While I was sleeping: The OMG THERE IS NO BASEBALL TONIGHT edition

It should be called the skating edition but OMG THERE IS NO BASEBALL FOR ME TONIGHT is a better description. No more twitter. No more tumblr. Now I might have to do something productive.

Michelle Kwan has a job.

The Pan Am Event Finals Results.

Ron Pfenning wants to be allowed back into the International Skating Union but they are being jerks because they are still bitter he wanted to change the federation 10 years ago. IOC sucks.


We need some Nationals Predictions. Who will win? Senior women. Senior men (if you care) Junior Women.

I don’t make predictions and I wouldn’t want to jinx anyone by predicting they will win so I won’t.:) I will have a blog for Nationals but not until we get closer to the Podium training. Other wise it might get lost.


71 Responses to “While I was sleeping: The OMG THERE IS NO BASEBALL TONIGHT edition”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Ah, Shawn Johnson needs to take some notes from Michelle Kwan. Seriously.

    I want Kyla Ross to win nationals but what I want never happens. I’ll bet Simone wins this time around.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Top 3- Biles, Ross, Dowell. Key, Dennis, Hundley. Couldn’t commit to exact order- this one could be bang on, but it’s impossible to say.

  3. Case Says:

    I think Simone rebounds with a win here, though I’d really like to see Kyla pull it off.

  4. gingercrush Says:

    Probably Ross. But I can’t say I’m excited. I don’t know what happened but despite the US still being obviously stronger than every other country. They’re all so boring. Hard to be excited when gymnasts like Ernst and Dowell are placing so high at the moment. Biles looks to be incredibly inconsistent. And Ross seems a throwback to the 10.0 system where I think she would have excelled. I didn’t actually like Ohashi. Her and Iordache are like deformed Ponors. But her being injured has for one reason or another left a huge hole.

    I think that may be because she could have done AA or be the beam and bar specialist (ever if her bars were rather awful). As the team should be Biles, Ross and Maroney with Ross definately doing AA. And likely Biles also doing AA. Maroney can obviously be the vault/floor specialist. But I don’t see a bar/beam specialist in the US at the moment.

    The juniors all have these huge skills on floor and vault and can do beam even if they can’t leap but their Uneven Bars are questionable.

  5. Akshay Says:

    Kind of random, but I just noticed this… Alicia’s website still says she won nine World Championship medals. I’m surprised they haven’t changed that… it’s been nearly two years now. 🙂


  6. gingercrush Says:

    bah i miss your bitching of Liukin on tumblr. People will really go on and on and on and on about Ponor, Raisman and Mustafina’s flaws. (Ok but Mustafina fanatics are scary) and yet they ignore hers. What is even worse is when they go on and on and on about how Liukin somehow saved the artistry in Beijing. Um no.

    Pavlova anyone o.o

  7. biyatch Says:

    If Biles manages to hit, and thats a big if, she will win, probably by a significant margin. The problem with her is of the 4 times we’ve seen her this year she’s gone 4 for 4 once, Simone has all the potential in the world but I am curious how patient Marta is going to be with her if she doesn’t get it together soon. I feel like Gabby got so many second chances because the US needed her for bars, I’m not sure the same can be said for Simone.

    I think Kyla will be on the podium but I don’t think she’ll win. I think if Price is back in the AA at close to the same level as those world cups she has podium potential. If Lexie can stay on beam she will likely be up there as well.

    I don’t know why but I can’t get behind Dowell, I just hate her gymnastics, so I’d be fine if the judges continue to slam her. (Maybe its because my eyes still burn from watching the video of her in that gala at the Mexican Open last fall.) I don’t want her anywhere near the US Worlds team.

    Maroney was 2nd in 2011 significantly behind Jordyn but ahead of Aly and her post-Bross crash beam meltdown, so you never know. That whole championships was a mess.

