2013 Jeselo Event Finals



Uneven Bars

1- Kyla Ross 14.550
2- Giorgia Campana 13.950
3- Brenna Dowell 13.900

Balance Beam

1- Simone Biles 15.100
2- Kyla Ross 15.00


I thought Kyla should have won beam. Any start value bump in Simone’s beam routine was lost when she bobbled 5 times and a competition between execution involving Simona and Kyla on beam favors Kyla by a landslide.


Cottbus day 2

Balance Beam Final D E ND Score
1. Anastasia Grishina 5.8 8.800 14.600
2. Vasiliki Millousi 5.7 8.600 14.300
3. Anna Dementyeva 6.0 8.275 0.1 14.175
4. Nöel van Klaveren 5.1 8.425 13.525
5. María Paula Vargas 5.8 7.525 13.325
6. Ana Filipa Martins 4.9 8.175 13.075
7. Oksana Chusovitina 5.5 7.650 0.1 13.050
8. Dilnoza Abdusalimova 5.1 7.850 0.1 12.850

Women’s Floor Exercise Final D E ND Score
1. Maegan Chant 5.7 8.050 13.750
2. Anna Dementyeva 5.8 7.875 0.1 13.575
3. Nöel van Klaveren 5.4 8.075 13.475
4. Cagla Akyol 5.3 8.000 0.2 13.100
5. Jessica Lopez 5.6 7.575 0.3 12.875
6. Silvia Colussi-Pelaez 5.2 7.875 0.3 12.775
7. Jasmin Mader 4.9 7.850 12.750
7. Ana Filipa Martins 4.7 8.050 12.750

Men’s Vault D E ND Score Average
1. Jake Dalton 6.0 9.250 15.250 15.187
5.6 9.525 15.125
2. Mikhail Kudashov 5.6 9.350 14.950 14.825
5.6 9.100 14.700
3. Caio Souza 5.6 9.325 0.1 14.825 14.512
5.2 9.100 0.1 14.200
4. Marco Walter 5.6 9.275 0.1 14.775 14.475
5.2 8.975 14.175
5. Andrey Medvedev 5.6 9.150 14.750 14.462
6.0 8.475 0.3 14.175
5. Shek Wai Hung 6.0 9.325 0.1 15.225 14.462
5.6 8.100 13.700
7. Pavel Bulavsky 5.6 9.400 15.000 14.325
6.0 7.950 0.3 13.650
8. Arthur Mariano 5.6 8.875 0.1 14.375 14.275
5.4 8.875 0.1 14.175

Parallel Bars Final D E ND Score
1. Nguyen Ha Thanh 6.3 9.075 15.375
2. Vasileios Tsolakidis 6.5 8.800 15.300
3. Lucas Fischer 6.5 8.725 15.225
4. Brandon Wynn 6.6 8.475 15.075
5. Alexander Tsarevich 6.6 8.425 15.025
6. Koji Uematsu 6.7 8.250 14.950
7. Nikita Ignatyev 6.4 8.375 14.775
8. Shogo Nonomura 5.9 7.125 13.025

High Bar Final D E ND Score
1. Andreas Bretschneider 6.8 8.225 15.025
2. Koji Uematsu 7.1 7.875 14.975
2. Alexander Shatilov 6.5 8.475 14.975
4. Umit Samiloglu 7.0 7.625 14.625
5. Glen Ishino 5.9 8.700 14.600
6. Alexander Tsarevich 6.3 8.225 14.525
7. Kristof Schroe 5.9 7.250 13.150
8. Igor Pakhomenko 5.3 6.100 11.400


59 Responses to “2013 Jeselo Event Finals”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Maybe that embarassing defeat will give Kyla’s coaches the kick up the arse they need. We can but hope. Simone has an 0.5 difficulty lead but yesterday she only edged Kyla because Kyla went overtime and Simone’s routine was much cleaner then. Dodgy.

    • gingercrush Says:

      Yes I agree.

      But o.o Biles floor really bothers me. Difficult tumbles but everything else is just poor. What is the point. I don’t want to see gymnasts taking the super safe Kyla Ross/Sabrina Vega route. But at the same time. Can some of these girls/women not perform double-doubles or double-double layouts till they master other things such as leaps and turns.

