2013 Europeans Results

Better late than never:)

Was anyone impressed with what they saw? I haven’t seen anything the US women could not beat. Aliya was heads above the rest but her form is so messy if judges wanted too they could deduct. Aliya’s beam was overscored the entire meet.

Women’s All-Around Final VT UB BB FX Total
1. Aliya Mustafina 15.033 15.133 14.400 14.466 59.032
2. Larisa Iordache 14.900 13.833 14.833 14.866 58.432
3. Anastasia Grishina 14.900 15.033 14.133 13.866 57.932
4. Diana Bulimar 14.766 13.666 14.400 14.233 57.065
4. Giulia Steingruber 15.066 13.800 14.366 13.833 57.065
6. Roxana Popa 14.633 14.300 13.133 13.633 55.699
7. Elisa Meneghini 13.866 13.633 14.000 13.700 55.199
8. Ruby Harrold 13.900 14.033 13.300 13.400 54.633
9. Maria Paula Vargas 13.833 13.900 13.400 13.200 54.333
10. Ida Gustafsson 13.833 13.966 13.233 13.100 54.132
11. Noemi Makra 13.833 13.466 13.700 12.966 53.965
12. Giorgia Campana 13.900 13.933 13.166 12.966 53.965
13. Ilaria Käslin 13.733 13.166 13.933 12.800 53.632
14. Lisa Katharina Hill 13.766 14.366 11.966 13.300 53.398
15. Ana Filipa Martins 13.233 13.300 12.800 13.000 52.333
16. Noel van Klaveren 14.366 11.733 12.366 13.333 51.798
17. Olena Vasilyeva 13.300 12.766 13.266 12.000 51.332
18. Charlie Fellows 13.633 13.200 12.100 12.266 51.199
19. Lisa Ecker 13.766 12.500 12.400 12.525 51.191
20. Jana Sikulova 13.533 13.633 11.266 12.500 50.932
21. Cagla Akyol 13.600 11.733 12.500 12.533 50.366
22. Dorina Boczogo 13.600 11.600 11.700 13.300 50.200
23. Elisa Hämmerle 13.933 12.366 11.033 12.600 49.932
24. Angelina Kysla 0.000 13.400 11.466 13.133 37.999

Women’s Vault Final D E ND Score Average
1. Giulia Steingruber 6.2 9.100 15.300 14.750
5.2 9.000 14.200
2. Noël van Klaveren 5.8 9.100 14.900 14.466
5.2 8.833 14.033
2. Larisa Iordache 5.8 9.100 14.900 14.466
5.2 8.833 14.033
4. Ofir Nezer 5.3 8.900 14.200 14.166
5.2 8.933 14.133
4. Teja Belak 5.3 8.900 14.200 14.166
5.3 8.833 14.133
6. Chantysha Netteb 5.3 7.766 0.1 12.966 13.533
5.2 8.900 14.100
7. Maria Paseka 6.3 7.766 0.1 13.966 13.499
5.6 7.533 0.1 13.033
8. Tijana Tkalčec 5.3 7.566 12.866 13.183
5.3 8.200 13.500

Uneven Bars Final D E ND Score
1. Aliya Mustafina 6.3 9.000 15.300
2. Jonna Adlerteg 6.0 8.633 14.633
3. Maria Paseka 5.8 8.600 14.400
4. Sophie Scheder 6.0 8.366 14.366
5. Giorgia Campana 5.6 8.466 14.066
6. Ida Gustafsson 5.8 7.366 13.166
7. Beckie Downie 5.9 7.100 13.000
8. Ruby Harrold 5.8 7.100 12.900

Balance Beam Final D E ND Score
1. Larisa Iordache 6.4 8.866 15.266
2. Diana Bulimar 6.0 8.833 14.833
3. Anastasia Grishina 5.6 8.766 14.366
4. Carlotta Ferlito 5.8 8.266 14.066
5. Katarzyna Jurkowska 5.5 8.366 13.866
6. Ruby Harrold 5.1 8.533 13.633
7. Elisa Meneghini 5.7 7.433 13.133
8. Olena Vasilyeva 4.1 5.833 9.933

Women’s Floor Exercise Final D E ND Score
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva 6.3 8.866 15.166
2. Larisa Iordache 6.1 8.633 14.733
3. Diana Bulimar 5.8 8.733 14.533
4. Anastasia Grishina 5.8 8.433 14.233
5. Carlotta Ferlito 5.6 8.616 14.216
6. Giulia Steingruber 6.0 8.300 0.2 14.100
7. Roxana Popa 5.7 8.200 13.900
8. Krystyna Sankova 5.7 7.166 12.866


