Gym Fans are smart. Skating fans are idiots. VOTE FOR ALY

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This petition still needs signatures. Come on people, NO MORE PINK

US Olympic committee is having a contest where you can vote for your fave US moments at the Olympic games.

The smart Gym fans easily picked the MAG 7 win over the Fierce 5’s win because we are smarty pants yet the idiotic morons of the Skating world picked Sarah freaking Hughes and her undeserved win over Brian Boitano.

So now it is time to vote for the second round. THE Mag 7 has a tough race against the 1992 Dream team but they do have a shot. AS few years ago fans could vote for the team they wanted to make it into the US Olympic Hall of Fame and the Mag 7 beat this very same Dream team so go vote. Make sure you vote for the Miracle on Ice over that horse on ice because if she wins all skating fans will be branded brain dead idiots for life.


Aly dances first tonight on Dancing with the stars and Happy Opening Day baseball fans. Woo, one game down, 161 more to go:)


The Future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades:)


74 Responses to “Gym Fans are smart. Skating fans are idiots. VOTE FOR ALY”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Ahhhhh Hughes was a one-hit wonder. Boytano is like a FREAKIN LEGEND. Like, even the South Park crazies wonder, “what would Brian Boytano do…”

    I would have thought nobody would remember Huges by now. At least it wasn’t Lipinski I guess.

    I voted Mag 7 – also voted the 4 x 100 relay, because Lezak is AWESOME. πŸ™‚

  2. gingercrush Says:

    Those are not figure skating fans but has to be average americans. No way would Hughes’s win be regarded better than Boitano.

    There are some weird choices there though. For them to pick Lindsay Vonn and Bode Miller at all seems really well stupid. It seems really really random.

    Hahaha they should have had Mary Lou Retton vs Nastia Liukin.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Then I would have to vote for Mary Lou and I would die inside if I had to do

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        More like Carly Patterson vs. Nastia…Mary Lou shouldn’t even count at a boycotted Olympics.

        Or even better how about Shawn’s beam gold vs. Nastia’s AA gold. OOOooooh I like that one!

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        lol I like that last one, Sanity. That just boils down to how much one despises a gymnast/their gymnastics (I have a feeling GTT would choose Gabby AA over Nastia AA, maybe?). For me: Nastia’s AA gold > Shawn’s beam gold. Nastia’s AA might have been among a weak field AND her bars d-score carried her through but you can’t deny that she did well for that particular CoP and she had no control over the CoP. However, Shawn winning beam is like… if Aly had won beam. The beam medal is, imo, the most prestigious EF medal because it is the crown/most representative of gymnastics (mental game + artistry + precise tumbling). Shawn’s artistry is blehhh… absent. I hate her dance elements as much as the choreo.

        What’s funny is that I’d have preferred if their medals were switched. Shawn was the superior AAer across all events (she’d win over Nastia in other codes) but Nastia was nicer to watch on beam.

        GTT, if you didn’t tell me that fans voted for the Mag 7 to be inducted over the dream team, I’d have said that they didn’t stand a chance against MJ & co. Hell, even I have a hard time choosing because I don’t feel like they were the best team at that Olympics despite being the best WAG team the US has ever had. :p

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I feel the same way. I was a huge basketball fan until 2003 and the dream team was something special in 92. Other teams were asking for autographs during games. It was kind of crazy.

        I do think I will be voting for miracle on ice if it gets to the next round. That is a no brainer and barely remember it happening.

        I think I would chose Gabby over Nastia for AA but it is kind of like choosing between which Yankee I hate less. Um I hate them all.

      • JAS4 Says:

        If it were Nastia vs Gabby I don’t think I’d vote at all lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:


  3. Biyatch Says:

    If the 1980 hockey team doesnt win the whole bracket is a sham anyways.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They should beat Sarah but overall the 92 dream team was pretty amazing as well.

      If the MAG 7 win you know it will be all about Kerri and nothing about anyone else.

    • GymMom Says:

      Agreed on the 1980 USA Hockey team!

  4. Catherine Says:

    McKayla Maroney has been cast in an NBC pilot called Family Guide. She turned down DWTS for gymnastics…the timing and intensity of this if it gets picked up must be better.

  5. GymMom Says:

    Cubs won today too. Question here? Is Aly’s sister developmentally disabled? I saw photo Aly tweeted a few days ago?

