Junior meet: Romania vs France


This happened a day ago. Romanian junior Andreea Munteanu won the AA with a 55.6

MY Opinion

The most impressive Romanian to me was Andreea Iridon. She finished third with two falls but she had beautiful toe point, a killer Memmel turn on floor and Romania has great potential with this one on bars. She fell but she had her legs together the entire time and hit her handstands. I was very impressed with it. She received a 12.9 with a fall. ( she won event finals with a 14.35)


AA total:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 55.6
2. Claire Martin (FRA), 53.8
3. Andreea Iridon (ROM), 53.3
4. Madalina Blendea (ROM), 52.75
4. Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 52.75
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 52.65
7. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 52.4
8. Laura Jurca (ROM), 51.8
9. Grace Charpy (FRA), 50.7
10. Laura Longueville (FRA), 49.75
11. Emeline Magniant (FRA), 48.375
12. Diana Teodoru (ROM), 47.95

AA Vault:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 14.3
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.55
Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.5
Laura Jurca (ROM), 13.475
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.275
Emeline Magniant (FRA), 13.275
Madalina Blendea (ROM), ??????
Andreea Iridon (ROM), ????
Diana Teodoru (ROM), ????

AA Uneven Bars:

Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.45
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.3
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.0
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 12.9
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.5
Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 12.5
Laura Jurca (ROM), ????
Diana Toeodoru (ROM),

AA Balanace Beam:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 14.85
Louise Vanhille (FRA), 14.05
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.8
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 13.65
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.65
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.35
Diana Teodora (ROM), ???? (3 falls)
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), ????
Laura Jurca (ROM), ????

AA Floor Exercise:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 13.95
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.85
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 13.8
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.7
Laura Jurca (ROM), 13.7
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.45
Diana Tedoru (ROM),


Videos can be found here and here and now here

Here is a photo from the event featuring all the gymnasts that competed. This was from a group on facebook.


Event Finals Results

Event Finals: Final

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.425
2. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.65
3. Laura Jurca (ROU), 13.5
4. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.375
5. Emeline Magniant (FRA), 13.3
6. Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.25

Event Final: UB Final, :

1. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 14.35
2. Madalena Blendea (ROU), 13.65
3. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.4
3. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.4
5. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 12.6
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.45

Event Finals: Balance Beam:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.4
2. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 14.25
3. Madalina Blendea (ROU), 14.0
4. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.3
5. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.25
6. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.15

Event Finals: Floor:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.35
2. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 13.95
3. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.9
3. Silvia Zarzu (ROU), 13.9
5. Laura Jurca (ROU), 13.85
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.45

58 Responses to “Junior meet: Romania vs France”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Actually it just happened! 🙂 EF today, AA/TF yesterday. I am SO impressed with Munteanu, 5 golds and some upgrades..a DTY, a triple full off beam and a turn combination on floor. Her full-in on floor is pretty new too. She fell off bars both days but I’m not worried, it’s a pretty new routine for her and her routine the last time we saw it had bigtime improved on form. Certainly better than Iordache is on bars. And her extension, toepoint and leaps are AMAZING. I love this girl. Pretty scrappy DTY but it was the first she ever competed and it looked very easy for her..she could crank out an amanar in the future I think.

    Iridon unfortunately sucks bigtime on vault. She had an FTY and downgraded to a layout yurchenko. She’s never going to be even their number one aa-er in a seriously small pool unless it miraculously improves by a huge amount. If anyone is going to knock themselves unconscious on the vault table mid-air- it’s her. I love her leaps but otherwise I prefer Mada Blendea, who was awesome for being out of competition for a whole year! She’s that bit better on bars too I think, though not difficulty wise yet.

    Zarzu and Jurca were dissapointing. Both have a lot of potential (not bars though). Zarzu was very good on floor but not elsewhere. Poor Diana Teodoru fell 3 times on beam and started crying during it 😦

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I liked Iridon on bars and saw potential on beam and floor. I never saw her vault and I don’t think I mentioned her AA wise. Overall I see a lot of potential in these juniors but I don’t trust Belu to develop it.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes it’s just such a shame she does not look like an AA-er right now, she’s so talented! Her vault isn’t up yet, supposedly the missing videos will be up in a few hours. Iridon and Blendea in particular have a really strong foundation on bars, that will stand to them when they’re turned over to the ahem excellent senior bars coach.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I haven’t seen all the vids yere, but I like munteanu on beam. I was thinking lord please keep her healthy and not have Belu Porgras her into retirement. I would enjoy seeing her in a beam final at worlds or the Olympics.