Men’s All-Around Final FX PH SR VT PB HB Total
1. David Belyavsky 15.266 14.900 14.633 15.400 15.000 14.600 89.799
2. Max Whitlock 15.500 15.366 14.208 14.433 14.966 14.633 89.106
3. Oleg Vernyayev 14.333 14.066 14.733 15.500 15.666 14.100 88.398
4. Oleg Stepko 14.733 14.900 14.666 13.966 15.433 14.400 88.098
5. Daniel Purvis 14.400 14.200 14.533 14.800 14.466 14.333 86.732
6. Fabian Gonzalez 14.800 14.200 13.833 14.966 14.300 14.400 86.499
7. Andreas Toba 13.966 13.733 14.400 15.033 13.533 14.766 85.431
8. Artur Davtyan 14.066 13.700 14.466 15.000 14.000 13.800 85.032
9. Claudio Capelli 14.100 13.833 13.566 14.866 14.433 14.133 84.931
10. Nikita Ignatyev 14.900 13.600 14.633 13.666 15.083 12.866 84.748
11. Guillaume Augugliaro 13.333 13.600 14.333 14.266 14.383 14.433 84.348
12. Arnaud Willig 14.466 13.000 14.333 14.300 14.391 13.666 84.156
13. Ludovico Edalli 13.933 14.000 13.833 14.100 14.000 14.000 83.866
14. Daan Kenis 14.033 13.533 13.100 14.533 13.966 14.100 83.265
15. Cristian Bataga 14.333 12.966 14.200 14.433 12.500 13.600 82.032
16. Ruben Lopez 14.300 11.733 14.233 13.666 13.900 13.866 81.698
17. Paolo Principi 14.466 13.566 13.200 13.700 13.600 13.100 81.632
18. Dmitry Barkalov 13.308 11.266 13.733 14.400 14.208 14.466 81.381
19. Serob Soghomonyan 13.766 13.066 12.366 13.566 13.866 13.966 80.596
20. Bence Talas 13.333 13.600 13.966 13.933 11.766 13.933 80.531
21. Jimmy Verbaeys 14.066 13.033 13.466 13.900 11.800 14.066 80.331
22. Attila Racz 13.400 11.633 14.200 13.000 13.966 13.900 80.099
23. Ferhat Arican 12.666 13.933 13.300 14.366 12.533 13.200 79.998
24. Michel Bletterman 13.533 13.933 13.583 13.900 11.133 13.300 79.382

Men’s Vault Final D E ND Score Average
1. Denis Ablyazin 6.0 9.433 15.433 15.408
6.2 9.183 15.383
2. Flavius Koczi 6.0 9.158 15.158 14.887
5.6 9.016 14.616
3. Artur Davtyan 6.0 9.366 0.1 15.266 14.866
5.2 9.266 14.466
4. Petrus Laulumaa 5.6 9.466 15.066 14.799
5.2 9.333 14.533
5. Igor Radivilov 6.0 9.391 15.391 14.678
6.0 8.066 0.1 13.966
6. Oleg Vernyayev 6.0 9.466 15.466 14.666
6.0 8.166 0.3 13.866
7. Jeffrey Wammes 5.6 9.200 14.800 14.333
5.8 8.066 13.866
8. Matthias Fahrig 6.0 8.166 14.166 13.849
5.6 8.233 0.3 13.533

Parallel Bars Final D E ND Score
1. Oleg Stepko 6.6 9.166 15.766
2. Lucas Fischer 6.5 9.133 15.633
3. David Belyavsky 6.4 9.133 15.533
4. Marcel Nguyen 6.8 8.700 15.500
5. Oleg Vernyayev 6.5 8.833 15.333
6. Emin Garibov 6.2 8.000 14.200
7. Andrei V. Muntean 6.0 7.866 13.866
8. Pascal Bucher 5.7 7.866 13.566

High Bar Final D E ND Score
1. Emin Garibov 7.0 8.433 15.433
2. Sam Oldham 6.5 8.633 15.133
3. Alexander Tsarevich 6.5 8.333 14.833
4. Alexander Shatilov 6.5 8.233 14.733
5. Andrei Likhovitsky 6.0 8.466 14.466
6. Fabian Hambüchen 6.4 7.566 13.966
7. Marijo Moznik 6.4 7.533 13.933
8. Ashley Watson 5.8 7.033 12.833

Men’s Floor Exercise Final D E ND Score
1. Max Whitlock 6.6 8.833 0.1 15.333
1. Alexander Shatilov 6.4 8.933 15.333
3. Andrea Cingolani 6.2 8.700 14.900
4. Flavius Koczi 7.0 7.666 14.666
5. Sam Oldham 6.3 8.200 0.1 14.400
5. David Belyavsky 6.3 8.200 0.1 14.400
7. Matthias Fahrig 6.3 7.433 13.733
8. Jeffrey Wammes 6.5 7.466 0.3 13.666

Pommel Horse Final D E ND Score
1. Daniel Keatings 6.7 8.900 15.600
2. Krisztian Berki 6.7 8.833 15.533
3. Max Whitlock 6.7 8.800 15.500
4. Alberto Busnari 6.7 8.733 15.433
5. Harutyum Merdinyan 6.4 8.966 15.366
6. Donna-Donny Truyens 6.6 8.533 15.133
7. Sašo Bertoncelj 6.5 8.500 15.000
8. Filip Ude 6.2 8.066 14.266

Still Rings Final D E ND Score
1. Samir Aït Saïd 6.8 8.666 15.466
1. Igor Radivilov 6.7 8.766 15.466
3. Danny Pinheiro­-Rodrigues6.7 8.733 15.433
3. Matteo Morandi 6.7 8.733 15.433
5. Eleftherios Petrounias 7.0 8.400 15.400
5. Denis Ablyazin 6.7 8.700 15.400
7. Yuri van Gelder 6.8 8.566 15.366
8. Marcel Nguyen 6.3 8.833 15.133


109 Responses to “2013 Europeans Results”

  1. gymnasticsaholic Says:

    I was actually super impressed with Grishina this time. 8 out of 10 hit competitive routines is pretty impressive, especially from such a known headcase. Also Steingruber, who’s improved on everything. Such a shame Gabby Jupp got injured, it would have been fantastic to see her again.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Her scores were not very impressive Imo. I don’t see her making an impact at worlds against the uS, Chinese and her teammates.

      This meet was in Russia and that explains a lot

      • gymnasticsaholic Says:

        But if you think about it, the Russian team are not very deep. Komova is still out, and there really is no guarantee she’ll be back in time for worlds. Shelgunova is probably their best new senior, and Grishina beats her for sure

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        I agree. She doesn’t appeal to me for some reason as well. I’m more impressed with her weird ass bangs than I am with her gymnastics.

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        Sorry, my “agreement” was with GTT’s comment. I forgot to say that.

