More US Training videos


You can see more at Daphne Van Roij‘s you tube channel.


54 Responses to “More US Training videos”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    I can’t help but think if she actually did the tumbling runs maybe it’d help her endurance. That’s just me.

    • nero Says:

      All elite gymnasts do a dance through, probably at least once a day. It’s just to practice choreography, leaps, jumps and turns without having to worry about tumbling.

    • Dee Says:

      yea, dance throughs are a godsend LOL gives your body a break. sometimes we do dance throughs with an endurance component, which sucks…in place of the tumbling runs you sprint up and back a few times, but you have to stay in time with the music. either that or we run or jump rope after doing a full routine…sucks but it helps.

      I really love her routine, though. So glad to see her moving!

    • exgymgurl Says:

      They may not even be able to safely do all of their tumbling on that floor if it isnt springy enough…

  2. KS Says:

    anyone know if she is downgrading her full turn with leg at horizontal to just a full turn or was it just for the run through?

    • Dee Says:

      hmmm I don’t know but maybe she was getting deducted for not having her leg high enough and they’d rather her do a simpler turn just to get the credit?

  3. JAS4 Says:

    I hope Kyla hasn’t downgraded anything on her floor more because she is going to need the extra tenths to stay competitive in the AA

    • Catherine Says:

      She is competitive if others make mistakes or downgrades and she makes none.
      Kyla- 23.7-9
      Simone- 24.7
      Larisa- 24.8-25
      Mustafina- 24.8
      Shang Chunsong- 24.6- 25.4 (dty or not)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        To me this doesn’t look competitive. It looks like the other girls need to fall AND Kyla needs to be perfect/not downgrade in order to win. I’d feel better if she had at least 0.5 more points in D score.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        I would like her to as well and it seems like she will next year with her BHS to arabian and other stuff on bars she’s been working on.

        For the year after the Olympics I think for someone like Kyla this may work out. Iordache has more D on beam and floor but her bars are horrendous so Kyla will make some ground there. Mustafina and Biles are great but they’ve both been inconsistent and you never know what Chungsong is gonna do at her first major international competition or if she’ll upgrade on vault in time.

    • Dee Says:

      I feel as though the Worlds the year following the Olympics seems to always go to the person that just plain hits everything…and it’s sometimes a surprise. I think if Kyla hits and is clean, she will be up there. A lot of other gymnasts seem like they are bringing new skills/routines or it is their first major competition or they are coming off an injury…and I think all of this will be in Kyla’s favor. I sincerely would not be surprised if she won.

  4. Flippateer Says:

    Well, watching McKayla on beam, my hopes of watching her in the AA at any point (obviously, we know it’s off the table for 2013 Worlds) are dimming a bit:

    I’m just trying to remind myself that she has made an *amazing* comeback on her two strongest events after being told that she wouldn’t be able to compete again by doctors. Who knows what 2014 will bring. And of course, we don’t have the full context for these clips, including how late in the practice they were filmed and how many other times the girls hit their routines.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Eeey yah yikes. You can see the total difference between Kyla and McKayla there as to who has been practicing a lot and refining beam compared to who is just getting their skills back. McKayla’s comeback is very impressive on her two best events, and she’s obviously competition ready on those. I can’t say the same for bars/beam but definitely potential for that next year. She probably just hasn’t put as much emphasis on those 2 apparatuses because she probably didn’t have AA in her sites this year anyways – it would be too aggressive. Guessing that’s the main reason then for Brenna to be there. Brenna consistently placed 3rd in AA this year and she’s the best bet for replacement should Biles or Kyla get injured or something.

    • gymnerd Says:

      Wait, help me out. When was McKayla told she wouldn’t compete again? Was it after the tour injury?

      • Dee Says:

        I think after the surgeries following London? I think I vaugely remember hearing that she might not be able to do gymnastics anymore because her leg can’t take the stress of that vault. I hope I am not making that up, haha, I really feel like that was written somewhere?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t remember seeing that anywhere but if that were true, more power to McKayla.

