US Classic: The Olympians


Kyla Ross: AA- 1st Total 58.650

Vault: 15. 200 (9.4) UB: 15.400 ( 9.00) BB: 14.650 ( 9.950) FL: 13.450 (7.70)

The bars looked great. She fixed some of the form issues she has had in the past but I have seen her fix them before only to bring them back later in the year. I said in the comments section it must be a head issue more than a technique issue but I guess we will see.

A 6.4 start value and the only execution score over a 9.00 in the entire meet that wasn’t on Vault is pretty impressive. I personally think Kyla should add this to her routine. She is certainly capable of it. What do you think?

On Beam we saw none of her upgrades which she plans on doing at Nationals. She was her usual clean self. I really wish she would get rid of that double back off beam. It is way too easy for her. This has all been said before. Same with her vault. Great block, great form. The judges love her DTY and she should be fine keeping that for world. She said in a interview on gymnastike that she is working with her growth spurt and the Amanar is getting harder to do. She said it probably won’t be back this year. Honestly I don’t see the point of her doing the Amanar now. Kyla always scores at least a 15.200 on that vault and she might just Nastia herself to a close score.

I now officially LOVE the Floor routine. I liked it before but seeing it with the real tumbling I now officially love it. The double front looks great. Amanda kept mentioning needing at least a ” B ” leap to get credit and I thought they changed there mind on that rule. Anyone know for sure? It was great to see the full in back in her routine and even though she fell on the double pike

I was thrilled not to see that double tuck. She does that so easily she looks like she could do a triple. She’s pretty bouncy on her full in so maybe adding a jump onto that might not be a bad idea and I personally think she is going to add a spin to her single turn and turn it into a Memmel.


Mckayla Maroney looked great for her first meet back. The vault was decent and her floor looked amazing. I am so glad she ditched that stupid 3.5 that was too small for the floor mat. I just hope she isn’t peaking too early.

I hate saying her vault looked decent. It looked better than anyone elses but I am afraid Mckayla now has the Michelle Kwan syndrome. Having been perfect before with her Amanar if she isn’t perfect everyone will find fault with what she has done. Hopefully the judges don’t screw her over like they did to Michelle Kwan.

[Vault 1] [ Vault 2 ] [ Floor]

MY LAST THOUGHT Both Kyla and Mckayla are locks on the 2013 World team barring an injury. Mckayla will have her Cheng back to go with the Amanar and if she keeps this floor as is or even upgrades a little I feel she gets the spot.

SEVERAL people have made comments that Marta only paid attention to Mckayla and a lesser extent Kyla during yesterdays meet and hell, if Marta added Mohini to a Olympic team because Pam Anderson got her media attention then Mckayla will go even if she is doing a tucked Yurchenko.


I am going out to dinner tomorrow night with friends and Tuesday night I have the kids coming over for dinner so I won’t have time to write the blog I originally planned on writing ( A write up of the whole meet) so I decided to just write one on the Olympians (for now) if I get home early enough I will try and finish another opinion on Classics.


69 Responses to “US Classic: The Olympians”

  1. gymglitterxx Says:

    Unrelated but Nastia on facebook just now used Kidd Kradick’s death to brag/remind everyone about her win in 2008……ugh

  2. tulip Says:

    That is in such incredibly poor taste! And I’m not surprised one bit.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    I think someone may have mentioned it on one of the other classics post but did anyone else notice how Jordyn didn’t sound very sure about competing again when she was commentating? I wonder if she has just lost the desire to continue or if something has happened (like maybe Marta) to make her not so sure about competing again.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Maybe she got a taste of the life of a normal teenager this summer.
      Couldn’t blame her! I really hope she will come back though.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I’ve also been wondering if Marta has somehow communicated to Jordyn that she is “displeased” she is not back into the full swing attending camps and all that. Jordyn never struck me as a Marta favorite like Nastia was/is. I’m also wondering what Marta’s attitude is toward Gabby, who as far as I know isn’t training at all.

