Alicia Sacramone wants to write a book, and………..

Alicia Sacramone says she has been getting tweets about people wanting her to write a book. Yesterday she tweeted the tweet above and she wants to know what we think she should write about.

Well Alicia, I think you should tell us the truth about how much you hate the camps where you are not given enough food to eat.

I want to know if Marta promised you a spot on the Olympic team in 2012 if you didn’t compete on floor or upgrade your vaults and if that is the reason you left Trials after you weren’t named to the team. Is this the reason behind your mothers tweets right after you weren’t name?

How do you really feel about the free pass Nastia Liukin got to Nationals and Trials after skipping camps while you were working your butt off training after an injury?

Chellsie Memmel not being invited to Nationals after Classics?

During the time leading up to Trials there seemed to be a “buddy” attitude between you, Bridget Sloan, Chellsie Memmel and Shawn Johnson was this due to the free pass Nastia was getting because she is Marta’s pet? I don’t believe for a second you could really stand being near the little princess when she was getting this free pass

Anna Li posted about the bullying on the tour on her blog and many people speculated you were the gymnast she was talking about. What do you think of that and tell me, how damn annoying is it listening to Anna Li call herself an Olympian when she never was?

Do you even feel bad about how you treated Shawn Johnson when she beat you on floor at Worlds and do you realize it ruined your whole reputation with the fans? We all think the whole “Alicia is a leader” thing was bull shit and you proved it.

And by the way, how much does it suck to see Aly Raisman living your dream?

So many questions, so little time:)

What do you think peeps?


This petition also has been lost in the DWTS blog.


Only 9 signatures? Really people? This is the best we’ve got. If this petition does not have at least 25 signature by tomorrow it is getting its own blog.


Marta babbles her BS.


212 Responses to “Alicia Sacramone wants to write a book, and………..”

  1. Shlak Says:

    These answers would definitely be interesting.
    Don’t you feel a bit bad for Alicia for that question regarding Aly?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nope besides it isn’t like I tweeted her the

      If she wants to write a book she needs to spill it all.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Oh man I WISH ASac would write that book…if only USAG didn’t buy her out with that job. Maybe she doesn’t need USAG’s job. I guess. I hope. I can only hope that eventually the truth comes out.

    So did ASac complain about there not being enough food to eat at the camps?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She tweeted a picture once about the food with this sarcastic like tone but that is it. I have just heard through the grapevine that they are fed next to nothing at those camps

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Not surprised. Marta and Bella are into that whole starvation thing, right?

        Kind of weird.

        Not happy that Liukin is basically being primed to step in and take over for Marta when she’s gone…

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Gone where? lol Marta is only 70– she’s got another 50 in her.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        They are starved at camps…. When Memmel was eating on the competition floor at 2011 classics / nationals I was laughing…. how dare she eat …. anything…..

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think she was doing that on purpose.

      • Catherine Says:

        Marta gave an interview at Jesolo and said Rio will be her last Olympics. Maybe the way Beijing was for Chuso, or maybe that’s it and she’s done.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Chellsie did do that on purpose… thats why it was so funny… it was like f-u marta Im eating a power bar!!!

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Is there a video of that? That is awesome. Yet look what happened to her. And she just caved and sold out, basically.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I didn’t find one but I do love this video of Chellsie.

      • Short1 Says:

        @sanitynmotion If you watch the full broadcast of the 2011 Covergirl Classic (on USAG’s YouTube channel), I’m pretty sure it shows her eating the power bar.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ok I found it. Thanks for the leads guys – see 6:36 in on this one:

      • Sara Says:

        hahaha! Thank you! I’ve been wanting to see this video for a while.

      • georgert Says:

        Having been there, I would say that it would really suck for your preconceived storyline to be told that the girls have a very well balanced meal plan at camp. They don’t serve ice cream or cake, but there is plenty of good food available for the athletes, so I’ll leave it at that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Well George Thomas , stalker of all things Aly Raisman I am sure you know a lot from your fake IP address putting you in Kansas when you really are from Colorado but clearly you don’t know shit about this.

        I believe the gymnasts over you and they tweet what they eat.

        Bye now

        IP’s for President

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Cmon George Thomas, in the Romanian system the girls food intake is weighed and each girl on the olympic training squad has her own individual plate. Determined by what they can eat without gaining weight, unless you are at the fat table….. Haven’t you heard the stories about the 1992 olympics and the mens team sneaking them food? Thats been confirmed by sooo many people on both sides its not funny and yes they are starved. They all come out of camp looking skinnier. They all look thin and exhausted in Germany. Girls have been yelled at for eating too much fruit… again confirmed at camps and by numerous people…

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Funny at the 2011 classic Tim Daggett calls Gabby gaaaaybrielle douglas, and says she cant wait to skype to her dad after the competition. And he complains on how she gets hammered on her bars execution marks. And Chow had remarked to Daggett that she lacked focus and mental game. Apparently Chow is really good at teaching that.

        Also it was mentioned that Jiani Wus husband went back to China in the lead up to 2008 and was coaching in China for the olympics. Yeah Im sure the chinese at that point had all the inside dirt on putting a commercial break in to cause Alicia to have a meltdown….

        Daggett also says how Bross was still hurt and couldnt compete at Classics because of her ankle surgery that she hadn’t come back from. Interesting how six weeks later she killed herself on an Amanar. She could have rested and sat out Nationals but no….

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I get what you are saying about Romania but Sandra Izbasa and Catalina Ponor looked more they not starve you if you’re older? I’m literally just curious.

        George Thomas sounds like a creep stalker name. What’s going on in Colorado?

        And yeah I was hearing that about Gabby’s dad and laughing considering what happened a year later. What a fake.

        Bross killed herself on a DTY, not an amanar. But yeah, she should have just either done a Y vault or scratched that event. I believe that vault contributed to her mental breakdowns and not making the team.

      • Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

        I remember seeing that pic of ASAC floating around on Tumblr basically all she was eating like a small scoop of rice & some fruit. Now who can forget this gem of a fluff piece at the ’08 U.S Nationals Min 1:04 Yumm Watermelon & plan iceberg lettuce wow Marta you should tryout for Top Chef once this Gymnastics thing is over for ya. I have to say time can only tell but at the moment ASAC is lucky her body has handled the change of everything pretty well & still has a great body. I mean its sometime shocking how fast these young girls bodies & overall features change in just a short amount of time not training the level they once did. Example the tour I mean sure they aren’t training & doing the numbers they were doing prior to London but I mean they still were working out & stuff & even then you could def see a change in their bodies & features (No I’m not a perv or calling anyone fat) I guess some just luck out & others don’t…Or some simply went from the Marta Karolyi Ranch Buffet to the chinese buffet & just never got out of line a la McCool, Patterson, & Shayla Worley time & puberty wasn’t kind to any of them…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        How much do you hate Danny Ainge right now? He is the one man on this planet that if he died I would laugh. I despise him

      • hurms22 Says:

        Anna Li’s dad was the coordinator for both the Chinese WAG and MAG team in 2008.

