Mai Murakami at the NHK


According to the youtube video it has a 6.0 start value and received quite a few deductions (6.0 )+ 8.25 – 14.25

Pretty impressive. I love the way she uses the no standing in a corner rule. That was the cleanest double double I have seen by anyone (even if landed low) Mai is still cute as a button and I wish Japan would have taken her to the Olympics last year even if just for floor.


85 Responses to “Mai Murakami at the NHK”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Can’t help but think Jordyn Weiber is capable of this type of floor routine.

    The new code is funny. Now in lieu of pausing in the corner and breathing we get all of these flim flam/arm waving fairy-like choreo and then they turn around and run to do their tumbling. Both look sort of weird. I honestly don’t know what I prefer.

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      i like the new rule. i love how bulimar and iordache make it look. they basically never stop moving.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      The flim flam is a tribute to Kerri Struggs esteemed forward thinking choreography and s re-enactment of her one legged broken vaulting….. I love it.. no one puts Baby in a corner or Amy Chow who we all know just copied Kerri Strugg’s flailing arm movements.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Can someone post a video of Strugg’s best flailing arm movement routine? Was it the one she did at the Olympics in ’96?

      • Katie Says:

        The one where bogi makes fun of her

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL if I hadn’t looked at the comments I would have missed it. That’s hilarious!

        I didn’t realize (I was way too young at the time) how gawd awful Kerri Strug’s floor routine choreo was! And I thought Moceanu’s and Carly’s were bad…

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Thank You Katie… we need to make a video like the aint nobody got time for that spliced with that footage and its a deltchev….Kerri’s choreography ALWAYS looked like that. This was particularly bad with the john travolta disco crossing shoulder to hip arm movement from staying alive. I think its funny how bela is saying slow on her choreo, implying she tended to speed it up….I wish the camera had been on bogi the whole time. Thats almost as funny as the pro meet where Moceanu has no real interest and is reading magazines in between events

      • Katie Says:

        Lets also put in where moceanu acted like a snot to Shannon after her “vaults” at the 96 games. Oh and when Dawes acted like a snot to Shannon in either the 93 or 94 worlds. Poor Shannon. And when Alicia snubbed Shawn. That stuff cracks me up.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Also meant to say in a weird way this girl reminds me of Shawn Johnson – her build and her tumbling.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    And as for the style I prefer its definitely this : In honor of the Boston Bruins owners daughter and the friend that Aly is going to the games with

  4. Catherine Says:

    She was recovering from an elbow injury last year when they were picking the team, which was in April. She placed first on floor but major issues elsewhere..they took first 5 AA and she was lower.

    This year she is 3rd AA but the rule is different, 1 AA and 3 specialists. Asuka Teramoto has already been given her worlds spot. Katsumi Sasada and Mai are pretty much locks. Mai’s full floor difficulty is 6.5, she watered down a bit here. Unfortunately she usually does not do as well on floor outside of Japan, apparently they use bouncier floors. She still falls off beam but she has a really nice DTY finally. She is actively training an amanar and triple twisting double back. It’s hard to see her regaining the ease she had as a junior…check out her floor in 2009 and the landing on the Silivas there. But she is so endearing I will always root for her.

  5. Katie Says:

    I love Mai!!!! Her quad turn on beam is adorable

  6. macstabby Says:

    She IS adorable. I want to put her in my pocket. I love the music and the choreo for this- really seems to suit her.

  7. GymMom Says:

    Naked man doing gymnastics thinks he’s Gabby Douglas. Ha ha

    • byrdisthewyrd Says:

      GymMom, you have outdone yourself with this one! I can’t stop laughing. Of course, I wouldn’t be laughing if I was the one he was chasing down. When he does the splits on those turnstiles I nearly doubled over. Good one!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ahhh typical public service employees. “He needs to come quicker.” Oh man that’s too funny though. I’ve been in that BART station many times; I only hope they sanitize those ticket stands…

      • Dee Says:

        oh my god byrdisthewyrd, i seriously almost was sick with laughter over the splits!!!!!!

        otherwise, i was a bit disturbed by it, but the splits almost killed me.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Also, way to go to that lady who outed the BART windows for not being bullet-proof. I hope they make them bullet-proof now. All we need is another “incident.”

    • DL Says:

      Hahahaha, that is ridiculous.

    • Gymbee Says:

      omg hahaha! Poor that lady! But oh man!