      • Dee Says:

        Gabby actually isn’t training? That is somewhat of a relief to hear. I thought she was.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I thought she was too – someone said she was back at Chows?

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sorry, I missed that she says she started back training at Chow’s in May. But she’s vague about how hard she’s training and vague about when she wants to start competiting again, saying “sometime next year.”

  4. kittykat Says:

    Hey GTT, I finally decided to get off my arse and start a blog myself, are you cool if I post the link here? Don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes!

  5. John Says:

    GTT: According to the 2013 COP, a gymnast can receive a 0.1 bons for an A value leap provided it is connected to an E skill. So Kyla receives that bonus because her Double Arabian is an E Skill. All D rated tumbling skills need to be connected to a B rated Leap or higher (i,e, Sheep Jump) to receive the 0.1 bonus. Technically, her FX has a 5.8 SV provided she performs the Switch Ring Leap (C) instead of the Switch Leap (B) before the Switch 1/2. I

    I agree with you, she can increase her difficulty by adding another leap after her full in (+0.1) or a back tuck (+0.2)…

  6. John Says:

    As for the Shaposh 1/1, I don’t think its wise to add this to her routine, it’s the same value as her inbar shaposh (E). It won’t up her difficulty. Elizabeth Seitz did it at 2011 Worlds and the judges penalized her for it so she took it out of her routine.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Also the direction on the Shaposh 1/2 is more dynamic and helps keep the flow of the routine, in my opinion.

  7. biyatch Says:

    I definitely think barring mass injury Kyla’s on the team. Even if she loses grasp on one of those AA spots, theyll take her for beam and bars. I think Mac is probably on the team but I think we have to see how nationals shakes out.

    Simone needs to hit 8 for 8 at nats. She’s had 4 meets this year and only gone 4 for 4 at one (Jesolo). Maybe post-comeback Alicia needs to talk to Simone about how to get her shit together. Someone said that they would love to see Mihai work with Simone, and while I agree that could be an interesting pairing, I don’t think we can cry she needs a new coach just yet. I actually think it was a good decision for her coach to pull her from vault when she was having an off day. (Remember we all bitched when Valeri didn’t pull/downgrade Bross in 2011.)

    Ebee is your wild card, if she’s healthy and hasn’t lost form from 2012, shows up at nats and kills it, she’s potentially an EF presence in vault, bars and floor.

    So um… Aly is now apparently promoting dog food with Nick Cannon. It probably just means she’s joined Gabby and Jordyn (and formerly Shawn and ASac) on the P&G roster, but its an “interesting” event to have her attend.***MEDIA-ALERT***-IAMS-Good!-Invites-Pups-Pup-Lovers

    People on tumblr were bitching that Aly was the only team member not at Classics and that she was “choosing DWTS” over her teammates. It astounds me how people find stuff to hate on these girls. People need to get a life… that’s what Aly decided to do.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Seriously. It’s like these idiots on FB have this entitlement feeling that they should be able to manipulate other people’s lives based on their own selfish expectations.

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    If Kyla can add three or even four more tenths to her bars she’ll be a force on that bars podium at Worlds.

    I agree with you GTT on vault but for the AA (Worlds) she needs to find added points somewhere to be a threat internationally. She really should upgrade her beam dismount to a pike or something; the double tuck is way too easy.

    Not sure what you meant by a double front on Kyla’s floor? I didn’t see a double front but maybe I mis-took something. I only recently figured out what LOSO stood for, haha.

    I think both Kyla and Maroney are locks for this Worlds team too. But then again I thought Shawn would have been a lock for Worlds 2011 given her celebrity status. Maybe it’s different now that it’s the beginning of a quad. Maroney would deserve to be there though; I thought her Classics showing was very impressive. And good call about the Kwan syndrome. I was surprised that Brenna Dowell’s amanar was so close to Maroney’s score-wise, even though Brenna’s was clean and all she didn’t have the height or distance Maroney had; I know Maroney landed off the line but still.

