Triple Twist Jordyn Wieber blog, part 2


I will put part 3 here when it comes out too.


I don’t have time to watch it. Let me know what is said.




19 Responses to “Triple Twist Jordyn Wieber blog, part 2”

  1. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Here’s a blog from Triple Twist Tumblr, for anyone interested, regarding Jordyn not competing this year. The comment about landing on soft surfaces did make me wonder a little if her fracture hasn’t quite healed. Seems like she’s playing things smart and figuring things out for herself. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.

  2. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Ok, I didn’t copy that right. Here’s the blog:

    Anonymous asked: You said Jordyn didn’t do any full routines. Does that mean she doesn’t have any?

    Correct. Jordyn isn’t doing ANY full routines.

    At the time of Gymnastike’s video (2 months ago) she was training new skills like a shaposh half and the wieler full, because at that time she was planning on going to Nationals. She was also doing a lot of her bigger skills, such as her amanar vault. When we went to film (a week and a half ago) she was doing a LOT of conditioning and single skills. She only did timers on vault, no dismounts on any event, and basic skills (aside from the double double)

    I see a lot of people saying “where’s the logic behind training all your big skills if your not going to compete” but I happen to think it’s a good strategy. If she ever changes her mind (which according to her tweet the other day that seems like an option) she’ll be ready to go. And even if she doesn’t decide to compete…she’ll be in the gym getting better everyday. Why stop doing all your skills when you can do them into a pit and still be staying in shape/improving?! I think it’s a smart move.

    Like I said, she isn’t doing ANY full routines and she stopped working her upgrades for right now. Every skill she’s done has been into a pit or on some sort of soft surface. The day I was there, she even left practice do go for a jog while her teammates continued training. I think people forget that our videos have been edited. You’re only seeing single skills and probably just assuming that she did a full routine. But that’s not the case.

    I felt like posting all that because I’ve seen a LOT of people criticizing her decision to continue training her skills. (:

    • Dee Says:

      I think she looks great for where she is in her training so far. She hasn’t been back all that long. I took about two weeks off after my season ended and I thought I might just die when I finally came back for summer training…I can’t imagine being Jordyn and taking all that time off and coming back and being able to do some of that stuff. It’s going to be a long road but I seriously think if she wants to be back to her old self, she can totally do it. I always thought she was just incredible!

    • exgymgurl Says:

      That actually make a lot of sense. NCAA’s train a lot like that. Its a great way to keep skills and save your body at the same time. As long as she has the conditioning and the fitness when she does need full routines they wont be a problem. I hope they look into some of the other stuff they do for low impact conditioning in the NCAA’s because as you get older its not about numbers as much. You have the muscle memory. Look at what Ponor was able to do ( and yes I know there are haters out there) after a much longer retirement than Wieber.

  3. Brouhaha Says:

    Anyone going to nationals or worlds? I doubt I can get to nationals because going from Lousiana to Hartford is wayyyy to expensive (seriously, +$1200 for flights and then hotels, car), and I have work. But I’m moving to London in August — maybe worlds if it’s not too expensive ?

    I’ve never been to a live gym meet—is it worth it?

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think I saw on Twitter that the American cup next year will be in NC only a few hours a way from me. I’d love to try to go depending on prices and who’s competing!

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Yes scam will be In Greensboro nc which is an easy amtrak ride away. I believe natl will be in Pittsburgh next year which I am defiantly going to.

        Anyone going to the us classics next month?

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        *definitely going to.

        Also read that pac rims will be in Richmond, British Columbia next year. I think that’s right outside of Toronto.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        *sorry meant to say outside of Vancouver.

      • DL Says:

        Ooh, when in the year is Pac Rims? I hope I’ll be in Vancouver at that time.

    • Dee Says:

      My friend and I were thinking about going to Nationals but that might fall through. I think it’s worth it if you are able to go and not drain your bank account over it – seeing the skills in person sort of puts into perspective that these are real people doing real, crazy things – and that the gymnasts are actually real people, haha. Sometimes on TV it just seems…not real. If that makes sense.

    • Catherine Says:

      I’m going to worlds. Europe is bursting with budget airlines! Tickets are 45 euro per day so 135 for aa and both days of ef. You can get a discount if you want mens aa too and there’s a week long ticket including prelims. Flights were 120 return and hotel was 120 for 2 nights. You should be able to get cheaper flights than that, there are no flights to Antwerp here so I have to get a train from Brussels but the budget airline, ryanair, goes to an airport that’s outside the city, Charleroi, which is basically a shed so I didn’t want to use them. Look up ryanair and city jet, v cheap.

      I’m going to Glasgow 2015 worlds and that will be cheaper again.

      • Catherine Says:

        As in, ryanair and city jet may fly to Antwerp from London. They just don’t from Dublin. Oh and I’m a bit jealous, I loooove London, ridiculously amazing city!

      • brouhaha Says:

        It’s insane how cheap Euro airfare is ! Even flying between US cities is often +$220 roundtrip (at least where I live).

        Dublin is such a cool city! So beautiful, friendly people, THE PUBS, and great shopping 🙂

    • Gymbee Says:

      How cool you’re moving to London! 🙂 Work or study?

      • brouhaha Says:

        Thanks Gymbee! I’m going to get my masters in War Studies 😀 I’m going to be a War Monger one day. Or Martha.

  4. nero Says:

    Jordyn did tweet about 2013 Nationals. Who knows, maybe she saw all the excitement and positive reaction to the gymnastike series that she’s decided to give it a try.

    Either way I think it’s unfair that people are all a flutter about Gabby being back in the gym and she’s totally going to make the Worlds team next year and probably Rio and don’t forget Aly, she gets back in the gym soon and she’ll definitely make a few more teams

    But GOD FORBID Jordyn take this year off competing and use her gym time to stay in shape. Nope she’s totally never ever going to compete again.

    • Sara Says:

      I agree. I think people (myself included) just got too excited to see her compete again. People were already guessing World’s teams, etc. so people felt dissappointed. I will admit I was a bit shocked/sad at first. But, it’s smarter for her to keep her body in shape and keep her skills than to take a break and start all over again later this year. I am sure she will compete again, but I’m a bit worried Marta has taken too much control over her and John’s strategy from this point on. Ultimately if she would rather present at the Espy’s do the camps, etc, she should. She won’t always have these opportunities, and she just graduated high school, so she should take them.

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yeah I think we all got excited and now are too fast to criticize when she’s pulling the reins in. At least she is legitimately back. I am excited for when she will eventually hit the competition floor. And screw Marta.

    She’s graduating high school and she probably realizes this will be the last summer of being with friends and enjoying herself before they all move on – to college or other things. I can see that point her getting into serious mode, but you only have this part of your life once, and she’s already made so many sacrifices being an elite gymnast to begin with, I can’t even imagine. Why go full throttle now when she’s in shape and she can pace herself? Take it day by day. It’s up to her what she wants to do.

    I totally agree though that there’s all this riff raff about Gabby being in the gym for like one day yet here’s Jo, who’s been in the gym for MONTHS, and really no news outlet/media is making a big splash of it (except for Michigan I’m sure).

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