        I guess this is what I get for always posting on my iPhone.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Very impressed. Nobody pushed the difficulty boat out except Afan whose 6.4 floor will be hard to beat but there were a lot of strong performances. I do think Biles if she makes no major error will take the worlds aa title, and vault, and a very strong shot at floor. But Mustafina and Iordache could quite well hoover up medals. Iordache’s beam can go higher, she did not do the layout full. She can do 6.7 and I’d expect it to approach 7 even more. She’s a floor threat too, and possibly vault if she upgrades and/or someone better falls. Grishina’s difficulty is low but she could quite easily be Russia’s other all arounder if Komova is not back in time. I appreciate her gymnastics for what they are, same with Diana Bulimar. And the huge amount of elegant gymnasts like Ilaria Kaeslin and Noemi Makra.

    Mustafina’s triple is appalling but it can’t get deducted much under the code. I wish it was gone though. I agree she was overscored but she still deserved her medals. Her d-scores are not too shabby either..5.8 vault, 6.4-6.8 beam, 6.3-? bars..probably will approach a 7 there and her floor could go 6.2 if she adds lovely spin combos.

    I do think Biles if healthy will win the AA and vault. Beam is between Ohashi and Iordache. Floor is up for grabs but Afan and Iordache are big threats to Biles or whoever makes floor finals for USA. And bars will go to a Russian. Russians and Romanians may not have the difficulty for AA gold but they should still pick up a good haul.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This code demands difficulty even if done badly and no judge seems to care about execution.

      Grishina had a good bar score but none of her other scores stood out. Being clean is not needed in this sport anymore.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        And that’s exactly why Kyla’s in for trouble if she doesn’t upgrade.

        I agree with Catherine on Biles being a good contender for the AA and vault. If Jo came back at full speed/top form I can see her taking the AA too. She could medal on beam and potentially floor if Geddert took his head out of his arse.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Biles has the Amanar but her floor isn’t actually that great neither is her beam or her UB. A contender maybe but not Gold at this stage.

      • Catherine Says:

        Her floor is not maximising the code yet, and she still can upgrade. She’s planning a double double, full in double layout, 1.5 to full in tuck and a double Arabian. She would have the energy I think to jump out of the last two. It should be mid 6’s at least. She is training TTY’s too. Beam and bars are more than enough to keep her ahead. Bars are by no means great but she is better than Iordache with decent difficulty and room for more..the double double. Same for beam, more than enough. Her form is by no means amazing but she’s clean enough for it not to drag her down.

      • gingercrush Says:

        She needs to jump out of her tumbling otherwise she will get massive deductions for poor landings. Her tumbling isn’t a problem though is it? She needs to focus on the other elements which lets her D score down. I just hope her coach realises it is three more years till the Olympics and not to peak so early.

        I also think we as fans are way too guilty of not looking ahead to the future. We’ve accused Ross of having a horrible floor (it is) but if she wants to make Rio she needs to slowly upgrade. The same goes for everyone else. Peaking in 2013 or 2014 will be just lame.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Honestly Biles is very similar to Aly – no pointed toes, heavier landings (on beam), and relatively poor form overall but has massive power and tumbling ability. If Biles does what Aly did and concentrate on improving her form while already adding to her existing skills she could be just as great, if not better.

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      I agree Catherine (I love your posts BTW). Afan’s floor was the most impressive thing that I saw overall. I’m not in love with her by any means, but she/her coaches are really maximizing the potential of the routine. They are code whoring in good way In my opinion.

      The US needs to follow suit. While Biles tumbling is strong (if she can control her power), the rest of it isn’t all that great. Someone said it below and I agree, the US girls need to find places to up their D score by focusing on dance elements and connections. If Aly comes back (I pray that she does), she is going to need to improve the other elements on floor or she doesn’t have a chance on another gold metal. Good tumbling isn’t enough this go around.

  3. gingercrush Says:

    Hmmm. Mustafina rules. But heh yesterday I saw someone say Gina Gogean was not a good floor worker because she didn’t do enough twisting tumbling o.o.

    Anyway stepping stones for Mustafina. She didn’t look ready. Her UB is at least 0.5 lower in difficulty and I really think the coaches should be doing what they do with Afanasyeva and take advantage of the connections and spins/leaps to increase the difficulty score. Beam is going to be contentious and despite the decrease in amanar difficulty, if she ever wants to be World AA or Olympic AA champion again then she needs an amanar. Also her DTY is now showing the twisting issues. Did we all ignore that at the Olympics or was it not there o.o

    Grishina rocks. Best form out of all the Russians. Her twisting is beautiful. But combined low difficulty and balance checks etc. is always going to be her undoing. UB is most frustrating since there is no reason why she can’t score mid 15s or higher there.

    Paseka. Not a vaulter. Her amanar wasn’t there and her second vault is pretty useless now. Still until the Russians can produce two or more amanars I guess she remains a likely team member even though she is basically a MISS doing that amanar. Bars bronze was a pleasant surprise though.

    Afanasyeva. Every country needs to watch her floor. Not the most difficult tumbling but combined with her leaps, spins and connections she can amass a high difficulty score. Still while others rave about her floor routine. Something seems really off to me. It is good especially in comparison to nearly every other gymnast but it isn’t that artistic. She should stick to being an apparatus specialist and not try and do AA.

    Iordache. Silver AA, Silver VT and FX and Gold on Beam. But I can’t believe the number of people that rave about her and then in the same breath criticise Ponor. Ponor may have had twisting issues and she was guilty of being piked or tucked on layout and pike positions. But she was actually slower on beam, had more choreography on beam and she pointed her toes. She also didn’t bounce around everywhere. I love Iordache but she is seriously getting some form issues of her own. They need to be cleaned up. Her UB is messier too. Still if she works on it she could increase her beam difficulty to reach the levels of Ohashi. I’d love her to remove that double tuck on floor too. She could easily do a double layout in place of that. She has the energy for sure. I do love her triple twist dismount on beam.

