WTF Wednesday



Daniela Silivas inspired this new series here at Gymtruthteller that I am calling, “WTF Wednesday. (Lets just pretend its Wednesday right now. Its almost:)


I really want to ask Daniela exactly what she was thinking when she decided to get this  Did she think it would be a good idea?


First impressions are hard to get out of your head and if this was the first picture you have ever seen of Daniela I am sure you were thinking, WTF was she thinking?






63 Responses to “WTF Wednesday”

  1. tulip Says:

    My eyes need bleaching after that sight! And I grew up in Indiana… I know all about perms that should never have happened.

  2. exgymgurl Says:

    OMG… I think Sarah! did something on this at one point…

  3. GymMom Says:

    Gabby’s plans to return to the gym is “news to Coach Chow” apparently. She announced it on the Today Show this week…but Chow hasn’t even talked to her.

    Chow said he’s focused on his current gymnasts….in other words….Gabby & Fatty(her mother) can take a flying leap!

    Quite humorous! Appears Gabster is out!

    • tulip Says:

      Wow- Gabby’s mom has made “overtures”. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that one
      “Will you train my daughter for free and let me/her lie about how bad she’s treated by everyone in the gymnastics establishment? We promise to take all the money and credit for ourselves and let you bask in the glow of having coached us for two years. No? Why not?”

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Here’s what Gabby’s mom probably did, given her former actions and entitled demeanor:

        Called up Chow and said Gabby wants to resume training. She’s given him the success of being able to claim he has now coached an AA Olympic champion. Therefore, she should be able to train with Chow for free, and she should be able to have a flexible schedule given promotional commitments with Gabby’s new book.

        Oh, and Gabby/mommy will continue to reap the benefits and when Gabby does make the national team again, they will continue to pay Chow nothing and collect all of the monies from USAG.

        If I were Chow I would want nothing to do with her (Gabby’s mom) and tell her to go pound sand.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      i would be hesitant to train her. Especially after how shawn flaked on 2012. Considering her books etc, Id be really hesitant to have her in my gym. She seems like a bad apple almost. My guess is Chow doesnt think shes serious, and doesnt want a bad influence on the younger gymnasts with her not consistently training and in and out. I think she was an embarassing meltdown in event finals, and if I were Chow, I wouldnt want much to do with her. Shawn was at least wanting to show everyone in China he was a good coach and looked at her wins as a win for him as well. Shawn worked hard through event finals……Gabrielle just needs to take some of her $$ and go to college or something…. I know it wont happen but gosh at least marry a rich guy like mary lou and carly ding dong did…

  4. exgymgurl Says:

    Didnt Marta Karolyi used to sport a bad perm up top and a mullet in the back type hair style… more exaggerated than she does now? Its funny Chelle Stacks mom said she was more afraid of Marta than Bella

  5. GymMom Says:

    Interesting story about Chow’s new gymnasts just back from camp.

  6. Lithi Says:

    Between that hair and that insane ax-murderer grin of hers…yikes.

    Also, she had some rather derptastic facial expressions during Seoul. Wonder if she got that perm to cushion the whacks on the head she would get if she messed up?

  7. JAS4 Says:

    Bella seems like the type that if you get on his bad side you know he is going to flip and Marta is more the type to do something when you least expect it (Maybe that’s why Chelle’s Mom was more afraid of her)

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah – with Bella you knew it, he would tell you, and it would be loud and clear.

      With Marta you wouldn’t know you had it coming until it was already done. She’s more of what you would call manipulative but not in an obvious way. It’s the worst kind of sneaky way.

  8. Catherine Says:

    I much prefer watching her in 87 just because..the hair. It shouldn’t be so bad it affects the beauty of her performances. And yet, it does. 88 though, lots of dodgy hair going on still. If someone did that now it would be a lot worse out of context of the 80’s.

    • Lithi Says:

      There was someone from East Germany during Seoul whose hair was absolutely atrocious. Just as bad, if not worse than Silivas.

      Start at the 1:00 minute mark, the guy/gal who approaches Kersten. You’ll get the full monstrosity around 1:12. I believe s/he has either a ponytail or rat-tail in the back. Ugh.

