US Gymnastics is officially saved


Now we just need Michelle Kwan to get knocked up so we can save US Figure Skating.


Artistry and presentation, form and technique will be back. See you in 16 years:)


61 Responses to “US Gymnastics is officially saved”

  1. icemeltsfast Says:

    Was she just excited in general to find out the sex of her baby or did she want it to be a girl??

    Anyways, that’s awesome! I wonder if Marta will still be around in 16 years. I also hope artistry is back in USAG before 16 years is up.

    • Kazic Says:

      GTT let’s not burden the poor girl unnecessarily. Plus it’s not that we are incapable of being artistic, it’s that we play to the cop which does not reward traditional artistry as it used to. Shannon Miller’s child won’t change that lol. Personally I think there is more than one set definition of artistry. Aly for exampmay not fit the old Soviet ideal but I find a great deal of art and skill in the first tumbling pass of her OG EF FX routine.

      Ice in 16 years Valeri and/or Nastia Lukin will be running USAG.

      Seriously though. The Kween does need to save US figure skating haha.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly has NO artistry she has decent presentation. There is a HUGE difference and damn you if I want to dream Shannon’s kid will save artistry for the US I will dream that:)

  2. Lithi Says:

    Sorry to go OT, but I’m kind of surprised the Karolyis didn’t claim Shannon indirectly, since Nunno had worked alongside Bela for a while and seemed to have adopted some of Bela’s methods. Mainly, the histrionics and camera-mugging.

    Then again, what do I know? *shrugs*

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Bela tried to claim Shannon in 2000 because she looked amazing at the camps until her injury but he tried.

  3. JAS4 Says:


  4. Gymbee Says:

    Dang GTT, when I read the headline I immediately got excited thinking Marta must have retired! Happy for Shannon though!

  5. Catherine Says:

    I find it a bit much that she made her 3d scan public. I’ve never seen a public persona do that. I do see the 2d scans on Facebook though or what’s much worse…moaning about internals. But I’m delighted for her. And gymnastics too maybe.

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I heard she is going to show the birth via livestreaming on her website. Just kidding of course but nowadays nothing would surprise me. Good for Shannon on her new baby. I am sure she was secretly hoping for a girls especially since they already have a boy.

    • GymMom Says:

      A lot of people post their ultra sound images on Twitter these days…and not even just celebrities. I don’t think I would do it?

      • Catherine Says:

        I think in a private album on Facebook there’s no problem at all. But public is a bit of an overshare…hey everyone I went to school with, check out what’s in ny uterus! Why would you do that?

        One of the main maternity hospitals here does not disclose gender. I think we’re probably behind on sharing that information to everyone, I’m sure we’ll catch up lol. My mam hates the idea of finding out the gender and also of buying everything too early. The first baby slept in a drawer for a while..

        Trying to think of gymnast’s gymnast children. Komova, Sydney Johnson, Tim Dagget’s son, Kohei..there’s loads I’m missing. Jon Horton and Hayley and Shannon are due in a while and Amanar and Milo had babies recently, and Kerri not that long ago. Kohei has one on the way but he’s so private I dunno if the child is born yet…would be amazing if they all got their (willing) children into the sport.

      • Gymbee Says:

        That’s weird that they don’t disclose gender, considering abortion is illegal in Ireland. My Indian friend is pregnant with twins, but has no clue if its boys or girls since in India they don’t disclose either (because of infanticide).

      • Catherine Says:

        I don’t know why they do it. But I do know that the anomaly scan is deliberately late 20-22 weeks because its closer to the abortion cutoff in the UK, 24 weeks so it lowers the numbers, or theoretically does. We have the highest birth rate in the EU and the maternity hospitals are way over capacity for public patients so even if they wanted to change around the scan timing it would be a nightmare.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Jaylnne Dantzscher did the same thing. She puts her babies day on facebook.