  2. kittykat Says:

    Kyla’s gymnastics is very pretty, but to be honest it’s so godamn boring. I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but surely her coaches can teach her skills that are slightly less run-of-the-mill? I can only think of one skill of hers that isn’t performed by 95% of other (and often less talented) gymnasts, and that’s the ferrari on floor. I mean really, please show SOME originality.
    I actually think Simone’s leaps were quite decent and clean, certainly better than CGA’s, very sad that Amelia didn’t have such a good meet. Very happy for Peyton minus the beam fall, her bars look much improved in terms of form. (Bit of a Peyton fan over here..)

    • kittykat Says:

      Also, Maggie Nicholls was better than I expected, but her layout on beam was super-duper piked, and her leaps were crap.. I don’t quite know why they took her, her highest placing at VISAs last year was 10th on vault (? i think)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I saw a lot of potential in Peyton Ernst in spite of her coach. She has beautiful jumps on beam and I thought her floor routine was certainly more watchable then anyone else I saw at this meet. I don’t remember her bars or vault.

      I personally don’t find clean gymnasts boring which is why I like Kyla.

      I like Simone overall but there is something unfinished about all of her gymnastics. She’s pretty clean overall but she lacks polish especially with her presentation on floor.

      I liken her to Shawn Johnson on floor. Can’t dance but you don’t want to throw up watching her perform but she certainly needs to work on the dance aspect.

      She has 4 years.

      • kittykat Says:

        yay Peyton! haha, I’m glad that she’s converting people to like her. What do you mean in spite of her coach? Not a Kim Zmeskal fan?
        I understand what you mean about Kyla, she is a beautiful gymnast, I just wish she’d do something slightly more out of the ordinary to highlight that.
        Agreed about Simone, I’m not saying her leaps rival Komova’s or anything, but I thought they were decent. Her dance is not great, but at least it’s better than Brenna’s 😛

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      I dont find Kyla boring but I agree Kittykat that she needs to show more personality. She need routines that ooze originality. Her coaches need to sit back and come up with routines that tailor to kylas new height but still make her a threat in the AA or event finals.

  3. tulip Says:

    Did I just read that Chuso did beam in Cottbus? I’ll be trolling You Tube for that!

  4. nero Says:

    Yes, I have a problem with people calling Kyla ‘boring’. First off most of these people complain that all gymnastics now is trick trick trick, that they want clean safe gymnastics, gymnasts who focus on their leaps and jumps and pointing their toes. ALL of these people say they would rather see a clean DTY rather than a knee busting Amanar.

    Then you have Kyla who actually does these things and she’s deemed ‘boring’. Yes, we all know she needs to upgrade floor that’s a given. But all of these people would bemoan Kyla if she was chucking a Paseka Amanar, or training a COMPLETELY unnecessary double double on floor like Grishina, would we really want Kyla to have a triple on floor if it was going to look like Ponor’s?

    I mean the girl is scoring in the low 15’s on vault, bars and beam but because her coaches refuse to have her chuck skills she can’t do or isn’t ready for she is boring.

    • H Says:

      One aspect, which may here appear boring, is a combination of lack of dynamic and some stiff ness in the way they have choreographed e.g. her arm/body movements on beam, though it is slightly better now than it was in the Olympics. If she had worked with a better i.e. choreographer, the boringness could easily disappear. A good choreographer could have quite effortless brought out more dynamics in movement in general and a much richer use of here artistic qualities. Then Kyla would be elegant, clean and able to captivate at a totally different level than now. ( And with more upgrades would make here really hard to beat)

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        The national team has access tO great choreographers. I am not sure why something more hasnt been done. The contrast between AOGC and kylas gym on floor for maroney is stunning. Kyla has been getting away with doing enough: enough to make the team, enough to win but not more. Why did she stop training the amanar? Shes not ncaa eligible until 2015 comp season at the earliest. She could do college for a year and keep training elite. Could be marta is purposely holding her back from performing new skills internationally but why? Because its enough for the team to win and for her to win something individually but not dominating. Marta doesnt need skills until 2015 and kyla only has so many training reps left in her. Unless shes Chusovitna….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The whole Amanar thing around Olympic time annoyed me. She hit in practice twice, Marta making her take it out was always about making sure she did not get to do the AA and while Gabby got some gifts she certainly earned her AA spot when it came to competing it at the Olympics but it certainly was easier for her because Marta made sure Kyla didn’t get the benefit of the doubt when it came to anything.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        …and I’m guessing Marta is doing the same thing to Kyla now, unless Kyla really can’t hit bigger skills because of her growth. But GTT you said she was hitting upgrades in gym/practice, right?