      • Catherine Says:

        I think it’s a pony? Her hair looks like ringlets that need to be brushed down or something. I have a fondness for Dagmar’s hair though, and bow, and leo. God they kicked so much ass on bars as a country, and she wasn’t even comparable to their UB greats. Sad watching her after though, knowing she was doped to the nines.

  9. sanitynmotion Says:

    I was gonna say it looks like she was taking hair cues from Marta.

    Never, ever a good idea.

    But it would work if you’re going to be Marta for Halloween.

  10. nero Says:

    Ok this is copied from gymnasticsfan14 on IGF

    “So in episode 1 of BTR, John and Kathryn Geddert and Rita Wieber talk about Jordyn not making all around finals. And there is a few clips of her training. She has her amanar back, looks like she’s working on a shaposh half on bars, she has her DLO dismount, she was doing a switch leap- wolf jump on beam, and she also did a 2 1/2 on floor. That was about it for episode one for anyone who cant watch.”

    Jordyn didn’t talk at all in episode 1.

    Some quotes.

    Kathryn Geddert: “She was the it girl, everyone pumped her up to be there and to possibly win, and at least medal. It was one of those things that was set in stone before it was that she was gonna be there. And she didn’t. So I think that made it more difficult then if she just wasn’t expected to win or get there anyway.”

    “During the last event I said “what if she doesn’t make it?” and my daughter said “what do you mean if she doesn’t make it.” and I’m like she has to have the floor of her life and Aly doesn’t to make it.”

    “When I saw she didn’t make it I was devastated and started crying and the coaches next to me were like “what’s the matter, you’re okay” and I’m like you don’t understand, she didn’t make it! As a coach you want it for them so bad, but once they are out there, there is nothing you can do.”

    Rita: “I was very realistic. I told my friends when people said ” oh she’s gonna make the team” that even making the team..I don’t know that. She could twist her ankle at verification at camp and the whole think could be done.”

    “I was very proud of how she handle herself, to pull herself together for team finals at that raw moment, I can’t imagine.”

    John: “She just got raked over the coals on beam. 6 tenths in start value. She only missed finals by about 2 tenths. If she gets one of those combinations she’s in and Gabby’s out. For her to suffer from that pain of seeing her dream of an Olympic champion or medalist go down the drain was very hard to handle.’

    “We had a meeting afterwards, I gave her a little downtime and said we’ll handle this with how you’ve handled all your successes. I couldn’t ask for anyone to handle that better then she did. She could have blamed the judging that made it that way, but she moved onto the next goal.”

    “It does become a battle with who can up one another, whether they can get away with something special in warmups. You know the Russians are under Alexandrov and they are always trying to pull things. In the warm up gym for team finals, we were told you couldn’t be on the equipment at all. Until it was time to warm up you coudn’t even sit on the floor. Well they were sitting on the vault runway, so why couldn’t we sit on the floor? So the personal (?) went over and told them to get off the vault runway and told us to get off the floor first, so we got off the floor. But they didn’t get off the vault runway. So we got back on the floor. So then we just looked at each other a pointed, if you get off the vault runway, we’ll get off the floor. It’s like childish games but we aren’t going to let anybody one up us.”

    “Sress would be the understament of the world. Team finals was a little bit of a stress because Jordyn was having a problem with her leg, which ended up being an actual fracture of her fibula. Talk about living on needles when she’s out there landing double doubles and amanars. If that think snaped, we go from team gold to no medal.”

    OK, first off I think we all know about Jordyn’s beam and how it needed to be constructed differently. I don’t see any reason to keep bringing that up. We all know the problems with it. But her second connection is not worth .6 so I’m wondering where the other tenths came off……. I just watched her qual beam and it’s NOT as bad as I remember. That thing was fucking rock solid aside from her foot coming up on her side jump. And her FHS full BHS connection wasn’t THAT bad.

    John wasn’t on the floor so I’m wondering why he didn’t have another coach protest her score. I wonder if they all had a team meeting and agreed not to protest scores and just let the chips fall where they may. If they would had put in an inquiry then Aly would have got the short end of the stick having to stand up there and wait.

