Angry Little sister


Jordyn Wieber’s mother tweeted this a few days ago. Apparently Jordyn likes to borrow things without

I am bored and looking up gymnastics videos and I came across all four of Mckayla Maroney’s prelims routines from Worlds in 2011. I honestly forgot she competed all 4 events.

Jordyn getting her AA gold medal at Worlds.

Anyone have a video of Chellsie Memmels reaction to winning worlds in 2005? I want to see that again. I don’t remember it at all.


41 Responses to “Angry Little sister”

  1. nero Says:

    My sister played club and high school volleyball and my parents had to buy her these super expensive volleyball shoes. ONLY allowed on the court when playing, not to be worn even a centimeter off the volleyball court.

    Well one day after pissing me off I decided to go into her volleyball bag, take out those super duper special tennis shoes and run around outside with them on. Oh yeah, totally got her! I had some good chuckles watching her play the next few games in those shoes knowing I had deflowered them.

    I was probably 10-11 and she was 15-16. This is funny because I just told her about this like 2 weeks ago.

    • gymtruthteller Says:


    • Gymbee Says:

      Haha love that. I have two younger brothers, the amount of stuff we did to each other makes me laugh still. I think it’s just siblings way of showing love. Now if they started ignoring each other, that’s hate 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        My sisters hate each other and have banned each other from face book. When we have family events they either ignore or play nice until one says something obnoxious. My brother and I just laugh.

        The sister that used to be skinny is now , well lets just say she isn’t skinny but when she was she used to call the other sister names. Now the shoe is on the other foot and lets just say they might be adults but they don’t act like it. I have to admit both sisters are pains in the butts but I am sure they say the same about

      • brouhaha Says:

        Oh siblings! My brother is a huge excerciser/wants to be a model, and the last time he visited, to show off how skinny he is (sigh) he tried on all my yoga shorts. That looked way better on him. I’m still traumatized

    • Case Says:

      Awesome Nero!

      I will say that little Wieber is a handful. The older three siblings are accomplished and seemingly well adjusted. The youngest will give Mom & Dad a run for their money.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Its always the youngest that starts

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Haha, I’m the youngest of three and the middle one causes all of the trouble in our family.

        I kind of feel bad for little Weiber though because she has a lot to live up to – model, Olympian, and doctor? Sheesh.

  2. katecoursey Says:

    Maroney actually qualified for AA, I believe, but was out because of the now-infamous two-per-country rule. Also, that’s probably the best bars routine I’ve ever seen her do.

    That video is hilarious….

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    Maroney beat Aly and came in second AA after night 2 of the splatfest that was 2011 nationals…

    • Catherine Says:

      I am so sick of hearing about the 2 per country rule. The US used to love it when it was knocking Soviets out, right left and centre, or 3 when it was 3.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I get it for event finals not for AA but when it comes to the Soviets the US had no chance to beat 1,2 or 7 of them so I don’t know why they would complain about it. They never had a shot.

      • brouhaha Says:

        I think someone said this in an earlier post, but if you look at the AA results, the 2-per-country rule only helped Pihan the Polish gymnast; otherwise, all the gymnasts who made the final because of the 2-per-country rule were gymnasts like Rie Tanaka, i.e. not from underrepresented countries. Her countrywoman Asuka Teramoto qualified into the top 10.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think the 2 per country rule violates the sanctity of sport in general. I want to see all of the best compete, and if all of the best happen to be from the same country one year, so be it. The whole thing baffles me.

    • biyatch Says:

      If I recall, Aly had to go up on beam like within a minute of Bross’ knee injury, plus she only had a dty at the time.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        While you are correct biyatch, at one time it was possible for Maroney to be a good AA gymnast with decent bars and beam. I mean drama always happens at gym meets, think of Sydney 2000….. and Khorkina had a meltdown after vault, when in fact if she had not, its possible she could have medaled had she re-vaulted and not let it affect her other apparatuses like she did.

        You cant let Bross getting injured affect you. If anything you should be like.. oh thats too bad, but it improves my olympic chances if I do really well. Carly Patterson was the master of Oh thats too bad….

    • LG Says:

      The Soviets never went through the 2 per country rule. It wasn’t in place for the all around until 2001.

  4. Gymbee Says:

    McKaylas bars weren’t too shabby. Love her twisting on floor, she’s so fast and clean!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I thought the same thing about her bars

    • exgymgurl Says:

      This actually makes my point… the longer shes been out of gymmax the worse her bars and beam have gotten…..