        I’m guessing Marta is trying to push Kyla to the side in favor of Ohashi and Biles this time around. Sad thing is Kyla isn’t good enough at bars for her to make a statement at Worlds unless she improves her difficulty (as a bars/beam specialist – Marta will likely put in Ohashi on beam and bars in lieu of Kyla). If only 4 make it to Worlds, things are looking good for Biles and Ohashi.

        I just wish Marta would leave shit alone and let everyone compete to their potential. This shouldn’t be a “gimme” sport. I wonder if and how often these girls realize Marta is NOT their friend.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        she hit the amanar at jesolo las yr too….

      • john Says:

        while i agree with some of your comments in this thread, I have to say that Martha advised Kyla and her coach to scrap the Amanar VT during nationals because it was just way too scary the way she lands the VT… During Podium Training, she landed the Amanar wrong and some of the press people who were there (Couch Gymnast, The Examiner) said that she grabbed her knee afterwards… If was then that Martha talked to her coachers to do the DTY instead… Look, we all knew that after Kellogs and Jesolo last year, Kyla was already in the short list for London… After Gabby she was the 2ND BEST BAR WORKER FOR THE US! It would have been irresponsible and quite dangerous to let her keep doing the VT when she can’t control her momentum. We all saw what happened at Trials during Day1, she did the Amanar and landed it on her butt… That’s the reason why she came in 5th behind Price… If she had done a DTY like she did at Nationals, then she would have come in 4th! All this conspiracy theory about Martha not liking Kyla is just absurd… Martha worships the ground that Kyla walks on… because Kyla is exactly the kind of gymnast that Martha likes, Clean, consistent, albeit safe but brings in great scores… Everytime people interview Martha regarding the make-up of the team, she almost always makes it a point to mention Kyla! Let’s just accept the fact that maybe Kyla is not as comfortable doing more difficult tumbling! She is after all a perfectionist, she doesn’t chuck skills just coz! It was rumored she was training a Patterson off beam for 2 years, however, some sources at Gymax have said that she was just not landing it consistently enough. I love Kyla so much… I love her calm and poise and its frustrating to see that she’s not upgrading like her contemporaries are! I think the Amanar is no longer feasible at this point, she grew 4 inches and i doubt if she can land it safely enough… Her best hope is to keep improving on bars and hopefully beam! She’s untouchable on bars right now, but i fear that her new beam set is just terrible, she lost 0.2 in difficulty, i’d rather she her do the same beam routine as last years…I hope she can learn to do a switch leap 1/2, a full turn with Leg up…

      • john Says:

        A very feasible Kyla Ross Beam Routine:
        Switch Ring (E), BhS (B) + LOSO (C), Full Turn with leg at horizontal (C) + Aerial Walkover (D) + Sheep Jump (D) + Back Tuck (C) {C.V. 0.4}, Switch Side (D) + any leap, Switch Leap (D) + Back Pike (C) {C.V. 0.1), Side Aerial (D) + Side Somi (D) {C.V. 0.1), Front Tuck (D), Double Back Dismount (D)

        ACROS: D+D+D+D+D = 2.0
        Dance: E+D+D = 1.3
        C.V. = .6
        Required Elements: 2.5
        Total D Score/ Start Value: 6.4

      • john Says:

        A feasible Kyla Ross U-Bars routine:

        Komova II (E) + Pak (D) + Chow 1/2 (E) {C.V. 0.4}, Inbar 1/2 (D) + Jaeger (D) {C.V. 0.1}, Inbar 1/1 (E) + Bail (D) {CV 0.1), Ray (C), DLO Dismount (D)

        E+E+E+D+D+D+D+D = 3.5
        C.V. = 0.6
        Required Elements: 2.5
        Total D Score/ Start Value: 6.6

    • mimi Says:

      nero you cant deny kyla’s floor routine is a total snoozefest!

    • GymAnon Says:

      Perhaps the perception of Kyla as boring has to do with personality. I appreciate watching Kyla but I don’t really connect with her on a personal level. Granted, she doesn’t seem outgoing, but I would like to see her routines bring out more personality as well as artistry in her choreography, as H mentioned above.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        But your personal opinion about connecting with her has nothing to do with her gymnastics. They are separate or they should be and I don’t mean that personally.

