Why I am jealous of Beth Tweddle.

She gets to retire and I have to work for 45 more years:)  Congrats on your retirement Beth Tweddle it is well deserved.


Couch Gymnast has a write up on Beth’s Official announcement today. Below has a few things I found on youtube. You can start with these videos if you like, some of Beth’s greatest hits.


Some of my Beth highlights are seeing her win bronze live at the 2003 Worlds where I still think she should have won gold. Her Olympic bronze medal I so wanted to be gold at the 2012 Olympics and my favorite of all is when she beat Nastia at the 2006 Worlds.




58 Responses to “Why I am jealous of Beth Tweddle.”

  1. Akshay Says:

    Definitely going to miss Beth! I wanted her to get Gold on Bars sooo badly at the last Olympics. Damn that dismount. Also, she totally should have gotten Bronze in Beijing.

    Her bars were always so fun to watch. I’m hoping in the future, we’ll have more routine like hers (releases in combination).

    She was such a class act. I believe she was one of the few people to go hug Jordyn when she didn’t make the All Around.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      And she did it before her teammates did.

      • JECO Says:

        So much have been said about “her team mates”. Being a bit wary of opening a can of worms here, I just would like to add, perhaps her team mates gave her exactly the space they knew she needed at that very moment to cope with an excruciatingly difficult situation ??

      • JECO Says:

        Also adding, Beth is a class act and will be very muched missed on and off the mat!!

    • H Says:

      I am jus crying watching these videos. She is a wonderful person, and I will miss here. Agreeing with you, she would so deserved to have that gold in London. She is such a class act.

    • Catherine Says:

      I don’t know, that means no medal for Yang Yilin. I love Beth’s bars though, I’ll definitely miss her.

      There are girls doing release combinations. Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin..pretty sure Roxana Popa will also. Brenna Dowell looks like she is aiming for the Tweddle- Yezhova. Yao Jinnan has a Mo salto planned.

      • Tortuga Says:

        It was a definite tear jerker. My standings based on performance level and technique not skill level or code would have put the standings as 1. He Kexin 2. Yang Yilin 3. Beth Tweddle 4. Nastia Liukin. But of course I’m no judge 😛

      • Akshay Says:

        Sorry for not being clear! Yang Yilin most definitely deserved to be on the podium – in my opinion, she should have gotten gold, He Kexin silver, and Beth Tweddle bronze.

        And yes! I’ve seen a few .gifs, etc of them on tumblr. I’m pretty excited that we’ll see more this quad.

  2. Case Says:

    Farewell Beth Tweddle. You were the real deal and you’ll be missed.

  3. Gymnerd Says:

    Totally off-topic and more suited to the previous thread, but what does everyone think of this interview with Shawn?


    • terrigymfan Says:

      I found it very interesting. I especially found interesting her comment about why she decided not to try to make the 2012 team. She said she knew her heart wasn’t in it and, if she had made it, it wouldn’t have been fair to a girl who really wanted it. Compare that attitude to Nastia’s, which was to make a half-ass effort and have a spot given to her.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Ive only listened to half of it but Ive found it to be the most honest interview that she has done. Im not sure if shes lying about losing the passion and the desire to do it on her comeback, and not wanting to take a spot on the team but she was in a better spot than Alicia if she was a beam / bars specialist. If she scored better than and was more consistent then Kyla then maybe. Kyla deserved to be on the team more than Shawn. And if she had a second surgery on the knee after DWTS it makes more sense now.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I believe her when she says she lost the drive and I’m proud that she had the decency to back down. It would be a bit spiteful to keep going and possibly get a spot when there were girls who really wanted it with all of their being. If she would have explained the situation that way to the media it probably would have come out as bratty so I’m glad she waited awhile before saying it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have not watched the video yet but I find it hard to believe she quit because she wanted a deserving person to get a spot. lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I will watch the interview later when I have time but I honestly don’t see how Shawn’s heart wasn’t “in it.” She was in it – you could see that when she was back competing. I think what really happened was that she just saw that no matter how much effort she put in and how much she proved herself Marta was not going to take her. I wonder if Chow even coached her on this and advised her to quit and enjoy the London Olympics as a prior Olympian and do the sponsor stuff (make money while you can).

        Honestly she would have known her heart wasn’t in it within the first year of her comeback, not during year #2. She got through the hardest part (getting back in shape and getting skills back) and then realized she basically had no choice but to quit because it wasn’t going to happen. And I’d bet she knew about the Nastia deal too.

