While I was sleeping: The Circus has left the building edition.

   The good news is  MR Alicia Sacramone ( Brady Quinn) is no longer a back up QB (or back ups back up as the case may be) The bad news ? Brady is no longer a Quarterback at all because he was released by the Seattle Seahawks.  Don’t fret Mr A-Sac fans I bet you anything the New Jersey Jets sign him any day now because even though they have 5 QB’s right now this is the type of move they make.

I call this the Circus edition of while I was sleeping because sadly Tim Tebow has also been released by the New England Patriots. Knowing my Pats I can tell you Bill does not like when the circus is in town and even though Tebow showed some potential he also showed a lot of rust and In Bill we trust would much rather have the calm. I guess this means Sam Peszek and her Indianapolis Colts fan compadre Bridget Sloan no longer have to pretend they have compassion for the enemy because former Florida Gator Timmy Tebow is homeless.

This showed up in searches for this site. We have a new rumor, Kytra Hunter and Andrew Luck. That was searched on my site a few days ago. For those who don’t know Andrew is the Colts QB. Hmmmmm

Nastia re-did her website and IMO it looks like crap. The ONLY reason I feel the need to announce this never needed to know information is because in the Nastia Biography she does not acknowledge Alica Sacramone’s existence.

If you read it she mentions she is tied with Shannon Miller with 9 medals but does not mention that Alicia now posseses ten medals overall (one more than her I don’t know about you but I found it interesting.

Nastia has won nine world medals (four gold and five silver), which ties the mark of nine world medals held by Shannon Miller. She was a member of the 2007 World Championships that won the team gold medal, which was the U.S. women’s second world team title in U.S. history.

Canada named their World team.

Victoria Moors, Ellie Black, Kaitlyn Hofland and Maegan Chant. If you ask me (and you did by virtue of reading this blog) Moors has no business being near this world team.
She choked away her entire Nationals and blamed it on an injury. They are taking her for her potential and no I don’t consider winning bronze at the American Cup a legit victory. I get taking her for potential but why does Canada pretend results matter and then take this team? Hofland won bars at Nationals. The Chant hype has been going on for awhile and Ellie is the Senior Canadian champion (I think I don’t even remember at this point but could you imagine Marta taking Biles to Worlds if she tanked as bad as Moors did at Nationals? I don’t (Classics is not the same and Biles improved from Classics to Nationals. Moors has been a disaster all season except the American Cup which was months ago. She recently won silver on floor at the Pan Am event finals but that was with two OOB she wasn’t even deducted for. She is lucky she even made finals and wouldn’t have if they has scored her correctly when she fell in prelims.

Videos from the Dutch/Romania Friendly

Diana Bulimar won a friendly meet in the Netherlands and also won 2 Gold medals as well as a bronze on the Uneven bars.

The Couch Gymnast has a write up

AA —————- Event Finals

Aly Raisman attended a Charity event for Jon Lester’s charity to raise money for cancer. He had it a few years ago.

Chellsie Memmel has some public Wedding pictures on her facebook page. You might need to be a friend of a friend or signed in to see them. She got married and updated her facebook page within hours.lol

I found her registry too. A day late:)

There will be no DWTS discussion this year for this blog. I would prefer we forget Gabby exists and now that she is in Disney’s pool of talent God help us they will try and Zendaya her to a win. You guys can discuss in the comments section but I won’t be blogging about it.

A Russian won worlds for Rhythmic Gymnastics

The US finished 22nd and 24th individually and 14th in the team competition. They qualified in 12th According to the results they did not make the Finals so someone must have dropped out.

A article with gifs about Rhythmic Gymnastics


57 Responses to “While I was sleeping: The Circus has left the building edition.”

  1. Case Says:

    Ellie Black >>> Tori Moors. That is all.

  2. Akshay Says:

    That Nastia bio was painful.
    – “The gym was the ultimate playground” — Ughhh. One of my biggest pet peeves of NBC commentary is when Tim always says someone on bars looks like a kid on a playground.

    – “Upon her return from Beijing, Nastia became America’s sweetheart.” — Ummm. Pretty sure Shawn was the real America’s sweetheart that quad. Not to mention, most 4 year fans still think she won the AA in Beijing (and I never, ever feel the need to correct them :D). Random, but didn’t Nastia’s agent try to get Shawn

    – “In early 2012, she realized just how much she missed competition and the possibility of competing at one more Olympic Games. She threw herself into training and was considered a stand out to make the US Olympic team. However, at the team finals, Nastia fell off the uneven bars and crashed to the mat. Instead of walking off knowing that there was no way of making the team, she got back up on the bars and finished her routine.” — *Rolls eyes*

    – “Her sponsors […] TIGI Bed Head.” — I’m sorry, but did anyone find this as funny as I did?