    No one seems to have the total package of difficulty, execution and consistency.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I think you took the words right out of my mouth with what you said. If Simone hits she will win. Kyla on podium lets hope she brings out the other upgrades she’s talking about. I think Maroney will have a good shot for top 5 if she hits all four events. I just don’t know where her bars and beam levels are yet. And I just don’t like Dowell’s style. She’s a bit clunky, especially for a GAGE gymnasts. I hope she doesn’t get rewarded with a lack of artistry. Someone mentioned not liking Ernst style. I feel like Ernst is pretty to watch, she could sneak in there. I’m excited to see more from Abigail Millet. I don’t think she will medal but I hope she does well. Maybe world’s alternate? And I’m curious to see how Price is doing after injury.

  8. sportsfan Says:

    I’m going to take a crack at a gymnastics prediction, even though I have little to no usable knowledge. Hell, if the commentators for NBC and ESPN can do it, so can I.

    I’m taking Ross at Nationals. She won at Classics, and has the momentum going in. It will be interesting to see if she does have any upgrades that she saved for this competition. If she does, and is consistent, its hers to loose. A dark horse, if you can call her that, is Simone. Since I am a novice around here, I consider you guys to be experts. I have seen a lot of you say that she has a ton of potential, but just can’t seem to get her head right. Well, if that’s the case, the clock is ticking on her. This would be the perfect stage for her to come out and execute like she should, and silence some of her critics. If she doesn’t, that will be another strike against her in Marta’s book, and she’s been collecting a lot of those lately. Not good if she wants to make it to Rio. I know that’s a ways away, but hitting now can only help her case.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      I think Simone has a bit of room when it comes to being blackballed or not making the Worlds team since she has a lot of difficulty and she’s got a couple years before things get real serious.

      If she gets the triple next year she could be back in play just for that alone.

  9. JAS4 Says:

    I’m not sure about nationals but depending on how everyone does and how they do at selection camps I wouldn’t be surprised if Marta does something for example like taking Ross and Biles for AA and then taking Maroney for just VT and maybe Priessman for just FX or something similar to that since there isn’t really anyone other than Kyla as far as UB/BB goes

  10. Uglyfatkid Says:

    I want Nastia to win. I heard she started practicing last week, and is expected to have tons of upgrades that are going to blow us out of our seats. Even though she can’t put together a full routine yet, Marta is going to hold a place for her on the world team. So…Nastia for the win. That’s what I predict.

    Now that puked and got that out of my system… is Price actually competing this time? With her in the mix, my thoughts change a little.

    While I love Kyla, if she doesn’t have more upgrades I don’t want her to win. I don’t want her thinking that she can go into every meet and “play it safe” and still win. I adore her, and her execution is fantastic…but I am starting to get underwhelmed and frustrated. Perhaps this is all a “pacing” thing, or a growth spurt thing, or even an injury thing we don’t know about. BUT, what ever thing it actually is…she Better figure it out fast because she is starting to slip into someone that we will only slightly remember in 4 years. If this is all she has to offer, then I predict zero chances of making it to Rio. SOO…if we see upgrades (even if she misses some of them)…then I want her to win. If no upgrades, I want Biles or Ebee to take it just so it lights a fire under her ass to upgrade.

    This may change after nationals, but I want Price, Biles, Ross, and Maroney at worlds. R, B, and P can fight it out who is going to so AA…and may the best women win. At this point, I don’t get the talk about needing a bars/beam girl on the team (other than Ross). Without a team comp, they shouldn’t waste a 2nd spot on some person who doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell at metaling. They should put the strongest people on their strongest events and get as many metals as you can. It doesn’t make ANY sense to have 2 bars/beam girls and 2 vault/floor girls if there isn’t a team comp. We don’t need to “fill a hole” in the team…we need METALS! They should put Mak and Biles or Ebee on the Vault EF. Biles and Ebee (or Mak if her scores are better) on floor EF. And then Ross on bars and beam EF…we don’t NEED another girl here. Perhaps Biles or Ebee can get an opportunity to perform in EF on bars or beam if they are good enough…but that should only be an after thought. I think it’s better to throw as many people as you can on Vault and Floor…as that is our best chance of metaling aside from possible AA metals. I love Kyla…but I don’t see her winning a metal on beam or bars (without upgrades) unless people fall apart and open the door for her. And remember…shes the BEST we have on those events right now. That is the reason why Kyla is frustrating me right now. You should never go in hoping someone jacks something up so you have a shot at metaling. Go in knowing you have a routine good enough to win gold, and fight like hell. She’s good enough to take them…she just needs more upgrades!