  2. exgymgurl Says:

    They all look better and they have only been training bars with grips for not even a year. By 2016 they will be fine. Much better strength on bars, A lot of code whoring between Munteanu, Iridon, and Blendea. If they can get those routines clean they make up the Romanian bar deficit, and those three plus Iordache are the olympic team. I could see Izbasa coming back on floor and vault ( beam backup but no bars) as the fifth. It looks like they studied the composition of a lot of the routines like Kylas, Ohashis, and Wiebers that arent particularly difficult but score very very well….

    • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

      I agree with this except I say change out Izbasa with Bulimar. I love Izbasa, don’t get me wrong, but I dunno why but Bulimar has been my favorite Romanian since watching the Olympics.

      • Brouhaha Says:

        I think Bulimar has a lot of potential on floor if she could get some decent choreo. She also speaks pretty good English in interviews — there is a really cute clip of her translating for larissa in interview w a report at the Doha cup

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Agreed bulimar can easily cover floor, maybe vault when she grows a little.

  3. JAS4 Says:

    If Romania can improve on bars it would really help them this quad and if they can get some vaults with a higher sv than a DTY that would help as well. (Hopefully nice clean safe vaults not scary ones.)

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    Bulimar is good but Belu likes medals. Its that simple. Izbasa has 2 gold medals and is the most decorated Romanian right now. They will all have DTY vaults but we all need to remember that the US is the only country with more than one Amanar…..at a time. Teams are still competing FTYs, and not even everyone in vault event finals has a DTY….Vault is crazy. Bulimar is not a great Vaulter, nor is she good enough right now to make top 8 on floor. And even in vault finals there was only one other Amanar competed besides Maroneys.

    If the US comes into Rio with two TTY vaults and one really solid Amanar and we land them… no one can touch that. Its too big of an advantage.

    I think the first TTY is Maroney and the second is Biles probably. To compliment Maroney you take either Ohashi or Ross ( because unless Ross gets her Amanar back shes not a serious AA gymnast) and then the fourth and fifth spots are other AA gymnasts with Amanars like Wieber/ Raisman/ Douglas / EBee / ?? I think the key to those AA spots for 2016 will be having that solid Amanar otherwise you are just there to fill events for Maroney. I think its odd that everyone else in the world would take a gymnast with an amanar and we have so many we leave some home.

    Gymnasts like Finnegan Vega etc without an Amanar dont have a shot at those other two spots. They dont beat Ross or Ohashi for the specialist spot either.

    The rest of the world cannot make up the deficit on bars and beam and floor. They tried.

    I wish we had a list of everyone in the US that is currently vaulting Amanar or above. I guess we will have it after nationals.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I disagree. I think Bulimer would have made floor finals last year if they had allowed her to compete in prelims over Chelaru. I also think she will make event finals at worlds this year.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I didnt say she wasnt capable. They wanted Ponor and Izbasa in floor finals. They didnt want any competition for those two. They also kicked Bulimar out of beam finals for Iordache. She is thought of like Marinescu, unworthy of medals whether she could win them or not is irrelevant.

    • gingercrush Says:

      o.o the US are good on vault especially Maroney and Biles with their amanars. But the US having two TTYs. Sorry not seeing it.

      I see Romania having at least two amanars this quad. Iordache is a possibility but her form everywhere looks worst so I’m unsure. Munteanu looks good so is in consideration. Romania have always been able to find one or two they can somehow mould into something special. They also have history on their side in producing gymnasts that can do two vaults. Just look at Izbasa with her height managing to upgrade to a Mustafina vault and showing a Cheng in practice. Iordache I’m sure had an amanar and they’ve already managed to get Bulimar a DTY (a huge achievement considering what she was vaulting previously). Romania from 2004-2012 had solid DTYs and they’ve been amongst the leaders on vault for a long time.