    Bulimar. Yay AA medal. I’ll never understand her low difficulty scores but heh she did a DTY twice and while she won’t ever be a chance at a world medal in AA. Final six is achievable.

    Steingruber. Please get a better second vault. You deserve a vault medal. But yay please do that Full Twisting Double Layout again and again and again and again. I really like her.


    I do agree that there is nothing the US women can’t beat. So many of them have superior tumbling. But imagine what some of those gymnasts could do if they combined that tumbling with what Afanasyeva is doing. Also they are actually way cleaner twisters than Russia and Romania (and likely China too). And of course they mostly all have amanars. Team Final I think will be in US favour but as individuals. I’m not convinced. I think they’re beatable. And UB is going to hold back the Americans too.

    • Catherine Says:

      Worlds has no team final this year. Judging in 2009 was quite strict, I hope we see that again for execution.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Yes I know there is no Team Final. But looking ahead. I just don’t see any country rising up against the US. Individually I’m not convinced. Ohashi is injured. Biles does difficult tumbling and yet still has a floor score below 6.0. Ross is clean but has a 5.3 d score on floor. I wonder about Weiber though. But Gabby surely won’t be ready in time nor will Raisman. And Maroney is a wait and see too. Still it is the US. They can lose 10 gymnasts and another 10 are waiting in the wings. I can’t help but be selfish and hope their system proves to be their undoing and they all get injured.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        If Gabby returns later this spring, should be training to earn a spot for an early intl assignment next year like scam. I doubt she’ll be ready for natls but I could see her being added back to the national team for 2013-2014 at camp.

    • Case Says:

      Ginger, I agree 100% on Paseka and have been watching with interest as Russia keeps trotting her out with that amanar. She can’t land in cleanly in competition but apparently the Russians feel the difficulty outweighs anything else they have to offer. I personally think she’d be better with a DTY.

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    Saw this on Triple Twist. Florida is gonna be stacked in the coming years.


  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Plus those confirmed who will be at camp Friday.

    • gingercrush Says:

      Maroney but not Weiber is strange isn’t it? Still I can’t imagine martha likes Geddert that much. Though Geddert is gullible and seems rather stupid. I can just imagine Martha laughing knowing Weiber wasn’t getting those beam connections.

      • Case Says:

        Wieber is trying to graduate in May, a tall order considering her fall was spent on tour. Once she’s done with school I bet you’ll see her at camp.

        Either that or she is going to pull a Memmel this quad and go to camps when she damn well pleases.

  6. sportsfan Says:

    When the top 2 is Mustafina and Iordache in AA, its hard to say there were any big surprises. Until camp opens for the US, its hard to project where the dominoes fall. Especially, with everyone’s difficulty not being as high as it can be.

    *These statements were made by a 4-year fan and I am open to being educated.

    • gingercrush Says:

      Russians are fabulous and more artistic always and every time even when they have terrible form. Romanians are robotic but nostalgia makes them an amazing team. China are headcases but beautiful. The US are rotten to the core and all have form issues and Martha is the Wicked Witch and US gymnasts are just sooooooo awful.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        and Hot Pink. You forgot how Hot Pink the Americans are.

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        LOL!!! I hope you never change Sanity. You kill me! 🙂

      • sportsfan Says:

        I don’t know how to feel about that criticism of the US gymnasts considering I’m an American, but its ok. I would be blind not to agree with the fact that there are serious issues within the program that start and end with Marta. And it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon with the “dictator-in-waiting” Valeri Liukin and his WOGA chronies.

      • gingercrush Says:

        hahaha I’m just kidding anyway. I do think Russian for issues get ignored. Romania with its lack of depth now is much more about nostalgia. They haven’t had a team that dominated Worlds for years like they did in the 90s-00s. But Chinese gymnasts are headcases. Whereas Americans of the big four countries do receive much more criticism than they actually deserve. Still I prefer them the least of the big four.

  7. JAS4 Says:

    We need a camp spy for info lol

  8. Formergymgirl Says:

    Is it just me or did some of the gymnasts look a little lacklustre? I know it’s early in the season but I just felt like some just lacked a bit if sparkle like they were just going through the motions. I hate hate hate how gymnasts have to land their floor tumbles cold with feet together and not allowed to step out like in the past. For me it just looks messy with gymnasts bouncing and hoping all over the place trying to control their landings. The step out you used to be able to do looked so beautiful and elegant. Maybe it’s just me….I know the code is way different now but gymnasts ought to be shown videos of Romanian and Russian floor routines from the 80s and 90s. That was ARTISTIC gymnastics. Think i’m just nostalgic!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Yeah I think you are 🙂

      But I am with you on the step-outs. The landings now are just very “clunky” and “heavy.”

      Plus, this is what gets me: they have this “age rule” (16 to compete in senior meets) to supposedly protect the “health” of the gymnasts but then they add this rule to stick landings on floor cold? How is that protective of the gymnasts’ health? That just speeds up knee/back/ankle problems and causes a heavier impact on the body.

  9. nero Says:

    OOOOH Jordyn training a new skill, a weiler full!! You go glen JoJo. I think she could make worlds, especially if Kyla still hasn’t upgraded and Ohashi isn’t back to full strength yet.


    • nero Says:

      PS anyone have any idea what value this would be? A weiler 1/2 is a D so could this be an E or even an F???

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I am not a code expert so can’t answer you there but thanks for sharing the info on Jordyn. Dude she’s serious. I’m loving it. I hope she ups her floor D score too (via turns or whatever – the way Afan does) and she’ll have a really solid chance (well, even without floor upgrades) of being an AA contender for Worlds.