    Oh and I know everyone hates John because he’s a douche, but I love it. EVERYONE complains that USAG is too PC and they love those crazy Russian and Romanian coaches for not giving a shit and saying what’s on their mind. But John gets attacked when he does the same thing. I would totally read a book by him because you know he isn’t going to bullshit anything.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Thanks nero.

      Interesting about the beam paragraph. Yeah, he totally should have protested her score. I’m sure they would have found a few more tenths. It didn’t matter if Aly had to wait or not because she’s mentally solid and I really think she would have made the AA no matter what.

      It was Gabby who really shouldn’t have made the AA final. The judges were pulling strings to get that fix to happen.

      Pisses me off.

    • lol Says:

      Jordrtn needs new people hanging out with her. Everyone said she would be there? That is not what everyone was saying here and her coach or coaches daughter acting like it was Aly or Jordyn in the final, not true. Gabby was fighting with Jordyn for that last spot, Aly qualified first. Talk about perpetuating this myth that Aly took Jordyn’s spot. Are they afrad of coming out sounding like sour grapes?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Honestly, you say anything negative about Gabby – even if it is true (“she should have qualified over Gabby for that second spot”) – you’ll get slaughtered with accusations of being racist. That’s just the way this world works, unfortunately.

        Look at how people that criticize Obama are treated. You say anything about his policies of ruining America most idiots (especially people that just vote for the “D” and don’t think twice) will just claim you’re a big racist and just spewing hate.

        They just can’t go there, even if it’s true. Aly kind of made it all awkward by placing first. If Aly was second and Jordyn third, then it would be easier to claim that.

        Honestly I also see how it is unfair from Aly’s standpoint. If Aly had not made the AA – even if she did come in 4th, as is typical for Aly – nobody would have said a word because that’s pretty much what’s expected of her. Fourth. Jordyn was expected to come in first or second (of the Americans). Basically two people switched the overall expectation and the outcome focused more so on the person that DIDN’T make it over the person that did. I totally see why Aly was upset and can understand and relate.

        At the end of the day though what makes me upset is that Jordyn was so blatantly underscored because strings were being pulled on the other end to do what they could to make sure Gabby made that final.

        I even am kind of ticked at Aly, for taking an opportunity like the Olympic AA and messing up AGAIN and coming in fourth AGAIN when it mattered on the world stage. I was so happy when she made it through bars (seemed like a nice clear shot of making podium given her two best events were coming up) and then she had to go and put her hand down on the beam. I was like screaming at my TV.

        Honestly I really feel if Jordyn had replaced Aly there would have been two Americans on that podium. But whatever, I really like Mustafina.

      • Biyatch Says:

        In the Aly’s documentary when she came home from the games she talked about how it effected her how everyone was talking about how rather than having a great meet and qualifying 2nd in the world everyone was talking about how she “took Jordyn’s spot.” The bubble that the girls existed in wasnt enough not to be exposed to that. I would love to hear Aly talk more candidly about that situation but most of the time she speaks in rainbows and butterflies. (And I still think Aly got screwed out of the bronze medal by floor judges with an agenda.)

        Additionally no one was talking about how Kyla was screwed by the 2 per country rule in beam finals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yup. And guaranteed the two-per-country rule would have been a non-issue if Aly didn’t make it to the AA. Even Aly probably knew that.

      • Biyatch Says:

        I’m sure Aly wanted to be in the AA, clearly from the reaction Mihai wanted it for her but it was never something verbalized. It was all about the Jo-Gabby rivalry.

        I think one of the things that was so endearing about Aly is that she had NO FREAKING CLUE. She wasn’t looking for scores, wasn’t trying to calculate what she needed, she just went out and did what she does and actually had to have someone tell her that she made it.

        The raked over the coals beam comment is interesting because on the NBC broadcast, even before Jo’s score was up you could hear Geddert talking about the tenths that she lost on beam. It was also before Aly had done her beam routine. Jordyn, who NBC has told us is a scoreboard watcher, most likely knew it was going to be close going into floor and Geddert just added even more pressure to that. Maybe that’s how Jordyn performs best but if it was me I think I’d want him to keep his trap shut.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Geddert knew after beam that Jo was out and didn’t want to admit it.