        I hate Nastia but I give her credit for her beautiful lines because she has them. Her being a complete bitch is different.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah if personality were the basis, the whole Fierce Five would be boring except McKayla and maybe Douglas for her attitude issues. Aly started being less boring after the Olympics (the monotone voice).

        The more poignant personalities in the “recent” gymnastics world are Shawn Johnson, ASac, and McKayla to be honest. At least with USA gymnastics.

      • Sara Says:

        While I disagree about the personality thing, I do think Kyla’s gymnastics is boring. I don’t feel like she is connected with her routines like many others are. She seems to be doing them like a robot with no emotion, just going through her practiced movements.

      • GymAnon Says:

        Oh, I’m not trying to disparage her personality. Kyla seems like a sweet, down-to-earth kid and that was a poor choice of words. What I actually meant was expression or engagement with her routine. I don’t necessarily want to see a plastered-on smile, but I would like to see her connect more with her performance. That’s just my perception, of course.

    • john Says:

      As for FX… I hope she can get her Full in back, and hopefully work towards a 5/2 into 1/1 twist as her 3rd pass and maybe add a leap out of the double tuck to end. she needs another D weighted dance skill!

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yeah I say the same thing. If Kyla is so boring how come Simone isn’t? Or even Bailey Key? Yeah Simone’s got a great vault but it’s not like it’s polished like Maroney’s. Her bars are good but they are an unpolished version of Douglas’ bars. Her beam is liken to Raisman’s, maybe a bit worse. I haven’t seen her floor but if it’s like Shawn’s then …how is that not boring since it’s a version of what we’ve seen before?

    Kyla would then be the absolute opposite of boring because how often do we see such clean/neat/polished gymnastics, yet done with good power and precision and actually pretty difficult, all in all? She really just lacks most on floor. Add a higher difficulty dismount on beam and bars and get her amanar back and she’d be in a really good position.

    • kittykat Says:

      I honestly think she’s a gorgeous gymnast, to me, the difference between Kyla and Simone is firstly Kyla’s clearly superior form, but also that Simone does more interesting skills. IMO, there are plenty of other skills that exist at Kyla’s current difficulty level which are slightly less common.
      I should be phrasing this better, I find her routines boring because she doesn’t do any innovative or out of the ordinary skills. I just think her coaches could select better skills for her so she could stand out.
      I’m not neccessarily asking her to upgrade or “chuck” things (although she clearly needs to to remain relevant as an AAer), but I’d really love for her to do a few things that aren’t as common, ie. a full-twisting bhs on beam, or a korbut or something

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Also, looks like Kyla took an extra swing at the beginning of her bar routine and missed a hand stand or two so that’s why the score is only mid-14’s…I really want her to be able to achieve mid-15’s though and then she’d have a much better chance getting anywhere at Worlds…

    I said this on another post that might have been sent to spam but I say thank GOD Kyla’s really good at bars; that might be her ticket to Worlds if she can’t upgrade anything else. I don’t know of any other USA gymnast who’s near her potential on bars right now – maybe Ohashi? I don’t buy Ohashi’s bars though.

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      Li, but Marta would never let her go to Worlds. Gabby & Bross, but yeah, you’re right, at this current timepoint, Ross is probably the best on UB for the US. (:

  7. icemeltsfast Says:

    Nastya won both UB & BB!! I forgot how awesome her Onodi to Illusion combo was.. made my day seeing it again. (:

    Also, Millousi was credited a 5.7 for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2C4XXRpovU but I personally don’t see any connections, as lovely as it is… ):

  8. icemeltsfast Says:

    Btw if you click on the Cottbus Day 2 hyperlink… the girl in the picture is NOT Grishina. Who the hell is responsible for captioning at IG?!

  9. JAS4 Says:

    I might be wrong but I think with her height Kyla may have a difficult time getting her Amanar back but if she upgraded enough on the other three events I think she would be fine with a DTY or if she could learn something like a Mustafina Vault which would add a couple of tenths in difficulty and is still possible at her height( Sandra does it pretty well and she is 5’6″)

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    Her core strength has not had time to adjust to her growth. She needs to rebuild her core so she can control her landings. This takes time, but can be done. I think learning a Mustafina Vault or a Cheng vault would be a great idea for her. I still dont understand why she stopped doing the amanar.

