Because he can.

Aly and Aly

And old article on Bridget Sloan. It kept popping up in places about a month ago and I finally read it. She’s happy in College and thinks all Elite’s should consider it.

Its too bad she has no clue Sam Peszek went to UCLA and basically told them Bridget never worked hard. Still friends, ha


35 Responses to “Because he can.”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Couldn’t help but think that pic of Aly lighting the torch was not really flattering.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    Kohei has some crazy skills and I love that he has good form instead of just chucking stuff with atrocious form!

  3. Lithi Says:

    I do enjoy Kohei, although I don’t like to be too vocal about it because as I throw my support behind a gymnast they get hurt. :p

    He kind of reminds me of Dmitri Bilozerchev with his form, so nice to see good form with difficulty instead of crazy skills done terribly, as JAS4 pointed out.

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    Kohei training a quadruple twisting double layout is crazy. But i think he pull it off. Ive just started getting into mens gymnastics, so I can’t wait to watch mens AA at worlds this year. Frankly I don’t expect anyone from the usa mens team to make the AA podium excep maybe Jake Dalton.

  5. Birgitte Says:

    I saw the photos Aly posted on instagram, she looks like she got in shape quick!

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    Its funny because in one year, Bridget has more NCAA awards than Sam does. And NCAA gymnastics is all about hard work and consistency. Bridget also didnt balloon her weight like Sam did….

    • Tortuga Says:

      Sam was injured this season wasn’t she? But yea Bridget had one of the most successful seasons out of all NCAA gym as a freshman! Quite impressive. She also stayed in really good shape thru to trials unfortunately withdrawing at the last second 😦 At least she didn’t have to have A Sac moment that way I suppose.

  7. exgymgurl Says: how has this flown under the radar about our beloved WOGA

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m sure WOGA has done all they could to stifle this one out – but that’s genuinely awful, and it sounds like too many things line up for it to be a farce.

      Unfortunately I think there are many pedophiles that work to find jobs in women’s gymnastics. Think about it. All gyms should really be aggressive in looking at their employees’ pasts.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I wonder if that tumblr post about the multi olympic medal gymnast addicted to cocaine was confused with this story? I have a few questions though…

        Disclaimer: I know it’s still wrong for a minor to be having sexual relations with an adult but why were her parents helping the coach move then letting the girl stay at his place over night?

        Or letting her out with him outside the gym where he took her to a bar? And for those of you not from the Dallas area Harry Hines is a very bad area you do not want to go!

        Her parents must have been very lax. But it sounds like this girl was consenting and easily impressionable and when things went bad she decided to throw him under the bus. Doesn’t make this right AT ALL, but sounds like her parents were not really looking out for her best interest to me.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I agree Tortuga. Of course, before saying anything I guess I need to make the usual disclaimer that by suggesting that others may be at fault here I am in no way “condoning” the actions of a pedophile.

        But I thought one thing was particularly interesting in the article. It says the lawsuit alleges: “In September 2002, her family helped him move, and the girl slept at his new apartment. During the night, Mr. Wagoner approached the girl and began to fondle her, according to the arrest warrant affidavit written by a Dallas detective. The Defendant stopped but told the Complainant not to tell anyone because it would ruin his life and the Complainant would lose everything she worked so hard for in gymnastics,” the detective wrote. The sexual assaults continued over the next six months at his apartment and at the academy’s two gyms in Dallas and Plano, according to police.”

        Who is their right mind let’s their 12-13 year old daughter stay overnight with an adult man in his apartment? The parents were seriously negligent here.

        I’m no fan of Valeri Liukin but this is one situation I really can’t blame him much for what allegedly happened, at least not unless there’s evidence that he saw this guy groping the girl or otherwise knew something might be going on. The parents were the real fools here.

      • mimi Says:

        bizarre, scary and sad.

        i AM skeptical if they can prove that the gym was negligent. it might just be because it’s a fairly poorly written article, but it seems as though the family knew the coach prior if he was her coach in summer 2002, and helped him move to train their daughter at WOGA in september 2002, and that she spent at least six months at his apartment, if not living there but visiting there.

        obviously gyms need to be VIGILANT when screening coaches and those involved with minors but the parents seem just as negligent, if not more, for letting their underage daughter sleep at his apartment alone without any other supervision.

        i bet WOGA will fight this civil claim quite successfully. her parents really should be focusing on the criminal trial against the creep.