    Also, GTT, totally agree with you on the Jets. I think Rex gets canned sooner or later.
    I also think even though Tebow brought the circus along, it was better than all the Hernandez stuff that went on earlier.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The NJ Jets ( or as I like to call the NJ Court Jesters. Playing in NJ and calling yourself a NY team is a JOKE) suck and I can’t wait for big mouth Rex to be fired. He beat the Patriots once when it mattered and runs his mouth like he won a Superbowl. I can’t wait for him to be knocked down a peg.

      • Akshay Says:

        I would say the Giants are the better supposed “New York Team,” but I’m afraid that saying positive things about the Giants (or any NY team really) would get me banned from this blog 🙂

        Also, didn’t ASac take a job with USAG? Maybe she knew she couldn’t rely on Brady’s salary as a benchwarmer.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 No nice Giants talk either. BAD Akshay BAaaaaaaaD:

      • biyatch Says:

        ASac made a lot of money throughout her career with big name sponsors, most notably under armour, which probably gave her some pretty substantial (and valuable) stock options that would be worth a ton of $$$ with the growth of that brand. Alicia also still has sponsors that she’s pulling in $$$ from like AAI. Plus, even though BQ sucks now, he was a 1st round draft pick with guaranteed money off his rookie contract probably in the high low 8 figures. My guess is they are probably handling themselves pretty well financially. (Celebrity net worth says ASac is worth $8mil and BQ is worth $15mil.)

      • Short1 Says:

        @Akshay If I remember correctly she’s one of the coaches for the TOPs camps.

    • Akshay Says:

      My team is San Diego, so I have no room to talk really. Although, thank GOD Norv and AJ Smith are finally gone.

    • Lithi Says:

      How can you forget the “Nastia’s life as a competitive gymnast ended that day to a standing ovation of 17,000 people” bit after her crashing to the mat during her bars part?

      I don’t know if gifs are allowed in WP comments but I have a couple of people barfing, wish I could implement them.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Lithi… LOL I needed that this morning….. Maybe Tim Dagget wrote it for her. Or the NBC production staff. Or maybe its a school project for some summer school class she took. It looks worse.

        I think that Chellsies registrys at Macys and Bed Bath and Beyond look incredibly normal. Notice how it doesnt look like a lot of gymnansts were invited. If any. Different than Shannons first wedding and Amanda Bordens wedding. GTT you could still purchase something off the registry. There is a $5 chip dip set. I wonder if the hair and makeup passed the Marta test or if ,,,well

        I doubt after today Alicia is coaching at that gym in Seattle. If Im her Im selling that ring and investing that money because its stupid for her to have that ring and be married to someone without job prospects to support that ring. She could quietly sell it for a CZ that was the same size and no one would be the wiser. Invest the $$. Brady Quinn will be lucky to end up in the CFL with Tebow. Although I think Tebow has a great shot at coaching somewhere,but with VInce Young, Tebow and Quinn unemployed thats three QBs for the one guy that gets injured for maybe one roster spot.

      • Case Says:

        Tebow won’t be CFL bound because that’s a passing league. Agree that Alicia should figure out how to make the value of the ring work better for her. Lol.

    • GymMom Says:

      I agree about Tebow. The bias against his spiritual beliefs is ridiculous! I hope the guy hooks up with another team not auditioning circus acts! GTT, can we talk about Papi’s son D’Angelo? That kid is beyond cute and his fielding skills during Red Sox BP are simply amazing. He & the 2nd Manny Jr should be in Gap Kids or Pottery Barn ads. Oh and my grandson’s name is D’Angelo too. Yeah I said it…the 2nd worst word in your opinion…#Manny! Ha ha. His wife Juliana follows me on Instagram..real sweetheart. She misses Boston. Manny Sr(said it again) is very involved in his church in Miami. Have to say it again…Manny is the most charismatic, right handed hitter ever to play the game. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m in the early stages of developing a documentary about the prevalence of Latin players with ADHD & other learning disabilities in the MLB. The documentary Gigante about my buddy SF Giants Andres Torres, barely scratched the surface.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I was not a Manny fan and while I appreciate his help in the 2 World series he did so many other things its just hard to forgive him. I have in the past seen his wife and kids at Fenway. She seemed very nice but Manny was always whining about how his family was bothered at Fenway and I know that is bull shit because I have seen Manny’s family walk right through Fenway at least 5 times while I was at games and she walked with her boat load of kids right through the fans in between seats where us regular people sat and no one ever said a word plus if she was so bothered why did she continue to do it.

        I hope you include Miguel Tejada in your documentary. He was recently suspended for 100 games because they wouldn’t let him take his ADHD medicine and he refused to stop. It just seemed unfair to me that he was penalized for something he needs.