      Last quad just a medal in TF at the Olympics was an achievement. They were relying on two gymnasts from previous quads and a gymnast that had injuries at exactly the wrong time. Ponor besides the double layout has been very wary of upgrading. Izbasa did upgrade her second vault but may be simply too tall for an amanar. And I reckon Iordache had the amanar but still would have been unlikely to produce it (injury or not).

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if by the end of Worlds 2014 Biles and Maroney had both competed their triples. There are rumors abound that Maroney can already land it on competition surface and Biles has said she thinks she would be able to do it in about a year.

        If Romania can improve their bars just a little bit more it would help so much in their team total. The only one that was able to get over a 14 in London was Bulimar actually. I could see Iordache getting an amanar at some point in teh quad. There were some training videos of her doing it and she has so much power. Hopefully they’ll be safe about it.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        A lot of people didnt think Aly would ever have an amanar and she did. Same with Gabby as bad as hers was. They had them and landed them consistently. I think the TTY is the breakthrough this quad. I think Maroney / Skinner / Byles all can have them.

      • mimi Says:

        i absolutely think that if they stay healthy (crosses self) mckayla and simone will be capable of competing TTYs by 2016 if not before. pretty incredible! the team will be full of at least amanars for rio no doubt.

        australia’s vaulting is shite, i think we’ll be lucky to have one girl competing a decent DTY by rio.

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    I alsso think that Chow / Artur Akopian / Geddert / Brestyn would be extremely valuable running vault clinics outside the US for other athletes and coaches. I wonder how the US keeps them from consulting abroad? Those 4 gyms have produced all the Amanars thus far that have lasted, with Chow teaching it successfully to two very different athletes.

    • Catherine Says:

      Both Gabby and Shawn’s amanars had huge technical flaws. Aside from Maroney, Simone and Jordyn have the best ones.

      Amanaring at classics/nationals will be interesting. Only Skinner, Biles and Priessman will definitely throw it. Ebee, Maroney, Milliet, Key, Dennis and Ross are all uncertainties.

      Sydney Johnson Scharpf qualified elite and will be at Classics. There will be quite a few really new elites and some not elegible for Rio..Jordan Chiles has the best chance of making the NT- 5.9FX and 5.8VT.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        EBee does get incredible height. Its going to be a necessity for one of the three AA spots on the 2016 Rio Team. you are right Shawn had that bad step and crossed legs and Gabby ALWAYS had a hop. and other things…

        Not surprising about Brandy Jr qualifying elite. Classics will be interesting.

        I dont think Bulimar will improve her vault. I think shes being kept around because she is Larissas good friend and people train better when their friends are around. Maybe she will be kept around, but I think it will be easier for the Juniors to adjust to using grips. They seem like they pretty much have.

      • Catherine Says:

        Woahh no, Bulimar is around because they need her. Right now they definitely have Iordache, her and Izbasa. Andrei and Ocalisan were both pulled off a competition roster recently..fuelling rumours Andrei has left. Stanila has not been seen this year either. They don’t have a bunch of seniors hiding in a closet to replace Bulimar. She can easily make floor finals and is a medal hope there. Her vault is very useful and upgradeable and she’s a good all arounder, her bars are arguably better than Iordache’s right now. Sure she was messed around a bit in London but that means nothing now.

      • mimi Says:

        yay for sydney! it will be really interesting to watch her progression in the next few years. that girl has a special something, aside from the pedigree/name.

      • katecoursey Says:

        I worry about Jordan Chiles. I’ve watched her on Youtube and she’s both adorable and super talented…huge power in such a small body! Her DTY at age 11 is as good as most seniors’. However, I think they’re pacing her much too quickly, considering she’ll be only a few months too young for Rio. If they really want her to last until 2020, they’re likely to burn her out competing so many difficult tricks eight years from her first eligible Olympics.

      • Catherine Says:

        I’m kind of hoping now she is elite they’ll slow down. There’s no need for more upgrades for at least 3 years or so, and she could even downgrade a bit.

  6. Karlie Says:

    Has Ebee been having any trouble with her amanar? I’m surprised because I feel like hers is probably the third-best behind Maroney and Biles – she gets incredible height.

    • Catherine Says:

      We haven’t seen her compete yet this year is all. She does get more height than Jordyn of course but she always had a large step on landing whereas Jordyn controller her landings very well when she needed to..also a very technically good amanar.

