2013 Junior Nationals: LIVE Blogging

Results Day 1

The Triple Twist Twins let you know which routines they liked day one of juniors.

HERE is the link.for the juniors. Where the hell is Miller. I have no interest in stupid Sam Peszek.

Rotation 4

Hults is up first on bars. She’s off. Messed up entirely. This should be a very low score and its too bad because she would have had the best score if she hit. 12.450 (high)

Polina looks like she gained some weight so where is the power? Her Yurcneko full was overscored.

Love how Brandy can’t stay still for Sydney’s beam routine.lol Good routine for Sydney did a great beam routine til the dismount. Almost sat it down. At least 5 steps squatting. Brandy needs to get rid of the pony tail. She’s an adult now.

I like Vansia’s leotard. Until I see it close up.

Extra bonus for landing two feeted. Okay College educated Sam.lol

Nadia Cho did a great job on the handstands. Hope Valerie doesn’t get ahold of her and code whore her shoulder to death.

Hundley hit floor. One step after her double layout and a bit messy double tuck.

Sam Peszek is not pointing out mistakes to anyone but CGA’s gymnasts and Amanda keeps shutting up like she wants to say something.lol

A huge double pike. Really Sam. SHUT UP. We have to get this bitch fired.lol

Chellsie is judging bars.

Key has some form issues on bars but she stayed on. The bars judges rock today. That routine by Key was okay but not great and it was scored fairly.

I kind of like the ugly Woga leo. The color is different and way to bright but I kind of like it. Maybe.

Emily Gaskins had a great Memmel turn and a beautiful floor routine but her lack of difficulty will kill her on this event.

Nia Dennis has an amazing Arabian on beam but the rest of that routine is messy.

I love how these junior gymnasts all seem to have dance training. If they ever get the skill level to match the world better watch out.

A lot of power does not equal a freaking 1992 Yurchenko.

Hernandez hit bars. She missed a few handstands but not bad. I think she was a little overscored but not by much.

Nica’s fall off bars puts her in 7th and looking at the scores I don’t understand how they are so close to Polina’s whose scores overall look way lower. That one fall killed her today and I hope it doesn’t effect her tomorrow.


Rotation 3

Key 45.250; 2. Hernandez 43.750; 3. Dennis 43.150; Norah Flatley 42.950;
Veronica Hults 42.700; Hundley 42.250

So Ramler completely messes up her bars and neither Sam or Amanda mention how ugly it was. They talk about how she added a more difficult extra skills. Um no she had no choice TO STAY ON THE BARS.

Hernandez’s leo needs to be burned.

Not sure why everyone loves Nia Dennis. She has great release moves but that was one sloppy fast routine. She missed almost all her handstands during the second half.

Flatly can’t dance. She needs some training in that area. She’s young. She reminds me of other Chow gymnasts.

Again with the laughing. ENOUGH Amanda. Well I guess I should blame Sam since she laughs so loudly.

Little girl from Ace on beam has a busy leo.

Polina has lost any potential she had as a junior. That level 6 floor routine she has trouble hitting is not impressive. She reminds me nothing of Nastia anymore so people need to stop saying that to drop their friends name on the broadcast.

Kim Zmeskal should not be allowed to pick out leotards for her kids. Those are gross. What is with the flower?

So lets cut out of the floor routine to watch Key stand around. Regan has the tiniest tumbling I have ever seen. She has potential.

SHUT UP SAM. There are two days of competition. There was nothing huge about that DTY by Key. It looked sluggish to me and she did stick which is good.

Amanda actually makes a good point (first time ever) about how Hundley had the bobble and never got in control and then she fell. She also was not getting credit for the leap either. Will be interesting to see how they score this. It was a hot mess. (12.900)

Bailey Key is great and I want her to win this title because when she hits she deserves it but her vault was overscored. Stuck or not that was not better than the 14.800’s DTY’s we have been seeing today. They had better height and distance.

Gaskins has potential. She is a pretty gymnast she just doesn’t have the skills and her leaps like most current CGA’s is horrific. Anyone know how old she is?

Hundley will be a great College gymnast. Sorry I love her floor but overall she does not have the look of an Elite.