      • Flippateer Says:

        I’ve seen it in multiple places, and I swear I heard McKayla herself say it in a video, but I can’t find a video clip of it now. Anyway, here’s an example of it in print media (Google “mckayla doctor compete again” and you will see other sources): “Her body had other ideas. Maroney stumbled during a dismount during a post-Olympic tour and endured three surgeries in as many months to fix a bone in her left leg. Doctors initially told her they doubted she would be able to compete again at the highest level. Maroney quietly returned to the gym in January and went to work.”

  5. DL Says:

    Ross is looking the cleanest and strongest out of the four Americans. Biles and Maroney both seem to be having trouble on bars and Dowell’s flatness on beam makes me wonder what the line up is going to be like.

  6. Tortuga Says:

    Does anyone know where we can watch qualifying if anywhere in the U.S.? I don’t know what I’m going to do about these live finals online on Friday. I can’t really watch at work. Might have to fake an appointment to go home. My gosh I’m stressed already. Plus if I don’t watch online I will have to stay off the blog and tumblr for a week, which I don’t think is possible.

    • biyatch Says:

      They say they won’t know about whether they’ll be able to stream qualifications until they are on site, but if so it will definitely be single camera.

      One US rotation will go Tuesday from 8-10am ET (If I had to bet my guess is Simone will get this spot because it gets Olympic order and I’m guessing they want to avoid having Simone start/finish on bars/beam.

      2nd US rotation Wednesday 730-930am, starting on bars. 3rd US rotation Wednesday 10-12, starting on floor. If I had to guess Kyla will get the 2nd US rotation and the other 2 the final one.

    • nero Says:

      I think I read where nobody is showing qualifications. Has any qualification been broadcast besides the Olympics? I don’t remember seeing any from 2009, 2010 or 2011. Just the occasional youtube video from inside the arena.

      But don’t you worry your pretty little head because USAG has been a saint when it comes videos. Go to their facebook or website to get the full schedule. But THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY we’ll get to watch podium training!

      Women’s qualifications will be up Tuesday and Wednesday (I’m sure someone will make a list where and when each athlete is once the start lists come out)

      And USAG will be showing all the finals LIVE! I’m more inclined to go with the BBC stream because I’ll just end up watching NBC when they show the finals on TV (like 2 weeks after worlds are over…)

      And looking at that schedule I realized AA FINALS ARE ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! C’MON KYLA (or Simone, I love Simone too just pulling for Kyla)

      • Tortuga Says:

        Awe what an awesome birthday gift! Yeah i’m going to have to rely on youtube for qual vids but I really want to be at home for AA finals on Friday. Can Americans watch the BBC stream? Lets just pray USAGs live feed is not a repeat of Classics. However if they make a playlist on their channel immediately like they have been I can watch that way.

      • nero Says:

        Yes, I’m American and do it all the time. We just have to figure out if they’re playing it on BBC1, BBC2 or BBC3. Then you just google live stream for it. You shouldn’t need expact shield or any IP blocker or anything.

        But someone always uploads the BBC version on youtube if for some reason we can’t get the streams to work.

      • biyatch Says:

        Scott Bregman said on the gymnastics podcast that they were going to try to stream qualifications (it would follow the rotation with the event the US athlete is one) but it depended on technical stuff in the arena like wifi speed, etc. He said if they aren’t able to stream (or even if they are) individual routines will definitely be up on youtube. I think everything has to be geoblocked because different federations/companies own different rights.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        yeah they already said they’re going to have archived clips of podium training and qualifications on USAG’s worlds site and prolly their youtube page as well. So even if we can’t see it we’ll still get to see it pretty quickly.

      • Catherine Says:

        You do need a British IP if you watch the actual stream on BBC iPlayer, but not if you can watch another stream. I get BBC on my TV but no access to their iPlayer. I’ll be at the finals but I’ll have to find a way to access whatever USAG put up of podium training and quals.

      • mimi Says:

        I’m in Australia and use VPN to watch BBC iplayer.