      I think she and Shannon are just those types of people genuinely happy with their lives. I would be happy married to Brandon Crawford. Have you seen his

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Id be happier if it was twins… that baby guarantees her a fat child support payment…. even if she decides she can’t stand Crawford

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They have been together a long time ( at least 6 years that I know of) I think they will be fine for

        Plus he is still under the teams control for awhile so he isn’t making that much money

  6. GymMom Says:

    So funny that Shawn hasn’t tweeted to Aly about DWTS yet. Her Twitter is silent. I bet the thought of Mark Ballas giving Aly a friendly footrub yesterday drove Shawn crazy. Aly tweeted thanks to Mark for the footrub and he referred to her as his “Lil Aly” yesterday. Looks like Shawn has been dethroned! Ha ha

    • Guest Says:

      GymMom’s logic :

      When Shawn tweets about Aly or Mark, she is still drawing attention from DWTS.

      When Shawn does not tweet about that, that is because their partnership drove her crazy.

    • Sara Says:

      Aly mentioned in the interview that GTT linked to in the past post that they’ve been sending their practice videos to Shawn. So I think Shawn just doesn’t feel the need to draw attention to it publicly. She’ll support Aly and Mark when the show starts, just like any other friend would. It’s not always about her and she knows that.

    • Biyatch Says:

      • Biyatch Says:

        Shawn tweeted the day it was announced in support of Aly… It seems according to some that is she does tweet shes an attention whore and if she doesnt she isnt supportive and is a bad teammate/friend. Don’t understand how it can be both ways.

      • tortuga Says:

        I wonder how hard it is for these gymnasts to go in and dance with male partners. Think about it. These girls have been training in the gym for so long they don’t have much time at all for social life let alone dating. I know on that documentary Aly sort of had a boy-friend or male best friend so maybe she had more male relationship experience than the average gymnast. I know I was extremely shy and didn’t start dating till a bit later then most girls my age due to gymnastics. I was terribly awkward and had a hard time even talking to guys for awhile before I could date or even think about getting close enough to kiss someone. I imagine it would be difficult to dance with someone like your a couple also.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I see what you mean but I think these girls have definitely been exposed to much more since winning the gold at the Olympics. Hanging with celebrities and then that tour that also had males so I’m sure they all learned to loosen up around males.

        I personally would be super shy and couldn’t do a show like this for the sake of my personality. So it tells me that Aly has more of a personality than she lets on while performing gymnastics.

        Like I could never see Kyla want to do this show – ever. But I definitely can see the likes of Aly or McKayla doing it (if McKayla weren’t trying to head towards the serious acting direction) or even Gabby for the sake of gaining more attention. They like attention, in other words. I don’t see the likes of Jordyn doing this show either.

      • tortuga Says:

        I agree. Not a show for Jordyn or Kyla. Their personalities are a bit shy for it. I couldn’t do it either. Especially having to stare your partner in the eyes and look intimate. That would be really difficult for me. But Aly is definitely surprising me with how open she seems to be. I’m sure you’re right about tour helping a lot with having to be with the guys all the time. I’m excited to see more of her personality. I guess she just gets monotone for gymnastics interviews because it’s all so serious.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        I was pretty shy and awkward in high school around boys too. I was totally absorbed in athletics (running and swimming) plus I developed very late. I went on a few dates but it was pretty awkward when a boy would try to put his arm around me and kiss me. I didn’t loosen up and become more comfortable and confident in that area until college. I suspect a lot of gymnasts have the same experience.

        Aly though is a big surprise. Who would have thought she would be so outgoing? I think that sometimes we just have a perception about someone because of their situation (a focused gymnast who must be shy socially) when the reality is something completely different. I agree though that I just can’t see Jordyn or Kyla doing DWTS.

      • Biyatch Says:

        itll be interesting if aly makes it through to the rhumba. mark might have to put on a bruin’s hockey jersey to get the desired emotion out of aly. lol.

        for those saying that they could never see jordyn on the show, she was saying publicly as late as mid december that she wanted to do dwts and it would be “a dream come true.”

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    I’m so happy sooooooo happy she’s having a girl. You know she’s going to enroll her in gymnastics. I guess I can’t have too much hope but how cool would that be. A Shannon mini-me.

    OK Kwan it’s your turn!