      • Katie Says:

        I never really bought into her comeback. I always thought she just wanted to put her name back out there for the four year fans who still loved her so sponsors would take notice and she could capitalize on it

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She trained for a year to make the 2011 World team. Her heart was in it. She didn’t come back just for the Olympics. She wanted worlds. I agree with Sanity. She saw the writing on the wall and knew she had no chance so she quit.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah but there are easier ways to do that – she could have gone all Carly Patterson and tried a singing career (ha, ha…). I just feel like if I were to attempt being relevant as a former gymnast, I’d try to do it via a different means than going back to the sport if I wasn’t in to it anymore. It’s so super hard to get back to that level of where you were as an elite…it just doesn’t make sense to me. You do have a point though I’m not going to suggest you don’t – it really was speculative that the second DWTS was having an all star season I’m sure she told her agent she’d much rather go for that than keep on training.

      • biyatch Says:

        There’s no doubt that she waited as long as she did to make the announcement to coincide with the release of her book. From a business perspective it made sense but fans got pissed she was talking out of her ass for so long.

        It kind of irked me the wrong way the way that she was talking about her spot on the team had she kept going, like she had a spot locked up but she couldn’t take it because her heart wasn’t into it, especially with most people speculating that she saw the writing on the wall. The only person who she could have conceivably slotted in for was Aly and unless she was 2008 level Shawn (which she clearly wasnt in 2011) I just cant see that happening. Not to mention the last time we saw a floor routine from her was 2008.

      • Tortuga Says:

        It was a little rude sounding like she would have had a spot. But it would be easy to feel defeated and know you wouldn’t have had a spot no matter what. World’s typically gives you a pretty good idea on who will make the team and she wanted that bad. She knew after that it was inevitable.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    I really liked Beth as a gymnast and especially as a person. It’s always sad to see the good ones go but I’m glad she ended her career on a high note – being an Olympic medalist. SO upset for her it wasn’t gold, but I have to say Musty did deserve it that time. Although she definitely got shafted in Beijing – I thought she deserved to be on the podium with Yang Yilin and I really thought either Nastia or He Kexin should not have even made that medal stand. Those were my thoughts going back to that competition. It was rigged from the start.

    Beth should be proud of herself though; and I’ll always remember seeing her hug Jordyn in the background @ London while Jordyn’s teammates were all bouncing up and down/happy that they had done well. I can understand giving someone their “space” but a little hug showing you understand/feel their pain definitely would have helped.

  5. laurensy Says:

    I apologize, but I need to get this out.

    To IG forum poster London2012,

    The personal attacks, insults, condescension needs to stop. We as gym fans understand that you adore Viktoria Komova. But that doesn’t mean you have to be rude and antagonistic to get your point across. Out of all the gymnastics fan communities, the Russians fans are the ones who always attack us as if we personally did something to you.

    We can appreciate Komova, We may not revere her in the same way, but we can see she has great qualities. It doesn’t make us any less of appreciative, but we don;t blindly adore her. You were one of several that has changed the atmosphere of the forums to point that I believe most would rather lurk then deal with you. Dismissing a posters opinion simply because they don’t agree with you, and insulting them afterwards; is likely to have you put on ignore.

    Artistry is subjective. What one person may consider artistic, another may not. Which is alright. But you cannot seem to accept that. The digs, the constant complaints about lack of dance training, etc. It is irritating to read and doesn’t make for friendly environment. In fact many posters whose opinions I respected and admired, no longer post due to the negativity you bring.

    I can honestly say that, you should have been permanently banned, rather than temporarily. Maybe the forums would have been enjoyed more by others without the vitriol you’ve been spreading.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I haven’t been “allowed” in the IG forum but it’s always nice to see a rant that is not personal – unlike what that London2012 guy seems to do. I have no idea what he says but I hate it when one commentator/poster ruins it for everyone else.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I was never accepted to post on IG when I submitted lol!

      • laurensy Says:

        I feel that if you truly love the sport as a fan, that name calling and insults would be beneath you, You can be civil, rational, and appreciate a gymnast, But also be objective. You can see their faults but also appreciate their good qualities. I was honestly considering dropping the sport completely because of the sh*t that was going on at IG. Believe me when I say London was one of the main people who really pissed me off.

        One poster and I quote ” It’s like saying that if someone is a fan it negates any kind of logical response they might make.” If you can’t be objective, then I’ll take your argument with a grain of salt. Blind adoration is what it is.

        Sanity, why aren’t you allowed on the forum?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t know! I tried signing up for an account and was denied. I’m just a Jane Doe with no linkages to the sport; call me a superfan if you will – I just love watching gymnastics and ever since Beijing I got really into it again.

