Your real 2008 Olympics Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars

Yang Yilin is the gymnast that should have had gold on bars in 2008 but God forbid the judges do the right thing and reward her.

Apparently she is starring on, So you think you can dance in China. Thanks to sainabou nyang for the link.


43 Responses to “Your real 2008 Olympics Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars”

  1. sainabou nyang Says:

    Lets say she had stayed healthy and in shape during the last quad. Would she have been on the team over say Huang the headcase?China needed yao and he kexins for bars. Yang would been the third and also used on vault. China imo could have snatched gold from romania.

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      You mean snatch bronze? haha I think if Yang Yilin were as healthy as she was in 2008 (ie: not just UB-gold worthy, but also AA-gold worthy– this last part is extremely controversial but I actually believe she should have won the AA lol), she would have definitely been chosen over Huang Qiushuang. China was quite desperate for good AAers this quad– hence why Huang was given that many opportunities despite her consistent headcasing.

      I would also argue that Yang’s bars were better than He Kexin’s in the 2008 EF and that because she was a very good barworker in general (more consistent than He), her spot on China’s Olympic team would have been arguably more secure than Huang’s and He Kexin’s.

      I really wish she had adjusted to her growth spurt better but she never really recovered from those back injuries (I think). Alas, there are too many “what if’s?” in this sport regarding the mismatch of time/place and health.

  2. nero Says:

    WHAT!?? How dare Yang Yilin go on a reality show instead of going back into training! She’s changed, she’s no longer my favorite gymnast. Ugh she’s such a fame whore now it absolutely disgusts me!! She needs to be in the gym for 12 hours a day working for Rio instead of trying something fun and new!!! I’m soooo disappointed in this Olympic Gold Medalist’s life choices that have absolutely no impact on me personally, but she needs to go back into the gym and kill her body for MY entertainment!!! *Rabble rabble rabble, grabbing my torch and pitchfork and marching to China to force her back into the gym*

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am glad I was not drinking anything while reading I thought maybe I went to IG by mistake:)

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        LOL. Poor Yang Yilin, seriously. Her prime was 07-08, raised so many people’s hopes, and everything thereafter was really injury-ridden and subpar.

        I liked her better than her teammate, your favorite GTT. Even Yang’s FX.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Speaking of IG I tried to sign-up for it just to see if there was anything that caught my interest. Apparently I didn’t meet the requirements and my submission was rejected! Haha. From what I could tell I didn’t care for the format or topics. I’ll just stick with here only. Aunt Joyce isn’t really posting anything current on gymnastics right now. More on figure skating, which I just can’t seem to get in to anymore.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Hahaha brilliant 🙂

  3. Catherine Says:

    Glad she’s having fun but I don’t think she was er, particularly amazing. My favourite appearance of a gymnast on a reality show remains Oana Ban on one of those crazy Japanese obstacle course tv shows. She was awesome.

  4. macstabby Says:

    1) Her hair is NO.
    2)That one judge is Chinese Harry Potter with a mohawk.
    3) I’m confused by the format of this show- is she already ON the show or is this an audition episode? Because that was an awful lot of gymnastics (tumbling and leaps) for the type of choreographed dance they do on the american version. She’s definitely as graceful as ever though.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Yea no offense but it looked a lot like a floor routine with not much more than level 5 difficulty. Clean and graceful but I guess I was expecting it to look more like the american version of the show (very lyrical or contemporary). Still neat that she went out there and had fun with it tho.

  5. Case Says:

    Did she say she was 20??

    Not like its new news but she’d have been a touch young for Beijing, no?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No, depending on her birthday she could turn 21 this year which would make her 16, in 2008

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      According to my own blog she was born on, August 26, 1992. (Who knows if I am right. I searched her Birthday and came up with it thanks to a link from my blog)

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      and thanks a lot for making me do math. Do you know how much I hate math:)

    • icemeltsfast Says:

      lol trust me, I bet they are super careful about their age stuff esp with Yang Yun and Dong Fangxiao’s recent blabbering. No way Yang Yilin would be making that mistake.

