USA-gymnastics on youtube

What they have up is here.

No Worlds but a lot of American Cup and Nationals. I personally am watching,


18 Responses to “USA-gymnastics on youtube”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I had forgotten they were putting lots of old competitions up on YouTube lol

  2. Catherine Says:

    76 one is great, love the Nadia fluff and it’s great to see her routines in high quality pre-Montreal. 85 is awful, it’s the off-peak Mary Lou show with ONE routine by Silivas shown. 1990 is interesting, Zmeskal V Kalinina battle. Zmeskal wins of course and her routines were very good except bars. Kalinina though showed extreme difficulty and obviously wasn’t rewarded for it, she did have a big step on her vault and bars landings but wow was she in a league of her own. DTY, full-in beam dismount, difficult and excellent bars with a full in tuck vs Zmeskal’s double pike and a double layout and a back to back pass which actually ended with a 1 and 3/4 Arabian. Amazing considering how frail looking she was.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      So was the code then the opposite of what it is now? Reward execution over difficulty?

      • Catherine Says:

        Yes. A classic example is Silivas who took out her double double for some comps in Seoul because she couldn’t land it cleanly. Thankfully the Soviets in particular still pushed the boat out, the attitude being to show the world what you can do. There were so many DTY’s for instance done by them when it would often be guaranteed that the FTY’s being done by everyone else carried less deduction and were worth the same.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    Bart Conner was really good compared to those old school gymnasts. I know they werent the best in the world, but the guy had some skills as a senior in hs. That’s awful that because he went to pan-ams they declared him ineligible to compete in the state of IL.

    Nadia was good too… and that american chick actually had some nice artistry on floor. I loved how they said Korbuts routines were easy, low risk and once learned easily repeatable especially on bars….. Kathy Rigby’s comments are right on I thought what they showed of Kathy Howard was beautiful, especially considering she was a last minute fill in.

  4. Lis Says:

    They probably don’t have Worlds because it’s not the property of USA Gymnastics. Which sucks because Worlds are awesome.

  5. exgymgurl Says:

    1988 scam don peters interview knowing he was inappropriate with doe is just gross….. what a scumbag

  6. Biyatch Says:

    Have y’all seen this, the gymnastike trailer about Jordyn.

    I really do like Jordyn but every time Geddert opens his mouth (actually tbh sometimes even before he opens his mouth), it just SCREAMS d-bag to me.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      She looks driven… Geddert is just well all about Geddert…maybe if he doesnt want to see that look on her face he can make sure he listens when hes told connections wont count..

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        He is an idiot. Nunno did the same thing in 2000. He was told at Nationals the Miller was the same as the BHSQT but he fought the judges at Nationals and for some idiotic reason thought she would get credit and he would not listen. It clearly effected Shannon at Trials.

    • Brouhaha Says:

      What happened with Shannon at 2000 trials? I only started following gymnastics after Beijing :p

      • lol Says:

        She was injured going into Nationals and fell on vault night two and had to withdraw. She had been hitting at camp and pissing off the whiners of that era because she was sticking her landings and they all freaked out and complained she was going to steal their spots. She was hurt.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        While I do empathize with the whole setup (women’s gymnastics, only a certain number of girls make the team and the Olympics is every 4 yrs so if your timing is off you’re screwed), if someone is that much more talented than everyone else then it is what it is.

        Those b*tches needed to shut up and get back to work; if they couldn’t stick their landings and she could well then that means she’s better than you doesn’t it.

        The only medal they even came back with was a bronze and even then it was 10 yrs after the fact, because the Chinese cheated. What an embarrassment to be associated with that team anyways at the Olympics just after the “Magnificent Seven” win.

        Shannon probably benefited from being hurt in that instance. Why tarnish her reputation. Those girls were just a bunch of blow-hards.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They were self entitled spoiled brats. That bronze medal is a joke and they did not even deserve it. They were lucky to be in finals at all. Austrailia totally fell apart

  7. Brouhaha Says:

    What happened with Shannon at 2000 trials? I only started following gymnastics after Beijing :p

    • Gymnerd Says:

      She fell on her ass on vault (Night 2) and scratched the rest of the meet with an “injury.” Someone else ma be able to tell you about Night 1.

  8. hhollis Says:

    My observations from the first 13 minutes (1976 American Cup):
    1. anyone notice all the flash photography?
    2. Go to 11:14-11:18ish- what kind of jump was that out of her layout tumbling pass? Is this the 1976 version of code whoring? Just curious 🙂

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