Anadia Cup Finals: Day 1 Results

You can watch day two for free at this link

Qualification Results

Day 1 results

Day 1 Videos

Will do more later I am on vacation and today is my last day. I think I am going to cry:(


36 Responses to “Anadia Cup Finals: Day 1 Results”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Did you go somewhere fun or are you on a stay-cation?

    I totally know what that feels like…the end of vacation is the WORST feeling, especially when you have a job to go back to that you’re not super excited about.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Going back to the job is what is making me I went to Foxwoods for two days and a night but that was it. other stuff was just getting things around the house ready and spending time with the boy.

      I really do not want to go back to work.

      • mimi Says:

        it’s the worst, isn’t it?
        i so need vacay though. i haven’t had any real time off work this year, boo.

  2. Uglyfatkid Says:

    I’m sorry GTT…I know how you feel. Coming back from a vacation always sucks (unless you were staying with your in-laws…then it’s glorious!). Lol.

    The link indicated that Chuso isn’t playing for Germany…at least the flag next to her name isn’t the German flag. Is she not part of the German team anymore, or is the flag wrong on the link? Or…am I flag illiterate? Lol.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Not sure. I thought she was coaching Ukraine now.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Thats the Uzbekistan flag. She competed for them at Cottobus WC also this year. Maybe she makes an AA run for them in 2016

    • Sara Says:

      The only reason she moved/competed for Germany was because her son had cancer and they had the best medical treatment for him. But, now he’s better so she’s back with Uzbekistan.

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        Oh, I didn’t realize that she moved. Thanks for everyone’s help!

        And thanks for calling out which flag it was exgymgurl. I’m only familiar with the larger/major nations. I had no idea which one it was.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    And apparently Alexandrov was spotted in Houston……at a gym

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      Oh hell…isn’t WOGA and the Karolyi concentration camp in Texas?

      Could he be cooking something up with Marta or Liukin?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I thought he signed with Brazil already?

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        Sorry, I should have clarified. I heard that he was with Brazil as well. I just meant that you can’t really trust/tell what’s going on with those folks.

        I could see him becoming a consultant in some capacity with either of them. Which may actually be a good thing in some regards (form/grace/artistry/etc.). I just think its interesting that he’s there. I wouldn’t call it a coincidence.

        Plus, I could see some “promises” being made to him by Marta. I don’t trust her, and could see her busting some shady crap.

      • mimi Says:

        i read that he used to live in texas for awhile. im guessing he has friends/contacts there still!

      • mimi Says:

        as in – he coached in texas. is that right?

      • Tortuga Says:

        This might be too late. Not sure if anyone will come back and read. But he used to coach at the Karolyi’s gym in Houston back in the 90s. Moceanu credits most of what she learned there to him. She talks about it in Off Balance.

    • Sara Says:

      Apparently he has family in the US and is there before going to Brazil. I don’t know if they live in Texas though, maybe that’s why he’s there? I thought he signed with Brazil also.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Houston is nearer to Camp Karolyi. It was discovery gym I believe. FIG posted a report that he was returning to coach in the US and then it was taken down. It is not finalized with Brazil yet. Acc to brazilian gymnastics twitter the deal was close but not official. Who doesnt want to experience 100+ degree heat and 90% humidity in Houston.

  4. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    How nice is it to watch this without paying a dime to gymnastike.

    This meet had a lot of meltdowns from Tunney amd Grishina in qualifications to Larissa fall on FX. Grishy thankfully made up for it in ebent final. Such a frustrating gymnast to watch because you know she can do better but remains inconsistent at times.

    Brazil did pretty well going 1-2on vault and gold on Still rings.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Free is better:)

    • Catherine Says:

      Tunney is coming back from injury and hadn’t competed in 6 months. She’s definitely better than that, and they really need her more than ever with Jupp out, hopefully she can compete again before worlds. Iordache has some injury issues, she seems sluggish and her form is worse.

      Shang’s beam was a highlight for me. Now if she can just fix her shap or swap it out for something…amazing she can hit every release no problem, with 8 flight elements total in her routine. Or she could upgrade the dismount instead and do an easy transition. Also, Makra. Love love love her. I tried to record day 1 and it didn’t go my way at all. Another attempt for day 2 I suppose.

