Only the Red Sox would trade away the future for another over paid over the hill pitcher. Over a 4 ERA we have enough of those already JOHN HENRY!

Did I mention we need A CLOSER


13 Responses to “RIP”

  1. lol Says:

    Not sure what they were thinking. I knew when the trade talk didn’t involve any of the big names we would be doing something big. That is how is always works with us.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    That sucks. If it makes you feel better the Angels are sucking it up big time this year.

  3. terrigymfan Says:

    The Rangers are playing really mediocre ball right now, plus the latest word is Nelson Cruz is about to get suspended for the rest of the year for the PED thing. I don’t like the guy but he is a good bat and without him we have no chance of making the playoffs. Personally, I can’t wait for football season to start. It’s too hot right now anyway.

  4. CMR Says:

    I’m a Yankees fan so it could be worse for you right now! We couldn’t even make a trade if we wanted to as no one wants any of our players! We have Jeter playing shortstop in a wheelchair, A-Roid about to get a lifetime ban, and everyone else (and their mother) on the DL. Needless to say, can’t wait for football! 😦

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      How did you get approved at this blog being a Yankee fan? That doesn’t sound like me:) I hate the Yankees and eventually I’ll say something mean to chase you away but my sister and brother and I have recently decided you are not the most evil team in baseball anymore. That is the Baltimore Orioles and followed closely by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. At least the Yankees can back up their arrogance the Baltimore Orioles and DEVIL Rays have accomplished NOTHING in the last twenty years and they act like they are the best team of all time.

      I have no sympathy for A-Rod because well you only went after him because we wanted him and you don’t want to hear my opinion of your beloved Jeter, trust

      • CMR Says:

        You can’t help where you are born and raised! My college roommate was a die hard Red Sox fan and the residence life department actually made a spoof video on us instructing students how to deal with roommate conflicts. She took me to Fenway for the first time where I saw my beloved Yankees get their asses handed to them. Great time though. Beautiful park and even better city!

        I can’t defend a single Brian Cashman move from the past 10 years so I won’t insult your intelligence by trying. The writing for this season has been on the wall for a while. Throwing big money at free agents may work for a year or two but then you paralyze the team with enormous contracts. It’s just a terrible philosophy based on immediate gratification as opposed to strategic scouting and development. I hope Cashman gets canned. I just wish we could send Mariano off with the type of season he deserves.

        I’m a huge baseball fan though and I think the playoff picture is shaping up to be great. Cities like Boston, Baltimore, PITTSBURGH (!), LA, Detroit: it should be wild.

        I WILL say that I miss the days where the Boston/New York rivalry was a lot hotter. Like when the players actually hated each other and not when they shared agents and switched teams. It’s definitely lost a bit of it’s fire.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think that is why the rivalry is slower right now than in the past. We have not played each other in the post season since 04. It will be ten years next year, wow.

        Oh I am not the type of person that will always praise my team. I complain about them a lot and I agree with you about throwing money at free agents. It is not the way to do it. You can get good players through free agency but you need to build within.

        I have been to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play and believe me they have no fans. We call Camden Yards, Fenway south because even now there are more Sox fans than Orioles fans. They couldn’t even sell out their post season game last year. That is pathetic, You have no business having a team if your fans won’t show up for the post season.

      • CMR Says:

        Things could be worse though: We could all be Phillies fans.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Poor Philly. They have such a great team but they just don;t win. It makes little sense but than again they have blowhard Papelbon so I am fine with them losing. (For the record I have always hated Papelbon. Even when he played here)

  5. Case Says:

    GTT, I’m technically on the other side of this trade and while we are happy to have Iglesias at SS to cover Peralta’s imminent suspension, we did pay a pretty high price for him. We gave up a really, really good outfield prospect and a decent pitcher to the White Sox. Most Tigers fans seem pretty reserved about this…hopefully Jose’s bat will be decent. My fear is that his .330 batting average is super inflated. His glove will be a tremendous help though in our infield, especially since we have two statues at 1B and 3B. You know more about him than I do…does he have a legit big league bat?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No one knows if Iglesias has a big bat because he has not been in the majors a long time and he was batting 400 for months and we know that was not ever going to last but I don’t think he is as bad of a hitter as the rest of the world seems to think. The kid can field that is for sure.

      No offense but we have enough Peavy’s . We have a team full of average pitchers. I just hate when we trade away everyone for average. No one we ever get at the trade deadline ever works out like we think they will accept OC! (Orlando Cabrera) and of course Dave Roberts and we didn’t keep either.

      The one time we kept the kids it turned into the 2007 World series. Of course we didn’t keep everyone but it worked.

      We do have a kid in the minors who apparently is the next air apparent but knowing the Sox we will never bring him up

      • Case Says:

        Interesting. Our GM has had a nice run of deadline trades, and our aging owner has made it very well known that he would like to bring a World Series to Detroit (even going so far as to say he’d trade some – not all – but some of the Red Wings titles for a WS title.) He’s a great owner and I’d like to see them win. Anyways, two years ago our GM stole Doug Fister from Seattle and last year we snagged Anibal Sanchez. My hope is Iglesias will keep the trend going. He’s also a nice piece for the future because Peralta is a free agent this year and we won’t touch him again with a ten foot pole.

        Peavy is a good pitcher but that injury history is the x factor. I hope he gives the Sox the help they were seeking.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The Sox needed a closer. We did’t need another 3 or 4 starter. Not that we have a 1 and 2 starter and we have no ace. I don’t understand what the owners are doing. Not like I ever

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