        He had to at that point hope Aly or Gabby made a MAJOR error.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I wish I could watch the NBC broadcast of the Olympics! More of the US team and you get those little snippets of talk. All I heard on the BBC one was John telling Jo (after beam rotation) “this is going to be really tight, you’re gonna have to rock floor”.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That’s all I heard John say from the NBC coverage too. I remember he wasn’t even on the floor while Jo did beam, and after she went over and talked to him behind a wall. He told her what you said – something like you’re going to have to rock floor and she nodded and walked away.
        I was watching this already knowing she hadn’t made AA, and it made me really sad actually. I think he knew even then she wouldn’t make it unless Gabby or Aly had a really major mistake.

      • Biyatch Says:

        Its hard to hear but John says to Jordyn before telling her she’s going to have to rock her floor routine that she “lost about four tenths in the last two sequences.”

        Gymbee if you look at the gabrielmcdonough youtube account it has most of the NBC coverage illicitly uploaded, dont know if its able to be played outside of the us but its up there.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Omg Biyatch I can watch it! Thanks so much for the tip! Friday night sorted haha!! 😀

      • Gymbee Says:

        Am onto WAG AA finals now haha. (ugh Gabby). Those cheesy interstitials where Carly, Nastia and Mary Lou talk about the AA/their experiences, lol. Best quote by Mary Lou: “the entire globe has sent their best athletes. Every single one of those athletes are there to win gold”.
        …. Not that Mary Lou has any experience in competing with the globe’s best athletes at Olympic level though haha :-p

    • Catherine Says:

      gymnasticsfan14 is Triple Twist’s account. They’ll be there themselves in a week or two for a feature so it’ll be nice to have a FREE look at Jordyn and what’s she’s up to in the gym.

      I think the problem with John is that he comes across as extremely arrogant. That is not the case with coaches like Alexandrov and Romania’s B&B because they too are blunt, but they don’t overinflate anything or blab on about themselves and their accomplishments. All 3 have significantly more accomplishments anyway. But people despise the Rodionenko’s, their political appointment, the decisions they make, and the crap Valentina spouts.

      • Biyatch Says:

        I thought Geddert’s actions after Jo went on floor at EF were reprehensible. The coach of a week earlier literally ran to include himself and “get in the camera shot” during team finals, left Jo standing there alone after she had a disappointing performance to wait for results. You also never saw him go up and congratulate Aly, which I think would have been important had he been any US coach but especially because he was the us team head coach.

        Its a little different situation and circumstances because you are looking at gold and silver as opposed to silver and 7th place but I remember after the 2005 floor finals when Alicia knocked Nastia down from gold to silver, the general camaraderie and sportsmanship between not just ASac and Nastia but also Mihai and Valeri was nice to see.

        One of my favorite articles from London was that FoxSports article slamming Geddert for being an ass.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Do you have a link to that article?

        Funny how ASac was so nice for knocking Nastia down a spot – she certainly did not have that attitude for Shawn two years later when it was she getting the knock down.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The only reason it seemed nice was Nastia knew she had no shot at beating Alicia if she hit. If Alicia had beat her on bars there would have been a much different outcome.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OMG that would have been hilarious; if ASac beat Nastia on bars!

        And let’s remind ourselves of the “camaraderie” Nastia put on when her other teammate, Chellsie Memmel, beat her in the AA during that same competition.

      • Biyatch Says:

        i meant gold and 7th place.

      • Biyatch Says:

        Here’s the article:

        And I totally get what you’re saying about 2005 vs. 2007 but the camaraderie actually seemed genuine, even before Alicia got her score, and i really wanted to point out that both coaches and both girls were all just celebrating together. 🙂

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I totally believe you but I also think at that point ASac and Nastia were good friends.