    • Gymbee Says:

      It would probably be an “inspirational” work hard and believe in God book anyway. With some dog photos here and there. If her twitter is anything to go by in regards to content.

      • Short1 Says:

        I could be wrong, but the vibe I get from the Twitter posts is that she seems to keep her private life private (or at least more so since the tour ended).

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    I have to wonder also if ASac doesn’t read this blog. I would if I were her…I mean, she has to know about it and now she’s got more time on her hands what with not having to train for gymnastics…

    OH and I listened to Kyla’s interview on that link. She said she is aiming for the AA position at Worlds this year. Well I hope she knows that if she wants that she needs to UPGRADE!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I didn’t listen but I heard about it.

      I have to believe she knows that floor will keep her out.

      She saw the scores Biles got over her lower d scores.

      She has to know

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t think A-Sac knows about this blog but Woga does:)

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        How do you know that woga reads this blog?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I didn’t say they read this blog on a regular basis I said I know they know about this blog and have read it. There is a difference.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I’m pretty sure someone who writes for Gymnastike reads this blog. They posted a status recently about who will get the TTY faster, Biles or Maroney? Which has been discussed here a lot. Not that no one else could think of it but I doubt it crosses minds frequently.

      • mimi Says:

        message for gymnastike writers – get more interesting questions to ask the gymnasts! or at least some with better speaking skills…

        and stop charging the ludicrous amount of $20 for gold videos!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Plus I am not very nice to Alicia on this blog so if she ever searched for herself she would never come

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      She has to know but how did she NOT know about the whole Nastia thing prior to the Olympics? I mean it was as if her coaches just “allowed” for her to be put in that spot. I get it on the amanar but not on the floor. I will never understand why her coaches were thinking a D score of 5.5 would be competitive on the floor…she was basically cornered into competing for Nastia’s spot on that team and thank GOD she got it, but only because Nastia fell.

  4. icemeltsfast Says:

    lol what a great title to this blog. =)

    I think the only way Aly is living Asac’s dream is her medal haul after the OG. I don’t know if Aly is getting more media attention than Asac did. Didn’t people think she was the hottest gymnast ever after Beijing + she got that ESPN article. Also, this is a bit irrelevant, but she probably would have been asked to be on DWTS if Shawn had declined like Mac did.

    and lol @ the not enough food at the camps thing. That wouldn’t come to be a big surprise given the Bela Karolyi yelling at Erica Stokes over the peach story..

  5. icemeltsfast Says:

    To add to the SJ floor reaction, I would ask her if she really made fun of Anna Li & cause her to write that blog post. haha maybe she would apologize. =)

    I’d also love to know who’s really BFF’s with who. lol

    And the pink trend is just a fad– it will fade. I think neon (“bolt”) is going start trending. 😉

  6. terrigymfan Says:

    I’d really like to hear the real scoop from her on her falling out with Nastia after she announced her comeback. Just her real opinion of Nastia really.

  7. Biyatch Says:

    FANTASTIC post

  8. macstabby Says:

    Ohhh WOGA knows about this blog? How do you know that? I mean, unless it’s just Nastia internet-stalking all mentions of her name. That’s way less exciting.
    I’d love to know who Anna Li was talking about with regards to “bullying.” I’d have guessed Nastia or ASac called her out for not being a real world medalist OR a real Olympian. I sure would’ve wanted to. I wouldn’t call it bullying either- that word gets thrown around far too much these days (and means using intimidation or fear, I think.) Anna Li is a grown ass woman and shouldn’t be such a damn puss. She should either stand up for herself or wake up and smell the roses- she ain’t no damn medalist.

    • Short1 Says:

      That’s pretty much how I felt about the “bullying”…that term has become so overused it’s almost gotten to the point where it seems like anything that isn’t a complement gets called “bullying!” It would certainly be interesting to here the other side of that story.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      WOGA knows about this blog because it was the only source for the open Mackenzie Wofford debacle…more proof USAG cares nothing about their athletes…

    • mimi Says:

      i didnt think anna was writing about herself being bullied, but rather she wtinessed bullying on the tour.

  9. sainabou nyang Says:

    I have some questions for asac myself:

    1) What is it like to habe martas hands around your neck and her face being so close to you that you can smell what she had for breakfast?

    2) Who told you it was a good idea to do the silly poses and arm waving on floor and beam?

    3) Tell us all the juice about the 08 and 12 tour.

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    Okay… daddy Piukin is taking over for Marta…. Does he have any other WOGA elites behind Ohashi?

    What does ASac think about Mackenzie Wofford throwing up and camp and being told to get back out and train by Liukin?

    And why are Gabby and McKayla mentioned as training and NOT Jordyn Wieber??? Oh yeah she doesnt count anymore…. no individual medals I forgot…. You go Team Wieber…..


    Okay and Marta and company responsible for Gold in 1996??? Hello Y2K was your first centralized team ….. MLT was head coach in 1996 of team USA ….and the girls didnt look starved like they do on this european vacation. I swear Biles has dropped at least 5lbs

    • mimi Says:

      after ohashi it’ll be irina alexeeva right? and she’s adorable so i hope they look after that little one!

    • Case Says:

      Yeah I don’t get why USAG is ignoring the fact Jordyn is training either. And she’s not just training….she is all out training. 110% committed. Probably because she hasn’t been to camp yet.

      I hope she blindsides the hell out of Marta.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Still don’t understand how/why ONE PERSON can have so much control. The coaches must all be fine with it I’m guessing otherwise they could step in as a group and take over. Meh.

      That’s right, Marta completely ignored Jordyn Weiber. The last US World Champ. Hrm. Kyla didn’t take home any individual and she seems to like Kyla…(but at the same time would not have hesitated to overthrow Kyla’s Olympics by placing Nastia in her spot).

      If WOGA reads this blog, I’ll bet they have some interesting banter in their gym. Wonder what they say about the whole Nastia being given a free spot if she didn’t face plant it thing…

  11. exgymgurl Says:

    All of team USA will be doing pirrouettes and code whoring…. awesome…..And well heck maybe bross will get a job….

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    Kim Zmeskal is painting this whole “Kyla is the leader picture thing… it makes me want to barf… oh and Marta more international experience would be sending more than one gymnast to compete at each World Cup event…

    How much would someone bet against EBee being “injured” and dropping to L10 to do college gymnastics.

    And honestly I think Kyla needs core conditioning…. and needs to gain like 5lbs to pick up endurance….

  13. Short1 Says:

    Well…most of the questions that would have come to mind have already been listed somewhere above. I think there are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t be happy with anything less than, essentially, a gymnastics version of “The Dirt.”

  14. JAS4 Says:

    I have a question for ASac: Why would you ever trust Marta?????

  15. mimi Says:

    wouldn’t it be incredible if she actually answered these?
    my biggest one would be – why were you so mean to shawn? how did you feel about nastia’s apparent special treatment in the lead up to london? do those sole impact sock things actually work? why does everyone listen to marta?