    Oh and GTT on your other post I was wondering who the second most annoying person in sports was and nearly LOL’d when I saw it was Cohen. I didn’t even think she was around anymore!

  8. exgymgurl Says:

    Im so happy for all that Shannon has been through that they are able to expand their family. Shes been very open with her cancer story, so why not share the pregnancy after cancer and give a lot of other women hope. Cancer is a very difficult condition for anyone to be up against and I applaud her for trying to inspire anyone. Ultrasounds are not cheap, and I well think they may have known it was a girl, but why not share. My focus in that was always are the kiddos healthy. They can see and know so much on ultrasound these days that for me at times it was more scary than just happy. I wonder who she would let coach her kid? That would be telling if she went with an MLT or a Liukin or a Chow or Hill or Moceanu even ( although that would be hilarious). I think of the coaches in elite right now Mihai would have been the bet fit for her, though I’m certain Peggy Liddick had as much or more influence as Nunno did. Mihai seems to have that deep passion that Shannon had with Nunno and thats why I think that would be a good fit. Not because Mihai stinks as a bars coach or anything. 🙂

    • terrigymfan Says:

      I’m thinking Shannon didn’t know just because her reaction on learning it is a girl seemed genuine.

      I know what you mean about ultrasounds being scary. It was always exciting to learn the sex but I also was always scared they would find something wrong and so grateful when they didn’t. It looks like technology has really improved since the last one I had which was about ten years ago. I cannot believe how clear the image of Shannon’s baby’s face was.

      • GymMom Says:

        Shannon is on Katie Couric’s talk show today. It comes on here at 4:00 PM CST. She joins other well-known cancer survivors.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I have never had children, but if I do get pregnant, I am already thinking of how scary ultrasounds must be. I guess she had them and found out everything was ok, doubt they’d tell her anything bad on TV. Still though, good on her for being public about it and giving hope to other cancer survivors.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        Gymbee you’re right to an extent, the ultrasounds can be scary and nerve racking but in a way it was also what kept me going. It took me several years to get pregnant due to fertility issues and when it did happen I was extremely pleased but boy did I hate all that came with the pregnancy. I was just so, so sick all the time so seeing/hearing those ultrasounds can also give you that added boost to give you the strength to make it to the end. @terrigymfan, my little guy is 21 months old and I had one of those 3d ultrasounds and it was all out crazy! The image is extremely clear and you’re basically looking right at your baby’s face and what he’ll actually look like. My son actually opened one eye during the ultrasound which was a little creepy but then he was yawning and all kinds of cute things too. Anyway, you are so right about the improvements of technology in just that short time! They even gave us a stuffed animal with a recording of the baby’s heartbeat inside it. Weird stuff!

      • Gymbee Says:

        Oh, congratulations on your pregnancy and baby 🙂 happy for you! I can imagine the ultrasounds were a relief. My friend who miscarried 3 times on her last pregnancy got offered ultrasounds every other week, that’s what kept her going for 9 months. She was so nervous so getting them was such a relief.

      • byrdisthewyrd Says:

        Thank you so much Gymbee! I had to get multiple ultrasounds also so I can definitely relate to your friend. It’s all about the end result. 🙂 Again, thank you for the kind words.

      • terrigymfan Says:

        That is so wonderful you were able to have a child and it all worked out. The ultrasounds I had showed images that looked more like that second image of Shannon’s baby – the one where they determined the sex of the child – rather than the first one. You could roughly make out features but not see that much. I agree that the ultrasounds although scary are also very reassuring.

  9. exgymgurl Says:

    Which brings up the question as to whether it was the national camps that improved Aly on bars or whether she just had the drive and determination to get better. I would love to know who worked with her to improve, because her bars went up 2 points and made her more of a competitive AA gymnast than anyone thought she would be.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Really? When did they go up 2 points? Didnt know that.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      12.7-12.9 in 2009 14.33 AA final at the olympics. My mistake, it was about 1.5 points better. Her vault and a lot of her stuff improved a lot. Getting the Amanar helped her immensly.