  7. nero Says:

    Ok, here is BBC’s schedule. AA in on BBC Three and event finals on BBC Two

    I have expat shield so I’ll probably just watch it on iPlayer like Catherine said. It will probably be less glitchy and not a few seconds behind than going through another site that is streaming BBC.

    It’s really simple to watch the stream though. If you guys need help just ask. I’ll try both the stream and iPlayer and decide which one is better for me.

    • mimi Says:

      I used iplayer for the Olympics and found it lagged maybe one minute behind, but this could be because I’m further away or maybe more people were using it at the same time.

      I love the bbc commentary so it’s worth it!

  8. Tortuga Says:

    Did you guys see Aliya’s shaposh full? It’s beautiful. Also is that a one and a half twisting double dismount. I got lost.

    Watch more video of 2013 World Championships on

  9. nero Says:

    I really like Mustafina, and that music is hot, but the girl basically walked through this routine and still had the fugliest triple on planet earth.

    I know she’ll put more umph into it during competition but the choreography is just arm waving, holding the leg and falling to the floor. I’ll take Simone’s spunky routine over this any day (love love the music though, hopefully Aliya can put it all together)

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      She looks tired/fatigued here. Much so. It looked like she skipped a lot of the choreo until the end and was focusing on the tumbling and turns. Her twisting form is atrocious; it’s really too bad. I really like the double whip-back to arabian combo though.

      What happened to Afan again? She’s not here, right? She had surgery, was it? I forgot.

    • Dee Says:

      Watching that made me feel tired. Looks like it was a modified dance through of sorts…so leaps/jumps and more focus on tumbling and turns like Sanity mentioned. She always turns it up dance/expression wise in meets…sometimes I think during training it just comes off that she is tired/doesn’t want to do it but she usually pulls it together when it counts.

  10. Tortuga Says:

    McKayla is looking really solid today on beam. I heard she also hit bars today. So that’s hopeful. Not that she will get to compete but at least she’s not always disastrous on those events.

  11. biyatch Says:

    Apparently Brenna was crashing her full twisting DLO and then when they had her downgrade to a DLO she still crashed it. The twist on the DLO is the only twist she has in her entire floor routine though so if she leaves it out its automatically .5 off her D score (unless FIG judges are as incompetent as the judges at the 1st night of championships this year.)

    Hopefully there isn’t any scenario where Brenna is used on floor anyways, as that would most likely pull Kyla out of the AA.

    Not to be blunt, and despite what Marta said after championships, I think people are deluding themselves to think that McKayla is going to go up in the AA. Maybe they’ll put her up on beam since its really a wash either way, but we’ve already seen videos of Mac struggling on both events and I think they’ll at least give Brenna a shot at bars so they can try to gauge how useful she is on the event for the team for the future. And this is coming from someone who is probably one of the biggest opponents of her gymnastics. The fact is neither of them have proven to be uber consistent but Brenna’s maximum on bars exceeds Mac’s. Currently there is only one bar worker (Kyla) that you’d want to put up in a 3 up, 3 count scenario so the US needs to see if there’s some possibility there.

    • nero Says:

      I mean, since Nationals it’s been pretty obvious to me who is going to do what at worlds…

      VT: Kyla, Simone, Mac
      UB:Brenna, Simone, Kyla
      BB:Brenna/Mac, Simone, Kyla
      FX: Mac, Kyla, Simone

      They’re all training AA right now because who knows what could happen? Brenna and Mac are fighting for that BB spot right now.

      I don’t see anyone but Kyla and Simone doing the AA because, let’s be real here, even if they both fall 5 times they will still make top 24. There is no point in having a 3rd girl doing AA in qualifications because Kyla and Simone are the best medal hopes for USA, even if they fall 57 times in prelims and have to start on floor.

    • Flippateer Says:

      Oh, to be clear (since I’m one of the McKayla AA proponents), I think a lot of us are now talking about 2014 for that. I don’t have any expectation that McKayla will compete AA in 2013 Worlds.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Thank you Flippateer. That was the point I was trying to make in my original post.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I just got anj anonymous comments that wrote

        Your title might need editing. It should read “Can Mckayla, Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions?” Shhh!!!!