      • mimi Says:

        @tortuga i agree that the girl may have gone along with it but given she was underage, she DIDN’T consent because legally she cannot. it sounds like she was pretty significantly groomed by this freak creep coach.

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    Elite coaches take kids places all the time. There is an old espn link to this story, also so I give it credit. Also getting caught for coke is not a death sentence in doping, because recreational use is not punished as harshly. This makes me wonder how many girls before they make the national team are doing things like this. This could not have been isolated. Im sure Liukin knew what was going on. It was in his gym, right under his nose and a young teenager using coke is not going to be careful about it.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I’m guessing that this girl really didn’t have much potential and therefore Valeri and Marchenko weren’t paying much attention to her – they tend to scoop up the girls with potential for themselves. I agree though that if this girl was showing up at the gym coked up or gym parents complained to Valeri that the guy was groping girls while spotting them, then Valeri bears serious responsibility for not doing anything. But I still say that the parents’ actions were reprehensible.

      • mimi Says:

        remember coke is a drug where people can be on it but appear to be completely functional. i really doubt valerie or the other coaches would have noticed a girl on coke. i’m guessing they expect the girls to be focused, energetic and to push through the pain of training.. with a bunch of kids at the gym, and with their few handpicked special elites to focus on, i doubt they would have known or even suspected a gymnast was on coke.

        valerie might be a bit of a douche but i dont think he is a bad guy especially to let stuff like that get swept under the rug. i’d be very, very shocked if he would risk his reputation with USAG and from a business perspective by allowing this sort of behaviour, criminal or immoral, to go down at his gym knowingly.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Good point about the coaches; also I think when there is an Olympic dream at stake many parents practice methods of self deceit to the point where it negatively impacts their child’s health mentally and physically. I don’t think they “think” straight when it comes to potential Olympic medals and such, so they see no problem with letting their children have such close relationships with their coaches.

      The sport definitely has a “dark side” to it. Most sports do though – especially when it comes to pre-pubescent little girls, sadly.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Terrigymfan is right she would have been coached by Liukin or Marchenko if she showed a lot of potential. I don’t think she was at an elite level because she wasn’t in the drug testing pool. Aren’t all elites in the testing pool? Also yes coaches take gymnasts to competitions and you should be able to trust them, maybe carry a female adult representative just in case. But letting them stay the night at home is totally different to me.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Sanity makes a good point that by the time something like this happens, the parents and the girl have committed so much (financial, emotional, and otherwise) to the idea of the girl becoming an elite-level and maybe Olympic gymnast that they are willing to accept anything these coaches tell them. They fear of course that a bad word from one of these coaches will kill whatever chances they have of “making it.” Pedophiles and other parasites are master manipulators. They spot weakness in both the child and the parents and press just the right buttons to get their way. In this case (assuming these allegations are essentially true), this guy I’m sure told the parents there was no problem with her staying at his apartment, lots of girls did that, it was no issue, he had only her best interests at heart, etc. etc. They accepted his baloney out of a combination of fear and wishful thinking. Of course he was already working on the child too through similar tactics – told her (probably untruthfully) that she could be a “star,” got her hooked on cocaine, all that. It’s really terrible. It doesn’t excuse the parents’ conduct but it’s at least understandable how this could happen.

      • mimi Says:

        she may have willingly taken drugs just to deal with the horrible stuff happening to her, gymnastics aside. unfortunately too many kids use drugs to take their mind off the sexual abuse they experience, or they feel so worthless and that they don’t deserve to feel good, so they use drugs to self-punish.

        seen it happen to too many kids who can’t get out of the legal/child protection system 😦

      • Allie Says:

        This girl was a 13 year old compulsory gymnast and her coach was an entry level coach. I followed this story back when it first came out. So…definitely no elite dreams there.

  9. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    I have to admit, I kind of want to see the new Beyond the Routine series from Chow’s Gym. Will anyone who isn’t as cheap as me be watching it?

    • Tortuga Says:

      I was curious about it also. But I think we’re all done with subscriptions to Gymnastike after we heard about that girl from here got a year subscription taken out of her account at once that she did not sign up for. They took forever to go over her account and I’m not sure if they ever refunded her either.

    • Catherine Says:

      I do not pay to watch it. And I wouldn’t recommend it either, it’s not worth it.

