Foreign gymnasts now in the US.

Ana Maria Bican now coaches gymnastics in Michigan. She was recently spotted at the American Classic (GGMB)

Natalia Yurchenko the inventor of the vault we now see every gymnast compete is also coaching in the US. She has her own blog on her new website.

She is currently the head coach of the woman’s gymnastic team at Lakeshore Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Chicago, Illinois.

These are the two newest gymnasts I know about.


Kristina Baskett also has a new website. The most interesting thing about her website is seeing all the TV show stars she has done stunts for. You can find the gallery here.


61 Responses to “Foreign gymnasts now in the US.”

  1. Katie Says:

    Awesome! I loved Ana Maria. 1996 was the first year I got really into Romanian gymnastics.

  2. CMR Says:

    Just curious (can’t remember if this has been discussed before) but have any elite gymnasts from the past twenty or so years pursued careers outside of gymnastics? I mean legitimate careers, so not Carly Patterson’s career as a singer (though from what I can tell by her Instagram she now plays with a dog for a living) or Nastia’s as a “student.”

    Obviously the rigorous training and intermittent periods of being in and out of school tend to make post-career coaching/commentating appealing but I was just curious if anyone has actually accomplished anything AWAY from gymnastics. I know some of them, like Miller, have started foundations and do a lot of health-related work but has anyone done something completely different?

    • EliteFan Says:

      Amy Chow went to Stanford for undergrad and med school and is now a pediatrician.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Miller graduated Law school too she just didn’t the bar. Amanda went to College and became a teacher before she opened her own gym. Kristin Maloney was also a teacher for awhile and then didn’t like it and now coaches at a gym. I know there is more.

    • Katie Says:

      Terin Humphrey is a cop

    • Karlie Says:

      Annia Hatch also designs clothing in addition to coaching (in my home state, CT). I believe Terin Humphrey graduated from the police academy and is officially a police officer somewhere in Missouri, although she is also still involved in gymnastics and apparently served as an “athlete representative,” whatever that means, at meets last year.

      Also I believe Kerri Strug works for the Department of Justice for the Office of juvenile justice in DC.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      Terin Humphrey became a cop.

    • katecoursey Says:

      I was going to say Amy Chow, but someone beat me to it…she’s really, really smart, by all accounts.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    terin humphrey is also still a police officer.
    Tasha Schweikert is a sports agent, Courtney Kupets is working for adidas gymnastics marketing, Carly Patterson is actually in college, Betty Okino has wierdness on her website, Kerri Strugg has a real job in Washington, D.C. as a program director of something, a lot of romanian gymnasts do romanian playboy and then also do DJ work. Nicole Harris is a professional surfer, Carly Janiga is working as a teacher…. Phoebe Mills has a law practice in VT, Julianne McNamara married Todd Zeile baseball player, the rest of the olympians are all somehow still in gymnastics….. and most of the almost olympians.

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    And apparently according to her facebook Atler is 4 months pregnant.

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    MLT has a bunch of these. In one she makes fun of amanda jetters shoulder flexibility and talks about her problems. Amanda Jetter and Kassi Price feature prominently….

  6. Brouhaha Says:

    Off the top of my head . . . . Andreea Raducan is a journalist, Cathy Rigby went on to a real actress (not of the Shawn variety), Svetlana Boginskaya owns a restaurant, Svetlana Khorkina is an official in the Doma (Russian congress), Yang Yun is a broadcast journalist, Rie Tanaka is working on the Tokyo 2020 bid. Lilia Podkopayeva was a UN Goodwill Ambassador for AIDS/HIV awarenesss in Ukraine.

  7. Akshay Says:

    So, I did a big mistake and put myself through the torture of reading the Gymnastics Sub-Forum under the 2008 Beijing Olympics Forum on tvwithoutpity. I thought I’d share some gems with you all…
    1) Nastia being underscorred on bars in the All Around?
    2) Nellie Kim apparently “set the judges straight” on beam scoring with Nastia’s score.
    3) Nastia would apparently handle getting silver a lot better than Shawn Johnson did.

    What on earth? To the last one, have they really never heard of Chellsie Memmel?

    So yeah, reading that forum was absolute torture until I found this one. At first I dismissed it as a stupid rumor, but I did a bit of searching on google, and then found it was a rumor on other websites as well. While I’d like to think this didn’t happen, I certainly cannot put it past her.