  8. GymMom Says:

    Jordyn Wieber with Criss Angel in Vegas for upcoming Spike TV show.

    • nero Says:

      Jordyn looks amazing.

      PLEASE surprise us this year Jordyn. If Mckayla can look as great as she did at camp in just a few months when her leg was split in half less than a year ago I think Jordyn could show up to Nats with bars and beam.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I was hoping she was going to be at nationals but I think there is something weird going on though because it seems like she could be ready on a few events or something

      • Katie Says:

        @JAS4- that’s what people have been saying on the gymternet lately. Something is going on with John Geddert and he advised Jordyn to put a pause on her comeback and instead has her teaching camps and stuff. Not exactly sure why.

    • Sara Says:

      Yes! A few people have said they have “inside sources” who know what Geddert is doing, but won’t tell anyone… I can’t tell if it’s just speculation or if something is seriously going on with him and USAG.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Let me speculate and say maybe Marta doesn’t want Jordyn to continue and has pretty much told Geddert don’t bother or he heard through the grape vine, she has no shot.

        I think more and more Terin Humphrey needs to quite USA-g and write a book. Then maybe we will hear some real gossip.

        I love how most people do that athelete’s rep thing once and get out. We need an athlete reps

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I really hope that’s not the case. After all that hard work I don’t see Geddert/Jordyn just “giving up” on a comeback. Otherwise why bother? He said he wants to make sure she stays in shape though so I’m thinking if anything, maybe for 2013 Marta told him “don’t even bother” (or something like that) but after 2013 she can make a go for it…(who knows?)

        It’s things like this that really have me seething as to WHY this b*tch has so much control over the program. Why can’t it ever be where the BEST athletes get to go, and eliminate the politics????

        Or maybe Geddert just doesn’t want to give Marta the advantage, and by keeping Jo out of the limelight/out of sight/out of mind/away from death camps they can just “surprise” at Nationals and stake a claim that way. Never let Marta get ahead of you type thing – if she knows for sure Jo wants to come back this year, she’ll have time to tell the judges how to score things and ensure Jo is kept out. Otherwise if they “surprise” it Marta will not be able to stick with her plan (whatever that may be).

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I wish the inside sources would leak. What do they have to lose? Just go on some blog and say it under some weird code name like “nastiafan2008” or some crap like that.

      • mimi Says:

        far be it for me to defend the insiders (i want the gossip) but maybe staying quiet is really them coming from a good place i.e. to protect jordyn or their “plan” or whatever.

        if marta is the one barrier in jordyn’s way, i hope they do launch a surprise memmel-ish gym attack at nationals. if anyone can be so good they can’t be ignored, it’s jordyn.

        but i will never understand why marta doesn’t like jo – she’s a hardworker, she seems sweet, her bars go alright.. what’s not to like except that she wasn’t gabby?

      • JAS4 Says:

        I just find it weird that they would go to all the trouble to get her a new floor routine (not to mention training new skills) and all if they had no intention of competing this summer and I would imagine that most all of the events that she was scheduled for would have been planned months ago when she got her new floor and also she could make arrangements to train around them like at flip fest I’m sure she could have managed to get a little training in then (and maybe she did who knows) but something just doesn’t add up and as for her not training full routines I wonder if Geddert told her to take it easy anytime there are cameras in the gym to keep things quiet about her routines if she is indeed training them

  9. nero Says:

    She’s great. The choreo in the corners is a little weird though. Aren’t Japan floors super springy? I wonder if she would be able to pull off that floor routine on some of the harder floors in international competition.

  10. mimi Says:

    thanks for sharing! what a lovely floor routine. so clean! i like the corner chore, it looks seamless with the rest of the routine.

  11. biyatch Says:

    What do y’all make of Ohashi taking a week off from training to go on a cruise a month before the competitive season (aka classics) begins? You’ve heard some of the other elites (Aly, Jo, etc.) basically say vacations dont exist. It’s just curious as a week seems a long time to be out of the gym, combined with the lack of showing up at camp, you wonder if her shoulder surgery is going to make her miss more than we thought.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I personally think she’s out for this season. Her surgery was put off a little too late. Do you have to verify for Classics? If so then Jo and Ohashi are definitely out. Hopefully Ohashi wouldn’t burn out just yet. I hope she’s back next season.