    I loved Kyla’s floor too – this floor routine has more potential in it than her Phantom one. I am trying to remember what Nastia’s floor passes were in Beijing and I can’t help but think Kyla’s are more difficult now – yet Nastia was getting true brownie points for something…anyway…

    • Gymbee Says:

      Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Nastias gorgeous handspring front double tuck, cowboyed like the Texas girl she is? :-p

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You know what’s funny? That’s the only one I can remember! Yeah it was gross! Why don’t judges downgrade for cow-boy-ing? It looks nasty.

      • Karlie Says:

        Isn’t it a deduction? Generally, when you cowboy something your chest is low which is like 0.1 I think…although frankly it should be more, it’s really ugly. Ugh between the floor and the bars dismount, the cowboying killed me.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OK so I re-watched her floor and for 3 of the 4 passes (minus the cowboy one) the major element was a 2.5 twist. It looked like one was a 1.5 to a 2.5 twist and the other a double to twist to a 2.5. She didn’t even do a triple twist! AND apparently her D score was only 0.2 points lower than Shawn’s. How did that happen??? What a crock.

      • Akshay Says:

        I think the biggest crock of them all is Nastia getting the highest execution score on floor in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Floor Finals. That is simply pathetic considering her cowboyed skills and atrocious twisting form..

    • Dee Says:

      I love the whip to a double tuck that Kyla did. It actually spices up that double tuck pass. I’m probably biased because I think whips are super cool, ahahha.

      I think cowboying is deduction, probably a form one. I got reemed over it because I was doing it in my punch fronts for a while because I was tired and it gets you around faster. Then I watched the tivo. yuck. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you can get deducted for it or else I wouldn’t have gotten yelled at for it. I was always amazed that Nastia did that in her double front and noone fixed it. I don’t think Bross’ looked like that and she did it at the end of a longer pass.

      • lol Says:

        Nastia needed to do the cowboy to get it around. She has no power and can’t tumble backwards.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I love whips as well. I went back tons of times to see the whip to double tuck, I think it looks great 🙂

    • John Says:

      Nastia’s tumbling passes in Beijing,
      Front Layout Full (C) directly into Front Layout 2/1 (D); 0.2 CV
      Double Front (E)
      Layout 3/2 (C) directly into Rudi (C); 0.1 CV
      5/2 Layout (D)
      Difficulty under the current code = 5.7 (Similar to Ross, without the code whoring available in the 2013 code)

      Nastia gets a 0.1 deduction for cowboying her Double Front and 0.1 for crossing her legs during her twisting elements. After her ankle injury, they resorted to front tumbling because it causes less strain on her ankles.

      Cowboying is fairly common in both men’s and women’s gymnastics… Aly and Kyla both have cowboyed form in their Double Arabian and Kyla cowboys her Double tuck as well.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I thought there was a .3 deduction for cowboying as bad as Nastia? Something about shoulder angle? Her cwo boy was as long as her shoulder

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah Nastia’s cowboying was especially just gross looking. The gap between Kyla and even Aly’s knees was much smaller than Nastia’s.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am almost positive there is a bigger deduction for the cowboy when it was as bad as Nastia’s and I am pretty sure it was the same for the crossed legs

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Didn’t she have cowboying on her bars dismount too? I wonder why she couldn’t do the double layout at her height (5’3″) when Kyla can do it at 5’5″…and a beautiful one at that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Same with twisting. When you cross at the knee’s it was 3 tenths. Almost sure of it.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      I would say that as long as Kyla and McKayla keep doing what they’re doing and hitting their routines they’ll definitely be on the Worlds team. Shawn did a good job in 2011 at Nationals but I would say the difference between her and McKayla is that McKayla is doing everything and possibly a bit more than what she did in the last quad.

      For Simone I think she has to hit at Nationals. I know she said she had some allergies but I dunno I think she just choked. Lauren from couch gymnast said she kept unrotating her amanar and landing them sideways during podium training and warm ups. Maybe the pressure of going in as the one people were looking at to win opposed to just seeing how it would go earlier in the year got to her.

  9. CMR Says:

    So, I spotted this on Instagram.

    Well, only two gymnasts (guess the other one…who won easily…) did two vaults…so she got second out of two…this chick is delusional.