  5. JAS4 Says:

    I like Grishina’s gymnastics I hope she gains consistency through out this quad

  6. exgymgurl Says:

    Remember Alexandrov handed Moceanu, Zmeskal, Bardwaj, Patterson all to the Karolyis on a silver platter ready to go.

    • H Says:

      What do you mean about that exgymgurl?
      Please elaborate:-)

      • Catherine Says:

        He coached them. He managed the notoriously difficult Bhardwaj and is the only coach to escape Moceanu’s ire. Great with all types of gymnasts, he coached Bizolerchev to an world aa title after a devastating car crash, and also coached Boginskaya after her coach committed suicide.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        My point was that he made and structured some of the best gymnasts this country and the world has seen. He coached them all when they were younger and did a great job. The Karolyis actually downgraded some of Moceanus skills that he had taught her to put their stamp on her as a gymnast. Had she stayed with Alexandrov she probably would have been even better than she was with the Karolyis. He carries just as much influence internationally.

        I think that the FIG is tired of China. With their underage gymnasts in 2000 and 2008 its an embarrassment. The gymnasts now are being punished. Larissa is the next Romanian gymnastics queen whether she actually performs or not. Everyone knows the Chinese were not of age in 2008 and I think the FIG wants them to pay. Plus Belu and Bitang along with the Karolyis and the russians have all the clout right now.

      • Catherine Says:

        1 in 2000, possibly 2 but the second is not proven. 0 proven in 2008. I don’t buy that, the FIG themselves investigated and found nothing. Besides, our Olympic gold and silver medallist were not lowballed for their scores, nor the 2009 UB and BB champions. Romania have in fact a much bigger proven track record. I don’t think it has anything to do with it though.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I’m not sure FIG is “anti” all Chinese gymnasts 4-5 years after Beijing. Doesn’t make sense. If that were the case they wouldn’t have given all those beam titles to them.

        I do believe that at least 1 girl (I think 2, but definitely at least 1) was not of age in Beijing and yes, the FIG so-called “investigated” the situation but honestly they weren’t going to slap the host country in their face during the Olympics. Wasn’t it after Beijing that it was “found” that the 2000 Chinese team cheated? I bet they made a back-door deal about punishing for the 2000 team cheating and in turn they will “ignore” the blatant 2008 cheating.

        The Chinese will cheat for the sake of country pride and have no qualms about it. That’s a fact. In their home country they were going to pull all the stops to ensure a gold medal win for women’s gymnastics. There were Internet docs found online showing He Kexin’s age at 15 during the Olympic year and they were conveniently “taken down” right away by the Chinese government. It’s really easy for them to issue fake passports and documents when it serves their purpose.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Ooops, I didn’t read the whole thread. Exgymgurl mentioned the same thing I did. I don’t think her point was to say that Moceanu was one of the world’s greatest, but she did have potential. And Alexandrov helped some of the greats that Karolyi had then fired him and took credit for all his work. It’s a little strange to think about how many coaches have left their country to play for another team in gymnastics.

  7. Catherine Says:

    Worst judges in a long time. On beam today Larisa Iordache did a 6.9 routine, almost came off on her tuck full and had the usual flexed feet etc. Her e-score was 8.750. Shang Chunsong did an absolutely perfect routine, no wobbles or anything and scored 8.650 execution. It’s not an important competition but it IS an FIG one and the judges should be sacked for that, seriously.

  8. lol Says:

    When was Dominique Moceanu one of the Worlds greatest gymnasts of all time? Zmeskal we could argue, she has a World AA title even if everyone outside the United States thinks Boginskaya deserved it but Dominique Moceanu was a flash in the pan and not deserving of that label.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Oh I didnt say Moceanu was a world best. I said he has coached some of the worlds best. And a lot of other people. I just think the Karolyis are not all that and that Moceanu would have been better off staying with him. That was all.

  9. lol Says:

    What are these stories about Mohini? I heard she was the one that started the whole jealous of Carly situation in 2000 and the things while she was at Ucla but not much else.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      She lived in Houston in an apartment by herself and went wild as a teenager. Her gymnastics went down the toilet. As a freshman at UCLA she was still wild and Miss Val managed to get her back on track. I heard that most colleges did not want her because she was known as a wild child throwing parties and the like before she went to UCLA.

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