 1994. (Outside the US) Then we waited until 2005 when Chellsie Memmel defeated pure evil by the smallest margin imaginable. Shawn Johnson was next in 2007 followed by Bridget Sloan in 2009 and ending with Jordyn Wieber in 2011.

So who do Kyla and Simone remind you of when compared to successful world all around champions of the past?

For me Kyla reminds me of Shannon. Clean, consistent and labeled boring by the people that cannot find a real reason to hate is pretty much the gist of it IMO. Shannon has more rhythm and flow and is a better dancer than Kyla but no one else really fits the question. Kyla isn’t quite an artistic gymnast though she is working on it.

Simone is a combination of all other remaining gymnasts. She reminds me of Shawn or Chellsie on floor. Not much presentation but a hell of a tumbler. On bars she is Bridget. There but nothing special. On beam she is hit or miss. She could be any of them but Zmeskal who was a rock on beam. When it comes to vault I guess she reminds me mostly of Jordyn but only because they both have the Amanar. Simone is dynamic and impressive with her Amanar and that doesn’t really fit anyone else on the list.


Judging by past US World AA champions if I had to garner a guess I would say the judges prefer the Simone Biles of the gym world over the Kyla Ross’s. The US has only one artistic gymnast with a World AA title. In fact she has two of them.

Todays Podium training

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72 Responses to “Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?”

  1. Akshay Says:

    I think if Simone hits, then she’ll win. I love Kyla, but I think she’ll need Simone, Mustafina, and others to falter a little bit to win. Regardless, I think she has a good shot at the podium.

    I also hope there is more of a difference with what Mustafina and Kyla score on vault. The difference between them is pretty clear.

    Also, kind of on topic, but I honestly prefer this group of champions over the Olympic AA Gold Medalists, by a mile.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Hah, I do too – and this list of champions to me are far more impressive.

      Carly and Gabby are basically one-hit wonders…Nastia and Gabby also share the judges’ favorite pick of the year for their AA Olympic wins.

      Mary Lou only won by default.

  2. sainabou nyang Says:

    To think that the Beijing Olympic team consists of three world aa champs. I like Kyla and Simones gymnastics, but for some reason Im rooting for musty. Im ok with a podium of musty, Simone, kyla in no particular order.
    Unless musty fucks up or is underscored I don’t see the us going 1-2 in the AA.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Can I just express how happy it makes me that Nastia is NOT on this list?

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    I am curious to see the scoring. Honestly if larissa hits it would not surprise me to see judges give it to her. Earned truly or not….. And I’d love for anyone from China to take the crown. I think it would motivate the Americans especially Kyla to do more difficulty for one. I think she’s capable

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      They seem to think Shang can sneak in. If she had a DTY she could be a threat. But I think she does a FTY. I can’t wait to see her floor!

      • Catherine Says:

        She’s a threat anyway, FTY or not. Her difficulty is 24.6, which is 7-9 tenths ahead of Kyla and just a few behind the others. If she does a DTY she has a 3 tenth lead.

        It looks like this now.

        Biles- 25.1
        Mustafina and Iordache- 25
        Shang- 24.6
        Kyla- 23.7-9

        It’s not known yet where Yao will fit in.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I want Kyla to win but I wouldn’t be apposed to say her learning her lesson early about needing more difficulty.

      • Case Says:

        I’m also a Kyla fan, but if there was ever a time to learn the difficulty lesson it would definitely be now. The earlier in the quad, the better.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        I don’t think Kyla needs a lesson learned. She has the difficulty its just that her coaches aren’t going to throw a bunch of stuff right before Worlds in the year after the Olympics. I mean the girl is training a bhs arabian combo and a bunch of stuff on bars. She has difficulty there and I’m sure next year it’ll come out. But that’s what her coaches do and when you’re thinking about 2016 I think its the best way for her to stay competitive til then. You never know with the year after the Olympics too. 2009 and 2005 had plenty of falls in the AA.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I agree. I think her coaches just want to pace her difficulty. If she stays relevant for Rio she won’t have any more upgrades to bring out by then if she throws it all out now. I don’t think AA gold at worlds this year is her goal. Her and her coaches just want to do well.

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    I think Kyla will be lucky to make podium. Sure she’s consistent but she has a tendency to still mess up on one apparatus or another and even though it’s a minor mess-up (usually) it’s still enough to keep her from winning because she basically has to be PERFECT, while others have to FALL, to win.

    The Chinese girl is a newbie so I don’t see her being judged higher than say Musty or Iordache. I also don’t know how much confidence I have in Iordache, if she’s been injured recently like others say.

    Here is what I predict: Musty (gold) Shang (silver) Ross (bronze). I don’t know why I just have this feeling Biles will mess up somewhere and the judges aren’t going to give her brownie points just yet. Silver could be Shang or Iordache – again assuming Iordache is healthy.