    I was curious to see if she was blabbering on Twitter and apparently a gymnastics twitter called her out for the Instagram and the tweet was then retweeted by some people at AOGC. Too funny.

    • Karlie Says:

      To be fair, she did own up to having a shitty night; in response to several “you did great!” comments she basically said “um, not really.” But yeah, the vault thing was a little much. You got second!…out of two, and your only other competition scratched. Calm down.

      I don’t know why I always find myself defending this girl when I don’t even like her very much (her instagram has a few mean-spirited things on it as well). Part of me sympathizes because her gymnastics are so incredibly frustrating – clearly she’s talented and it’s like her coaches just said “f**k it, let’s just chuck as many skills we can, form be damned.” Her beam could be so cool if any of the skills were well-executed because her combinations are mostly unique, but instead a lot of them are cringeworthy in execution (the turn, for example…yikes). Also the fact that her coach apparently doesn’t know how skills are named in the code makes me wonder about what someone of her obvious talent could be doing with a different coach.

      Side note – her father’s name is Kym, which I guess explains why they spelled her name “Mykayla.” In case anyone was wondering. 😀

    • Dee Says:

      oh man, if you check out her twitter, D. Moceanu was giving her some shoutouts…ahaha.

      There seems to be quite a bit of hate on tumblr for this girl. I haven’t followed her at all and wasn’t super impressed with her gymnastics when I watched classics. She seems like she just chucks the hard crap and has no technique/artistry to back it up. I feel like her coaches are promoting her as the next big thing because she has the big skills and are forgetting to focus on the little stuff to actually make her the full package.

      I should be studying but now I”m totally distracted by all this tumblr/twitter/instagram stuff with her. ahahah

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I don’t know what to think either. So far I’m OK with her being happy about being 2nd in vault because honestly the rest of her performance there wasn’t much to be happy about. So she’s a glass half full type. Or maybe she’s doing that on purpose to spark others’ trash talk, who knows. I haven’t heard her in interviews so I’ll give her a pass on being snarky online/social media because all teenage girls can easily be that way even if they didn’t intend to.

      I honestly wish her coaches would stress form. The girl was able to stay on the balance beam doing combo elements involving both a full twisting back and an arabian. That’s ridiculous. I really wish someone (maybe Chow?) could work with her talent and make her a better eye-pleasing gymnast. I think it could happen with a lot of work.

      That being said, yes her form made me miss the likes of Aly Raisman and Bross.

  10. CMR Says:

    She got a lot of hate when she was posting collages that a fan made that claimed she was “World’s Greatest Vaulter” I’m pretty sure it was on the heels of the Olympics ending too which was just an absurd thing to do. I have to try to find it. Those crazy fan edits people make are pointless but it definitely shows a lack of humility (and a bit of self delusion…) to actually REPOST those things yourself. It was a photo of her that said “World’s Greatest Vaulter” and her caption was “That’s how I roll”

    I would LOVE to hear the selfie queen herself, McKayla Maroney’s, thoughts on “Mykayla: World’s Greatest Vaulter.”

  11. sanitynmotion Says:

    Did anyone see Gabby’s interview at Classics? Super annoying. She wants to “set the bar higher” next go round because apparently she set the bar SUPER high in London. At least that was my take. She seems confident she’ll be back competing in 2014 and that she’ll be getting international assignments right away (more World teams) followed of course by another Olympics.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      How annoying this statement on Gabby’s website, “Gabrielle also plans to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” rather than “Gabrielle also plans to compete for a spot on the U.S. team that will be competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

      • Gymbee Says:

        Absolutely agree with the both of you. That has been bugging me since she won, how in every interview she says “I definitely (gotta have the definitely in there, its Gabby after all, and she loves that word) plan to compete in Rio”. The four other girls are so humble about it and say it would be an honour, etc, but she basically promises people she will be there. So disrespectful.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think she’s just outright dumb and immature and she’ll get what’s coming to her.

        I would put money on her pulling out of competing/retiring the second she realizes Marta isn’t just going to give her a spot like she was hoping for (and like Nastia was almost given).