        But if it’s as bad as you say then maybe I shouldn’t even want to be a member. Instead of dropping the sport entirely you should just stay with this blog and keep watching gymnastics for the fun of it. 🙂

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I kept getting rejected by IG but then I was accepted. I think when you first try to sign up it asks you why you want to join. If you just say you are a gymnastics fan they will reject you. I think I finally mention the name of someone who already was member by name and said she recommendedI join, and then I was accepted. Stupid really.

    • Lithi Says:

      Fandom, of any type can be a wonderful, yet terrible thing. For every cool person you meet, there’s 50 headcases.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      He started posting there when I stopped reading and he seemed fine to me. Of course this was wow, at least a year ago. Right after the Olympics. I am sorry he is annoying you. IG is full of hypocrites. Nastiafan101 used to call people bitches but because he was friends with the mods he could do what he wanted. Kitty is useless and has no respect for anyone but US Gym fans.

  6. laurensy Says:

    I use IG now mainly for information. Also, there are some posters whose perspective I enjoy reading, plus learning about the history of the sport. Some have attended competitions, so its nice to see their reviews.

    • Catherine Says:

      I cannot stand jpoww and kitty. London2012 is definitely annoying. Dahighbar is hilarious, when I read his posts as he’s on ignore. I have about 10 on ignore, way more than should be standard for a forum that size.

      • laurensy Says:

        They can’t give credit where its due. Jpoww and kitty aré the more tolerable posters. Milktea is hilarious. He has interestings facts and stories to tell. Brings humor to the board.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kitty is not tolerable of anyone but herself. Just because she has to be quiet now if she wants to judge and doesn’t want it getting out what a biased bitch she is doesn’t change the facts she is one of the worst people at IG. Off my soap box, carry on.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kitty is a complete witch with no value as a human being. Dahighbar doesn’t annoy me but I can see why people hate him and I remember London 2012 a little bit from when I used to read IG’s forum and he seemed fine to me but I have not been there in a very long time.

      • Catherine Says:

        Jpoww is ridiculous. Check out his contributions on the Japanese thread. The format changed for this year’s worlds selection, as a specialist worlds- not that they had a huge amount of options anyway. He REFUSES to believe it since google translate is better than you know, the source actually speaking Japanese.

        Kitty can often be right, but always obnoxious, and always ridiculously against the Russians for you know, existing.

      • biyatch Says:

        Kitty seems to have not particular prejudice in who she throws her vile comments at. She HATES Aly, rails on Shawn for being “25lbs too heavy during her comeback” but also doesn’t seem to be any fan of Komova. She seems to love Biles though and like Alicia. Its odd. And mostly negative.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kitty has plenty of predjudice. Wow you people didn’t live through the 2008 IG years at all. LMAO

        She says nice stuff about the Russians now because her game is set. She used to only support the US gymnasts accept Aly and bash everyone else and then after years of being called out for it she learned to say a few nice things to hide her bias.

  7. laurensy Says:

    Who was it that said Dementyeva snubbed Musty? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t during Euros last year as she wasn’t on the team. Maybe from an earlier competiton?

    Also I’m still curious about what went down between Komova and Nabs at a meet.

  8. terrigymfan Says:

    Totally off-topic but I see that some people are saying the US should boycott the Winter Olympics because of Russia’s anti-gay laws. Some politician is also saying we should boycott the games because of the Snowden situation. I think it’s stupid to boycott the Olympics for either reason. Only the athletes will get screwed.

    I am against anti-gay laws and also think Snowden is a scumbag. But punishing athletes to promote a political agenda is wrong on both counts.

    I’m just wondering what others on here think.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Do you listen to the Gymcastic podcast? I also agree boycotts only hurt the athletes. They train their entire lives for that opportunity, to take it away for political agenda is just selfish.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Sorry it annoys me so I have not listened to any of their podcasts since the first two. I have been meaning to listen to the Boginskaya interview but I have not had time.

      • Catherine Says:

        It’s an amazing interview, well worth it when you have the time.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I completely agree. If the US wants to “hurt” Russia then stop importing from them and stop allowing their citizens to immigrate to the US, especially when most just sign up for government hand-outs/welfare and spend their free jobless time thinking of ways to create havoc on US citizens.