    “Which two Olympian teammates are really bitter rivals? One spiked the other’s protein shake with laxatives before a big competition, but her plan backfired when her nemesis not only powered through the competition but beat her so-called friend anyway.”

    Now I realize this could be the other way around, but this rumor apparently emerged in relation to the balance beam final, specifically. Not to mention, Shawn was supposedly feeling sick/had a headache that day….

    What do you guys think? If we didn’t know differently that Shawn and Nastia weren’t so buddy buddy like the media made them out to be, I wouldn’t believe this… but I wouldn’t put it past Nastia.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      It wouldnt surprise me if Nastia did that to Shawn. She should have put some OTC med in there that would have made her test positive like Radducan did. That would prove to me that Nastia was really intelligent. Shawn has said repeatedly she was throwing up and felt horrible the day of the balance beam final. Its in her book even. Nastia wanted all of the gold medals for herself. Nastia acted like she was the only one that won anything after the olympics and then her stupid agent in London talked about how it was such a disaster for Jordyn. There was a rumor back in the day that “team Nastia” did something to Chellsie at worlds in 2005. I would not put it past them. Plus Nastia was Shawns roommate so it would have been really easy for her to get away with anything.

      Nellie Kims interference is reminiscent of the head romanian judge intervening in 1980 to try to get Nadia a better score. After that the FIG proposed that should not happen. That proposal was not adopted.

      I also think that team finals in 2004 were botched by WOGA both times to get their athletes more recognition. Carly Pattersons toe hitting the bar was way more obvious than anything Nastia did or did not do, but I think soemthing probably happened with relation to a mat or something at practice knocked chellsies foot out. I think gymnastics is way more vicious than ice skating. I think that Kristie Phillips assuming she was on the 1988 team and saying someone always gets hurt was way more true than anyone realizes. She expected someone would be hurt or get hurt to make room for her.

      I think in more and more I agree with GTT that Liukin didnt want Bross to eclipse Nastia. I also think the same is true for Ohashi. He wants it to begin and end with Nastia. Grace McGlaughlin had a qual score for championships over 51.50 and is not going. Plus I dont even think Liukin was at Classics with her or any of his athletes.

      • mimi Says:

        Wasn’t he at classics in his capacity as the developmental directory of whatever the heck his title is? Someone mentioned they saw him running around at classics (looking stressed if my memory serves me correctly!). And if he isn’t Grace’s coach normally I don’t think he’d interfere with that at a meet.

    • Katie Says:

      I remember that blind item. I don’t know if I believe it or not. Nastia gets nasty when she loses or has direct competition. I think that’s why and her Alicia used to get along so well. Nastia was AA with bars and beam as her strength and Alicia was just a vault and floor specialist. I don’t think nastia would do anything more that just being a rude bitch, but who knows with that Russian family. I heard that valeri and anna put her on birth control or something for the sole reason that she would go through puberty in 2006 as opposed to 2008. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if she did it, but I would think she would do something like that before the AA. I’m sure she would have loved the beam gold, but it’s more of an afterthought compared to the AA.

      • Akshay Says:

        I mean for all we know she could have. I just thought this was possible seeing as I’ve repeatedly heard about Shawn throwing up/feeling sick the day of the Beam Finals.

        I remember reading on this blog (in the comments) a while ago that someone observed Nastia grinning broadly when Izbasa topped Shawn’s score in the floor finals. Knowing full well what Nastia thought of Shawn, I wouldn’t put it past her to try to stop Shawn from getting any gold medals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t know – the only way that would get out is Nastia would have to have told someone that, and who would tell anyone something like that? (I spiked Shawn’s shake before her Olympic meet, tee hee)…I mean that’s way beyond crossing a line.

        I’m sure when Shawn got that gold though Nastia was internally really pissed.

      • Akshay Says:

        That’s a good point. I guess I could conceivably see a situation where maybe another girl or so on the team knew about it and blabbed to someone or the other. But who knows.

        Oh most definitely. And that allowed Shawn to be marketed as “Olympic Gold Medalist,” which most definitely hurt Nastia.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If it happened someone knows and eventually it will come out.