      • mimi Says:

        GTT was it you who saw her at the american cup and mentioned katelyn looked unhappy, sassed valerie a bit etc?

        she seems like a great kid personality wise, maybe the break will do her some good.

  12. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Here’s Ebee’s ranch video. She seems pretty solid but I’d love to hear what better trained eyes think.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Looks good to me. Her bars remind me of Weiber’s in a way…maybe a mix of Weiber and Douglas (she gets a lot of height actually on that release move…)

      Her beam is OK – good tumbling. Landed with her chest low on the full back, which will likely get deducted. But otherwise she looks strong. I’d say a great contender for that AA spot.

      I don’t remember Ebee’s floor, but given her amanar and bars she might be able to edge out Biles if they go heads up against each other.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She looks like she grew 2 feet to me.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        She does. EBee McKayla and Kyla are like all the same height and much much taller. I remember videos of EBee from 2011 and she was like the same size as Ohashi. Wondering if Ohashi is using this injury recovery to do a training break and grow now so she wont be facing it into the olympics.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Shawn & her mother speaking to some Girl Scouts in Davenport Iowa last night. Not much difference between them.

    • GymMom Says:

      Click on the photo of Shawn & her Mom in my previous link. You’ll see what I mean. Oh and Shawn has officially jumped on the “I was bullied” bandwagon during her talk in Davenport last night.

      Tired of people who have had unbelieveable opportunities become “victims.”

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        I read that article earlier today. I didn’t really get the impression that she was saying she was bullied, more like she stuck out for being short but super muscular. I saw a video of her in school once and I definitely think she stood out just by being so much tinier than everyone else. You could definitely see the huge difference in body types in the video. All in all, I think she’s just trying to say that it’s okay to be different!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Did she say how she was bullied?

        I can definitely say she was left out a lot and probably tormented/made fun of by the other girls on the national team (ASac, Liukin, Worley) but that was due to the fact she was a young little punk beating all of them. They resented her. Is that bullying? I would say that’s typical/normal schoolyard sh*t going down. We have all had that I would say.

        I think the whole “bullied” term gets thrown down a lot with little backing.

      • mim Says:

        “tormented” usually equals bullying.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Tormented implies worse then bullying. It implies psychological warfare.

      • gymnastwannabe Says:

        On another note, I love the relationship Shawn and her mom share. As a mother of a ten yr old (going on 16), I hope to have this kind of relationship when my child is a teen and young adult.

      • mimi Says:

        yes, i agree GTT.

  14. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    She never says she was bullied. She does say she was “picked on”. Here is the full article.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      But with the all-around gold out of reach, she had to make a choice. At first, Johnson said, “I felt like I let the world down. But then, a thought came into my head: If you can’t earn the gold, at least prove to yourself you deserve it.”

      I totally agree she deserved it and got robbed to be honest. All in all, yeah Nastia had a good night but Shawn got completely underscored on bars and beam and probably floor and Nastia got completely overscored on vault and floor.

      Oh well.

      I still remember that floor routine Shawn did. What’s funny is that what Komova did in 2012 was extremely similar. Went out, killed it, got silver because the gold medalist had already been way overscored.

      Again, oh well.

      • stephen Says:

        How did Nastia get underscored on vault? The only errors I see are .1s for both height and distance. How could there have been more than 5 tenths of deductions? I agree however that her floor was over-scored , but only by about 2 tenths.

      • nero Says:

        Shawn should have been third with that ‘amanar’ and her almost fall on her full on beam.

        Unfortunately for some reason beyond my realm of understanding the Chinese coaches had Yang end with that God awful double pike instead of putting a double tuck earlier in the routine and ending with a 2.5 twist.

  15. stephen Says:


  16. Catherine Says:

    Ebee looks great on bars. Another whip “layout” though, as demonstrated by Biles, Key and everyone else. Chow’s girls could do it, it’s just technique and Shawn’s was awesome.

    Biles planned Arabian on beam brings it to a 6.7 and her floor full in DLO and Arabian double pike to a 6.8!! But a more likely 6.6 due to the two slightly dodgy leaps. Her bars are currently a 6.1 and her vault 6.3; 6.4 if she gets the Cheng and nails it like she does the amanar. That’s 25.9, more likely 25.6 and I doubt her bars are done, she could totally Double the dismount. That is HUGE.