  16. GymMom Says:

    Aly’s blog for Parade Magazine. She really bonded with Dorthy Hamil. And I loved hearing about how she was able to attend her prom.

    • nero Says:

      Oh Aly, I understand she was home-schooled for a while but are kids today really not learning how to construct sentences properly? Do they just not care? The way she writes. Makes me think. She texted this whole article. On her phone. And they’re, their and there…..UGH.

      I love Aly, but it just makes someone sound/seem uneducated when they don’t know how to write.

      • mimi Says:

        i hate in all the interviews all the gymnasts say “yeah, i did good”

        NO – you did WELL. the bad grammar kills me. they all say it and it makes me cringe.

        bless that little girl pixie from CGA in beyond the routine.. at least she knew the difference.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Ack, I hate to say it but if I didn’t know any better this is a fifth grader’s work, if that. Very simple, non-intricate sentences and kind of overall a bit dull. “She is amazing. I am excited. I get along with everyone.”

      To be honest Shawn’s blogs were a lot more interesting to read and offered more insight. Yet she’s the one who is made fun of for being stupid…

      • nero Says:

        LOL You know it’s true! I read the first part of Shawn’s book and let’s just say….girl isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. She couldn’t even get the name and country right for the girl’s competing at the Olympics, in the sport of gymnastics!

      • Sara Says:

        I was going to say that Aly’s blog actually reminded me of the writing in Shawn’s. They both had very short sentences, with the vocabulary of a 5th grader. Not to mention the way they express themselves, “I’m loving L.A so far. The weather here is awesome… It’s been really fun”.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        LOL I don’t remember that from Shawn’s ESPN blog but I was so hopeful for her comeback I could have just as easily dismissed it. I just don’t remember thinking “oy when is this going to be over” as I was reading it…

      • nero Says:

        It wasn’t her blog, it was her twitter during the Olympics when she was an NBC correspondent or whatever. Can you look up super old tweets? I don’t have a twitter so I don’t know, but if you can go back and look because it’s hilarious.

        She was in the arena, you know with that super huge scoreboard with giant letters and numbers on it and all you have to do is type in those exact same letters in your phone, but the girl couldn’t even do that. I think she confused a Russian gymnast and a Romanian on more than one occasion.

        But my favorite that is burned into my brain for the rest of eternity is when she said “China on beam, enough said right?” That’s funny and sad at the same time because you know she made about $10,000 from that tweet alone but you also know she had no clue who was going on beam. I bet she couldn’t even name half the skills they were doing.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        lol Nero, she did confuse Sandra with being a Russian gymnast. “Last Russian floor routine. Sandra Izbasa. Favorite dance I’ve seen. But huge fall on last past.”

        It’s like she forgot that who beat her on floor in Beijing..

        I thought those tweets were a joke.

        you just gotta search the hashtag #olympicstoday to relive those…

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I looked at some of Shawn’s Instagram photos from the Olympics…I hate to say it, but she looks like she’s aged 10 years in the 4 years since Beijing…

        Either too much makeup/tanner or …I don’t know.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes sanity, noticed that! I think it’s too much sun.

    • Case Says:

      Ohhhh Aly. Stick to being a charming dancer and leave the blogging for somebody else please.

      • GymMom Says:

        Don’t blame it on home-schooling! Writing skills are no longer taught or graded in our public schools. To be honest, Aly’s writing skills are better than most teens I’ve read…sad but true.

        Regarding the blog and Twitter, Wynonna tweeted last night that part of what ABC’s expectations of DWTS contestants, is that they tweet regularly while they’re on the show. I’m sure this blog is along those same lines.

        Don’t you think Parade has editors? They should be editing “their/they’re/there” in my opinion.

        I am appalled at the lack of writing skills of most young people.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Any time you feel like correcting my grammar / writing skills go

        I honestly don’t ever remember being taught this stuff in school.

    • DL Says:

      Her prom dress looks pretty in the picture in the blog–much better than a lot of the dresses she’s worn to events.

  17. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    I may be a bit biased here since I’m an Alicia fan, but aren’t people making too big of a deal of Alicia being emotional after losing floor gold? At that time, she was sure that it was her last world championships, she simply wanted to win gold, AND she knew that she would have won if she didn’t mess up that third pass. (Was it the third pass? Anyway.) How certain are we that she didn’t congratulate Shawn anyway? I know that she initially didn’t (because she just fell apart in Mihai’s arms for a looooong time), but it’s not like the cameras were trained on them for every single second, right?

    Also, I wouldn’t say that Alicia is not a good team leader. That pep talk she gave before the floor rotation during team finals (worlds 07) was just amazing, and it really did calm the girls down. Also, didn’t she soothe the whole tension between Chellsie and Nastia? I’m not saying that she’s not cliquey (because she is), but when she needed to be a good leader for USA, she did just that. Even in Beijing when it was obvious that she just wanted to sob her heart out, she didn’t, because she knew that she needed to be calm and stoic for her teammates.

    Just my two cents.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta sent her to smooth out things between Chellsie and Nastia. She didn’t do it on her own and the immature way she acted in 07 is not blown out of proportion at all IMO.

      I don’t and never did buy the “team leader” BS we got about Alicia. Alicia was the queen bee. She got all the little brats to do her dirty work and IMO half the problems between Shawn and the 08 team had to do with Alicia.

      When Nastia and Shawn were away from the group the issues seemed to disappear. Nastia followed Alicia around like a puppy and Shayla Worley and the way she acted was also in part ( a big part) because of Alicia.

      These girls worshipped her because she had a real life outside the sport1 and sorry, the junior high way teenagers act sucks and they need to be called out for it.

      I know teenager girls fight and then they make up. Being a teenager is tough but if I am going to call out Nastia for the way she acted then Alicia should be called out too.

      There were also rumors the 2004 team had issues and I have inside info from someone who worked at Trials in 2000 to the way Dominique Dawes, Kristin Maloney, Elise Ray and Jamie Dantzscher and company acted.

      Alicia was a great gymnast. Fabulous vaulter with good form (something we rarely see these days) I love how she never fell off beam after the 2008 Olympics and the way she tumbled on floor, love the way she improved her beam between 2004 and 2008 but when act like the Queen bitch you are going to get called out.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Oooh spill GTT. It was so long ago you can spill, right? I like inside info. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Which part?

        In 2000 the gymnasts I mentioned walked around bitching about Shannon Miller because they assumed she would make the team and were afraid she would steam their limelight. In Dawes case she assumed she would steal her spot and in fact Miller would have had that spot if she didn’t get hurt.

        Dawes claimed Miller said she deserved that spot on the team which she never said.

        That same group of girls (minus Dawes) were very bitchy to Tasha Scwkiert because they wanted their “friend” Alyssa Beckerman on the team and since she was the alternate they were typical teenage bitches to her at the time.