      Do we know if she’s going to attempt Worlds this year, or is she being quiet about it?

      • nero Says:

        Well I know a while ago she said she was aiming for Nationals but in the OMG, gymnastike’s first update on Jo, Geddert said they are now aiming for Classics. So training must be going well

        I don’t see any point in pushing for Classics/Nationals if she wasn’t serious about trying for a spot at Worlds. She also mentioned about the skill being called a ‘Wieber’ which could only happen if she competes it at worlds.

        There has also been some chatter about her going to UCLA next year and I say screw college Jordyn and go for Rio!!

        and I’ve been LOLing about the Wieber Weiler, you know that would be misspelled every time

      • Case Says:

        She’s aiming for worlds.

        She also had a speaking engagement yesterday where she said she has Rio in her sights if she stays healthy.

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        What she needs to do is connect the skills. For instance, weiler kip, weiler half, weiler full, then straight in to her high bar transition. Yes is code whoring to the max, but that’s what Jordyn needs on bars.

        I’m going to say it, and I may look like a jackass in the end…but I think Jordyn is going to take worlds. Screw Biles, Musty, or whomever…it’s Jordyn’s to lose. Her fire is burning, and it will fuel her to the end. All my money is on her.

    • DL Says:

      This is awesome! I’m not in love with Wieber’s gymnastics, but I think she is an awesome person. So I’m always rooting for her.

      I am beginning to think that US will send Wieber and Biles AA, Ross for bars and beam, and either Maroney or Priessman (or Price if she’s healed and learns a second vault) for vault and floor.

    • mimi Says:

      you go glenn jo jo = brilliant 😀

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    I think Sabrina Vega will rock Florida and I think she should go next yar. Shes a great replacement for Randy Stageburg or Marissa King, or Ashanee Dickerson and will fill a hole on that team as there is no standout in that freshman class.

    I think Kyla would be great at Stanford. It doesnt surprise me that her parents would be interested in a great school like Stanford for her. So best of luck to Kyla on that one, and I hope her test scores come in.

    Sabrina could really add depth to a team that is losing 9 routines, picking up two from Alania if she goes back to AA and may be one from Macko. Thats 6 routines Rhonda Faen has to fill 2 vault, 2 bars, three beam, ( well maybe two since Stageberg was out at championships) and three floor ( again really only two if Bridgey keeps her spot) Still with Alania back 2 vault 2 bars 1 floor and 1 beam. Sabrina fills that hole nicely as an AA gymnast.

    I hope her parents dont get stupid…

    • Case Says:

      Vega would compliment Sloan nicely for the Gators. She’s sorta slid down the US hopeful list so hopefully she will head off to college next year.

    • gingercrush Says:

      OK Americans since university/college seems to be what anyone can do in America. What gymnasts that could have/should have done College gymnastics but were simply too stupid for college in the first place?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Ashley Postell was supposed to go to UCLA but they wouldn’t take her because her “home school” records weren’t good enough for their school. That is why she went to Utah

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Kytra Hunter had credit issues and needed an extra year for florida, as rumor has it Sabrina Vega is in the same place. Bross, Morgan white, Atler, jana bieger kristie phillips, chellsie memmel all went professional instead of college. It does not take much to have the right combination of grades / SAT ACT scores to qualify for athletic scholarship, because gymnasts are held to the same level as football players. There is assistance available with in school tutoring and even SAT help for athletes that struggle. THe SAT / ACT can be taken as many times as needed with the best sectional scores combining to qualify for admission. different states and schools have different minimum standards. Stanford requires a much higher minimum threshold for its athletes than a Utah does. All of the magnificent 7 went professional as well….. I would like to see more International UK, Canadian, Australian, and other international gymnasts that can speak or learn english well enough come to the NCAA like Danusha Francis, Marissa King, Elizabeth Malick, Peng Peng Lee etc.. I think non-us gymnasts can really raise the bar and international attention in NCAA competition and get a free great education along with it.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I forgot Darling Hill / Darlene Hill….. she went straight to cirque de soleil and did not go to college. Her grandmother was raising her and I had the impression she wanted to go make $$

  11. exgymgurl Says:

    Bridgey could fill the bars and the vault slots that are left. I think Sabrinas clean gymnastics fits them well as an AA gymnast. After next year they lose Kytra, Mack, and Alania as seniors. They need some freshman ASAP

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    Yeah I messed that up biyatch her credits / test scores or something delayed her for a year she was supposed to have been in Mackos / Alanias class. I’m glad she’s has two more years

  13. mimi Says:

    just saw a few interesting bit of goss on twitter:

    1. gabby jupp has torn her ACL (cue “noooooooo” cries from me). but i guess if you’re going to get injured, do it at the start of the quad rather than the end. hope she recovers quickly!

    2. triple twist is saying that mckayla wont be at camp.

    3. there’s cute pics of katelyn and rebecca bross going to prom or something. they look nice but poor gymnasts must struggle finding dresses if they are shorties!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I disagree. Those outfits are ugly and Bross looks like an old lady.lol

      • mimi Says:

        all gymnasts look strange outside of leotards/normal clothes to me because of their height, except for maybe kyla as she is average height. i wouldn’t choose the outfits for myself but they look happy/excited and sweet so that’s what is cute about their pics to me 🙂

    • Biyatch Says:

      Isnt Bross like 20? Why is she going to prom?

      • gingercrush Says:

        Oh please she went to WOGA and her father is a psychopath. For years she was emotionally stunted by a coach that loved his daughter and a father that pushed his daughter way too far. Effectively she is just 16.

        But still i have no idea why but Bross doing anything fun is a positive thing for me. Even though the dresses are positively awful and not in a retro way. 80s prom dresses yuck.

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        Did she even finish highschool?