      • Gymbee Says:

        Retire yes, or run to Oprah and talk more about racism.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That’s partly why I say thank goodness for Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles, Nia Dennis…probably a bunch more that I’m forgetting…

        The more she touts racism the stupider she looks. Even Kyla Ross isn’t “white.”

    • John Says:

      The fact of the matter is, Kyla is the only decent bar worker we have right now, so if Gabby comes back next year with the same bars set she did at London (SV 6.5 under the new code), she’ll probably get a spot on the team as a specialist. Let’s face it, all of our top gymnasts right now are essentially great on 3 events except bars. So unless someone comes in with upgrades on bars, Gabby can definitely be back at the world stage.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I believe you but I’d rather see Kyla get that specialist spot over Gabby, lol. When she said she wants to “raise the bar” I just wanted to smack her. That girl comes off as the most arrogant prick ever (sorry, I know I shouldn’t say that about a 17 year old girl but it annoys the crap out of me).

        I was rooting for Gabby as a gymnast until she opened her mouth on TV.

      • John Says:

        @Sanitynmotion: Oh Hell no, I don’t want Kyla to get the Specialist spot, I want her to be one of our All Arounders, By the way, I meant to refer to next year’s world championships, because I know that’s when Gabby (and Chow) plans to return to competitive gymnastics.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        @John – Sorry – what I meant in “specialist” was really I just want Kyla to have the bars spot, period. Over Gabby. Whether or not she’s ALSO an AA’er (which of course I HOPE most certainly she is) remains to be seen, but if anything I want Kyla to be on that assignment over Gabby. Hope that made sense.

  12. tulip Says:

    Skinner has impressive skills and awful form plus seems a little cautious. I don’t think she’s ready to be doing her super tough stuff yet. She needs to put together a mid level routine that focuses on form, expression and artistry. Let the judges see that first. Then build in the E stills.

  13. exgymgurl Says:

    Im still wondering why its called the Nasty Piukin cup when Gabrielle is the current AA champion. Is USAG racist for not honoring Gabrielle similarly? Is it all because shes not blonde and russian

    • Karlie Says:

      Eh, I think it’s because Nastia was already sponsored by Supergirl and she paired up for them to create the meet (she was already promoting their leos). It’s technically the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup and apparently it was Liukin’s personal idea to begin it – I’m guessing USAG was just all-too-happy to oblige.

  14. exgymgurl Says:

    Skinner and Simone both could benefit from Mihai. I’m not throwing their coaches under the bus, I would almost throw Kylas coaches under the bus, but I think Kyla needs them to be the way they are, its a good fit for her. Skinner needs Aly/ ASac to get her a shot of maturity and Simone needs a shot of confidence. Allergies or no she should be more consistent at this point. The only other possibility for her is Chow.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I doubt Simone would change coaches; Marta would have otherwise already organized it for her much like I believe she did with Gabby. Who knows, maybe in a year or two there will be a gym change. But Simone is already one of USA’s best AA’ers right now so I doubt they would have her switch coaches; it would totally mess her up.

      I almost feel bad for Skinner though because I doubt she’s high enough on Marta’s “list” to have her do anything. It would be neat to see her skill set get polished.

      I think allergies are an excuse – sorry. Unless maybe she has asthma; but then again she should have medication if her chest is congested due to allergies in the future if that really was what was causing her breakdown.

  15. exgymgurl Says:

    Supergirl was dropped and was only a sponsor for one year, that was her clothing line at JCP that only lasted one year. They pay her foundation which essentially means they pay for her name. They could just as easily pay Gabrielle. I doubt it was Nastias idea.

  16. exgymgurl Says:

    Craptacular… good seats still available

    I also very much doubt Sam Peszeck auditioned to be a commentator this past weekend…..Its another way for USAG to collect $$ from L10 parents.

    • Gymnerd Says:

      Would anyone actually pay $279 to watch this shit????

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Eff, no.