        GGMB back in the day had the best insider information. B.D of course (before dictator)

        The stuff about 2000 was seen by many people working the trials.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I wasn’t paying attention to gymnastics in 2000. Thanks for the info; of course I find it very interesting now. I remember you said something before about the angst against Shannon Miller. Truth be told Miller would have performed much better for that team if she hadn’t been hurt – she was a rock all the time and could be counted on. Dawes never really did much in the sport (individually) even though she had more longevity than most.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        I’m not saying that Alicia isn’t a queen bitch (because she definitely is haha) but I guess I loved how she was so in your face about it. She was never fake. I mean we all knew the gymnasts she didn’t like because she was open about it (with all the sneers and rolling of the eyes), and the ‘realness’ is just refreshing.

        I know that she caused a lot of fights and drama during the 2005-2008 quad (I’m not denying that), but I guess I like that she matured during the past quad, and that she’s one of the few gymnasts who has a life outside the sport.

        We can probably argue forever over the whole team leader thing but based from what I’ve seen over the past years and competitions, she’s the best leader USA has had. I can’t count Aly in the running because captaining a team with a 5-point cushion going into the last rotation is just a different ballgame.

        Oh and I’m not sure if anyone is interested but Nastia doesn’t follow any other gymnast on twitter anymore – not even Sam.

        I’m a bit familiar with the 2000 team drama, but what was up with the 2004 team?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        In 2004 there was some jealousy because Carly was getting more attention. Well HELLO, she won Gold you won silver you babies.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So even Ray and Maloney were acting like biotches towards Shannon? Or was it just Dawes?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        For Elise and Kristin they thought Shannon would get all the attention if she made the team.

        Shannon went to camp and nailed every landing, she even finished 5th in some competition at camp (I don’t remember which part it was) and they were all pretty pissy about it.

        Dantzscher is a first class asshole. I even heard rumors she was fired from her college assistent coaching job because the whole team hated her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Never paid much attention to Dantzscher. That whole 2000 team was such a hot mess – they deserved no medals. Too bad the Chinese were caught. I personally think that whole thing was a “tit for tat” affair – if FIG ignored the Chinese cheating in ’08, they’ll admit to cheating in ’00. Makes more of a statement when you’re cheating on your home turf, so I figure the Chinese were willing to be put through the hoops to avoid that.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        They treated Tasha like CRAP….when they got their medals for Sydney most of them wont even look at Tasha and shes usually standing next to Amy Chow and on the end. Dantzscher is a first class prima donna bitch. They all hated her and didnt think she belonged. Kind of like the way they all ganged up on Shawn in 2008. In 2004 it was McCool that they all picked on…. I think this year they all pretty much dont like Gabby. I think Gabby is the only one that likes herself, and it speaks volumes that she was the one with the single room and that they didnt sneak her into one of their rooms so they could all hang out and be BFFs forever

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It was kind of funny how all 4 families hung out after trials with no Gabby. They clearly weren’t close before the Olympics.

        I really don’t think they all hate Gabby but they are not close that is for sure.

      • Case Says:

        I think the rest of the Fierce Five plays nice with Gabby because they’ve been wisely counseled to protect that group image for $$$$$ sake.

        I think they would drop her like she was hot otherwise. Gabby is a piece of work.

      • Case Says:

        Don’t even get me started on Dantzscher.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I want to get you
        TELL ALL. She really is one spoiled little bitch.

        I laugh at the Dantzschers because some of them are so nice and others, are not.

      • mimi Says:

        the only semi-redeemable thing about dantzscher was that she spoke out against the karolyis, didnt she?

      • Case Says:

        Remember how Dantzcher got SO pissed when Bela replaced her with Tasha on beam?

        This article sums up that cluster of a 2000 team pretty well and talks a little about Dantzcher and Karolyi.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I’m a fan of ASac too, and think she’s really funny. But I definitely think that the likes of Nastia and Shayla all tried to be her #1 sidekick, and seemed to do anything to impress her.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m an ASac fan too – I mean, I’ll give her credit where credit is due and say she had the most awesome comeback of all her 2008 counterparts. I wish she had done what she was capable of and not listened to Marta, but that’s another story entirely.

      To be honest, I wanted her to make that Olympic team but just didn’t see where she fit. She could have taken Maroney’s spot if she had performed her vault, but I like Maroney too so that whole thing was hard for me to route for.

      That being said, I did think ASac’s reaction was a show of bad sportsmanship in Worlds 2007. We all go through wins and losses in life, and the first thing you do (or should do) is congratulate the winner. You have the rest of the day to go cry in a corner, and in gymnastics you know the camera is on you in those first few seconds so at least make the effort. When Shawn came up to ASac and ASac ignored her that was poor sportsmanship. Just like when McKayla ignored Paseka in London that was poor sportsmanship (and I’m a McKayla fan too). I am going to call a spade a spade though.

      Shawn was likely devastated when she got silver in the AA in Beijing to Nastia, but the first thing she did was congratulate her. That’s why I liked Shawn – she was a great competitor, and she was a good sport, all the time – no matter when she won or lost (got silver).

      Everyone wants gold in these competitions. That’s a fact. ASac did a great floor routine but it just wasn’t as difficult/good as Shawn’s. I think her landings weren’t as clean – but she got silver, so again her reaction was not one of good sportsmanship. They both did well, it just so happened that Shawn did better that day. That’s the nature of those competitions. It sucks but as a national-ranked athlete she should have known better than to act the way she did.

      One thing I did notice about ASac’s leadership: she was a good leader when she was personally doing well in competitions. However, when she fell apart she literally falls apart and is just not there for the team. After team finals in Beijing it was like she didn’t even want to be there. I understand but as Team Captain that’s your role. All the other girls had to step up and offer ASac support – Shawn Johnson even made a point to say on camera that the team was still proud of her and happy to have her and she was a great captain – I respected that from Shawn.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        Bad sportsmanship as a concept is hard for me to discern in gymnastics, simply because these girls are so young, and they have so little time to achieve all their dreams.

        I’m probably one of the few people who didn’t mind Komova and Maroney’s actions after getting silver because I can’t help but take into account that there will probably be no ‘next times’ for them. Also, they might have been ‘bad sports’ during those few moments, but it’s not like they were like that the entire time. That’s just what I’m trying to say.

        I respect Shawn a lot, simply because she was so mature for her age. I commend her actions, and how she was always the first to congratulate competitors, but at the same time, a part of me understands how awful those who lost out on the gold must feel and how they may get too emotional.

        I don’t think any of us can grasp just how awful Alicia felt in Beijing. I know she was rattled, and wasn’t the best team captain that day, but I admired how she tried her best to remain calm for the rest of the girls.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never complained about Alicia in China. She was mad at herself for falling. If she had treated someone else that way that would be different. Being pissy because you made a mistake at yourself is totally different then having a temper tantrum because you didn’t win.

        I do however remember someone else saying that Alicia was seen being bitchy after someone else fell but I don’t remember the details at all.