      • Case Says:

        Nope, she didn’t finish high school. She was still taking correspondence classes when she was on tour.

        She seems to struggle with basic spelling. Had she not gone pro I wonder if she’d have had eligibility problems at the NCAA level.

        In Bross’ defense, her educational shortcomings lie at the feet of her parents who told her from a young age that gymnastics was the only thing that mattered. Tragic really.

  14. gingercrush Says:

    Oh and I am very excited to hear Sarah Finnegan is going to Marthas camp. Even though Marthas camp is evil and they do evil stuff there and actually have to be less than one inch to Martha and possibly Bella’s faces. ewwwwwwwww. Also Martha seems to thrive on grabbing these girls necks. ewwwwwww. Also is this camp updated now or is still a throwback to the 90s?

    But I am excited since that means she is training again and getting ready for classics/nationals. I’d love to see her be a Floor/Beam specialist at worlds. I also think the new code could really suit a gymnast like her. She has strong tumbling but also decent in the spin department. If any American gymnast could get a massive floor code like Afanasyeva it is Finnegan. Her beam was also one of the highest coded last quad and surely she could do something just as good this quad. Still her coach is evil.

    • Biyatch Says:

      Sarah’s not at camp… Brenna is the only gage gymanst that is. http://askalfonggymnastics.blogspot.com

      • gingercrush Says:

        And now I want to cry. Since Brenna is so not a gage gymnast even though she trains there.

    • mim Says:

      i just saw sarah won’t be at camp too.
      boo hiss. she’s capable of great things! why isn’t she going?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Camp is by invite only. Sabrina isnt going either if Brenna is the only GAGE gymnast there. If you are not “ready” to show “readiness” there is really no point. It is a week out of your rehab / and a week of Martas program which may or may not help you heal faster.

  15. Dee Says:

    I’m watching ’98 Nationals on youtube. They keep talking about the Goodwill Games. I remember in the 90’s and early 2000’s that was a big deal meet….does it even still exist? I feel like noone competes at it anymore, or does the US not send athletes?

    • gingercrush Says:

      Goodwill games were cancelled after the 2001 games. It was basically like the olympic games only crappier. Anyway the US had major success in the gymnastics with lovely Moceanu winning AA Gold. Atler won Floor and Vault gold and Maloney beam gold. It was highly controversial with some claiming incredible bias towards the Americans. But Moceanu was awesome even if GTT denies it.

      There was also the awful Sang Lan incident where she hurt herself badly training on vault that left her paralysed.

      • lol Says:

        No she wasn’t anything close to awesome. She had soft bent knee`s and was overscored her entire career. Dawes and Miller put her to shame in every aspect of gymnastics.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Some peoples legs just look like that with a soft bend. That could have been fully extended for her. Miller will always be awesome to me….

        Back to skills eliminated isnt there a Bieger on bars? Named after Jana and not her mom?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Only problem with that theory is in 98 they didn’t look nearly as bad as they did in 96. Her form was overrated

      • Catherine Says:

        She had Riverdance music in 98. It helps me to get over the pain of her 96 routine and the pain of her Lady Gaga thing a few years back. Uggh. I hold a special place in my heart for gymnasts who use Irish music/Irish inspired music because it looks highly unlikely any gymnasts from here will ever make a name for themselves.

        Moceanu’s 98 routine was pretty nice I thought. I think she seriously underrotated a pass though, triple full maybe.

  16. GymMom Says:

    Shawn has been in some kind of bootcamp in Iowa & today she ran 13.1 miles in preparation for running a marathon.

    Even in all black she looks chubby. Thats fine but its not a good endorsement for Nike…in my opinion.

    Even her face looks chubby..not just her chipmunk cheeks but her face looks bloated.

    For all the bootcamps, running etc., along with special foods, Shawn just cannot lose weight.


    • stephen Says:

      GymMom what’s your problem? Do you want to give Shawn an eating disorder or something? You must have some serious complex about being overweight yourself because it’s all you seem to talk about. Also, why are you so obsessed with Shawn? It’s a bit creepy. Oh and for the record, Shawn looks amazing in that photo, as she does in every photo. You don’t need to be stick thin to be healthy and fit.

      Gymtruthteller i hope you don’t block this comment, it needs to be seen.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Hey Stephen… on GTTs behalf attack the idea / post but not the poster okay??? While I agree that Shawn looks really great in that photo, I dont agree with the personal attack……GTT call, but to me its borderline.

        I think its fine to be catty and critical of gymnasts and have opinions, and attack the opinions, but not the people expressing the opinion.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        It’s kind of funny that we can attack gymnasts, who are not here to defend themselves, but can’t attack or question the people who actually are here stating opinions. Of course, they’re GTT’s rules and I don’t care one way or another, I just like reading everyone’s opinions and predictions. I’m not trying to stir the fire, I just really do think it’s funny.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Because gymnasts are in the public eye because they choose to be. If you are an actor or an athlete and you choose to be in the public eye then what people say about you is fair game.

        I will never allow a gymnast to openly post here because I will not put up with the ass kissing that goes with one doing such. Try discussing Dominique Moceanu at GGMB and having an opinion about her that doesn’t insist she was the best gymnast on the planet and you automatically get banned because she reads the board.

        I am keeping the peace for my sanity. I could allow the free for all and it would turn into GGMB and IG where if you do not follow the party line that certain gymnasts are saints because they talk to them at gym meets or are just plain stalkers like a certain fan of Nastia Liukin at IG you can’t post there.