Keys floor is horrible. She has such potential but she kind of walks through this event. The music doesn’t help. Kim Zmeskal was a consistent gymnast and that is how she won her meets. People who call Kyla boring need to watch Kim. People like Kim Zmeskal as a person and it clouds their judgement on just how overrated she was as a gymnast. Sorry but Bela’s idea of keeping her consistent is what got her passed by when the Olympics came around. She was overscored big time on bars.

Polina reminds no one of Nastia anymore. When she was younger yes but not now.


Why must the announcers laugh every time they talk? This is so annoying.


I can’t find the link for the live video of tomorrow’s day 1 of Junior Nationals so you will have to search for it yourself. In case I sleep in:)

It was probably show up here

See you tomorrow.


44 Responses to “2013 Junior Nationals: LIVE Blogging”

  1. sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

    pgchamps.com has a live section. the link will be there if there isn’t another one around. i believe the juniors start at 1pm eastern time

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I like your banner! Lol Amelia is one of my favorite juniors right now lol! I just hope she stays healthy!

  3. Catherine Says:

    It’s the seniors I’m worried about. Nobody has found a working link to watch NBC sports network online. What if one isn’t found? I will wither up and die you know! But seriously, I hope Nastiafan uploads it because watching individual routines just isn’t near as good.

    Anyway, I am rooting for Nia Dennis to win. I love this girl. I really like Bailie, but Nia just has something about her. *Waves Nia flag*. I also want Laurie, Norah and Jordan to place top 5. And Molly Frack and Christina Desiderio to do well because they are awesome! Couldn’t help but notice some spectacular lines and basics on bars and beam going on all over the place in Jr podium training yesterday which is encouraging.

    Oh and if Norah hits her full beam connection which she did at least once yesterday then her d score is 6.6, same as Shang Chunsong’s. It is front aerial- front aerial- side aerial- split jump- back pike.

  4. biyatch Says:

    Revised last minute junior podium predictions after watching PT anyone?
    AA: Baille, Dennis, Hundley
    V: Dennis, Key, Hundley
    UB: Hults, Shchennikova, Hundley
    BB: Flatley, Dennis, Key
    FX: Dennis, Hernandez, Hundley

  5. Dee Says:

    Everyone probably knows this (and I’m late to the party), but someone I know is at National Congress right now and sat in on Kathy Geddert’s lecture today. She said Kathy spent some time in the beginning talking about Jordyn, and I guess Jordyn is going to UCLA in the fall and is barely in the gym anymore at all….so I guess there goes Jordyn for World Champ 2013 ūüė¶

    Also, the person I know said she has yet to see John anywhere in the vicinity, which I found interesting.

    • Case Says:

      That’s not a surprise, though I’m not sure it’s been discussed yet on this blog.

      Jo is realistic about her future and her long term goals beyond gymnastics. UCLA will be a great place for her and she will prosper in whatever field she chooses to study.

      That’s not to say we won’t see her again competing. She’s probably going to see how college goes and how gymnastics fits.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ah, that sucks. I don’t follow gym boards really so all I see is what’s on this blog for the most part. I’m bummed to say the least, was hoping to see Jordyn return next year.

      I wonder then why she got in such great shape only to decide not to go for it after all. Something must have happened mentally or even maybe physically.

      • H Says:

        Hmmm… I was so hoping to see here competing on the big stages again, but maybe she still shows up. Lets hope.

      • Dee Says:

        Yea, I guess that dashes hopes for seeing her this season, but she might not be done totally yet. She could just be waiting for a change of scene, hopefully UCLA will give her that.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You can tell. Jordyn looked chunky in her sisters wedding pictures.

    • Katie Says:

      That’s a bummer but I am still holding out hope that she will go train with Chris Waller. Maybe she is just taking a year off to rest and so it isn’t quite so obvious that she is snubbing Geddart by going to train elsewhere.

  6. biyatch Says:

    Some of the scoring today, both both the D and E panel are whack. Especially counting leap connections that are blatantly not connected/ out of control on floor.