    • DL Says:

      She did say she was 20 in the video. Apparently a while ago someone unearthed a documentary she and some other gymnasts were in when she was 10 or 11 (she says her age on camera), and she would have been age eligible for 2008.

      The controversy is He Kexin’s age because there were all kinds of weird documents with different birthdays on them.

  6. gingercrush Says:

    They were all 12. 😉 except for Cheng Fei who was 15 😉

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    She wasn’t my favorite gymnast of all time but she definitely got robbed in 2008. She was definitely a solid all arounder, and good point on her 2012 placement – she definitely would have made that team had she stayed healthy!

    • gingercrush Says:

      Hmm yes she probably would have made the team. But China had a great AAer. She was lovely on beam, lacked some difficulty on floor but was nice and precise. She had the best DTY in 2011 and her Uneven Bars were so much better in 2012.

      Unfortunately, she ended up injured and had a terrible Olympics experience. Yao Jinnan. Honestly, people talk about what Iordache could have done. But Yao Jinnan really had everything going for her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah I was saying the same thing, about both of those girls (Jinnan and Iordache). If Jinnan hadn’t fallen on beam in 2011 Worlds she’d be the World Champ. Still she got bronze.

        I was really disappointed in the Olympics AA competition this year because Iordache and Jinnan were basically out for injury. The whole competition was basically US vs. Russia and it just was not momentous enough for me. I wonder if that’s partly why Gabby’s win isn’t so awesomely celebrated? Besides her attitude? I dunno. That whole competition was just like meh when I think about it now.

      • Catherine Says:

        Yao Jinnan would have needed more upgrades, and an amanar for gold. But yes, she would have been a great contender.

      • gingercrush Says:

        I don’t think there has been a good AA since 2000 (and that had so much controversy).

        2004 had Patterson winning rather easily. Ponor should have done bars (but who knows what they would have scored). 2008 was a two women race and thanks to the code the UB gymnast was the success. 2012. Douglas and Komova both did bloody well but neither seemed as clean as the gymnasts in either 2008 or 2004. Mustafina and Raisman were both good but Raisman has blah bars and Mustafina fell on beam.

        1996 AA was really good especially since Dawes fell on her ass and saved us from having her be declared Olympics AA gold winner. How she got those scores prior to floor is beyond me. But 1996 that field was bloody deep.

        1992 also had a great AA. The gymnasts all seemed to be far more complete on all four apparatus (and yes GTT Gutsu was the rightful winner :P).

        1984, well the less said about it the better. 1988 had two formidable gymnastics go Gold and Silver but the competition below those two were not the best. 1980 was not bad nor good just not a great showcase of that amazing time in gymnastics. 1976 was all about Comaneci and 1972 had the wrong gymnast winning in a time where the sport was changing. 1968 and we’re talking old school gymnastics. Queen Caslavska probably should have sweeped everything that year but politics meant she didn’t. Anything prior and there just isn’t enough video to well say anything.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You are delusional about 92 and you skipped 88 and Lilia won in 92 because Mo choked , same with 95 worlds where everyone messed up. I agree about Dawes in 96 and same with Moceanu. The scores she was getting on bars and floor were a joke, even beam to an extent (bent knees, flat feet)

      • gingercrush Says:

        Oh and I’m also not sorry that Zamolodchikova fell on her ass in 2000 either. As that would have been a horrible win.

      • annie Says:

        Yes yes yes! Yao Jinnan’s injury was SO unlucky! I even wrote a blog post on this, since I felt she was overlooked as contender in London

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Ginger- Did you mean that Yao’s personal best DTY was in 2011? Personally, I thought Huang Qiushuang had a better DTY in Tokyo. But who knows? I am a terrible, terrible judge at vaults (aka I need the slow-mo replay haha). And you’re so right about no true AAer since 2000. Can we extend that definition to include World Champ AAers also? I mean 06 was Ferrari? Didn’t she fall? Can’t remember but blehhh.

