While I was Sleeping : The I want my dollar back edition

It was  beard dollar day at the Fens last night and I think I over paid but anyway here is what happened while I was away.


Gymnastike has a great interview with gymnast Charlotte Drury. For those who don’t know she is a power tumbler  who used to train with Kyla and Mckayla. It’s a great read with lots of insight into what it is like to train with Kyla and Mckayla and what they are like as people. ( So did I spell insight right or is it insite? I am too lazy to check today. Dollar night took a lot out of me. )


Here is another good interview by GymNewsTic.Chalk talk with Hollie Vise. I love the insight into Hollie Vise’s mind set about the filming of the Olympic team announcement but I really wish they would have asked Hollie more questions about how she did at the camp and if she thought she had a chance at the team. She talks about the camera being on her but I would love to know if she thought she should have been named to the team or if she thought she had a chance to be named to the team.

Bruno Grandi the tool. I am actually not apposed to 4 team members per Olympic team but only if he takes out some of the difficulty to prevent injury. It makes no sense to send only 4 girls as the code is currently constructed. Of course my reason for wanting the code changed is really for a different reason (rewarding execution over tricksters) but whatever.

There has been some information released to you thanks to my source in the comments section of the blog before this one. If you want secret information on how Mckayla performed during camp and if she was attempting the AA all the info you need ti know is posted in the comments section. You just have to look for it:)

I love you Sox but would it have killed you to do this last night when I was there?

John Lackey was asked if this making the playoffs was special and he said yes, because of the injury and other things.lol Only Red Sox nation knows what that means 🙂


37 Responses to “While I was Sleeping : The I want my dollar back edition”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    The reason why I’m opposed to a 4-member team is because that’s just another dream that’s axed for some little girl. I think it’s sad. Plus, fewer routines overall to watch – so I’m for keeping it 5-person for now. I actually preferred the way it used to be done long ago, 7 people on a team, everyone performs, and there were compulsories that really showed who had good form and who did not.

    • Lis Says:

      Completely agree. I miss compulsories.

    • Katie Says:


    • Flippateer Says:

      I didn’t enjoy watching compulsories so I don’t miss them – although I agree that they were good for splitting out who had the best form.

      For me, the ideal system would be: 6 person team (enough to allow for both specialists and AAers); 3 up 3 count in finals (or even 4 up 4 count); and no restrictions on how many gymnasts per country can make it to EFs or AA. If China has six of the best UB workers in the world, they should all be in the final. Same for the US and vault, or whatever else.

      • Tortuga Says:

        @Flippateer That’s the exact same system I would like to see. Idk how I feel about Elite Compulsories. I’ve only watched lower level compulsories. But I do think are a fundamental for great form and technique.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I feel the same way, although with a 6-member team I’d like to see 5 up 4 count, only because we get more routines to watch that way. 3 up 3 count sucks because we don’t get to see as many routines (in my opinion).

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You are not allowed to post here anymore.lol Hated compulsories? I loved them. I know they were boring but I really got into them in 1996 and that is where I learned about hitting handstands and being on your toes and comparing similar scores. I loved beam compulsories the best.

        There is videos on youtube comparing routines at the same time and I wish they would do that with all close routines.

        Moceanu was the most overscored gymnast in compulsories. She was all bent knee’s.

      • Katie Says:

        @gtt- but what about her cartwheel on beam?!?!? Haha elfi used to goinsane for that.

        Strug also had the bent knees going for her. Dawes was a head case. Even Amanda Borden choked a little bit on beam iirc and she was demonstrator.
        Compulsories were great. Def not as much fun to watch but I do wish they would bring them back in some capacity. Doesn’t have to be 40/60 but a bunch of gymnasts like skinner would have to really learn to hit the basics if compulsaries were weighted in.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There was nothing special about her cartwheel and Elfi’s big mouth made people act like it was God’s gift to gymnastics and her fanatical fanbase still thinks it was because of that.