    • Catherine Says:

      Komova’s difficulty in London was 26.1, but that is with the amanar at 6.5 and her bars at 7. I think Simone can get her bars to around 6.4.

  17. Dee Says:

    I don’t know what this is, but I found it on youtube.

    Looks like old footage from some press thing in Bela’s gym.

    • Brouhaha Says:

      who is that woman in the pink spandex body suit ??!?!

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Thats Mary Lou… Kim Zmeskal was being interviewed. Mary Lou has a distinct voice, but the unitard uggh. That must have been in the run up to 92 because I think that is also Betty Okino and a few other members of the Karolyi six pack.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Hilary Grvich and Erika Stokes are the other two Im fairly certain. Could be wrong. I wonder where Kerri Strugg was that day LOL…

      • Katie Says:

        @exgymgurl- I think it Kerri and Hillary. Kerri had normal hair back then. I think Erica quit in 90 or 91 or something

      • exgymgurl Says:

        You’re right it is Kerri. I was going by toe point but when I pause it on he face it Kerri

      • Dee Says:

        The spandex is why I shared it. It was just too much.

    • Katie Says:

      Aww Hillary

  18. exgymgurl Says:

    Proof that Marta had the team picked MONTHS before trials…

    • Catherine Says:

      Well they were locks. Maroney and Ross less so but that is the team most people had in mind. I’m more drawn to Kyla doing a double front or double Arabian off beam??? The second skill shown!

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        yeah aly, gabby and jordyn were definitely the locks of the team. like how nastia, shawn and alicia were the locks of the 2008 team.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL I loved how that girl fell into the pit. The journalist.

        Hey she called the team – top five names she said at the end, how funny is that. She includes Nastia (trained for 6 months) but does not name ASac (trained for 2+ years)…hrm.

      • mimi Says:

        hahaha when she fell over. no idea who that journo is but she seemed like a good sport.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Yes I think this was when Kyla had the Amanar, the harder floor and the more difficult beam. It is funny the journalist falling in the vault pit.

        Nastia / Bridget / ASac get a mention, and Finnegan is mentioned as the coming on strong person. But Marta had her team picked. Kind of unfair that no matter how good you are unless those screw up youre out.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        …which is why I am still confused as to why ASac really thought she had a solid chance at making that team. I even knew (without being part of USAG) that the best she could hope for was alternate unless Maroney got seriously injured.

    • mimi Says:

      to be fair, i think marta was pretty open about it and even said so after trials.

      • mimi Says:

        well – not so open about the nastia thing necessarily but everyone knew what was happening!

  19. gingercrush Says: – That scares me

    • Catherine Says:

      I’m thrilled! Yao fans, two-thirds of the way down this page she does a Mo salto. This was rumoured months back but confirmed with this gif today, filmed by Liu Xuan no less, a fellow badass. This releases deserve a comeback and they won’t be penalised this code. Yao is short enough and zippy enough to do it.

  20. Gymbee Says:

    So apparently Nastia got meningitis, and has cancelled her appearance at IGC.

    • Catherine Says:

      It must be the latter of the two- is it viral that’s worse?- if she could tweet, thankfully. Must not have been vaccinated which is odd.

      • Brouhaha Says:

        Really odd because college enrollment in the US requires you get a meningitis shot. She went to NYU this year, so she should have had it

      • Brouhaha Says:

        At least most colleges … But maybe only if you apply for on campus housing, still, though, I had to get mine to go to college and that was only in 2010

      • Gymbee Says:

        We had a meningitis scare at my work last week – one of my colleagues were at a film shoot with some kids, and one of them turned out to be have meningitis. It was the viral kind, so not that dangerous, but kid was still in hospital some days after. Bacterial is worse I think.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Meningitis vaccines are not 100%. As a USAG athlete, the vaccines would most likely be required as well. Also she attended TCU and it most likely would have been reuired there as well. Meningitis has several different strains the vaccine does not work on all of them and this could be something she picked up in Russia.

      • Elitefan Says:

        Viral is not as bad as bacterial. Fungal (very rare, mostly seen in AIDS/immuno-compromised patients) is also really bad. With viral meningitis the patients feel awful but not much treatment available beyond supportive care.

  21. gymglitterxx Says:

    I wonder where GTT has been the last few days?
    Laurie is great! I hope she sticks with it.

    PS I am entering a contest it would be great if you can click the link to get me points: I get points for each click!

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