      Episode 1 is about moving away from home. Alexis Vasquez, Norah Flatley and Victoria Nyugen (Level 9, check out her leaps!) talk about moving to Chow’s and how hard it was to leave home, and stressful but they all seemed to mimic the thought that they tried not to think about it, and focused on being coached by Chow. Norah and Alexis’ families were/are split. They all mention Shawn, and then kind of Gabby as in it’s great to train with her..but all of them made the move before/with Gabby I believe so she wasn’t a direct influence.

      Victoria is SO CUTE. Rachel is the only one shown who’s been there since a child. She’s also the only senior other than Gabby, elite at least. She mentions how Chow is a great coach, laughs a lot, gives good corrections. We see some footage, but very little, of their training. Some of the girls on beam- Rachel’s BHS-LOSO-LOSO. Aerials from the others. Gabby is only shown doing sit-ups. Alexis, Victoria and Rachel are only shown doing tiny bits of their routines on bars. Chow has a huge smile most of the time, really encouraging of his athletes. Victoria has GORGEOUS lines, I am in love with this child. I only heard of her last week.

      And then the rest of the episode is taken up with Gabby. How her foster parents made the offer to Chow, Gabby and her mother coming down, Gabby being treated as a 5th daughter- really nervous at the start of overstepping her boundaries etc. Missy tells how Gabby was so nervous that she’d always say she didn’t need anything when she was asked if she did when Missy was going to the shop, would then phone her own mother and say what she wanted, who would then phone Missy! When she stopped doing this it was a breakthrough apparently. Actually the way the dad- Travis I think- announced how the idea came to them sounds a bit crazy to me. ‘Hey Missy, I know this is going to sound crazy but I think that God is telling us to open our home to someone Chow needs it for’. Bleurghh.

      There’s a really dramatic piece DUN DUN DUN all about how Gabby refused to train and was really stubborn the day before the team left for the last camp before London. Biggest deal ever, talked about it as if she decided to throw a fit during prelims of the Olympics and not do her routines there.

      Apparently next week will be more about Chow. Which is great because he’s adorable.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        What is this about Gabby refusing to train and wasn’t going to compete in prelims? You need to explain this a little

      • Catherine Says:

        Haha sorry, I mean they made a big drama out of it as if she was refusing to compete in London prelims..when it was actually the day before the last camp before London in question. So, not a big deal but the video makes it seem like the hugest one ever.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        Thank you so much, Catherine! I feel like I watched it after that recap! I wonder if Chow has another successful Olympics if more and more gymnasts will move to his gym. He just seems so dang positive all the time. I’m a fan.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Yes thank you for the recap! Chow seems like such a great coach. Very positive and not boastful. I’d rather see him take over at the ranch instead of Valarie. I haven’t seen anything from Victoria but little Norah is adorable also. I like her form and technique. She reminds a bit of Shawn. I’m ready to see more routines at Classics.

  10. Brouhaha Says:

    I didn’t really get into gymnastics until after watching 2011 worlds at a Korean BBQ restaurant (lol), so could someone fill me in on Sam? Why was she on the Beijing team over say Ivana hong ?

    • theirway11 Says:

      her mom was a usagymnastics bigshot

    • Tortuga Says:

      Ivana had great potential and beautiful lines but didn’t quite have the difficulty or consistency. If you go back and watch her beam routines from 2008 Visa’s and Trials she misses A LOT of connections not to mention she falls out of her dismount. I was really rooting for her but she was not reliable. Sort of like Sarah Finnegan of this quad.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I have to add Samantha could also easily fill in on all events and put up a decent score, whereas Ivana’s strong events were mainly bars/beam (a la Nastia, without the brownie/gift points). Sam was a power horse gymnast and had the difficulty; I actually thought she would do pretty well on floor if she had got the chance.

  11. exgymgurl Says:

    Sams mom is now head of the womens program for USA gymnastics. There were a bunch of gymnasts that were probably about even in 2008 and although Ivana missed her connections etc, she was no worse or better than shayla mattie jana or corrie, alanya, Sam had martas ear and probably knew exactly what sam needed to do and improved her consistency on that all along.

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    sams mom rather had martas ear

  13. Sara Says:

    Correct me if I’m misunderstanding, but Sam said that Bridget didn’t work hard?

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