    Regarding DWTS…..tweet your pick for Prom King and Queen during DWTS tonight. Results announced tomorrow I believe? #AlyandMark perfect prom couple.

  6. gingercrush Says:

    I can imagine Mckayla Maroney in soft porn though sadly.

    • mimi Says:

      oh cmon, leave comments like this until she’s 18 at least.
      i’ll admit she shouldn’t pose the way she does online (unfortunately like many non-famous teen girls do not just in the US but other western countries) but she’s essentially (legally) still a kid.. and wearing skanky clothes doesn’t mean she’s off to pornoland, that’s the kinda mentally all those misogynistic boys/men have and why this whole rape culture exists…

      *jumps off the soapbox, runs back to jezebel* πŸ˜‰

      im all for sharing of opinions, but i find comments like that a bit harsh. nothing against you gingercrush just a difference of opinion.

    • mimi Says:

      and i agree – it would be sad if that’s what eventuated. i surely hope not!

  7. gingercrush Says:

    hahahahaha entirely random. But early this morning I re-remembered the name of a cartoon I use to love as a kid. So I’m thinking here who else remembers this?

    • DL Says:

      I thought I hadn’t seen this show until I listened to the song. (That song! I’m not going to be able to get it out of my head now.) So I must have watched this as a kid.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Guess I’m too young for that one. I randomly got on a Macaulay Culkin streak yesterday and went back to watch a lot of his old interviews. What a cute kid. Hope he’s not really addicted to Heroin now.

  8. mimi Says:

    triple twist blog saying mckayla is attending the next national training camp!

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      Yessss! Please tell me that this isn’t an April fools joke (:

    • Gymbee Says:

      Yes! My first reaction was “back in the gym where she belongs” haha! I feel bad – cause I do want all of them to have fun and take advantage of opportunities, but I ultimately want to see all of them (maybe not so much Gabby) back in the gym.

  9. H Says:

    Aly week 3

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Is it just me or does that dress make Aly look thick in the middle? I like the color but …the dress doesn’t seem to fit well. Maybe it’s just me. I know she didn’t gain 5 lbs in a week.

      • GymMom Says:

        I thought the same thing….all of her costumes have made her look heavy. And I agree, she couldn’t have gained weight that quickly. She doesn’t look like that in the rehearsal videos. Costumes can make or break their appearance. Last week Wynonna looked great in her costume with the vest etc. Last night Wynonna looked ALOT heavier in her costume.

      • nero Says:

        Here’s the longer version that shows their rehearsal footage, she definitely looks better there. I think part of the problem is she doesn’t have a defined waist because she’s just pure muscle. I loved this dance, she’s getting a tiny bit better each week which may be just the ticket to the mirror ball trophy πŸ™‚

      • Gymbee Says:

        I thought the same. She looked better in the dress from last week, and even in the photo she tweeted with her sister.
        Anyway, loved the dance!

  10. sportsfan Says:

    Aly did great, and I liked the dress as it was. It was a prom night, and most prom dresses don’t flatter those who wear them.

    As far as the USOC vote goes for best Olympic moment, I am shocked that the Dream Team was defeated so early. The only moment I would put over them would be the “Miracle on Ice”.

  11. Biyatch Says:

    McKayla signed with adidas gymnastics and they are giving her a signature line… they now have Jake Dalton, Jordyn and Dannell. The leotard market in the US is dominated by GK and to a lesser effect AlphaFactor and Dreamlight, I wonder how successful adidas is going to be.

    Endorsement wise Gabby has her Nike contract. I wonder if Under Armour is content having the national team or if theyll try to sign individual athletes. Aly sent out a tweet about the victoria secret workout line the other day thanking them for all their support. Definitely seemed like a plug but that could definitely just mean free swag and not an actual deal.

    It would be interesting if USAG ever allowed their athletes to use their own sponsor leos in international competition like USA Swimming. I remember at the Olympics Rebecca Soni wore an Arena suit in a totally different color (even in the relay) was the federation was officially sponsored by Speedo. For gymnastics I believe for the team competition FIG regulations would restrict this but as long as it met all other leo requirements by FIG standards it would probably be allowed in individual events. Cant ever see USAG agreeing to anything like that however.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I think for individual domestic competitions (like Visas, CoverGirl, etc) the gymnasts can wear their sponsorship leos. ASac wore an Under Armour one (I thought) at Visas and maybe even Trials if I recall.