      • mimi Says:

        but her floor improved leaps and bounds after the gym switch!

        i wonder with coming back from injury if she was able to do more bar work or if she’s just focused on vault for this year’s worlds.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah she reminded me of Shawn Johnson actually – legs always glued together.

  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Over on wwgym, I’ve been reading a discussion on whether mykayla can come back and be an AA gymnast. Im not so sure.

    Her bar routine imo doesn’t have much form issues, its the composition that Im baffled with. Like her doing a wieler kip from thr high bar.

    Another argument was her floor composition and whether endurance was causing her to always be close or out of bounds on the third pass.

    Her beam is meh. There’s something mechanical about it. I think it was Amanda Borden who sais it that she struggles on the dance elements on beam.

    • Case Says:

      When Amanda Borden is talking shit like that it is never a good sign.

    • gingercrush Says:

      The whole Maroney could be an AAer seems to be spouted about every 3-4 months. There is no reason why she can’t train and compete in all four events. But considering the strength and depth of American gymnasts nobody is going to let her perform all four events (at worlds/olympics) when there are so few spots. 2011 was her only chance and she did bloody well and would be chosen in any country outside the US and Russia (only if we’re talking Mustafina and Komova).

      Her best chance in the future is vault (and to never fall on vault again). She could consider floor. She could choose to do all four events but as she isn’t going to be used in a world/olympic setting then she’d be best to specialise to prevent injuries.

  6. mimi Says:

    ahahahaha at jo’s little sister, she’s a sassy little thing.

  7. JAS4 Says:

    Chellsie reaction after winning is around 6:00-6:30

  8. brouhaha Says:

    😦 couch gymnast and the all-around posted tributes to yelena mukhina. such a brilliant gymnast

    • gingercrush Says:

      Yes an amazing gymnast that was ahead of her time. What happened to her should never have happened but I do think the gym community is guilty of ignoring some facts.

      Despite showing huge difficulty and new skills and being artistic she was also frail and prone to make mistakes. Was she a better gymnast than Comaneci or Davydova? Yes she was. Her 1978 world routines are arguably better than anything Davydova or Comaneci produced. But funnily enough I don’t recall a competition where all three competed against each other.

      But after 1978 worlds she of course got injured and arguably was never the same gymnast again and the reality is and what makes the Thomas Salto training even more stupid; is that she was actually on the B team by 1980 and was not going to the Olympics. That detail seems to get ignored. But as with a lot of gymnastics history, it relies too much on nostalgia reimagining of what actually occured.

      • Catherine Says:

        Comaneci was fairly AWOL between the Olympics. Davydova was kept fairly low-key. Mukhina spent much of 77-80 injured. If she was healthy then she would have been on that team, none could touch her. A home Olympics, all the pressure, no way would a healthy Mukhina with her insane difficulty have been left at home.

  9. exgymgurl Says:

    Shes like Bross…. except Bross didnt become a quadrapalegic after 2011 nationals. Im beginning to wonder why anyone peaks gymnasts outside the olympics….

  10. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Apparently McKayla did pretty well at camp! This doesn’t give any details but she must have had something up her sleeve after all.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Hmm Triple Twists sources might be telling the truth. They rumor is that shes a lit farther along than everyone thinks. I hope she shocks us at nationals. I like a good shake up.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Having difficulty doesn’t mean she has all of a sudden become consistent during competitions.

      • Catherine Says:

        As long as that infuriating third pass is gone. She doesn’t even need a combination pass in this code. if she has the endurance as she didn’t when she was smaller/slighter- 3.5 twist, double arabian-scissone, 2.5-punchfront, double pike. A 6.0 floor would be great, and an amanar/Y double back/TTY and Mustafina/Lopez. She doesn’t have a whole lot to lose, unlike Biles. She is probably better off going all out to get a new vault this year.

  11. stephen Says:

    GTT,do you have any insider camp info?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nope. I only have one insider and she/he isn’t talking. Well I have two insiders but one is now out of the loop being she/he is older

  12. Gymnerd Says:

    I wish Rita would quit posting this stuff. The video was funny and all, but she also posted that horrible blog last year about how the older siblings were all accomplished and proud, but Kira was having jealousy issues due to Jordyn’s success, etc. We don’t really need to know…and little sis REALLY doesn’t need Mom telling this to the world…..

    • JECO Says:

      Agree!! If I was little sister I would be even more angry, but this time at mom!!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Someone in my comments said it isn’t her sister but either way it was a funny video.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        She looks like Jordyn; how could it not be her sister? Then her cousin or something? I actually kind of got a kick out of that video…

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