        ASac was not impressed with the new phenom that was Shawn Johnson. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yes they were and they probably still would be if Nastia didn’t think so highly of herself. Alicia liked being the queen bee and she was not happy Nastia attempted to oust

  11. Tortuga Says:

    Ugh! I don’t know why I let myself read USAG Facebook comments. They’re all 12 & under or 4 yr fans who are oblivious to what goes on in this sport. USAG posted an ad featuring Jordyn for US Nationals tickets. Facebook fans of USAG get a chance a tickets before the general public. And of course theres the comments “Is Jordyn even competing?” Or”Are any of the Olympians competing or did they all retire?” And my personal favorite..”I know that Gabby did NOT retire-she’s training for the next olympics so I’m sure she’ll be there” When we all know Gabby hasn’t even stepped foot back in the gym yet! LMAO! People don’t realize how much time and preparation it takes to be physically ready for elite competition, or the process that takes place to get to Nationals? Granted I believe Olympians automatically qualify to Nationals but still. They think “Oh, they were an Olympian they can just show up and be able to do fine.” Blah!!! Okay end rant. ( I just knew you guys would understand.)

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Just tell me that Mary lady isn’t commenting. I couldn’t stand that hag leading up to the Olympics. Friggin idiot.

      Haha so I had to look…this comment was my fav personally:

      I was hoping Aly would go back to training (instead of dancing around.. HUH? ) before she got too old. Her floor routine SMASHED the rest of the world. Her vault and beam are good. IF she’d fix her horrible bars routine, she could easily be World Champion. She really was 3rd best in the World with her horrible bars and bad beam performance in the London AA.

      Before she got too old?

      SMASHED the rest of the world? Okay, it was really good, but it’s all about luck on the floor – just because you were the best last year doesn’t even mean you’ll qualify this year, even if you are back up to speed and in full training mode.

      She could easily be the World Champion?

      Yep, snap my fingers and….GOLD! Yep, so easy. Especially since Musty could wipe the floor with my ass on bars.

      Aly’s making more money doing DWTS than this guy is sitting on his arse in front of a computer, I can guarantee it.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I know right. NBC Dallas posted something right after trials along the lines of: Nastia didn’t make the Olympic team, what do you think about it? There were idiots saying things like “That girl was America’s only hope, we have no chance with out her” OMG it made me so angry! I fired back with: “We have the reigning World AA Champion and most of the Winning World team, I think we will be alright without her ;)”

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Honestly if Nastia had made that team I think they still would have won gold (the US). She would have been gifted a score to the bar finals and would have been super overscored on beam and probably would have made beam finals, too.

        I’m so glad she DIDN’T make it because can you imagine her ego even then? The US wouldn’t have room to make for that ego.

        And that spot was so deservedly Kyla’s to begin with. It was pissing me off that Marta was putting Kyla in such a precarious position by telling her not to upgrade floor.

        Which is why I feel like Marta is still just doing the same thing with Kyla – to make room for her upcoming favorites.

        In Marta’s eyes Kyla is so obviously disposable.

      • mimi Says:

        and yet she need kyla for bars.. you’d think marta would embrace that wholeheartedly!

    • Tortuga Says:

      Sanity! Mary Margaret is back commenting on Facebook. Her comments aren’t arguable yet tho. Another person said ” Every time I check USAG’s facebook, I’m reminded of why dedicated forums are far better for gymnastics discussions.” I wonder if they post here? Totally agree tho. Props to you Marcus!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What was the comment on or relating to? The pro challenge? I probably won’t be watching. 🙂

      • Tortuga Says:

        ” It will be interesting with the younger group moving up to senior and the current seniors. So glad that all of the Olympic team are making choices that work best for them. Sadly not every person is a fan and many take pleasure in bashing young women.”

  12. Lithi Says:

    OT, but there seems to be another professional-style meet coming up where gymnasts from the US are pitted against the rest of the world.

    From the site:
    Pro Gymnastics Challenge is a skill for skill competition with mixed teams of men and women. There is offense and defense. The team on the Offensive performs a skill or sequence of skills after which the defensive team attempts to do that skill or sequence of skills better. The winner is determined by referees and the winning team gains the point or points and offensive control. In the event of a tie the audience votes to decide the winner. On each event the winning team is the first one to 10 points excluding the speed ropes which are a time challenge.