        It had to have been a different competition.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        Hmmm.. I’m thinking 06? Possibly? The worlds team then counted a lot of falls right?

      • Tortuga Says:

        I was the one who had mentioned Alicia being pissy. It was prelims on bars in this video if you watch down on the floor, behind the bars towards the middle of the screen. Alicia throws her hands up when Nastia sits her dismount. Not the rudest of things but still none of the other team mates had to show disgust like that.

      • Tortuga Says:

        She does it when Chellsie falls too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I remember people talking about Alicia acting like a bitch when someone fell but I didn’t remember who fell. Thanks

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        She brought her hands up to her face like “ohmigosh I can’t believe that just happened” on both instances but I didn’t really think that was bitchy on ASac’s part – just a natural reaction. She clapped when they were finished at least.

        Sucks Chellsie didn’t make bars finals and fell.

        My question is – if Nastia fell, how did she make bar finals? I guess her start value was that high to begin with. I think it’s BS though. Any fall should not be rewarded.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        He Kexin fell also. If both of them weren’t able to make bar finals then it wouldn’t have been half as juicy but then Yang Yilin would have definitely won. Fine by me. (:

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        See that’s why they need to change the code. It would have made the results more “true.”

        Tweddle should have medaled then, too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nastia was overscored that whole Olympics. The fix was in and Nellie Kim running down to the beam judges insisting they give Nastia credit for a jump she was short on was all , the fix was in

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I wonder if Nellie Kim and Marta are secretly fixing the whole thing…

        Gabby was a fix in 2012…who will the fix be for 2016?

      • annie Says:

        It would have been like Beth Tweddle at the 2011 WC, who would have easily won the final if she had qualified

      • Short1 Says:

        @sanitynmotion I thought the same thing; it seemed more like a shocked/surprised reaction (both times) than anything else…I didn’t think it was bitchy at all. There’s a big difference between someone throwing their hands in the air, and bringing them up to their face…to me it both instances looked like the latter.

      • Catherine Says:

        Sanity- they both made bars finals purely with the difficulty score- they both had 7.7. So did Tweddle and Yilin, but the rest of the field were not in their league. Even Semy wasn’t. So 6.7 difficulty after the falls was more than enough for them to be competitive in quals.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Sanity- a woga girl = the fix, always, especially with Valeri moving up the bureaucracy. Ie: ohashi overscores.

        Catherine- Beth’s was a 7.8 right? Nastia, Yang, and He had 7.7’s. loved these haha, I think I am the only person who misses ridiculous bars difficulty. Better than the vault advantage, IMO

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The bar difficulty is the worst thing to ever happen to gymnastics

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Lol you are exaggerating, GTT. it is not worse than the age rule or the two per country rule or getting rid of 7-6-5! And some may cite getting rid of optionals…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think it is. I don’t agree with the AA rule but I don’t think it is that bad. I did like 7-6-5 but I don’t despise the other ways.

        Nope, that damn UB start value deciding an AA is complete BS.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        My jaw is semi-dropped lol. Would your opinion change if Nastia didn’t win the AA?

        What about that amanar advantage this past quad? I did not calculate sv’s across the board but other people did and when i saw them i knew that the u.s. had like a 90% chance of winning with everybody having an amanar AND getting overscored for just chucking one.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nastia is probably the reason I hate it as much as I do but I don’t think my opinion would have changed.

        I don’t think the Amanar made as much of a difference as the bar routine. Mustafina beat Aly who had the Amanar and Komova only didn’t win because she messed up.

        In 08 if you do a comparison of who was better on all 4 events I would take Shawn over Nastia on all 4 events even bars.

        Shawn’s bars were beautifully done and had plenty of difficulty but because she didn’t pirouette the routine to death she didn’t win. Her DTY was done really well so even without the Amanar she should have been ahead of Nastia.

        Judges will cheat when they want too and they made sure Nastia was winning by overscoring her floor and allowing her vault to score over 15 even though it would be like doing a Yurchenko in 2013.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Shawn was the better all arounder that’s for sure. She even had a double double on bars whereas nastia chucked that double front half all the time.

        I meant the amanar adv mainly for the TF because that’s when it all adds up. But i think it mattered to a certain extent for the aa also. Komova had a crappy amanar and she was still overscored for it. If she did a DTY she would have no chance of winning. 0.7 is a big deal. I think porgras almost won bronze in 2010 with an fty, right? That’s not going to happen again.

        GTT I don’t think we’ll agree here. (: I am in the minority who loves well done pirouettes. Yang yilin wouldn’t have gotten the AA bronze without the bars difficulty either, so that’s the redeeming fact that cheers me up about the Beijing AA

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        We can agree to disagree:)

        TF wise I think the Amanar advatage could have been made up except they kept scoring Aly Raisman the way they did and not giving the same benefit to Grishina.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I agree about the bars disadvantage being really bad for the sport overall – one apparatus shouldn’t make your title.

        The last quad the amanar advantage did help the US team a lot but at the same time there was a lot of bars advantage that enabled the Russians to make up for the lack of amanars. So technically speaking they could have been just about even (assuming no mistakes) with the US after those two rotations.

        I still think the code mostly favors good bar workers; and now even beam with all the possible connection points (that are completely biased for the most part). It makes it so that floor is almost waved off entirely because no matter what that’s going to be the lowest scoring apparatus unless you can tumble like Aly.

        I also hate the whole doing away with the 10 score. That might be part of it. It also seemed like the ’04 to ’08 quad you could more easily get scores in the 16’s and even 17’s whereas in the ’08 to ’12 quad the only 16 you really ever saw were from Russia’s bars or Maroney’s vault.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        GTT, you are right- at the end of the day.. It all comes down to ridiculous judging not so much such and such event adv. therefore, we should bring back those pirouette combos lol

        Sanity, I think the lower scores have more to do with going from ten counted elements to eight, no so much the perfect ten, which they got rid of by 2006. I agree with you about the need to even out the scoring potential on all four events. They are making cv’s for beam pretty hard to credit, bars cv’s require more flight, some vts are lowered in difficulty( not enough IMO), fx still seems deflated.

  18. annie Says:

    completely off topic, but GTT, have you seen this? Nastia is beating Shannon Miller when I last checked

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I saw this last week and Miller was winning by 100 votes. Someone is fixing the

    • nero Says:

      I think the fact that Mustafina is winning over fucking OLGA KORBUT is a much sadder state of affairs.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        First round results are better but there are some funny ones in there.

      • Catherine Says:

        I think the average age of those who voted is 16 and it shows.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Okay I agree with Catherine about the voter demographics, but that’s something that you can’t really control when you’re advertising this on the tumblr community. What I don’t understand is HOW this “bekah” blogger chose to match the girls for the first round. Like you’d think she’d choose comparable gymnasts (based on era or speciality skills) to start off… you know, like the standard Shawn v. Nastia, Aly v. Jordyn or something that made more sense than oh I don’t know… He Kexin v. Yang Bo or Silivas v. Porgras?!!??