        I’d rather use that money to pay for gas. Seriously.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Right with you Sanity. I think thats a big freaking waste of an arena. And time, and broadcast television….. The only “gymnast” appearing is Nastia. So its going to be totally craptacular.

    • biyatch Says:

      Very interesting that none of the 2012 girls who did it are on the roster again (Jo, Aly, Gabby). Particularly shocked that Gabby isnt doing it. This has been a Nastia famewhore staple for a while.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        pandora sponsoring so i wonder if aly will be “announced” to get more tix sales. Its in conjunction with the professional gymnastics challenge or whatever camps those people run. None of the 2012 girls are / were in on that. It shocks me that no big names on the womens side are even involved.

      • biyatch Says:

        Apparently train wreck and all it sold out last year and it’s in the same location. I saw the Pandora sponsorship too and thought the same thing. Some of the skaters that were in it last year arent doing it again this year probably because of Olympic preparations.

        My guess is that if any of Jo, Aly or Gabby are actually getting back into training they cant afford to take the week or whatever it is to prepare and participate in this nonsense. Apparently GK is sending Gabby and Aly to Antwerp for appearances so theyll be traveling for that (although that could potentially easily turn into mini Marta bootcamps for both I suppose) and Aly had mentioned attending the games in Sochi so that would be time off. As always it will be interesting to see how they reacclimatize to 40 hours of training when they still have opportunities being thrown their way.

        Tweddle is supposed to make a big announcement about her future next week according to twitter this morning. I feel like her presence in the Craptacular as both a gymnast and a skater means she’s done. Maybe if USAG takes some funds out of their hush money pot to pay her, they can convince her to stay in the US and teach girls that arent built like twigs to swing bars and get D-scores up.

  17. Catherine Says:

    I wrote a big long blog post about this so I don’t have too much left to say about this meet, but I’ll squeeze it in.

    Kyla- Very happy her floor is up four tenths. I THINK it might be maxed out, as turns and tumbling are not her forte. Maybe a more difficult leap but I don’t know about her leaping out of passes, her endurance is never great on a 4 pass floor and she’s said that herself long before this meet. Beam- 5.7 is disappointing, I’d love to see 6.3 at least. She’s too tall for a ‘3 series’ as Sam kept calling them, but there’s other things she can do- Amelia is taller and seems to have something good going on on beam. Bars- Lovely. Some more tenths and she can contend for a medal. This looks like her easiest routine of all for her. Vault- she had quite a hefty leg separation on her block and other vaults were underscored by comparison to it I thought. But so nice and flighty. I don’t particularly want to see an amanar.

    McKayla- YES that double arabian is so clean. I agree she could sneak a leap in here and there to bring it up.

    Brenna- Super impressive, thrilled with her upgrades and hoping she can clean up her beam as she has done with bars. Wise use of this meet to try out new upgrades.

    Peyton- Steady, solid, didn’t stand out to me except for her nice leaps. I don’t see her factoring in until team finals next year.

    Simone- will need to kick ass at Nationals. I’m not worried about her yet, especially not floor where she had new upgrades anyway. AWESOME DLO-half out, there were harder DLO passes done obviously but this one looks so much more awesome and actually difficult.

    Among the juniors I really loved Nia minus her falls, LAURIE’S FLOOR which is outstanding, Molly Frack, Christina Desiderio, Emily Gaskins and the adorable Norah Flatley. And Bailie, I like her. Clean, stylish, awesome. Oh and Amelia was pretty impressive too considering she looks like a senior in NCAA. How does she do that difficulty with her height and actually have her form improve? The lineup at camp is her-Kyla-McKayla. McKayla is 5’ Amelia is super tall.

  18. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    I’d just like to share this little tidbit, even though I know kid stories can be annoying but heck, I have no one else to tell it to that will understand in the least. As I was watching the Classics my just barely two year old came over to the computer and started clapping and shouted, “Come on Aly! You can do it!” I couldn’t help but laugh. No telling how many times he’s heard me shout that at the t.v. over his little lifetime! To my 2 year old, gymnastics = Aly. There could be better examples yes, but it’s still funny.

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