    • gymtruthteller Says:


      • exgymgurl Says:

        People only win when Marta wants them to, and if they dont fall. Falls are the only things the judges cant say they missed. Sort of. Bailie Key is consistent and well, Texas Dreams is the new WOGA. Any of Kims girls could very easily jump ship if they wanted to. Hundley looks like shes been competing at Alabama for two years. Jordyn not in the gym doesnt surprise me. She wanted to have a life and do things this summer. I think her sister didnt get married last year mostly because of the olympics, and because their family was all about Jordyn last year. She needs to go to UCLA, figure it out, and dump Geddert. I think there may be a lot behind these “rumors of impropriety and lawsuits” and she just needs to move on.

        Look what a bad coaching relationship did to Poof….. This is a good year to take off, heal and worry about actually going to UCLA.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You can tell who Marta likes and who Marta does not like. That is for sure.

      • biyatch Says:

        I know Laurie Hernandez is supposed to be the new “it girl” but I’m not sold yet. I thought she got some scoring gifts. While I definitely agree her “artistry” is there, I’m not sure how judges not in the US are going to evaluate her, the routine comes off very NCAA IMO. And while everyone is obsessed with her dance, you did still have to tumble on floor as well and her tumbling today was a bit out of control. The whole routine seemed spazzy.

        Amelia does look NCAA ready, but she’s the underdog that pulls at my heartstrings I feel like. She’s probably twice the size as some of the juniors she’s competing against but just keeps plugging away.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree. She is a bit spastic on floor but I really think it is this routine. Its horrible. Her old one was much better.

        I think she is overscored on bars and her beam doesn’t stand out so much that I don’t remember it unless I go watch it but I keep telling myself she’s young and even when I try and be nice I find myself only nitpicking. I am pretty sure Laurie doesn’t turn senior til 2016 which means she has 2-3 more years as a junior.

  7. Case Says:

    Hmm…think Chow can turn Flatley into a contender at some point? I see flashes of brilliance at times and at other times not so much.

  8. biyatch Says:

    OMG, GTT you’re going to LOVE this… Gymnastike did an interview with Norah Flatley where they asked if Shawn and Gabby have given her any advice. Her response is: “Not really, they haven’t been around that much.”

    I guess Gabby learned nothing from Shawn about faking her comeback. She was supposed to be back training full time in June. So much for that. At least Jordyn and Aly have blatantly stated they have no intention of being back in the gym full time until the end of summer and didn’t go on media tour announcing they are back in training.


  9. GiltTrip Says:

    It’s might be a dumb question but who goes to day 2?

  10. sainabou nyang Says:

    So Ive watched some of the vids so far. My thoughts so far:

    Polina: Her bars look a little better but overall, I don’t see much growth except her height. This girl is turning senior next year with the hopes if making the worlds or pac rim team but I think she’ll get overshadowed by others.

    Amelia: Bless her heart, I like her but she looks like shes ready for Florida.

    Nia: Love this kid, but she needs to work on form like those flexed feet. Luckily she has time.

    Emily Gaskins: I can’t for the life of me understand why she choose CGA. Here is a gymnast who actually does a lovely memmel on FX.
    I think Kylas gym would have suited her better.

    • H Says:

      Interesting competition, but I in the breaks I was on my toes (meaning feeling very uncomfortable) since Sam and Amanda do not understand that we actually can hear what they are talking about … It made me feel like an unwilling fly on the wall.

      I am impressed with the basic training that Chow and his wife(?) are doing. It is so visible in Noras beam exercise. Just like in Shawns¬†gymnastics, they make them look¬†so well and¬†much longer, because of the way they are working with and through the center point in the body. Inspiring. Wonder what Chow/wife could have done if they got a gymnast that was a naturally “mover”.

      Laurie Hernandez is dynamic, and fun to watch, but I don’t get the coaches that keep using so many similar/same movement which crunch here back in both beam and floor exercise. She has little¬†control in the movement and she will for sure feel that in a couple of years. They should have¬†”¬†distributed”¬†¬†it out better. It’s like Kaylas previous Phantom head movements. Sigh.

      Baily is up for big wins and hopefully she keeps the motivation up, for the coming years.
      She will probably get some more sparks as she gets older.

      Otherwise, I am looking forward to seeing how Mckyla is doing as an AA gymnast again. It looks as she is seriously going for it. Anyone else that thinks she will add some twists to here bar dismount?

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