        What even…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Bekah made the

        That explains a lot.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        lol are you familiar with the tumbler bloggers, GTT? I only know a few– the innermonoblog one is funny.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have a tumblr but I mostly read other peoples. Don’t remember any by name.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        You remember this bekah…
        would it be too passive aggressive to remake her pole thingy for reals? loll well maybe it’s too much work + can’t guarantee a comprehensive representation of all informed gymfans. If I were to guess though, I’d say the most well-liked from each of the big four: Shannon, Mo, Korbut (maybe Omelianchik, who by the way isn’t even on the list, wtf*), and Nadia (maybe Silivas??). (And no, those would not be my votes– I am just attempting to represent a “majority” here lol excuse my entitlement.)

        *And neither is Elena Muhkina. LOL, i am beginning to sound like one of those whiney youtube commenters who bitch on those “top 10” videos, sorry, but having Pavs and not Muhkina is just ridic. lol and I am not even an old school gym buff or anything.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Mo lost in the first round.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        lol which is why this is cray but I’m saying IF I were to represent a more comprehensive gymnastic fan community who actually knows who Silivas is and therefore would not be choosing Porgras, lovely as she was, over her……

      • gingercrush Says:

        I voted for Mustafina over Olga Korbut. Olga rubs me the wrong way. Still pissed Silivas went first round. Joke. Also would have voted for Mo Huilan over Jiang Yuyuan. Yang Bo over He Xexin. Patterson over Raisman. Oh and I would be a total bitch and voted Nellie Kim over Pavlova. hehehehehehe.

        Anyway I’ll be happy if Shannon Miller or Nadia Comaneci take it all. I would have easily voted for Silivas to take the whole thing though.

        Anyway my votes were:

        Shannon Miller
        Jordyn Wieber
        Chellsie Memmel
        Aly Raisman
        Cheng Fei
        Sui Lu
        Yao Jinnan
        Deng Linlin
        Tatiana Lysenko
        Viktoria Komova
        Svetlana Boginskaya
        Aliya Mustafina
        Lavinia Milosovic
        Simona Amanar
        Nadia Comaneci
        Catalina Ponor

      • gingercrush Says:

        I don’t like Olga. I thought I made a huge post but it disappeared. Silivas should have won the whole thing.

        Comaneci or Miller basically have to win this thing now.

      • Catherine Says:

        I get the appeal, cutesy darling floor routine, awesome bars, great beam and then her emotion when she royally effed up bars in the AA. But her fame is kind of amazing given that she messed up more than once and never really won big. I know that I should just appreciate the daring that she had but her bent knees in her flip on bars and in her backwards dive roll on floor drive me insane. I was so shocked at her appearance at the 76 Olympics on the super high quality BBC doc, she looked like she hadn’t slept in a year with all the parading around she was forced to do- sad really.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Beka explodes. lol guess this was a stressful project for her.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That girl has and if screen caps were taken already that was when the real fix was in. Miller was ahead by 100 votes and then Nastia went ahead.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fixing the vote

      • Short1 Says:

        @icemeltsfast Wow! I mean, yeah that anon was being a little ridiculous…but was it really worth getting that upset about?! What really got me was saying in response that she didn’t deserve to be talked to that way after dropping f-bombs (so to speak) on the anon!

  19. GymMom Says:

    Shawn is going to pretend she knows something about cheerleading now?

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Meh – just stay away from hot pink Shawn…

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Julianne McNamara had that job doing commentary on cheer competitions and was never a cheerleader either. I think Amanda Borden had that job for a few years also. The men that do the commentary are not cheerleaders either. Good for her finding another outlet. The national cheer competitions have always had gymnasts do commentary.

      • mimi Says:

        yep i recently stumbled upon cheerleading “worlds” on youtube (dont ask) and amanda borden was commentating.. this was like a 2010/2011 comp.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        So theyve always hired gymnasts to do this commentary…. good for Shawn…..Julianne had that job for almost 10 yrs

      • GymMom Says:

        Shawn has a horribly annoying voice & she talks through her chipmunk teeth.

  20. GymMom Says:

    GTT nothing wrong with your grammar, writing etc, so nothing to critique. LOL!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh yes there but thanks

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      If GTT wrote like Aly we’d probably not be reading the blog. 🙂

      “See Nastia on bars. See Nastia do a release move. See Nastia fall. See Nastia fall on her face. See Nastia wave bye-bye. No Olympics for Nastia.”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LMAO, That would have been

      • JAS4 Says:

        Lol! Sanity that’s hilarious! (Reminds me of the childrens book “See Spot Run” lol!) We could make that a continuous story lol!
        See Alica roll eyes. See Chellsie laugh. See Kyla breathe sigh of relief. Lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I was totally going off of Mr. Spot. 🙂 But yeah it might be funny.

      I’m thinking of going back and watching Sydney team finals just with all the Dantzscher references. I don’t know much about her. Now I’m intrigued if she’s such a bitch, haha!

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Sydney was one of the best- always worth a rewatch, especially for that Russian team. How did they not win lol

      • gingercrush Says:

        Sydney was a great competition. Especially when you compare with 2004 which seems so much weaker as a competition even though Romania kicked arse. I love the fluff too.

        But the AA was fucked. Americans were so awful it was hilarious. China will always be Team Bronze medalists for me. Russia screwed up and lost to fantastic consistency from Romania.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        I wonder how long it will be until we see a field so deep that one mistake puts you out of the medals. The number of potential gold medalist were ridic– yang yun if she didn’t have to prove her nationality and fall off beam, karpenko if she didn’t trip over nothing on her first pass, Khorkina if the vt was set correctly and didn’t interfere with her mental game, prod if she didn’t injure herself earlier. Ahhhhhhh so frustrating but at the same time, it’s better than these days where you can medal with falls.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Hmm I find Karpenko overrated. Like other gymnasts she was extremely prone to mistakes though she was arguably unlucky in 1999. Depends on what one makes of Maria Olaru.

        I am fine with 1999 Worlds but i know others think Olaru was always overscored.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        In order to be overrated you have to be rated and no one ever mentions Karpenko in the all time best of anything. IMO

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Oh yes, Olaru’s bars were so overscored. If you like her that’s fine but honestly I could never understand her scores on that event.

      • Gymbee Says:

        And Zamolodchikova falling on one of her passes too, that was Sydney right? Or was it Athens?

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        You’re right– I left out Zamo! She let the gold slip away during her fx also. At least she didn’t let that affect her when she won her event finals.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Thankfully. Zamo being AA winner would have weird.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Can you imagine? Haha. I loved Zamo (and Prod) but never wanted her to win the AA. Even though she did make podium in the AA a few times at Worlds and Europeans.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Who did you want to win that AA?

      • Gymbee Says:

        I wanted Raducan to win as far as I can remember 🙂 I really liked Karpenko too though. Then the next day with the whole drug debacle, I was shocked. Especially since my German teacher found a German tabloid article on it that we had to study in class (random) and it was riddled with factual mistakes.