        Sanity- what do you define as “well-celebrated?” like… hella endorsements like Nastia and Shawn received??
        People keep saying Yao could have won gold in Tokyo if she didn’t fall, but Komova and Jordyn both made mistakes, too. I think if ALL three of them had hit their best, Komova would have won.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Well-celebrated like “make a big stink of it.” Think Mary Lou Retton’s win (which to me doesn’t even deserve to be called a win, when your biggest competition doesn’t show up!)

        Shawn’s beam and Nastia’s AA were more celebrated than Gabby’s AA. It almost seems like Gabby’s win was overshadowed, and I think that’s because the Team won. I think overall if Team USA hadn’t won that gold medal, maybe then Gabby’s win would be more celebrated (like in the limelight/made a big deal by the media).

        No Wheaties box (that I know of) and just kind of like a flat line in general when it comes to Gabby. We hear more of Aly and McKayla than Gabby.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        US has a deal with Kelloggs which meant no whesties

      • sainabou nyang Says:

        I wonder of Yao Jinnan is staying on. I haven’t heard one thing about hee since London. She like Larissa would be a good leader for the new quad because she has the experience.

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        Yao is definitely still training but yeah, she has not been assigned any competitions so far. I bet we have to wait until this May just like for most of them. Her training partner didn’t even make bar finals at Cottbus today. So disappointing.

        I know this probably wouldn’t happen– at least it’s very improbably– but I think it would be cool with Zeng Siqi is the captain/leader, LOL.

        Sanity you are right about Gabby being overshadowed by the team gold. But even the team gold was overshadowed by Maroney’s silver! haha! There is so much irony in this– love love.

      • Catherine Says:

        Gingercrush- who would you have win in 72? Korbut did mess up. Tourischeva was the old guard but I love her gymnastics. And 88 was boring. A great pity Dobre was struggling to recover from injury, Dudnik wasn’t there and that Soviet greats from the previous years had completely faded.

      • H Says:

        I makes think of the 1989 team from Sovjet at worlds

        What a team … sigh

      • gingercrush Says:

        Tourisheva deserved to win. I have no doubt about that. But 1972 was a time of change and despite being only 20 just felt that much older.

  8. nero Says:

    Ok, I’ve never watched SYTYCD so can someone explain? Does she get to work with a choreographer or is she completely on her own? Do they have to do different styles of dance or just come out once a week with a brand new dance?

    If she gets a choreographer she could do really well. Her 2008 routine was a really great choreographed/performed routine. Except for her double pike *shudders*

    But if she’s totally on her own I think she’s SOL. Her audition was really nothing special and I don’t think there was much ~dance~ in it, just trying to get by with some gymnastics moves.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I watched a few episodes the first year. You audition and if I remember correctly they widdel down the group kind of like American Idol.

      I was bored, there were some amazing dancers but it was boring.

      Yang Yilin did not do a great job. There was no content in her audition. It never would have made TV in the US but until she has her damn gold UB medal I will love her:)

      • icemeltsfast Says:

        lol, GTT, since Yang Yilin has basically retired, I guess you will love her for a while. (: Also, I have long stopped trying to judge gymnasts for their lives post-gymnastics. It is just becomes disappointing how much they are willing to sell out, lol. And besides, even if you don’t become model, I think most don’t do anything nearly as awesome as winning gymnastics medals. Unless you are Dr. Amy Chow I suppose. Or maybe Officer Humphery haha

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        SYTYCD is like X Factor of sorts. They go through a bunch of auditions, during which the “better” ones are given tickets to Las Vegas for the week-long try-out to make the live show. Over 100 people go to Vegas about, and that is whittled down to a top 20 (always 10 boys and 10 girls) – who make the live shows.

        They’ve been playing around with the format for years but the most recent was 2 get eliminated every week (one boy, one girl) and last season there was a girl winner and a boy winner. In the earlier seasons there was just one overall winner – and most recently the show has been including former contestants as “all stars” to pair with the last few remaining contestants.

        I love the show – I LOVE Cat Dealey or however you spell her name. I think it’s likely gone a bit stale since it’s the same show over and over but the kids are usually super talented.

  9. JAS4 Says:

    It wasn’t bad it was kind of like dance flip dance flip instead of dancing though lol

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