  8. JAS4 Says:

    So far it’s seems like the ’08 girls are either in college, in Marta’s back pocket, or fitness stuff(well just Shawn that I know of on that one)

  9. exgymgurl Says:

    I wonder if Bogi’s Restaurant has lots of different kinds of gum at the front counter as you leave. I wonder if Nastia will ever do anything. I think these MLT videos are so funny. THere is one with little Amelia and little lexie doing her drills. She told them they looked like geeks and screams across the gym to amanda something like “Jetter I have another one for you” and like she thinks the cameras off. What an awesome environment. This must have been before she got the dog.

  10. terrigymfan Says:

    Brandy Johnson worked as a stunt double for several years after she retired from gymnastics.

  11. terrigymfan Says:

    Tatian Gutsu is living in Michigan and coaching gymnastics.

  12. biyatch Says:

    Apparently Chellsie Memmel is unretiring… but not for artistic for power tumbling. Theres a long letter on her fb page.

    • Dee Says:

      I just saw that. Ughhhhhh I’m soooo sick of her.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      love it!

    • Catherine Says:

      How can you be sick of CFM? If she still has gymnastics left in her and she wants to do it, more power to her. She is a great example to all other gymnasts especially in the US where veterans are few and far between. Besides, tumbling is clearly her strength and it’s a great crossover.

      • Brouhaha Says:

        Also, way to stick it to Marta. CFM might be blackballed from WAG, but she can still win gymnastics medals. Love it

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Way to say FU marta!!!!! Im almost in tears, her poker faced judging convinced me she was ready to be Martas lackey. What a great thing for Chellsie and Alicia to do to make Marta crap her pants!!!!

        Well Chellsie. I don’t think your soul is rotting away into darth Vader land after all!!!!

      • exgymgurl Says:

        At least some of her tour / judging hush $$ paid for those renovations. F Yeah……. marta paid for her dad to renovate their gym.

      • Dee Says:

        Ehh because of the crap from last year. Just sick of hearing about her. However, I will admit that this will be good for the T&T program.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Exactly she will do great things for T&T. Other artistic gymnasts will see her do it and know it’s an option for those who are strong in tumbling. Not to mention spectators will watch because they know who she is. She will raise popularity and hopefully bring more attention to it, give it more recognition. Plus it’s really fun and a lot easier on the body. I’m happy for her. She obviously has a passion that she can’t let go of and I admire that.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I could see Aly doing this eventually too. I’m surprised Shawn Johnson didn’t do it but then again, that whole Knee thing…

      • Brouhaha Says:

        I wonder if Alicia would do T&T.

        I have to admit, I saw trampoline for the first time at the Olympics, and I thought it was way cooler than rhythmic (just a personal preference !)

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      What is power tumbling? Is it like USAG – not an Olympic sport, right? Forgive my ignorance.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Not Olympic no! I used to do it. Love it 🙂 I’m glad Chellsie is giving it a go!

    • Case Says:

      Yikes. Chellsie is already held together by bubble gum and paper clips after her 42,000 injuries. I can’t imagine she’ll stay healthy long enough to be a legitimate factor in power tumbling.

  13. exgymgurl Says:

    This is better than stick it. I wonder if Steve penny crapped his pants on that phone call. Oh wow, well she’ll make it and power tumbling will have an established superstar.

    • laurensy Says:

      What happened between Marta and Chellsie?

      • Katie Says:

        I don’t think anything specific. Marta was pissed that chellsie beat nastia at the 95 worlds. Nastia has always been Martas pet. Marta was also pissed that chellsie and her dad would never go to the camps but chellsie would always show up at nationals/world trials/Olympic trials and kick ass so there was no way Marta could keep her off the team. So when chellsie had a subpar showing at classics last year while she was just getting back into competition shape, Marta used every loophole to disqualify chellsie competing at nationals, thus preventing her from competing at Olympic trials. Major controversy, but chellsie got a payoff with a spot on the tour and elite national level judging positions right away.

  14. CMR Says:

    Also, not sure if you guys saw this video yet or not but I spotted it on twitter today. It’s McKayla Maroney and Cheryl Hamilton discussing the Olympic Vault. My favorite part was the story about how the young gymnasts ask her to take a picture with her mouth open…that definitely worse than the still-wont-die unimpressed face….

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