      • utgymfan Says:

        I just don’t see the point of following someone on Twitter and Instagram who you can’t stand and then complaining about the things they post. It would be like me following Kim Kardashian or Nastia ha

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        There doesnt have to be a point… This is about the only open / honest gymnastics board. Thats enough of a point….I dont want to be drawn into shawn anymore. Shawn hasnt competed gymnastics since pan ams 2011…..I dont want to talk about Carly Ding Dongs wedding either… LOL..Hollie Vise Marrying Naddour and their children playing with the Horton /deprospero offspring or even shannons children would be newsworthy. But see thats my opinion….. Read girl from malibu if you want good gymnastics satire about how fat shawn is from WHEN SHAWN REALLY GAINED WEIGHT on DWTS 1…… Thats some funny taco popping good times…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You really are starting to sound like Sarah.lol

      • terrigymfan Says:

        Someone needs to sound like Sarah. She’s gone underground again!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She does that a lot. Maybe finals are around this time. If she shows up in 2 weeks we will know she is finished with College

    • Tortuga Says:

      Shawn looks just as thin as the girl next to her in the photo. Is she chubby too? I think she looks better here than in other photos. Maybe we will stop keeping up with her weight when her Nike contract ends.

      • Catherine Says:

        Hahaha now I am picturing us all with notebooks with our best guesstimates of Shawn’s weight. ‘I say 100 pounds!’ ‘BULLSHIT!!’ etc…

  17. exgymgurl Says:

    Okay umm…. I think shawn looks fine and even really good in that picture…. better than before, and did you put the right link on there? Because maybe Im looking at the wrong thing….

  18. mimi Says:

    did anyone see triple twist’s comments about mykayla skinner?
    apparently she’s touting herself as “the world’s best vaulter”, named a skill for herself and claiming she’ll be the first to do the TTY on her social media…

    normal teen smart ass behaviour or too cocky/presumptuous to the point of bad taste?

    (edit: the girl tweeted when she had her first kiss. heaven help us. and people think mckayla is bad haha)

    • Catherine Says:

      Her coach actually stated in a video interview that the skill would be named after Mykayla had she done it in Jesolo/Chemnitz. (Not on the team..). I know the gym is not bursting with elites and skill naming is not something a lot of fans or even gymnasts would know or care about but I do think a coach should know before she spouts misinformation like that, as well as getting her gymnast’s hopes up for something that will not ever happen even if she had made the European team.

      Mykayla herself seems to refer to herself in the third person on twitter, keeps talking about Rio as if Marta’s gonna name that team tomorrow and definitely gives off a me me me vibe. I hope she loses that, it’s not endearing. I haven’t seen anything about best vaulter though? Maybe that’s from her facebook, I’m not friends with her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Really she’s not even on the “scene” yet so to speak (I mean, I’ve seen a little bit of her on Gymnastike for that double layout floor pass) and she’s already thinking she’s a star?

        This girl sounds like she could be worse than Gabby Douglas.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Triple twist has some kind of beef with Skinner. I read something in their tumblr about it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Triple twist seems to think she is cocky. Sorry to say all gymnasts are cocky

      • Catherine Says:

        I get a humble vibe off most of them. Like Jordyn/Aly/Kyla. And younger gymnasts even more so. Older American gymnasts at least just seem so much into God it’s hard to get any other vibes off them.

      • hurms22 Says:

        MyKayla posted a bunch of the twins’ personal information on social media and refused to take it down.

      • Catherine Says:

        Ahhh. That would explain why they have such a vendetta now. Though not why they had one in the first place for her to retaliate like that.

      • mimi Says:

        how odd, why would she do that?

  19. Biyatch Says:

    Gabby was on the Today show this morning promoting her new book. She twice referred to herself in the third person. She would be so much more endearing if she never opened her mouth. I think all the other girls (including Kyla and her ums) have improved their public speaking since the games, why hasn’t Gabby?

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Because Gabby and her mom have burned through a good agent, coaches, a very famous hairstylist that helped her then she turns around and says publicly that the style is okay but not her. (Sorry but when someone of that caliber in NYC does you a favor you dont publicly diss them and opt for an ugly wig a few months later unless you are just lacking) Shes burned through countless people in her life, using and abusing them. She and her mother seem to struggle to keep her relevant, and she was always trying to get her picture on the red carpet separate from her teammates when they appeared together.

      I wouldnt be surprised if she hasn’t talked to Chow in months. I also would not be surprised if her mother and others don’t think her “ethnic speaking” is part of her “gift to the world” and see anyone trying to get her to improve at even giving a promotional interview as being “racist”.

      Just wait in time to anyone who will listen when she doesnt make the 2016 team in Rio Chow, Marta, the selection committee, the other girls will all be racists. Just so she can stay relevant. Were talking about the girl who competed at the 2010 Nasty Piukin cup, then broke in at 2011 nationals / classics was skyping with her dad to the 2012 olympic gold medalist who wouldnt get him tickets and at trials hadnt heard from him in years. The story changes as it is convenient to make her more relevant in the media. She was L10 and actually sounded normal in 2010, she did she said shed make the olympics, but she wasnt rude or high on herself. There is an interview she did with Gymnastike in 2010 and if she was that Gabby Douglas shed be a lot more endearing, and not the one that said about Jordyn Wieber “We all have to learn to live with disappointment”

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’ll actually think it funny if she goes on a rant after not making the Rio team. Marta played a big hand in creating this monster; I only hope she can reap the benefits too.

        We’ll see more (or less) in a year or so when Gabby will have been supposedly training under Chow. I also hope Gabby and her mom have fun paying taxes on her winnings in 2013. Yet I’ll bet my left foot Gabby’s mom is still collecting disability and whatever else she can get away with collecting off the backs of taxpayers.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      Nothing bugs me more than hearing someone start referring to themselves in the third person. Gag!

      I also think that is one of the better photos of Shawn I’ve seen lately.:)

      • GymMom Says:

        Creepy photo of Gabby with super creepy Clive Davis’s son at a luncheon in DC on her Twitter.