  7. gingercrush Says:

    I don’t see Romania getting much better on bars sadly. The programs are always constructed badly and will continue to do so. And they’ve always had promising basic programs but just can’t seem to upgrade them and maintain any execution. Sure having grips has to be better but one can still win bars and not use grips. Khourkina anyone o.o

    The development has to happen at the junior stage which is what we’re seeing. But that has to continue at the senior stage. I don’t think Belu & Bitang are up to that. If they can get three gymnasts to break 15.000. That itself would be an achievement. They’re struggling for 14.200 or above.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I watched the top three juniors in bars. I saw something different. All three were better than ASac ever was. They have built in difficulty with pirouettes and other elements in composition that will get their difficulty up. They had the same foundational bar routine yes, but Romanians will always have that. I was way more impressed by the juniors this year.

      I think you all may be right, they may need Bulimar today and that Belu / Bitang are kicking a lot of girls out of the Senior program. They should not have been so quick to get Raluca Haidu to retire and Diana Chelaru to leave.

      And Bulimar may be in for Rio over Izbasa, especially if Izbasa does retire. I think its well deserved if she does. She is dating Bitangs son so she is definitely around.

      I just wish Izbasa would stick around because she is more of a gamer and a diva and knows how to go after medals.

      They have 3 years to get the consistency up on their difficulty. All of them. And the US also. I think the recent camp verifications were very important for the US because I think it determines what difficulty they are allowed to show at Nationals.

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    But speaking of vaulting, Prudonova stuck a 7.0 vault over the weekend


    With a link to video.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Kidding, it wasnt this weekend, but Yekaterina Tsvetkova has attempted it, and its a 7.0

      • Catherine Says:

        She attempted it last year too and completely splatted it. Sadly, Pena’s coach has had to leave due to salary fuckery. She’s coaching herself and going to college. Pena IS a great vaulter but the technique on hers is so off. I’d love to see her do a double twisting tsukahara with her DTY.

    • Gymbee Says:

      I prefer this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2izgwLSL3jQ

    • Gymbee Says:

      Also, didn’t Pena “do” that vault in London?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah and her landing was about the same as McKayla Maroney’s landing on her second vault.

        I wonder why ASac never attempted this vault given her similar approach for the rudi. She got so much height. I wonder if she ever attempted it in the gym/landing in foam or anything.

    • byrdisthewyrd Says:

      More on vaulting, apparently Brenna Dowell has an amanar these days also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCywDdtxw9M

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        It looks pretty good actually (the amanar) – can’t help but think though that she is the type of gymnast that needs better beam/bars; just having a solid floor and amanar won’t help her.

        When/if Jordyn comes back, she’ll eat Brenna for supper.

      • Catherine Says:

        Brenna has majorly improved her bars this year. Check her bars Jesolo V Nationals 2012. Girl is such a workhorse, Fong has said so a lot. If she competes DLO, full in DLO, front double pike and front double tuck then Jordyn is the one who is toast!

      • Tortuga Says:

        Does Breanna’s form remind anyone else of Bross? More of a power house v. ballerina for GAGE.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I can see Brenna being the creeper that nobody suspected to make it or I can also see her be the girl who “could have achieved” had she not been overlooked for other US gymnasts. I don’t know what to make of her to be honest but I always like a good workhorse with potential. Her legs aren’t nearly as bad as Bross’.

        BUT – her bars form still needs some work. I don’t see her surpassing the likes of Jordyn yet but you do have a point there with all the tricks she is capable of on bars. There were just a few “off” points in her routine where I can see that she has a tendency to overdo it, but if she cleans it up you’re definitely right – she actually does remind me of Jordyn Weiber overall. Capable of a lot of difficulty but just not “exciting.” I know that’s mean.

        But I’ve warmed up a ton to Jordyn since she won worlds in 2011 and then especially her charisma at the Olympics.

  9. exgymgurl Says:

    I think she attempted, but did not complete it. But Hey MyKayla Skinner!!! This would make you the best vaulter in the world: This plus a TTY get on it!!!

    • Gymbee Says:

      What I love is how her coach throws his arms up in frustration and just seems generally shocked when she plants it to her behind. Surely that shouldn’t come as such a surprise by now?