    • john Says:

      She was very inconsistent doing it! The last time she did in competition, she landed on her butt, besides at that time, there were 4 other gymnasts who were doing the Amanar more consistently than her and we need a healthy Kyla for bars and beam! I say stick with the DTY and focus all her energy on FX! She needs to learn new tumbles and leaps to keep up with the new seniors… Look at Ohashi, she’s really not doing anything explosive on FX yet her D Score is 6.1… It can be done!

  11. gingercrush Says:

    Most people genuinely like Kyla Ross. But yes she is boring and good form can only take you so many places. She just seems so vanilla. There is no style to her. I’ll take a slightly messy gymnast over a totally bland skater with good form any day. It is artistic gymnastics after all. Bland is not artistry.

    Whether she is going/or still going through a growth spurt or not there are frankly no excuses for what she is doing. I find it totally silly for her to be out competing internationally essentially performing the same crap as before. And either her coaches have a master plan in motion in consulation with Martha or she is essentially being screwed. I’m undecided.

    Sabrina Vega is similar to Ross. They both are clean gymnasts with good form but like Ross she is bland and did not upgrade. Where is she now???

    Anyway I think Catalina Ponor is absolutely amazing and she does have form issues. But she also has style.

  12. GymMom Says:

    I guess the personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins & the unrealistic foods weren’t working for Shawn? She just started a “boot camp”/”extreme body shaping” at Farrell’s in West Des Moines. And she engaged her parents as well. Interesting! I smell a product endorsement…if she’s successful.


  13. gingercrush Says:

    And yes there are double standards. American field is way too deep to be equally bland and equally lack upgrades. May be fine anywhere else in the world where the depth doesn’t exist. But Martha can kill 10 gymnasts and there’ll be 10 more and their creepy coaches clawing their way in.

    MLT probably has 10 back up gymnasts in her closet.

  14. sanitynmotion Says:

    I think part of why Kyla is perceived as so bland is her crappy choreography on beam/floor – especially floor. I’m going to blame Gym Max for this. Look at McKayla’s floor at Gym Max vs. AOGC. There’s a world of difference. Gym Max needs to get their athlete better choreo, but I don’t think that will happen.

    My friend used to work for Howie and Jenny. She just told me “Howie would never hold someone back if they were capable of doing more UNLESS Marta told him to. They might be watering down routines to protect the heel to some degree, but any amount of tumbling and beam is going to hurt no matter what – the only thing she’d be able to work is bars since they have a pit for dismounts.”

    So either Marta is behind the lack of upgrades or Kyla’s body is maxed out in terms of what she’s capable of. If the Stanford rumor rings true, I’m pretty positive this is what’s really going on.

    I found this floor routine of Kyla’s – from 2009. She had a full twisting double in here. I know she was way smaller here but if she’s no longer capable of what she used to do, she might have to call it quits in a year or two as the other elites pass her up. I hope this is not the case but I guess only time will tell.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I love baby gymnast Kyla. That music was horrid but parts of the routine werecute.

    • DL Says:

      If her long game is Stanford rather than Rio, then it really makes sense not to upgrade. She has no desire to be a public figure, so she’s better off getting into her first choice school. (Our loss though! I was really rooting for her to pull a Sloan and win AA this year.)

  15. H Says:

    Different bar routine:-)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Its too bad her form is such a mess plus in don’t think bars can be that close in a real competition.lol

      • Catherine Says:

        Ah its just the angle, it was a real comp. It would be very interesting if people could change the width and fling old school moves though.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        “real” lol yeah British Champs are soo not legit. (; Btw, somebody told me that the French nat’ls were actually just a French cup (not FIG sponsored tho), which explains why other nations were present. haha I was very confused as well.

        Also, you know how she (Ruby) keeps bending her body on her handstands? Is that just a matter of core strength?

    • Catherine Says:

      She completely messed it up a few weeks back too, I think Downie has won the euros bars spot at this point. I am in LOVE with the Bhardwaj and Zuchold, the latter is new for her..I hope she can get used to this routine and nail it in time because its so awesome, potentially. And fix her leg seps. I hope more people break out the harder high-low transitions, they’re more valuable in this code, especially in combo with a release.

  16. exgymgurl Says:

    Biles is like Tara Lipinski only born at the wrong time. I doubt she will be around in 4 years.

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