        Oh and I LOVE the SF Giants. They are my NL league team and I fully admit to being a bandwagon fan. They just reminded me of the 04 Red Sox when they won and they beat one team I hate so that made me like them even more:) Sergio Romo is one of my favorite players in MLB

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        D’Angelo is his fathers shadow. He lives at Fenway during the year. His daughter Alexandra used to go a lot to but she has to be close to teenage years now so that is why she isn’t around as much. Plus Ortiz is getting a divorce. I like his wife (soon to be ex wife) Tiffany. She always had her kids no nannies in sight.

  3. Lithi Says:

    I wonder if Nastia is spitting nails since there’s a rumored Gabby movie in the works.

  4. JAS4 Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nastia announces a Nastia movie not to be out done by Gabby lol

    • Gymbee Says:

      Do you think it will have her lifestory, as a 2 year old watching her dad, and with a bad accent “I do gym too papa!”

  5. gymnerd Says:

    Wow, does this mean Alicia won’t be coaching at “a gym in Seattle” anymore????

  6. gymnerd Says:

    Thank God we can still rag on Gabby in the comments. I was so thankful when I discovered this blog disliked Nastia and liked Aly. When I learned you all also detested Gabby I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

  7. Gymbee Says:

    Wow, Tebow released, didn’t they just sign him?

    • GymMom Says:

      Yes Tebow wasn’t with the Pats very long. He has a great attitude about it though.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I had the pleasure of hearing Tim Tebow speak at an event here in Dallas last April, which was just prior to his release by the Jets. One of the most inspirational speeches I have heard in a long time. IMO he will never be a starting NFL quarterback, and in fact may never play another down in the NFL. But there are far greater things in store for him. He’s the real deal.

  8. Catherine Says:

    China fans! Here are some snippets from NG prelims. This is the 4-yearly competition that’s a bigger deal than worlds/Olympics to them.

    Shang Chunsong HIT 4/4. An upgrade on bars, but did not do another connection- 7.0 full potential, did 6.7. 14.9 score. Very good floor and vault, wobbly beam but stayed on.
    Yao Jinnan did a very, very watered down floor. Hurt herself on a DTY and had trouble walking afterwards 😦 Great bars with some upgrades but not the Mo. 15.567/6.7 Fell off beam 😦
    Sui Lu 1st on beam and second on floor. Great competition from her and if she can be persuaded she’s a much better hope than..
    Zeng Siqi, disaster on beam and she didn’t qualify to event finals there. Qualified to floor in fourth and stuck her FTY, but crashed her bars.
    Wu Liufang and Deng Linlin also fell on beam. So did Wang Yan (fantastic junior). Deng Linlin cried after 😦
    Huang Huidan hit bars AND beam which is so so unusual for her. Looks like she cemented her place, since Tan Jiaxin crashed her bars dismount and didn’t qualify..placed ninth. She (Tan) did get second on vault though with a DTY and FTT. Huidan 15.5 UB
    Tan Sixin fell on bars. Good beam score- 14+
    Huang Qiushuang fell on beam. Hit bars, qualified to bars and AA.
    He Kexin hit bars, not to her best ability but still..15.367!

    There are some injuries hampering star juniors, and some absences too. Yao’s injury with she likely worsened on a DTY looks like it will feck up her AA at worlds. Bars best hope..and they sound amazing,

    • Catherine Says:

      Oops, Zeng Siqi crashed her bars dismount in warmups, not competition. She fell at least once on beam and sat the dismount though.

      • Catherine Says:

        Too.many.names to get things right. Wu Liufang touched the beam, she didn’t fall. I believe that’s 0.5 off.

    • Brouhaha Says:

      Do you think Sui Lu will get placed on the Worlds team?

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes, she could easily. Depends if they want to keep rolling with the younger girls or not. Sui would not really have a choice if they decide in her favour.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I love Sui Lu and still claim she got screwed over in London on beam finals.

  9. CMR Says:

    As if on cue, the Jets just signed Brady Quinn.

    • Sara Says:

      Granted I don’t know anything really about football, but from what I have gathered from my family, etc. don’t the Jets kind of suck? I mean everyone I know is a Giants fan so they of course hate the Jets. It’s kinda sad watching him getting cut so often. Isn’t this like his 4th team in 3 years?

      • CMR Says:

        The Jets are the definition of a dysfunctional franchise. They’ve had a few good years in the past, 2 or 3 year stretches where they were decent. People forget Sanchez even took them to two AFC championship games! However, when you’re dysfunctional, you tend to self sabotage. Bad drafting, stubborn front office, bad player development, ineffective hiring, etc. have sunk them recently. Currently, you have the people at the top paying for drafting and playing an ineffective Mark Sanchez. The GM who drafted him was fired last year and Rex Ryan has no one left to protect him. He will be gone next. They will have to clean house and start fresh to ever be taken seriously.