    Here is what I want to happen: Musty (gold) Ross (silver) Biles (bronze). I want Ross to do well but get that fire in her to increase her D scores, showing her if only she upgraded she could WIN this damn thing. Of course if Ross wins I’d be even more happy, but I really want her to realize she needs to upgrade. Her routines won’t cut it as the quad progresses.

    I think of Biles/Ross, Biles reminds me most of Chellsie/Johnson combo and Ross is just on her own. Nobody can hold a candle to Miller, yet. 🙂 Ross has clean gymnastics like Miller but Miller did have more pizzazz, and she had a lot of difficulty in her routines from what I can remember.

    • Katie Says:

      Yes, Shannon was on of the few true artistic US gymnasts ever, yet also had the highest overall difficulty on the US squad far and away.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Yes, Kyla needs to learn to add more difficulty. Her approach reminds me of Michelle Kwan not adding a triple triple. As much as I love her, I’d love to see Kyla want it more and add more difficulty next year. I think Brenna is a washout. I think Simone hasn’t peaked yet and is trying too hard. I think FIG needs to split medals between us/ china/ Russia / Romania and maybe Brazil or Italy or Germany depending on who is paying them off….

    • Case Says:

      Brenna’s crowning career achievement will be making this Worlds team. Biles could take the AA crown, but the problem with Simone is her wins are big and her mistakes are epic. Just depends on the day.

  6. JAS4 Says:

    With all the injuries I wouldn’t be surprised if some gymnast that are completely off the radar go home with medals

  7. nero Says:

    The thing I like most about Kyla is she is going to compete what she plans on competing. There are no ‘what ifs’ in her routine. She doesn’t ~plan~ on having a 6.8 BB routine and when she can’t connect everything it drops down to a 3.7.

    I never fear for her life because she’s doing skills that could kill her, or routines she can’t compete without hitting 100% of the time.

    The only thing that scares me about Kyla is her floor endurance. And, like everything else, I’m sure her coaches have a methodical way of upping that little by little up over time. The tortoise beats the hare type of thing.

  8. kittykat Says:

    Hate to link to the devil, but everyone should go check out the training videos on gymnastike. Brenna’s bars look awesome! And Musty has upgrades galore, wewww!

  9. DL Says:

    I’m rooting for Ross to win the AA, but I know that’s wishful thinking. Then again, we never know. Everyone else could have a really bad day. I’d also like to see Mustafina take it and complete her triumph over her knee injury.

  10. Brouhaha Says:

    Who are your bets for outside AA podium threats? I’m thinking Seitz and Steingruber might have a chance to battle for bronze, especially if Biles messes up or Iordache isn’t on or something. I was really impressed with Steingruber’s AA routines at Euros this year.

  11. Akshay Says:

    Apparently not Paseka is being withdrawn from Worlds due to injury. Not that she would have really challenged for much other than maybe Vault Bronze, but another Russian goes down…

  12. Dee Says:

    Slow and steady wins the race…which is why my money is still on Kyla. Although Mustafina winning again would be just as awesome. Not sure about Simone…I think if she hits she could win but it’s her first major meet so anything could happen.

    • H Says:

      I have a feeling that S will miss, hopefully I am wrong. I think Kyla can pull it off, but if Musta is well prepared on beam it will be hard to beat her since she is very competitive and mental strong.

  13. Dee Says:

    Nero, looks like your hunch was right about Simone and the tumbling passes she will compete…

  14. H Says:

    At first I was thinking that these worlds were going to be a bit boring, but how the field is now due to all injuries etc. I believe it will be a very exciting competition.

  15. mimi Says:

    inside gym apparently reporting Simone, Kyla AND MCKAYLA are all competing AA.

    I really don’t know what to think about this. i would have thought brenna was more prepared or has mckayla improved leaps and bounds since being in Europe?

    my reaction is basically WTF. like go mac on the one hand but is she really good enough for AA right now?

    • biyatch Says:

      Brenna gets the boot. I am SHOCKED.

      • mimi Says:

        pissed of marta methinks???

      • biyatch Says:

        I wonder if Brenna and her coaches were given a heads up that this was a possibility. Some people are speculating that the reason Brenna was rotating with Kyla this morning was because she was told hit bars or you’re out and apparently there were some issues.

        Does this signal the end of Brenna’s elite career? If she can get her shit together on bars I still think she could be useful there next year but she’s got to hit, hit, hit.

      • mimi Says:

        im guessing brenna’s bars aren’t to marta’s stardard of perfection and perhaps mckayla’s been hitting. still a slap in the face to brenna. she really is the epitome of Hard Work but maybe marta figured her gymnastics simply aren’t pretty enough or she’s suddenly inconsistent.

        shouldn’t be surprised i suppose but i am!

        she’s not my fave but i feel bad for her. cruel life lesson for her i guess.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Not surprised at all. Brenna doesn’t hit her handstands well on bars and I think Marta wants the message to her loud and clear that she needs to give up on an elite dream.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I’m more shocked Kyla got Olympic order….and not Biles. That means Biles starts bars or beam

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Marta wants Biles to have her best events towards the end – the scores go higher as the competition progresses, right?