      • Biyatch Says:

        the amanar helped score wise because of the 2.5 overscore and d-value but aly actually had excellent form on her dty (including actually pointing her toes the entire way and straight together legs) that all went bye bye on the 2.5

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    Lest us not forget that with 7 olympic medals shes the most decorated US Olympic gymnast ever…. and the most US medals of any athlete in1992 in Barcelona….so Nastia Shawn Gabby all of them, how many medals do you have again? Even Alicia and her fake world team medal can’t take that away.

  11. sainabou nyang Says:

    Until we know the name of the baby, I think I’ll call her Shannon Jr. lol

  12. GymMom Says:

    Regarding ultrasounds….they’re useful in identifying size of the baby etc., but the further along you are, the less reliable they are. My daughter had an ultrasound near the end of her pregnancy & the dr told her the baby would weigh around 8 pounds. My grandson weighed almost 11 pounds at birth….by C-section thank God. So the ultrasound was dead wrong. My daughter put the ultrasound images in her kids baby books, as their first photos.

  13. GymMom Says:

    Shannon from today’s Katie Show.

  14. mim Says:

    ill be the party pooper and bet the little darling grows up to be a lawyer who never did gymnastics haha.

    honestly though- i wonder how much insight shannon had/hindsight she has now about how she was treated during her gymnastics career. despite her glory i wonder if she would want her daughter to go through the crap of pressure/favouritism against you/injuries etc.

    happy for her though either way 🙂

    • terrigymfan Says:

      If there is any truth to what Shannon says she feels that overall her experience as an elite gymnast was very positive. She was very shy and awkward in areas of her life outside of gymnasts but as a gymnast was very confident. The confidence and discipline she built up in gymnastics was a springboard to success in other areas.

      I’m grateful she never trained under the Karolyis. You can criticize Nunno for overtraining her at times and overextending her schedule but I don’t think he was verbally abusive to her like Bela was to his athletes.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shannon has said in the past that Nunno knew how to get the best out of her and calling her names must not have been the way. He would throw her out of the gym and that usually woke her up

  15. Case Says:

    Yay for baby Miller.

    GTT – thoughts on the Patriots moves yesterday? I can’t stand Tom Brady but I think it was wrong to basically give Welker away to the Broncos like that. If they think that Amendola is going to be able to replace Welker, they are wrong because he is hurt all.the.time. Plus they paid more for Amendola than Welker signed for. Craziness.

    • nero Says:

      I’m a Catholic Broncos fan. Yesterday I got a Pope and wide receiver 🙂

      • Case Says:

        Catholic Lions fan here….Pope and a RB for me!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Welker never shows up in big games. I hope you enjoy him. I don’t like him and never really did for that very reason.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Welker never shows up in big games and there is a reason he was not successful until he got to Bill’s way of doing things.

      Welker left, he was pissed because the Patriots wouldn’t kiss his ass and he ran to Manning because he is a wuss.
      He was mad about not starting two games last season and he has been acting like a baby ever sense.

      I liked Welker his first few years but his self entitled attitude the last few soured me on him years ago.

      The Patriots have not won a Superbowl in 7 plus years. Getting to teh Superbowl is not fun when you lose. It was time to mix things up anyway.


  16. GymMom Says:

    Gabby “thuggin it” with some low level interns filming another version of the Harlem Shake. In other words, she’s got nothing! Ha ha

  17. GymMom Says:

    More info about Aly’s visit to her old middle school last week. Now this is an example of someone who is engaged & interested in kids. Shawn Johnson are you listening? Aly is walking the walk….not just talking the talk.

  18. jenwhitesmith Says:

    Is Shannon still wearing a wig? Thoughts? Man, she sure has a giant rock on her ring finger but her husband doesn’t look like anything I expected him to. They seem like an odd match. Then again, I’ve always thought of her as “odd” especially after her first husband marriage/divorce fiasco and her “stalker” from way back when.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think the problem is Shannon will always be 15 to me. She’s 36? She’s old and we just think of her as young. Her husband looks old to me but I don’t think he is much older then her.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      She was not wearing a wig at the American cup.

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