While I was sleeping : The Dear Sam Peszek Edition

Live coverage of worlds. Not sure I will be around.

When did Sam Peszek become the spokesperson for USA-Gymnastics? The more this bleach job talks the more I want to start a new annual blog titled, STFU Sam. Between her attempt at commentating ( Until her mother gets fired Barbie’s plump less attractive sister is not going anywhere)  and her fake smile and bleached hair extensions she is turning into Nastia part 2. Last thing the world needs is another Nastia. I have to wonder what they see in that silver medal team.

Shannon Miller was given an award and did an Interview

The World team’s named so far are on an Official list from the FIG. Bulimer has been replaced on Romania’s team with someone I have never heard of.

Aliya has a new floor routine

An interview with someone on the US men’s team but I forget who. I am distracted (One more game. One more game. Why does Toronto play like its the world series when they play us but if it is Tampa or the Skankees they bend over and play like a little league team? Oh and the interview is with Mr Hollie Vise.

Catherine Lyons new floor routine that has been getting rave reviews. I wouldn’t know because I have been busy but Gymnastike likes it.

I turned around to the TV and had to look at Gabby in a People Magazine commercial. My timing has sucked lately.lol but this reminded me that a Russian Magazine on gymnastics now has issues online.

Alicia Sacramone is running for Nastia’s old position at the good old FIG.


22 Responses to “While I was sleeping : The Dear Sam Peszek Edition”

  1. Akshay Says:

    Apparently ASac is running against Beth for that position?

  2. nero Says:

    Wait….so it’s more or less confirmed that Aliya ‘has’ or has been training the TTY?


    • Akshay Says:

      I have heard that due to translation error, they actually meant Triple Turn in the Y Position (on Floor). However, I’ve also been attacked by a barrage of Aliya fanatics on Tumblr for expressing my opinion that I do not believe that the actually has the TTY, and if she does it would be the most ridiculously dumb move ever to perform it since her DTY is bad enough. Who knows what’s really going on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t believe she has it either. I think she did it once and now they are just running their mouths (Russia)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        In that video it looked like she was attempting a triple turn on floor but it was like a 2.5

      • Karlie Says:

        At Euros I believe she did the triple turn in split, and I would actually love to see her do it at Worlds and get it named the Mustafina. I doubt, given her twisting form, that she would be training the Amanar again – especially in light of the recent interview with Alexandrov – but I wouldn’t be shocked to see her with the Mustafina vault again.

        I love Mustafina but I feel bad for her – she’ll have a *lot* of expectations on her. She’s basically carrying the entire Russian team.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        She is carrying them but she’s the strongest mentally of all of them so I have faith in her. I thought she was thinking of bringing the amanar back eventually but it wasn’t a priority. I don’t think she needs it with her bars and floor upgrades (on the dance elements).

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    I watched cat Lyons fx and thought it was ok. She has great flexibility and lines but the routine had her bending over waving her arms a lot. At least she doesn’t spend time gasping for air in each corner.

    Also go Beth!!!!! Im anticipating great things for British gymnastics in the next few years and who better than to have Beth in a FIG position.

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    Alicia already is the athlete rep I thought….. Sam Peszeck will get Nastias job before they are through. GOod old Sam putting Drea on her wall and crafting. I can hardly wait to hear more about that. After my nap. I think all of them are sent things to tweet. Im guessing its legal for Sam to have NCAA eligibility and commentate and get paid because shes not actually doing gymnastics.

    Love how McKayla puts every moment of her life on vine. Because well it just isnt enough to see everyone in their room at camp ten billion times…..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Mckayla likes to be seen

    • Flippateer Says:

      I actually appreciate McKayla’s Vines, as it’s fun to see behind the scenes clips that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see. But I kinda feel bad for Simone, Kyla, and Brenna, none of whom seem terribly keen on having those moments broadcast to McK’s 450K Twitter followers.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Haha I know. They definitely look non-plussed by it. I wonder if they’re like “dude, stop it already and get your own reality TV show or something.”

  5. JAS4 Says:

    I think Beth would be a good choice although I think ASac is still probably a better choice than Nastia lol

  6. Catherine Says:

    You haven’t seen Stefania Stanila because Romania have been hiding their new seniors in a cupboard. She’s good on beam and floor, but doesn’t have the difficulty yet.

    Catherine Lyons is glorious, so elegant. The routine could be a little better but it’s still great.

  7. EliteFan Says:

    Bailie won gold and Laurie bronze at Japan juniors per Kim Zmeskal’s twitter!

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    San I think CHina… yang san I think is her name. Also beat both of them on beam. Good competition for Bailey though.

    • Catherine Says:

      Wang Yan. She’s awesome, she has a DTT and Rudi, full potential 6.7 on beam and she’s great on floor and decent on bars 🙂 She is a 1999 girl.

      • lol Says:

        Thanks a lot. If anyone has full results with scores please post. I am at work and can not look.

      • Catherine Says:

        1. Bailie 2. Wang Yan 3. Laurie 4. Aleeza Yu, Canada 5. Andreea Munteanu 6. Maria Bondareva 7. Maria Kharenkova 8. Catherine Lyons

        Andreea Iridon had at least one fall and only did a piked yurchenko..wrist pain. Laurie only scored 12.9 on bars, scored 14.7 on floor so they liked it. Bailie fell on beam and still scored a 14. 15 on floor. Wang Yan had the highest beam score. The couch gymnast will have full news. No videos, not allowed at this competition apparently. We will only get some if the federation releases them, but they’re wayyy more interested in MAG.

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