  21. gingercrush Says:

    Yay for Iordache and Bulimar who won Beam and Floor respectively.

    • Catherine Says:

      Yes! I really liked Bulimar’s floor but was suprised with her win..would have given it to Iordache, even with her OOB..she had the difficulty lead and much cleaner tumbling, both had similar landings and leaps. Iordache’s beam was awesome and looked so easy for her. The layout full is piked, but it’s better than Ohashi’s I think. Zeng Siqi was outstanding, a pity she messed up her dismount a bit. She always does that on bars too, they need to get that girl some endurance. Or whatever they’re feeding duracell bunny Tan Jiaxin.

  22. gingercrush Says:

    Alicia Sacramone is a cow. Her floor tumbling was brilliant except for the hops. She technically was really bloody good. I don’t know why she didn’t do an Amanar on vault or more difficult twists on floor because her twists were so clean o.o

    But the idea she could have done a Handspring Double instead of the 1.5. Piss off. Anyone that implies that is an idiot I think.


    Also Mckayla Maroney may have the best Amanar in the world but she is not the best vaulter in the world and unless she does a second vault that rivals the value of the Amanar then she will never be the best vaulter of all.

    • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

      She talked about the Amanar at one point – I think it was after winning vault gold. She said that she was upgrading both forwards and backwards, but I guess the the injury got in the way.

      But she can do the Handspring double – there’s even a video in youtube. Also, remember how McKayla said in an interview after winning vault gold at Nationals ’11 that she knew that Alicia didn’t do her best vaults? Additionally, Alicia talked about pulling out the handspring double should she make it to Worlds 11 EF, but again, the injury happened.

      Or maybe you meant during Trials?

      • gingercrush Says:

        Hmm all gymnasts can do skills into pits etc but it is one thing doing those in practice it is a whole different matter doing it in a competition.

      • Catherine Says:

        It was into a pit and it was pre-injury. I don’t believe for a second that she could have whipped that thing out at Nationals/Trials in 2012 without injuring herself. Look at her Rudi, it was still very good but deteriorated, and much less dynamic. It did not look in any way safe for an upgrade.

        It sounds to me like McKayla was referring to the fact that Alicia was capable of performing the save vaults better. If she had meant upgrades then she would have said hardest vaults, not best. Best to me is performance related. That’s what I see from that statement anyway.

    • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

      Hmmm. I’ll try to look for the video of that McKayla interview.

  23. exgymgurl Says:

    Funny that Dantzscher hated Schweikert in Sydney and then stuck up for Jeanette Antolin to get her back on the team at UCLA and then didnt stick up for Beckerman publicly when Ms Val eliminated her.

    • Case Says:

      I think Dantzscher is a biotch but I wouldn’t have backed Beckerman either. She dogged it at UCLA and Coach Val did the right thing.

  24. AKF009 (@AKF009) Says:

    This is really random, but I came across this youtube video about Vanessa Atler from a show called “Starting Over”. It is mindblowing. She talks about how the Rybacki’s encouraged her not to eat and she says she was relieved to not make the olympic team and much more.

    • gingercrush Says:

      I loved Starting Over. Use to watch it all the time. Though got boring in the season Vanessa was in.

      • GymMom Says:

        My good friend Rhonda Britten was a life coach on Starting Over. I liked the show when it was filmed in Chicago.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Anything for attention Atler. I wish she would go away and her fans would grow a set of brain cells to know she was not winning the 00 Olympics.

      • gingercrush Says:

        Hmm she could have won Floor and Vault. I do agree she was overrated. But surely you’d take her over nearly every member of that 2000 team.

        Imagine if 2000 was Moceanu, Atler, Ray, Maloney, Miller and someone else. Awesome team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Don’t take this the wrong way or personally but, GET REAL. She didn’t even make the event finals at worlds the year before and if she hit floor she was a one trick pony.

        She was also a head case. The best she placed was 7th in prelims at worlds in 99. She wasn’t winning anything at that Olympics and it kills me anyone would try and justify her being on that team let alone winning any medals.

        You can if things til death because if you if Atler then you have to what if everyone and that still leaves Atler alone, at home.

  25. exgymgurl Says:

    ive seen all this and yes she self sabotaged…..Jamie was probably a bitch to her as well…. she was always better than Jamie and mentally imploded..

  26. sainabou nyang Says:

    Off topic does anyone have any predictions on the upcoming NCAA championships? I’ve been trying to catch up on all the meets but the prediction is that Florida will win if they hit. Im hoping there is a free live stream because I want see if Bridget can go in there and snatch the title.

    GTT will you be

  27. Dee Says:

    I signed the petition. It’s time to move on from Nastia Pepto Bismol pink.

  28. chris Says:

    if there was so much tension between Asac and SJ.. how come SJ was the one consoling Asac after floor during TF in Beijing?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You are clearly not a teenage not have you ever been one.

      Nastia and Shawn acted like they were super friends and even high fived each other in the AA yet after the Olympics is when Shawn came out with what happened.

      • chris Says:

        but then why was shawn being the one to talk alicia through that miserable time? I mean I get Nastia… where is this that Shawn came out with the story?

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Being a teenage girl is more complicated than it should be. You say/do things you don’t mean to people you don’t care for. You go from love/kisses to a cold shoulder whenever things go slightly awry- even if it was just a she said she said she said type deal. None of their behavior is all that surprising. Especially when you consider that these girls only train/see each other a few times a year. Usag is the least team like out of the four nations. It’s okay though bc you don’t need to be bffs to win a team competition in gymnastics. They will still come out on top with those amanars and overscores.

        Oh also, it’s easier to tolerate people you normally don’t if you have a common enemy (ie during an international comp). I learned this in intro psychology a long time ago lol

      • Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

        Wait what story was this that shawn came out with about Nastia?

      • utgymfan Says:

        Please spill on what happened! I’m intrigued.

  29. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    BTW here is the link to the pic of Alicia at camp pigging out….

  30. exgymgurl Says:

    Yo Gymnastike if you read this blog for $20 a month or whatever your gold costs people should at least get to submit questions for interviews and stuff…. Retarded that you think you can charge $$ but if you are at least make your site good and more than it was when it was free

  31. gingercrush Says:

    Kyla Ross beats Simone Biles at some small meet. MLT’s beloved Lexie Priessman goes closer and closer to oblivion. Her Amanar is scoring at the level of DTYs now. Gooooo MLT.

    Her other student performed only UB.

    But hahahahahahahahaha at Kyla Ross and her 5.3 floor value.

    • Catherine Says:

      I’m surprised Simone still would have lost had she not fallen. Her floor and/or beam must have had small errors as her difficulty lead on Kyla is huge normally. 5.3 floor? That makes her redundant even in the Doha floor final.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      What small meet was that? I’m guessing Simone must have had a ton of mistakes because no way otherwise would she lose to Kyla given their start values.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Im guessing Simone actually got scores like she should have gotten in Italy….. They worked out with the German team all week, so Im sure the judges saw plenty of reps on the routines.