    Interesting. Memmel, Ponor, Chuso will be there. However, our beloved Nastia is one of the “coaches” and Moceanu is a judge. *George Takei “Oh, my”*

    • Catherine Says:

      Ssssh, GTT is not a fan! 😉

      I like the format and I hope I can actually watch this thing somehow (no access to ESPN). Anna Li pulled out but the lineup is pretty great (Chuso, Pavlova, Barbosa, Ponor, Ding, Bieger, King, Zamarripa, Dickerson etc. etc.) I also like the fact that especially for those who did not do NCAA- it’s a fun opportunity in a great team-not-much-pressure atmosphere that they wouldn not really have experiences- and money. Like Pavlova in particular, I’m thrilled she has this chance with a supportive team.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I agree! I think it looks interesting. It makes gymnastics more accessible IMO.

        Nastia would fall flat on her face in each event :-p but she’s been bragging about what a great “motivator” she is, ie helping the US team win gold in 2011….. haha.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Be on the lookout. David Ortiz is on a tear! Ha ha ha One of my favorite players!

  14. GymMom Says:

    20 years of bad hair!

  15. Catherine Says:

    Good news! Yao Jinnan qualified first to the National Games quals AA today, with a score of 57.468- which is huge with their harsh e-scores. And that was with missed connections and one or two small errors on bars. Sounds like she’s healthy again, finally- there was awful rumours about her hip earlier this year. He Kexin also hit bars and vault. Unfortunately it was a total splatfest- Zeng Siqi, Shang Chunsong, Jiang Yuyuan, Deng Linlin, Tan Jiaxin, Tan Sixin, Wu Liufang…

    • brouhaha Says:

      YES! I’m so glad Yao Jinnan is back! I was so disappointed when Yao was knocked out of the AA in London due to the 2-per-country rule, and getting knocked off the podium in bar finals. I can’t wait to watch the National Games – do you know if it’s online for streaming yet?????

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        If Yao had been healthy at the Olympics she wouldn’t have been knocked out in the AA. As it was it’s probably a good thing she didn’t force herself to compete it because she was not in good shape in London, sadly.

        She’s too talented to quit now though. It was unfortunate the timing of her injury. Same with Iordache.

        If Iordache and Yao had been healthy the Olympic AA finals would have been a lot more fun to watch and probably a lot more challenging for Gabby. Even if Jo were allowed to compete, imagine how awesome that competition would have been.

        The two per country rule just sucks because it doesn’t allow for a “real” competition. The more rules/regulations you have in sport the more it takes away from that sport.

      • Catherine Says:

        And Yao wins the AA! Second was Shang Chunsong and third was Zeng Siqi, who I believe managed to not crash her bars dismount at last. Huang Qiushuang qualified second and finished sixth- both days she took a huge 0.5 penalty for running more than 25m for vault (seriously, both days??? get the hint!) but she also crashed her bars dismount today. Huang Huidan was a mess, so was Deng Linlin.

        However, Yao’s difficulty is lower. Her beam is aiming for a 6.7 and her bars would probably be equal to that when she’s done fine tuning, but her floor was very watered down and her vault shows no prospect of being anything other than a DTY. I’m sure her floor will be upgraded too but she’ll still be below the top few. A great contender for bronze certainly.

        These are the national games prelims, the national games themselves are in September (and more important than worlds!). There might be videos of this put up, but no online streaming. The TV channels did not even broadcast it, they usually do.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        If Yao can up her floor she’d be a great contender for the AA – more so than bronze, don’t you think? A DTY isn’t that “bad” considering Musty will be doing it and so will Ohashi.

        Yao is still a better contender at this point over Kyla if she can get her beam and bars to a 6.7 start value.

      • Catherine Says:

        Oh yeah, Yao fell on beam. Landed a standing full and then came off. But then, they almost all fell…

  16. GymMom Says:

    Did Shawn not have anyone to tell her these pants/leggings look awful?

    • mimi Says:

      one time where im going to agree with you gymmom!
      white pants are rarely a good look for anyone…

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