        I was glad the judges were so nitpicky on beam but they weren’t nit picky enough. Compare Miller to Dawes and all they could find was 3 tenths difference? Compare Amanda to Dawes and there was more than 3 tenths difference and Amanda made the same mistake at Trials (or Nationals I forget which) she did at the Olympics.

        Miller was the only watchable American in compulsories and maybe Jaycie and Amanda but Dawes was gross and Moceanu overrated.

      • Katie Says:

        The cartwheel!!!!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL – this actually makes me miss compulsories though. Can you imagine a lot of the current-day gymnasts doing that? Yikes.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That was the most overscored comps routine at the Olympics next to Dawes on every event.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Gosh I’ve heard about THE cartwheel so many times! I just hated competing compulsories. You hear the same music over 100 times a competition and the judges know every teeny tiny move you’re suppose to make. I was soo ready to be done. But I definitely see why they are a good tool. That 96 beam routine has flow and control though, which would be beneficial for the girls today.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        What level did you end your gym on? Everyone has to use compulsories in the lower levels I would imagine learning them would suck

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Ha ha…just watched the cartwheel clip. Priceless.

        I am not that familiar with compulsories so please excuse my ignorance…but wouldn’t the best situation be to continue without them and just judge execution harder/heavier during competitions? I think the problem is not that there isn’t compulsories, but rather the code/judges are rewarding skill/difficulty higher than technique.

        As much as I love Aly, Musty, etc., they won metals without needing to fix their technique. If technique was not my strong suit…I would push for harder skills to compensate just like they have. The code currently allows for that, so they use it to their advantage. To me (again…I don’t know much about compulsories), it seems like the issue is the judging. Do you think they would have had Nabs chuck that Amanar in 2010 if they knew she would have been killed in execution? I don’t think they would have. She still scored fairly well, because the execution wasn’t scored harshly enough. But if she lost more points in execution it wouldn’t make it worth it to chuck a skill that you can’t back it up with proper technique.

        To me, you kill two birds with one stone when you get rid of compulsories and judge execution harsher. 1st – no one has to sit through compulsories (I also found them kinda dull). 2nd – execution/technique will matter again, because it is being evaluated much harsher/better.

        The reason why I get crazy about Kyla…is that the current system/code of points is working at a disadvantage for her at the moment. She’s beautiful to watch, but people chucking harder skills (regardless of technique) are passing her up. It just heartbreaking to watch…’cause if Musty, Biles, etc. hit at worlds…she’s screwed in the AA. If people fall/jack something up…she has a chance.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aliya wouldn’t be that bad at compulsories. She would be good but she has better execution on anything but vault than some gymnasts. Kyla would make every team based on that alone. Mckayla would be decent. Jordyn would be decent too. Not sure anyone else would make a team based on comps.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah Aliya’s only problem is that twisting element and it might not even show up if she were only doing a half or full off beam. The compulsories thing would mainly be hard for the “chuck it” power-house type gymnasts. Like Rebecca Bross, Brenna Dowell, even Simone would have issues. I can see someone like Shawn actually being good at them though.

        I agree McKayla would be good and so would Jordyn. Even Gabby would be pretty decent I’d think. Not so sure on Aly.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shawn would get killed on her extension issues

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        oh yea. Der. I guess I was thinking of her bars form.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It’s not even just that about Kyla. Not only does someone else have to have a major mistake in order for her to medal, but she has to be perfect as well. She built in no cushion for herself at all with her D scores, and she has to know that.

        Compulsories at least allowed you to really gauge each gymnast’s weakness and really forced judges to score on execution. It would likely force Musty to put her legs together and straight on twisting skills for instance because you’d see another gymnast with straight legs together on the same skill and have to deduct the Musty gymnast for faults – it would have been too obvious an error to ignore. Unfortunately, the sport is so biased that E scores on events alone today will never be judged fairly. For instance we’ll see both Kyla and Musty do a DTY vault and I’m sure Kyla’s score will only be one or two tenths higher, max.