      As for Atler, her parents put a ton of pressure on her to make $$ like Bross. She should have had people start talking to her before her parents made her go pro and use all of her paychecks to pay for her brothers college education and her moms crap. But no, they did the LA thing like the parents of child stars are prone to do and spent all her $$ and set her up to not even be able to pay for college. Her mom only liked her because of her gymnastics.

      Its all very sad you dont do that to a kid. Im sure the Rybackis yelled at her, but instead of seeing her as a person she was a piece of meat that was taking them to the olympics. Instead of talking to her about the surgery, before hand and what she could / should do to try not to gain weight they told her not to eat. The Rybackis are stupid anyway because they should have fixed her bar routine years before trials for her like Liukin did. Her bars at trials didnt suck and she didnt fall. They werent great.

      The Rybackis and her parents did a number on her and she is the reason gymnasts shouldnt go pro until after they make an olympic team.

      Of course now the Rybackis are important with USA gymnastics just like Liukin is. It seems like the more you abuse your athletes as a coach, the more USA gymnastics likes you. Look at Al Fong. Why Sabrina Vega thinks its a good idea to go there is beyond me.

      Notice Kelli Hill hasnt really had an elite succeed since Elise Ray and hated the centralized team concept in 2000.

      I think Chow probably has the best attitude about his gymnasts. I honestly believe he probably doesnt yell. I think he works well with Gabby because she needed that calm and had never had it. Look at her away from him. Her mindset is all messed up again.

      I think 90% of how far you go as an elite is about how much Marta likes your coaches. Poor Jordyn just has to be so good they can’t ignore her….

      • Gymbee Says:

        Chow strikes me as more the silent fuming type. Shawn wrote in her book that he was furious at her before beam finals. But yeah, I can’t see him yelling, just boiling below the surface 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Did it say why he was mad at her?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        The interviews Ive seen Shawn said she was overthinking, and he had her do like 8-9 reps to exhaustion to get her out of her head. She was sick and not feeling well. She wasn’t hitting and he didnt see her performing well I think he wanted her to just do what he knew she was capable of and it wasnt happening. I think it was more frustration than mad at her….

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes, according to the book she was sick and a bit depressed and just exhausted after the whole olympic experience. She was awful in training, falling all over the place, and Chow threatened to pull her from beam finals. He was mad cause she couldn’t get it together.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        It was her last opportunity for individual gold. She was putting way too much pressure on herself. I think it was probably more like “If you cant pull it together and you are really ill maybe we give the spot to someone else… Im sure ASac would have loved that….

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yeah most likely. I’m just para-phrasing what she wrote in her book 🙂

  32. kittykat Says:

    That first connection… holy moly

    • nero Says:

      ooooh I love it, but will she get connection for it? I thought they weren’t allowed to swing their arms at all? She does take her sweet ass time on some things though. I wonder if her standing arabian is gone for good because hasn’t her knee been bothering her?

      • gingercrush Says:

        Those connections are iffy but she should get them rewarded. Her arabian may or may not come back. Mustafina is one of those gymnasts that can look very flat in minor competitions and then bring the goods when it comes to major championships. I don;t worry too much with what she has or hasn’t included. But it certainly looks like she is taking advantage of the new Acro+dance connections. Some would call it code whoring but hello under this COP you need the highest points.

        And under 10.0 they use to code whore as well like Gogean in 1997. Why should she do an acro series etc if she can still attain a 10.0 difficulty doing easier stuff.

  33. Kelley Lynskey (@Meatless_Ball29) Says:

    I remember seeing that pic of ASAC floating around on Tumblr basically all she was eating like a small scoop of rice & some fruit. Now who can forget this gem of a fluff piece at the ’08 U.S Nationals Min 1:04 Yumm Watermelon & plan iceberg lettuce wow Marta you should tryout for Top Chef once this Gymnastics thing is over for ya. I have to say time can only tell but at the moment ASAC is lucky her body has handled the change of everything pretty well & still has a great body. I mean its sometime shocking how fast these young girls bodies & overall features change in just a short amount of time not training the level they once did. Example the tour I mean sure they aren’t training & doing the numbers they were doing prior to London but I mean they still were working out & stuff & even then you could def see a change in their bodies & features (No I’m not a perv or calling anyone fat) I guess some just luck out & others don’t…Or some simply went from the Marta Karolyi Ranch Buffet to the chinese buffet & just never got out of line a la McCool, Patterson, & Shayla Worley time & puberty wasn’t kind to any of them…

  34. sanitynmotion Says:

    Just saw some videos of the friendly meet or whatever. FINALLY they wear a patriotic leo (that I prefer over the Team Final leos in London actually) and Kyla Ross is wearing an actual BUN, not a messy ponytail-pulled-through-half-way thing! Yay!

    Ross has got lovely swing on bars despite her height. She can still make a double lay-out dismount in the actual laid-out position (unlike Nastia; when Nastia got to be as tall as Kyla we got that seriously fugly cowboy dismount). Kyla can easily pull a few upgrades there; and she needs it. If she can seriously focus on bars and beam upgrades she can almost get away with that crap floor routine. Her DTY looked nearly flawless too.

    I still don’t see a true competitive bar worker in this next quad. Kyla has the potential to be that. She can be like this quad’s Anna Li only with REAL beam potential too. She’ll only have a shot at AA if she ups her floor in addition to bars/beam though.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Did you see the beam routines?

      Lexie looked better than at Jesolo but when I watch her I keep seeing NCAA. Same for Maggie Nichols, whose routine I liked better than Lexies.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I feel like Lexie could have been another Shawn Johnson type of gymnast had she been coached by Chow. She seems to be dissolving under MLT though – her leaps are a bit sloppy and she’s not getting near the 180; it just seems like she’s losing confidence in herself and that won’t bode will with Marta. Marta is BIG on confidence and not being a headcase. I agree with you about NCAA for her. But I guess we shall see.

      Peyton Ernst is actually quite impressive for just making the national team. Opposite of Lexie – she’s gaining confidence. Some of her leaps are a bit questionable on beam (the first switch leap she did not get to 180) but she’s got lots of potential I think. Her double turn on floor was very well controlled.

      Simone Biles on beam resembles Aly Raisman on beam. Both have issues pointing toes and the choreography is just choppily done; but as we’ve seen that doesn’t matter if you have enough difficulty. On the Worlds stage Biles could easily medal. She’s showing Marta she’s more consistent too. She fell on bars I guess but like Aly – she probably won’t be used for bars in a World team final but she will make a decent back up if someone gets injured. If Aly comes back she’ll be battling against Simone I think for a spot on whatever World/Olympic team it may be. And Simone is already a better vaulter and her difficulty on floor rivals Aly’s. I also think Simone is overall a better bar worker. Should be interesting.

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