    • Katie Says:

      And they are saying that Hong submitted the TTY.

    • Flippateer Says:

      Kyla just stated in an interview that there were going to be three American AAers. Well, I’ve been rooting for McKayla AA for a while, so yay, but she just wasn’t looking ready in a lot of the footage that we’ve seen. Still I can’t see Marta making this call she really thought McKayla was ready. Should be interesting.

      Here’s Kyla – about halfway through she says that her goal is to make AA and she realizes one of the American girls won’t, since there will be three AAers and they’ve had problems with the two per country rule before.

  16. exgymgurl Says:

    Marta screwed Biles. Now she is the travelling alternate. As much as I think she’s yuck it is still wrong.

    • Flippateer Says:

      You mean Dowell? (Biles will compete AA.)

      As long as it was made clear both to Mac and Brenna that there was the potential to have a third AAer, I’m not sure it was all that unfair. Marta was speaking openly prior to World selection camp about possibly only having three AAers in the competition, so unless she went back on that and assured Brenna that she would definitely compete in World prelims, I’m not sure how she was screwed. As I see it (and more importantly, I think as Marta sees it), her responsibility is to pick the combination of girls who (a) have the best shot of bringing home the most medals for Team USA in int’l competition and (b) need to gain more experience for future international competition. I read this as a judgment call that Mac has AA potential in future int’l competition and is likely to be a better long-term prospect than Brenna. And from what everyone’s been saying on this blog for weeks, Brenna’s days in elite competition were apparently numbered whether or not she competed here.

      This sucks for Brenna – I can’t even imagine how badly. It must feel like she gave everything to this and got nothing in return. But I’m not sure that Marta is wrong here, in terms of making the best big-picture judgment call both re: this competition and developing her best athletes for the long-term. That said, Mac darn well better step up and show that the AA spot is legitimately hers – I remember feeling the same way towards Aly (and Gabby) at Olympic AA last year and towards Gutsu in 1992. I’ll feel awful for Brenna if Mac falls off bars or beam after this.

  17. exgymgurl Says:

    Kylas umms are down about 80% from last year. Very diplomatic about what she said with making AA final. It’s interesting that Mckayla was putting the work in on beam the other day repeating her problem skills yet Brenna wasn’t.

  18. gymnastwannabe Says:

    The issue may also be with Simone. If McKayla’s numbers on bars and beam are a little lower than Brenna’s, McKayla can make this up on vault and floor. Why not put McKayla in the running for AA in case Simone flops? Yep, sucks for Brenna big time, but if Marta knows that Brenna can’t medal on either event and neither will McKayla medal on bars or beam, again, why not let McKayla fight for an AA spot. My guess is that Brenna has known she is the true alternate to Worlds. On other note, McKayla totally impresses me with her come back…think, she wasn’t even training bars, beam, or floor at the Olympics, just vault…then surgery and now AA…she kicks *ss even if she doesn’t qualify for AA final.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I agree it’s insurance if Simone flakes. I thought for sure Marta would give Simone the spot in sub div one where it’s a vault start and that went to Kyla. Mylar would do well to start anywhere, but I would have put Simone there. Maybe Marta figures sub div 1 will score lower and Kyla is getting screwed. Then again maybe Kyla sets the bar and the other two battle.

      • nero Says:

        I think it makes sense where all of them are starting. Kyla gets to go in Olympic order, Simone gets bars out of the way and ends on vault and Mckayla gets her two EF out of the way before going to bars and beam. I think all 3 are set up for success. Kyla and Simone will have to fuck up pretty bad for Mckayla to get in anyway.

        Yeah it sucks for Brenna, but in the words of Miss Maroney “That’s gymnastics and sometimes it sucks”

        After Jordyn last year all of these girls know they are not promised anything. Brenna is a smart girl, she knew what could happen. Mckayla earned it and I say good for her.

  19. exgymgurl Says:

    Not biles Dowell. Marta screwed Dowell.

  20. H Says:

    What is mckyla`s d-score? does anybody know
    Feel bad for Brenna, but it will interesting to see how the qualification will turn out …

    • Case Says:

      If Maroney can somehow pull an AA win out it’ll make one hell of a narrative. Wild!

    • nero Says:

      Well somebody on tumblr posted their D scores.

      Simone 65.3
      VT: 6.3

      Mckayla 64.4-64.7
      UB:6.0 (possible 6.1)
      BB:6.0 (possible 6.2)

      Kyla 63.9

      Wow way closer than I thought. Kyla will have Mckayla beat on execution but Mac will have big scores on vault and floor. It’s going to be a fight.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Mckayla will be lucky to break 13 on bars and even her Amanar has looked ragged here. Not sure we will see National like scores

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I still for the life of me don’t understand why Kyla’s beam D score is only a 6.0.

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