        I liked compulsories because it really allowed you to see the strengths/weaknesses of each gymnast compared to each other. It did get bad hearing the same floor music again and again but it forces each gymnast to throw perfect form which would inevitably show up in their harder skills on their other individual events. It was a natural means of correction, in other words. But oh well they got rid of it. Just like they got rid of the “figures” portion in figure skating.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Lol…sorry, I should have clarified. I only meant Musty’s twisting was bad. It drives me crazy. I was specifically thinking about her vault and floor elements. She’s pretty clean elsewhere. In fact, all three metalists on floor had twisting form issues. If they were judging harder would that have happened? Who knows.

        If they brought back compulsories, I would be okay. I just think they should judge better and then they wouldn’t have too.

        @Sanity – Sorry, here comes my ignorance again. What was “figures” in staking? Lol.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Basically think figure 8’s on an ice rink…not the most popular or exciting thing to watch but you got scored at one point on using all of the edges and stuff on your figure skates. I just remember thinking when they took it out “they took out the figures portion of figure skating?!?!”

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        I see!!! Thanks Sanity! 🙂

      • Katie Says:

        Musty has sickled feet on bars and I think jordyn, just like Shawn, would also get killed on extension, especially on her beam leaps.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What is sickled feet?

  2. Akshay Says:

    GTT, congrats on your Red Sox clinching a berth in the playoffs!

    Also, just curious – what is your opinion of Theo Epstein? I know next to nothing about baseball and the backdoor happenings, etc. Football is my sport.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you:) I worked very hard for this so I appreciate the thanks.lol

      Theo helped win us two world series I will be forever grateful for that but he made a lot of mistakes while he was here with contracts. I wasn’t too sad to see him go but the way he left was kind of shady.

      One of my fondest memories was watching Theo celebrate the 2004 world series. He was raised here and was a red sox fan his entire life so he was jumping around like his favorite team just won a world series they had not won in 86 years and it was endearing to me ( though I am sure people thought it was unprofessional. He acted like a pro in 2007. Suit and Tie all the way)

      Cubs fans need to give him time. He is great at drafting players and if the Cubs will spend some money he will help them win too.

      • Case Says:

        I hope so GTT. The Cubs pull at my heart strings for unexplained reasons.

        Thanks for passing along camp info!!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I feel for the Cubs. If anyone knows what they have gone through its Sox fans.

      • Akshay Says:

        I appreciate your response – that’s helpful.

        How do you think the Patriots will fare this year?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not very well judging by the way they are playing right now. No one can catch the ball. Brady can’t throw it. Two division wins so far so we might be in a playoff hunt but all these injuries and the way we are playing. They need to get better. A lot better.

      • Akshay Says:

        I’m hoping Gronk comes back strong, because even though I am NO Patriots fan, he’s fun to watch play and seems like such a great person.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hate Gronk.lol I literally hate him. You find him good natured and blah blah blah. I see a guy celebrating after he lost a Superbowl who is always injured and overpaid. This guy isn’t a football player. He’s a celebrity wanna be.


  3. JAS4 Says:

    It’s always nice when there is camp info that wasn’t censored lol 🙂

  4. Katie Says:

    Omg all this talk about compulsaries made me go back and rewatch the 96 trials and reminded me that Tom Forster was the biggest head case of them all.

  5. tulip Says:

    Compulsories in gymnastics, like their equivelant in ice skating, were based on a great principle but blew on execution. As in the judging. If judges wanted someone to win, they’d score the comps so high that no one could ever catch up. Gee, corruption and collusion in sports judging? Who knew?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      WordPress needs a like button. I would have pushed it for your comment.

      I like compulsories because it created the great gymnasts we now call the best of all time. That is why the gymnasts from 97 on besides Khorkina will never be included in any list.

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