    Anyway, those are my picks. It’s times like these that I miss Jordyn. I want her back. 😦 If she was there…she’d be my pick. 🙂

    • Catherine Says:

      Price will train floor in podium training but is unlikely to compete it according to her aunt. She’s very good on bars but not so much beam..I don’t think she can factor into this team now unless her beam has improved a lot.

      I know this isn’t a popular opinion here but I can’t get behind Kyla’s gymnastics at all. She has the lines but that’s it. Toepoint not great, flexibility not great, stiff awkward carriage and poor fluidity and dance, lack of expression, no exciting skills and no spark. I appreciate the mastery and ease she has with her routines and I acknowledge she deserves to do the aa at worlds..but give me Brenna Dowell any day.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        I think I’m most interested to see Kyla perform for this very reason, Catherine. I’ve read boasts that she’s doing upgrades on beam and bars and that they’ve brought in some sort of precision choreo to help her be a better dancer, more expression and more artistry. I realize it may not be a make it or break it time for Kyla but it really seems if she doesn’t move forward, she will be passed up. If she does do these upgrades and her floor shows this artistry they’ve been trying to teach her, then maybe she has a chance. Of course, this could all just be wishful thinking. Have you read anything about this precision choreo? Is it legit or just a way for Alicia Sacramone to make money?

      • lol Says:

        Spark is not in the code and as GTT said on tumblr, clean gymnastics is not boring. Kyla’s flexability is fine. She hits her leaps and jumps. I don’t get the boring label.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It’s funny. There’s the folks that claim they want to see beautiful gymnastics again, instead of chucking difficult skills for points. So here comes Kyla who does just exactly that and now her label is “boring.”

        I get the comment on her stiff carriage but I think that mostly comes down to crappy choreography. Her new floor routine is leaps ahead of her old Phantom one.

        From what I read Precision Choreo only brought in ASac once – she’s not the one who runs it. Someone else does (forgot her name already) and that someone else said that she only worked with Kyla once or twice, but already there was much improvement given the new routine and choreo. I think they were showing Kyla musicality (how to be more in tune w/the music) and they mentioned they were showing her other elements to up her artistry. Either way, there was definitely improvement (D score-wise and artistry wise) on her floor routine.

        As for beam and bars, I agree this year Kyla can absolutely have a shot at medaling on both on the World stage. The year being a rebuilding year and all. I don’t know who the Chinese have really but they tend to freak out at international meets anyways (especially as new seniors) and then you have Iordache, who is not super consistent and sorry, not as artistic or clean (but I’m sure she’ll get overscored anyways). Bulimar and some of the Russians could still give her a run for her money, but what Kyla has going for her is her execution and level-headedness. She’s a good competitor.

        I think for this year’s World team there are at least 3 spots locked up: Ross, Biles, Maroney. Maroney for vault (and Biles if you can have 2 up); Kyla for bars and beam; and Biles/Maroney for floor. Funny thing is I am not sure who that 4th spot goes to since the US is so deep they can get away with 3 team members – maybe they’ll put up Ernst to also try for a beam medal; or maybe they’ll go another route and put up Priessman for potentially another floor medal.