        Considering Brenna has out performed her in podium training and at camp I don’t see Marta doing it.

        The e-mail address they used is

        The e-mail is fake but I love how someone was dumb enough to think I would just believe it was someone it wasn’t.
        I love people

  12. nero Says:

    Ok, I’m seriously over the slut shaming when it comes to Mckayla. Do I think her parents should have intervened a few times when it comes to her pictures? Yes. Do I think she loves the attention she gets when she posts certain photos? Ummmm DUH

    But she is a young lady and she can post however many pictures of herself that she wants. She can also wear whatever she wants. She’s not 12, she’s a few months removed from being an adult.

    I seriously can’t take the people complaining about how many she posts. DON’T CHECK HER TWITTER/INSTAGRAM I mean Jesus Christ people if you hate them that much it’s simple to remove them from your life.

    It’s that people think that by shaming this girl she’ll suddenly change her life to what you think she should be like. Oh I’m sorry she’s not going to ask what some random people on the internet deem acceptable for her to post.

    Like I can’t fucking stand these people anymore. A woman can wear whatever she wants. If I want to wear my LOTR t-shirt and my glasses out to the bar to watch the football game I FUCKING CAN. If I want to wear short shorts, hooker boots and a halter top because I’m cruising for guys to make out with I FUCKING CAN. And if people have something to say they can go sit in a corner in time out. Free Country.

    God those posts over at gymnastike pissed me off so much. These people actually think the girl cares more about twitter than her training. uggghhh. Ok, sorry rant over.

    Go Mckayla

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That was random Did I miss where someone slut shamed her?

      You are right she is close to being an adult but she isn’t an adult and her mother should have nipped the half naked pictures a long time ago.

      If she is going to keep posting half naked pictures she is going to have to deal with people saying things.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Yeah there’s comments on a gymnastike video of her vaulting today. I personally thought it was rude. It’s getting annoying. I don’t think she is any more provocative then most teenage girls. It’s just different because she’s a gymnast. I don’t consider her to be a one trick pony either. Yeah she has one spectacular event but her floor is far from terrible. I doubt she reads comments about herself. She seems smarter than that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She is going to have to learn to live with negative comments if she keeps putting these things out there.

      • nero Says:

        Yeah I know hahaha I kind of went off. The rant I had in my head had a few more F words in it though.

        I think I’m just tired of people complaining about what she posts. Like they’re up there on their moral horse and want to control what this girl does with her life. Meanwhile their own kids are probably posting way worse stuff on the internet and they don’t know/don’t care.

        I’m a big advocate of ‘do whatever you want as long as it’s not illegal or doesn’t hurt anybody’ I honestly don’t understand why people care so much about what she posts.

        I HATE the Kardashians. They’re everywhere. And do you know how hard it is to avoid them? Actually it’s pretty fucking easy. Whenever I see something with them I move on quickly and don’t dwell on them sucking my soul out.

        Just avoid her social media if you’re that offended. The girl is going to keep being herself, which is surprising no different than 98% of girls her age.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t care what she does either but I think GTT makes a great point that you typically end up having to “own up” to whatever you post out there about yourself. You need to be especially careful if you’re a celebrity, and especially a young female at that. But she’ll figure this out in time. Whatever makes her happy. McKayla doesn’t come across as that dumb so she has to know there are perverts out there.

      • nero Says:

        Oh, I agree about the pervy comments. The girl knows what she’s doing when she posts those pictures, she knows what most of the comments will be.

        It’s the ‘oh my god she’s a role model!!’ ‘young girls look up to her!!’ ‘she should be ashamed of what she’s wearing!!!’

        That irk me. I’m like ‘She’s wearing a fucking tank top and you can see her belly button’ SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

        A 17 year old girl is 100% comfortable and confident in her own skin THE HORROR.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        All 17-year-olds are wearing slut wear these days, with their butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts. I mean, I doubt McKayla is starting that trend.

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