  10. Gymbee Says:

    Kyla at the ranch:

    I like her beam combo. She is still doing the super easy double tuck on floor. I hope that was just a warm-up and that she still doesn’t have that in her routine.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I love that new combo and I love whip backs on floor. I don’t know why, but I do. YES I loved that one Zmeskal pass if anyone is thinking that.

      The bars thing Kyla was doing; looked a bit like what Musty does when she does the pak followed by the transition where she does the shaposh half (and I don’t know if I’m spelling this right)…gawd I hope she’s going for that; would be awesome.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I didn’t even notice she was doing a whip back! I love them too 🙂

      • H Says:

        Ditto ditto

      • Tortuga Says:

        I really like the beam connection. I can’t remember if I’ve seen anyone else do and aerial to a back layout. I also like the bars connections and I think you’re right sanity it’s pretty similar to Musty’s connections last year.

        Also have you guys follow The Gymnastics Onion on Twitter? I’d never seen it till today. It has me rolling.

        Gymnternet names @mykayla2016 the most talented and likable gymnast in America.— The Gymnastics Onion (@GymnasticsOnion) June 7, 2013

        @supergymmie the first topic covered was deltchevs vs. geingers.— The Gymnastics Onion (@GymnasticsOnion) June 5, 2013

      • Tortuga Says:

        I really like the beam connection. I can’t remember if I have seen anyone else do and aerial to a back layout. I also like the bars connections and I think you’re right sanity it’s pretty similar to Musty’s connections last year.

        Also have you guys follow The Gymnastics Onion on Twitter? I’d never seen it till today. It has me rolling.

        I tried linking some tweets but it has to be approved first. There’s one about Mykayla Skinner being the most likable gymnast on the gymternet. And also one about Nastia coaching uneven bars for Russia, with an added joke that the first subject covered was Delthcevs v. Geingers. Sounds like things we all joke about.

      • DL Says:

        I also loved that Zmeskal pass with the whip backs.

        Ross’s whip to double tuck is new right? The new beam combo is pretty awesome.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha Tortuga, thanks for sharing! I had no idea that existed. This made me laugh: the second [topic covered at nastias lesson in round lake] was single stag VS double stag. She even brought Shayla to demonstrate.

      • katecoursey Says:

        @Tortuga, the Gymnastics Onion is hilarious….and I saw that tweet about Mykayla Skinner. I also saw that she retweeted it. Maybe she’s poking fun at herself/being self deprecating, but a big part of me thinks that she doesn’t realize that it’s a spoof…

      • Catherine Says:

        Gymnastics Onion is run by Bekah and someone else. I get the fact that Skinner’s twitter is ridiculous and she badly needs to calm down..but she’s getting a LOT of abuse and it’s not nice.

        Love Kyla’s new beam and bars combinations. Really looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table at Nationals..she really should shine, by rights! And I’m not even a fan really.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Now I know why I don’t find it that funny.

      • sanitynmotion Says:


      • mimi Says:

        honestly, she’s not copping it any worse than what gabby did. but yes, the girl should have time to prove herself first.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I won’t be happy until that double tuck is out of her routine and every routine currently competing. The double tuck was too easy in 1992.

      I don;t get why we aren’t getting real floor upgrades and a new beam dismount from Kyla.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Same. I wonder why she doesn’t go for an arabian dismount on beam when she can easily do it on the floor?

        She should also upgrade her bars dismount.

        And if she “has” to keep the stupid double tuck dismount on beam, why not add a couple back handsprings going into it?

        She should get rid of it on floor entirely and only do the double twist in a combo, not as the main tumbling run. But I digress.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Something doesn’t seem right about the whole not upgrading floor from
        Kyla I know she said before she wanted to be an AAer but I’m guessing maybe with the heel injury (or whatever reason like trying to pace for the quad or who knows what) she is trying to get a bars/beam spot for worlds? Although I also don’t know why she hasn’t upgraded her beam dismount either she gets a good bit of height off her double tuck dismount so maybe a full twisting double tuck dismount or something (it wouldn’t be too different but still more difficulty)

      • mimi Says:

        hoping kyla doesn’t get hollie vise-d this year if she’s aiming for a bars/beam spot!

        curious as to what is going on with her though. strange coaching decisions, injury, marta hijinks, pacing.. who knows.

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