      • GymMom Says:

        There is an obvious bias against athletes & other well known people who are public about their love for Christ. Meanwhile, the gay agenda is being shoved down our throats ad nauseum. People have a right to express & worship without that affecting their employment. Just the same, if a gay couple wants to get married, there should be no roadblocks. I don’t need Ellen Degenerus(sp) to tell me “be kind to each other.” I raised my kids to be nice to everyone…there were no public service announcements necessary.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree 100%. That is how I was raised too.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ditto – and I hate now how anyone who is outspoken about being a Christian or being devoted to God is automatically put in a bucket of being a “conservative” hate mongrel who is anti-gay and who lacks compassion for others.

        Yet if you are gay or atheist, or better yet both, you are applauded. It’s like our society is literally going down a sink hole.

        Not that being gay or atheist is a bad thing – just saying how one thing is applauded while the other is poked at and made fun of. Makes no sense.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Don’t EVER question my sports knowledge.lol If they didn’t have Tebow last year they would have signed him instead of Brady.

      • CMR Says:

        They seem to think a bunch of bad QB’s can add up to one decent QB. They are starting a little collection.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL The Jets love to take everyone’s rejects. That’s how they roll.

      • Akshay Says:

        GymTruthTeller, if I ever questioned you before (can’t remember a time I have), I won’t now. That was impressive.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The Jets are ran by idiots. They will take anyone if he proved ten years ago he was a decent player.

      • Akshay Says:

        Lol, wonder if Alicia is going to root for her hometown Patriots or her future hubby’s team now.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        The Jets should take Ponder from the Minn Vikings. Ugh, guy can’t throw. He’s barely better than Tebow.

  10. Case Says:

    GTT, I just have to say that the Red Sox current shortstop prospect must be absolutely amazing if he made Iglasias expendable. All the kid does is make great plays for Detroit.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Bogarts is supposed to be that good but he is young and the Sox tend to keep their guys in the minors too long. Inglesias has always been amazing in the field but they didn’t think he would hit this well consistently over the years so I guess we will never know how this trade worked out for at least 3 or 4 years. Boston fans loved the kid. Peavy has been okay to good but we would still rather have Jose.

  11. TrishaG Says:

    The US rhythmic group qualified in 12th for 10 clubs and 15th for 3 balls/2 ribbons. They did not make the cut for either group apparatus final. However, the qualification round for the group apparatus finals also serves as the final for the group all-around. The combined scores for the US from their 12th and 15th place routines put them in 14th place overall for the all-around final.

    Rhythmic has crazy rules for qualifications and finals, lol. For the individual competition, they do the qualifications and the finals for the first two apparatus on day 1, then the qualifications and finals for the last two apparatus on day 2. The apparatus finals are a separate round, so the finalists compete the same routine for a second time that same day. Day 1 and 2 apparatus qualification scores are totaled to get the AA qualification score. The top 24 from AA qualifications then compete on day 3 in the AA final. As I’m first and foremost an artistic gym fan, it seems so weird that there are apparatus champs before the AA final is even held! Lol, it’s even crazier when there is a non-group team competition too…I don’t even remember how that works, tbh.

  12. GymMom Says:

    No official word on Gabby and DWTS? She hasn’t tweeted at all, so something is up. I won’t watch that trainwreck…especially #Fatalie front & center with her grown ass kids acting like they are celebrities.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Looks like Shawn is enjoying her notariety at Vanderbilt. Apparently her dream is to host a talk show. I hope she stops talking through her teeth?

    If she was looking to blend in with the student body, it doesn’t look like thats happening. It seems like she still craves the spotlight. I predict she won’t complete her degree. There are too many distractions.

  14. GymMom Says:

    GTT Tejada should be lauded, not suspended. If the league approved his use of Adderall, whats the problem. ADHD is not something you get over. I got to know Andres Torres when he played at AAA I-Cubs. He had average stats & was doomed to the minor leagues, untii he got a correct ADHD diagnosis after being traded to the Giants. There are alot of Latin players currently undiagnosed…Pirates Felix Pie is another guy who needs ADHD treatment. Its a touchy subject for the MLB…Adderall should not be on the list of banned substances. Great job there Players Union aka #BrainDead!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Don’t get me started on the players union. Let A-Fraud play while he’s suspended and not do anything about it until November. It is crazy.

      I loved Miggy when he was an Oriole and when he got caught cheating the first time I should have hated him (the Orioles owned the red sox during the time he was cheating) but I didn’t and then I was shocked to see he was still playing this year (I was at as KC game vs the Sox) and my sister and I screamed Miggy at him.lol I recognized him before they called his name and was like, Is that Miggy?

      I am a firm believer that first positive test should be banned for life and I that should include Miggy but what baseball is doing to him is ridiculous. I have been around people that need the medication to live and it isn’t right that they say he doesn’t need it.

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