      For the team competitions and international/World competitions I’m sure the girls will all have to wear matching leos, and those would be whoever is sponsoring the national team at the time so in this quad, Under Armour. Last quad it was Adidas, right?

      That’s my guess.

      • nero Says:

        Yes, I’m very certain that Under Armour would have stipulated in their contract that the girls must wear their leos for international competition. Otherwise what’s the point in having an agreement if the girls can wear their own sponsors?

        I do wonder if the girls can wear the old national team leos and maybe put a UA logo on it? The blue/purple one that Jo wore 2nd of Trials and Shawn wore AA 2007 is one of my favorites and seems to be one of the favorites of the team.

        I also LOVE the blue/white/red firework Shawn wore in floor finals and Nastia wore beam finals and 2nd day of Trials. I’m actually mad that one didn’t get used more over the quad.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I hate hot pink/purple being used in the AA competition at the Olympics. For London, I have no idea what that design was on their chest to this day. Like, what was that? Just a bunch of sequins.

        I hated Nastia’s AA leo in Beijing. She should have worn blue to Shawn’s red. Hot pink is not USA/patriotic at all. Why that choice was even in there is beyond me.

        I thought the Beijing leos were overall dull/ugly with the exception of the red/blue firework ones – oh and the white one you are talking about that Nastia wore. I HATED the team finals leos – also the same leo in blue that Shawn wore on beam finals and Nastia wore on bar finals. I hated that one SO much.

        I wish the London leos were more reminiscent of what Kyla wore at Trials Day 1 (the flag one – I might have gotten the day wrong but I think everyone knows the leo I’m talking about). I wish the Fierce Five had worn the leo that Aly/Jo wore on floor finals – that would have been cool.

        It seems that ever since Beijing the trend has been to wear colors not representing the US flag – or just one of the US flag colors at a time (i.e., red) in a team competition for the US. I don’t get it but oh well.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Swimming is different because of the aero suits and its really about what works best for each swimmer. The caps are all speedo and Id bet she had her speedo cap on

  12. Biyatch Says:


  13. exgymgurl Says:

    I was trying to be sarcastic… they dont even have funny dramatic music or anything…. I could spice that up with a voiceover… or have her in braids that would pop out on eiher side. It would be more cute that way……thats just a sad excuse for a commercial

  14. exgymgurl Says:

    There are actually two of them…. yuck

  15. GymMom Says:

    Ok does anyone else find it hilarious that Gabby did a Nike ad that is running only in Japan? Ha ha ha.

    The whole ad starting with the portrayal of Gabbby’s fake house is too much! Compare that to the P & G ads all filmed in Shawn Johnson’s actual home in West Des Moines.

    I guess Nike figured most people here wouldn’t buy into the fake domestic portrayal in the Japanese ad???

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Hah, I like the cat. It’s a better ad than McKayla’s! And not surprising they would use a fake house with a white picket fence – typical exemplification of the American Dream, only to be bought and sold by the Japanese.

      They wouldn’t use this ad in the US because it is so obviously fake.

      • DL Says:

        I have to say, that ad is pretty awesome. It sells the shoes.

      • GymMom Says:

        Yeah she wrote 2 books about how hard her life has been & then this ad is produced? How does it sell the shoes? Nike is selling a bill of goods.

      • DL Says:

        The focus is on the shoe getting the job done–in the context of the ad itself the shoe looks pretty awesome and fun and part of a fantasy life. I can see why Nike would think the Japanese market would dig it.

        So hilarious that she has two books out. I had no idea that there was more than one of those tree killers in bookstores.

      • Gymbee Says:

        The ad is really cool. It tells a story, and there’s no annoying VO babbling about the shoes or fancy graphics. It catches peoples attention.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I thought the ad was cute. She’s not babbling or acting pretentious. She still looks to be in great physical condition also. Granted her body type is very forgiving so far. If she wasn’t so annoying in previous interviews I’d see people loving her a lot more after this commercial.

  16. nero Says:

    Wow! Jordyn wins 1st Nadia Comaneci Sportsmanship Award from the IGHOF!!

  17. exgymgurl Says:

    I actually thought Gabbys ad was cute. Shes better when she keeps her mouth shut. Love how she doesnt even assume a parent or other responsible adult will be home considering shes 17… she doesnt even call mom to check… This is what a high power CAA agent gets you….

  18. GymMom Says:

    Nice photo of Aly with Extra’s Mario Lopez. She really is pretty.

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