        She is claiming she’s headed back to the gym to promote her 2nd book. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        Publicists etc. cannot fix whats wrong with Gabby. I read she is going to endorse invisalign braces? Ummm she already wore braces….I call bs on her endorsing any braces.

        Shawn says she trained at a bootcamp for 12 weeks & she looks exactly the same as she did. Long distance running normally changes a woman’s body. I ran cross country in high school. One of the unexpected results was a new body shape. Its hard to explain. Shawn must think because she runs alot, she can indulge in whatever she wants. By the way, those “green juices” from
        Starbucks have alot of calories!

        Shawn is desperate to hang on to her Nike contract. If I were her, I would stop drinking smoothies & start eating a more clean diet.

      • Karlie Says:

        Shawn’s incredibly muscular. While it might be more challenging to find workout clothes that are flattering to a muscular shape, that does NOT mean that the person is in any way unhealthy. She looks great to me; she wears loose shirts because (surprise!) she has somewhat of a bust.

        I am a varsity collegiate athlete. As a soccer player, much of the emphasis is on power and changing direction, so my legs are very much like Shawn’s–extremely muscular (buying jeans is fun…the ones that fit my waist are too small to fit my quads, and the ones that fit over my quads too large on my waist…classic athlete problem haha). I know I’m in incredible shape–probably the best I’ve ever been in–because I can play a 90 minute game, and pass every fitness test with time to spare. I also recently ran a half-marathon for training purposes, and have run distance for close to ten years – if you’re already muscular and strong, distance doesn’t really affect your body other than helping you maintain aerobic fitness. I can’t eat gluten, so considering that I eat at a limited dining hall, most of my diet consists of fruit and vegetables–and yet I still look exactly like Shawn. And I’m fine with that.

        My point is not to brag, but to calmly say that Shawn’s body type is Shawn’s body type and the fact that she is clearly able to do amazing things–like finish a half marathon–means she’s strong and fit. I don’t really care about GymMom’s personal opinion, but I think many of the things she said are a poor model for young women who are already worried about their bodies. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder in the past–there were literally periods in high school where I ate nothing–my body type is still my body type, and I will always be muscular. Saying that someone who is muscular looks like a “sumo wrestler” isn’t doing anything other than making you feel good about being so vindictive, and making other people feel as if they need to strive for nonexistant perfection instead of embracing themselves the way they are.

        I think Shawn looks great. Kudos to her for her hard work.

      • utgymfan Says:

        You hit the nail on the head Karlie. I think it would be okay to criticize someone who legitimately gained weight and Shawn did gain a significant amount of weight on DWTS the first go round. However, I think she looks great now and criticizing someone who is all muscle is just odd to me. If I were fat I wouldn’t go around wearing compression pants and tight tank tops to the gym but I’m not and neither is Shawn. People who are trying to hide fat don’t wear form fitting clothes. Shawn has nothing to hide and I’m glad she’s working so hard to achieve her goals of fitness.

  20. GymMom Says:

    Shawn looks like a sumo wrestler in this photo. Look at her arms. Thats what happens when you eat too much & lift weights.

    I noticed on @JeanetteJenkins twitter, she doesn’t tag Shawn’s twitter. She did however tag Kelly Rowlands & singer Pink who were both named to People Magazine’s most beautiful. Sorry Shawn but after 12 weeks in a bootcamp(Farrells) whose name she no longer mentions, she should be in better shape than that!

    I am calling her out because of her constant bragging about all her ‘work-outs.’ It doesn’t ring true!

    Think about it….Jeanette Jenkins business as a personal trainer to the stars depends upon showing the results of her clients like Kelly Rowlands & Pink for example. Most women would love to look like either of them….not like Shawn Johnson. Thats why Jeanette no longer tags Shawn or calls her “sis.”

    • utgymfan Says:

      All I see is definition in her arms. She looks great and she’s a good fitness inspiration to young girls everywhere. I’ve enjoyed watching her fitness progress and I think she looks amazing.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Maybe Jeanette is a racist. 🙂

      All jokes aside, all body types are different, and there are people that just in general develop “bulky” muscle as opposed to long/lean muscle. Shawn is in the bulky category so probably has to monitor the weight lifting since too much will leave her looking rather bulky and thick in the major muscle areas. Her arms appear large-ish but hey – she still looks great to me. She has developed muscle in both her legs and arms. She still looks the athlete to me though. If she wanted slimmer muscles she would have to lift less weight for more reps, and also make sure to use proper form and technique (full extension while lifting weights and what not). I’m sure her trainers tell her all that.

      But who am I to opine on what Shawn does, really? I literally am that person hiding behind a computer screen dishing up opinions. I’ll admit to that, but I do find it fun (well, just on this blog – I find commenting with all of you guys fun), and I would guess celebrities who put themselves out there pretty much know to expect the comments/criticism from others that don’t have to show their face.

      That being said, when I started finding Shawn’s tweets annoying I just stopped following her. If I am curious as to what she’s up to I can look up her Twitter but that’s it. In fact, the only reason I know what Shawn is even up to is because of your comments! So I find it really funny since you are not a fan of hers and would probably rather everyone just stop caring about her, right? I’m sure that day will come but I can’t blame Shawn for wanting to try as she might to stay on that fame train. As it is I think she no longer is really that relevant anymore. USAG will stand behind Nastia and let Shawn go to the wayside.

  21. Catherine Says:

    I keep watching this. Perfection. I hope she can upgrade the life out of it, it deserves to win..everything.

  22. GymMom Says:

    Aly is dancing 5th tonight. She looks really cute tonight. I had read Mark hurt his back but he walked down the stairs with her?

  23. hurms22 Says:

    Kyla was seen sitting in the Gator’s section at Nationals.

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