        I kind of think Marta is aiming for Ernst to have that last spot. I just have this feeling.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I’ve got the tar who’s got the feathers so we can all take Catherine out:) You are allowed your opinion. I agree with you she can be stiff but I never find her boring as a gymnast.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I would like to add thank you Catherine for sharing your opinion even though it might not be “favored” – keeps this blog entertaining!

        That being said, I got the feathers! (j/k)…:)

      • Catherine Says:

        Harsh, I thought I’d just get the rotten fruit treatment… :p

        There’s no problem with her gymnastics itself. She’s clean, understood. The problem I have is that she does not stand out in any way. She’s not particularly artistic- for the reasons I said above- lack of expression, fluidity, stiffness etc. Her leaps ARE fine- but not special like for instance Chinese oversplits, nor does she have unbelievable toepoint like for instance the Ukrainian gymnasts. Again, it’s fine. Is she a tumbler? Nope, her floor tumbles are fresh from 1989. Can she twist? Nope, and she’s practically eliminated it from her current floor. Does she sell the routine and draw us in? No.

        Of course I like beautiful gymnastics. I named my freaking blog that :p My favourite current gymnast is Noemi Makra who is PERFECT and the cleanest competing, and second is probably Noel Van Klaveren, the cleanest twister we have ever seen. I love clean but it’s gotta have something to it other than that. There’s no denying Kyla executes well. But she doesn’t have ‘it’, there’s no wow factor and even in terms of artistry/execution/flexibility she doesn’t stand out internationally. So yes I find her dull. I don’t see anything to get excited about, she doesn’t sparkle.

        I’ve tried to like her and root for her as an all-arounder. But I can’t do it, I just want her to specialise on bars and beam and drive her start values up there. She performed a 5.7 routine at Classics on beam, sorry but she’ll need a good 7 tenths added to medal. As for bars, 6.4 isn’t competitive enough to medal without mistakes from others. Komova is supposed (yes, supposed!) to have a 7.0 routine, Mustafina is supposed to be aiming for 6.7/8 and she at least is amazing at adding difficulty back just when it’s called for, the Chinese are varying between 6.6-8 with one rumoured 7.0, and then you have the girls like Becky Downie, Sophie Scheder, Roxana Popa who are just behind Kyla and also planning upgrades. Kyla is in the middle of the pack, she sure does need those planned upgrades OR a good bit of luck with errors/falls to medal.

        There’s an awful lot of people who think the same about Kyla. Just none others here…recommence the tarring..

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You call what I said tarring. You don’t know me at all.lol I get some people think she is boring. I think they are boring.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No one not named Beth Tweddle scares me from Great Britain.

      • Catherine Says:

        Haha nope, just going with the theme. (Un)surprisingly, Kyla’s beam from today;s podium training has a 5.8 max start value. Why why why.

        Becky sure is a wildcard this year, but she has gotten it together for some national titles on bars. What about Gabby Jupp? She’s amazing, unfortunately ACL’d at the moment. Rebecca Tunney an inferior version but still good.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Amazing is a stretch.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I will wait til she competes to start harping but we agree if she doesn’t go for it then at worlds she will be left behind. I get they are trying to pace her but this is not going to work. Waiting for others to fall so you can sneak in leaves you in third place.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ugh how irritating. Kyla was doing her beam in the 6’s last year, no? That’s her specialty apparatus (one of two of them) – she really shouldn’t be playing it safe…

      • Catherine Says:

        She’s running out of time to bring it. Also, her floor has gone down 0.3 to 5.4 judging by that video. When is she going to bring upgrades really? It’s not over until the actual competitive routine, but hope has definitely faded I think.

        Nah, Gabby is so light and floaty. Love her style. I think I call her amazing moreso because she’s British, they haven’t produced fabulous all arounders yet and she shows all the potential.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Only thing that looked different to me was she was missing the whip into the double tuck but I didn’t notice more.

        Its first night of training if we leave Nationals and she still has not completed full difficulty I will worry but not on first night of training.