      I don’t really have feelings on Snowden. I think he’s dumb to be honest. We gave up our rights to privacy when we started becoming obsessed and addicted to the Internet, smart phones and social media. You really think all that info is locked away in some cloud vault? I mean, if our work emails are anything but private how can we expect our personal emails/text messages to be? Almost nothing is “private” anymore. And I think Snowden is stupid because he sacrificed his well being and life just to reveal something that isn’t that surprising in my honest opinion. The government is using their vast resources to spy on us? No sh*t. In order to maintain any power you got to be cognizant of what the other side/minions are doing.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        We can always suspect the Government of spying on us but we had no proof, until now. I have been looking everywhere for the exact info Snowden and that other guy that was just found guilty exactly gave away but no one seems to have a clear answer of what they told.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree. A boycott will never happen. One politician mentioned this in a speech and since then it has been all over the news. Sorry I agree gay people deserve every right we have but I don’t believe we have the right to go to Russia and tell them how to ruin THEIR Country. If the US should have stayed out of wars because they didn’t concern us when it comes to Iraq than we need to MYOB with Russia. Hypocrites want it both ways and they can’t have it both ways.

    • laurensy Says:

      I feel torn. I’m happy that he confirmed what we suspected all along, but at what cost? I think they may try to get rid of him.

      • Case Says:

        Agree Lauren. In all honesty, I’m surprised he hasn’t had a tragic accident already.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You mean like when Obama sent the IRS after the tea party or when Obama sent the Department of Justice to go incite race riots to get George Zimmerman convicted of a crime the law says he didn’t commit?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Didn’t Obama also send drones to kill some dude named Anwar…and his son? For being potential terrorist threats?

        Yeah I love how our liberal media reports all this crap.

      • Akshay Says:

        Okay, the media here is so selective in what it reports and doesn’t report.

        Obama is using “signature strike” drone attacks in Pakistan. Basically they shoot at any “suspicious looking activity”. Any male over the age of 18 is considered an enemy combatant and is fair game to be shot at. Three teenage boys were exercising in the street (doing jumping jacks), and were shot because it looked suspicious from above. There have been around 3,000 civilians killed from drones, and the civilian: militant death ratio from these attacks is like 15:1. It’s kind of outrageous really.

        Also, yeah. He was an American citizen, and regardless of what he might have been involved in or doing, under the Constitution he is entitled to due process of law.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Obama does not believe in due process. He believes in being Hitler

    • Sara Says:

      I don’t agree with what Russia is doing at all. What they are doing to gays in Russia is awful. But in the end, boycotting only hurts those athletes, their coaches, and families who risked so much and worked so hard to get there. I agree with you GTT that we also can’t go and tell another country how to run things but, when you have a worldwide sporting event that is supposed to bring people together no matter what is going on in the world, there needs to be some reassurance that everyone there for the Olympics will be safe and not threatened. Athletes hope to get to the Olympics their whole life, the location decision shouldn’t completely derail their plans because they don’t want to be arrested (or anything else that could happen).

      I definitely don’t think there will be a boycott of the Olympics though because the Olympics are a huge money maker for so many countries, especially Russia. Putin wouldn’t do anything to risk that.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Russia/Putin should have thought more before hosting a winter Olympics then, given men’s figure skating. I’m just sayin’…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree everyone needs to be safe but if you go over there wearing a rainbow flag just to start world war three who gets blamed when you get in trouble? You do because that was why you went there.

        The Olympics are not supposed to be about anything political and there are going to be certain people that are going to try and do that.

        Russia has a law you cannot promote homosexuality and you need to respect their laws when in their Country. If you want to change the law become a Russian citizen and do your thing.

        It must be ten years now but awhile ago an American citizen went to China and got caught smoking pot and he was cained. He wanted the US to step in and stop the caining but we wouldn’t. You went to China and thought you could break their laws and you have the nerve to want our President to have you pardoned. HELL NO.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Exactly. Nobody was “up in arms” over China being a communist country during the 2008 Olympics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Thousands of girls a year are raped and murdered in places like Afghanistan and Iraq and we do nothing to prevent stuff like this from happening.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        And all of the sex trafficking taking place in Thailand and in other countries all over the world. Where even very rich Americans go to so they can partake in child molestation without worrying about being thrown in jail, while also being away from US/Hollywood paparazzi.

        Or what about all of those fundamentalist Mormon camps spread across our own country that get away with child molestation/raping female children citing religion as the means for basically getting away with it?

        Worse has been done for centuries even within the borders of our own Country and the only time the US government gets involved is for selfish reasons usually involving greed or power or both.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Exactly. Now we should prevent anyone from being beaten because they are gay but I’ll be damned if we should defend your right to wear a rainbow flag. If you plan on going over there and starting trouble you only have yourself to blame when you get in trouble.

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