        You are right though. She needs to upgrade the chance that Komova, Mustafina and Biles all fall at worlds and Kyla slips in is zilch. Marta doesn’t help her by
        letting her do this but than again Marta could be telling her to do this.

        I wish Marta would leave her alone and let her do it the way she did as a junior.

      • Catherine Says:

        Okay her beam might be 6.0. But the point still stands, she had higher than that last year and I believe at Jesolo this year..

    • lol Says:

      I don’t understand why people think ka can’t medal on bars. Six.four is second highest start value this year and read on tumblr she has one more upgrade. I agree about beam but not bars.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      As much as I love Kyla I agree with you here. Its time to show the upgrades because being consistent is great but it won’t win her worlds and at this point she needs to compete the upgrades now to be prepared for worlds. IMO She should have gotten the upgrades in at classics and built from there. That being said I am not her coach and I don’t know if her heal is healed yet but I would rather she win Worlds than Nationals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m totally with you. It’s really frustrating when they decide to “play it safe.” I mean, safe would have been introducing those upgrades at Classics, on home turf. If anything I’d rather compete upgrades on home turf prior to going to Worlds rather than just playing it safe at home, going to Worlds, and trying upgrades there. But like you said I’m not her coach.

        I was pleasantly surprised that she upgraded floor as much as she did during Classics. While it still “needs” more to be competitive at Worlds, I’m glad she is working on it. If her heel is bad still it doesn’t make sense why she would demonstrate floor upgrades but not beam upgrades (wouldn’t either aggravate that?) – so I’m not sure what’s going on beam-wise. Her bars were nearly perfect at Classics so I would think now would be the time to add some more D to that routine to compete with the likes of Musty.

  11. sainabou nyang Says:

    Podium predictions in no particular order:

    – Kyla, Simone, Peyton …… seniors
    -Bailey, Nia, Laurie…. juniors

    Another question is who will make the senior and junior national team?

    • Catherine Says:

      Senior- Ross, Maroney, Priessman, Dowell, Ernst, Desch, Biles, Price, Baker, Milliet, Nichols. MAYBE Kocian and Guerra.

      Junior- Key, Hundley, Dennis, Hernandez, Chiles, Flatley, Vasquez, Shchennikova, Hults, Gaskins, Smith MAYBE Soza, Quinn, Schild, Desiderio, Frack, Agrapides, Johnson Scharpf.

      • biyatch Says:

        Catherine, that’s 13 of the 15 competing seniors you listed. While I can see that many invitations to camp being given out, national team is another story.

        There are only 20 funded national team spots. They have to take the top 6 AA for both juniors and seniors and then up to 8 additional spots. I can see Marta leaving the junior team at 6 for now tbh. I don’t think Marta’s going to be that generous naming everyone to the national team. I can see maybe top 8 seniors AA plus Price if she’s not in the AA. With Gabby and Aly (and possibly Jordyn) both already expressing their intentions to Marta to be back for next year (my money is that they’ll both be back on the national team by February) I’d guess she’d want to save funded spots for each of them plus she likes to have a couple of incentive spots to throw around. Then you also have people like Katelyn.

        Saying that, junior locks I’d say are Key, Hundley and Flatley with the other three spots made up of a combination of Dennis, Hernandez, Hults, Shchennikova, Baumann and Gaskins.

        Seniors Locks: Maroney, Ross, Price, Ernst, Biles, Preissman and Dowell. Pending meltdown (or even potentially with minor meltdown) I think that will be your top 6 and Price. Beyond that with the exception on Milliet on beam perhaps, there seems to be pretty significant drop off. Baker and Nichols are fine athletes and I think they’ll be NCAA superstars but I don’t think they can make an impact on the US elite scene.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I’m really digging Gaskins floor routine. I see potential for her on beam as well. I can tell Mccool is working with her because there is no way MLT choreographed that routine imo lol.

      • Catherine Says:

        I found it hard to dismiss Guerra and Kocian entirely, but I don’t really see them on it. Nichols would be next in line. But I’d take the others with space for Ohashi. Others like Gabby, Jordyn etc. are unlikely to be fully ready for the NT until next year’s one is decided anyway.

        Juniors- definitely Key, Dennis, Hernandez, Hundley, Flatley. Probably Hults, Shchennikova and Gaskins.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shchennikova is a waste of a National team space. Her floor is useless and the only event she has any potential on is bars and she always messes up. Why Marta wastes her time on this girl is beyond me.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Is that Polina you’re talking about? I have to agree. I feel like Marta just has hopes this girl is the next Nastia on bars, but I don’t see that. I think Gabby coming back has more potential than the Polina girl on bars.

      • Catherine Says:

        She could be great on beam. She’s definitely not living up to potential this far, but they like her.

      • biyatch Says:

        I guarantee you if Aly, Gabby and Jordyn show up to camp they will be renamed to the national team after their second camp back, if not their first. February 2014. Mark my words. LOL

      • mimi Says:

        I’m loving gaskins’ gymnastics, I hope she makes the junior national team. shchennikova hasn’t really stood out lately, I agree there’s girls who seem to have surpassed her.

  12. GymAnon Says:

    Seniors: Ross, Biles, Dowell. I’d like to gamble on Biles but Ross is a safer bet, especially if she shows upgrades (dear god I hope she upgrades both difficulty and artistry instead of continuing to play it safe). Juniors: Key, Hundley, Dennis.

  13. Akshay Says:

    Good news! According to people on twitter, Shannon is commentating on the live stream. Guess who is going to watch there in order to avoid nastia?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      ME, ME,ME, ME:)

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I wish I had a computer so I could watch the live feed 😦 I never thought I’d say this but Im praying to jesus the terrible trio will be there. I have nothing against Nastia, but her fake giggles at Tims lame jokes and constantly talking about her AA medalis annoying.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nastia’s voice goes right through me. I think Shannon is only doing the junior meet. The senior meet won’t have live commentary

      • Akshay Says:

        Damn! People on Twitter claimed she was doing the Senior meet too, and I got all excited. FML.

        Ever heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for?”
        For the longest time I wanted the NBC trio of Al, Tim, and Elfi off my TV screen. However, when we get Nastia and Sam instead, I regret ever wanting them gone.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        So its your fault.lol I am pretty sure they can’t show the senior meet because its owned by NBC

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That sounds like a future blog titled, I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY.lol

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I miss al trautwig and his stupid rhetoric questions.

        I miss Elfi and her “expert analysis”.

        I miss counting the number if times Tim utters ohhh, golly, or devastating. I also realize that he knows a whole bunch about gymnastics.

        Please lord bring them back. Ill never complain about them again. Wellll maybe just a little. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Al makes me literally ill. I will never miss him. I just remember his whining when Hamm beat Yang in an event finals and he screamed that it proved Hamm deserved the AA and the sound of his voice every time after literally made me want to smack the television.

      • Akshay Says:

        There is no doubt to me that they were at their worst when Nastia was competing. The commentary during the 2008 AA and the Uneven Bars Final and Medal Ceremony were simply atrocious. I sat through the AA a while ago and it was a mistake. The Nastia stanning is unbearable.

  14. biyatch Says:

    Maddie Desch’s floor. She’s a little more Brenna Dowell then Sarah Finnegan in presentation. Leaps were lacking as well. Not super impressed. Weren’t people really high on her coming up as a junior?

    • Catherine Says:

      She’s just gotten over an injury, and only did beam at Classics as a result. I’d expect her to be far from her best. That said, she was never as good as Finnegan presentation wise, but definitely better than this.

    • Karlie Says:

      I think she just came back from a torn meniscus, which might be why she seems a little hesitant.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      She looks like she had a growth spurt. Id like her gymnastics better if she learned to point her feet more.

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